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Some desserts that I've tried or would like to try.

(48 Recipes) Created by USCCAROLINA

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Bliss Mousse
Very Good 4.5/5
(4 ratings)

All you need are five ingredients and ten minutes to make this fluffy chocolate mousse. Chill it in the fridge overnight for an even thicker texture.

Submitted by FISHER.ABBY

Carbs: 38.5g | Fat: 1.9g | Fiber: 3.2g | Protein: 3.3g | Calories: 193.2
(no ratings)

No eggs means you can eat this cookie dough RAW without fear of any bacteria!


Carbs: 12.5g | Fat: 3.5g | Fiber: 0.2g | Protein: 0.8g | Calories: 80.4
(no ratings)

This uses applesauce to cut down on fat, uses egg beaters also and less sugar


Carbs: 25.3g | Fat: 6.8g | Fiber: 0.5g | Protein: 3.4g | Calories: 175.3
Very Good 4.5/5
(2 ratings)

Great low calorie snack for young and old.

Submitted by SUESCH1950

Carbs: 1.6g | Fat: 0g | Fiber: 0g | Protein: 1.3g | Calories: 45
Caramel Popcorn
Very Good 4.4/5
(129 ratings)

This lightened-up version of caramel popcorn is our favorite tailgate treat.

Submitted by CHEF_MEG

Carbs: 27.7g | Fat: 2.8g | Fiber: 0.8g | Protein: 0.7g | Calories: 116.7
Peanut Better Cups
Very Good 4.5/5
(2 ratings)

Like a super-sized frozen Reese's cup!! Adapted from a the Hungry Girl Recipe -- Reduced Fat PB used instead off Better 'n Peanut Butter, and regular chocolate syrup instead of sugar free.

Submitted by JDMROSA

Carbs: 13.6g | Fat: 2.7g | Fiber: 0.4g | Protein: 1.9g | Calories: 90.7
Ginger Wafer Cookies
Very Good 4.7/5
(3 ratings)

1 cookie = 1 serving for purposes of calculating nutrition info. These cookies are a delightful, snappy ginger cookie for a special treat!


Carbs: 5.3g | Fat: 1.3g | Fiber: 0.1g | Protein: 0.3g | Calories: 33.9
Very Good 4.3/5
(234 ratings)

Carbs: 11.2g | Fat: 6.3g | Fiber: 1.6g | Protein: 4g | Calories: 160.5
Very Good 4.9/5
(7 ratings)

Use these to frost anything, but I suggest the devil's food cupcakes. (I've posted this recipe as well... check it out!)

Submitted by MISSWATKINS

Carbs: 8.4g | Fat: 1.6g | Fiber: 0.2g | Protein: 0.2g | Calories: 47.5
Good 3.8/5
(4 ratings)

get your chocolate fix now!


Carbs: 14.7g | Fat: 3.5g | Fiber: 0.8g | Protein: 0.9g | Calories: 93.3
Incredible! 5.0/5
(4 ratings)

Soooo good, quick and easy!

Submitted by BCHARLES1360

Carbs: 15.8g | Fat: 2.6g | Fiber: 1.4g | Protein: 1.5g | Calories: 74
(no ratings)

mmm tastes like melty cookie dough

Submitted by BEEEZY123

Carbs: 3.2g | Fat: 0.3g | Fiber: 0.1g | Protein: 0g | Calories: 30.5
(no ratings)

Don't blame me if you can't stop after just one cookie....Delicious! Please feel free to offer substitution options to make this even better! This recipe makes 3 dozen cookies!

Submitted by SMILE4FUN

Carbs: 18.5g | Fat: 2.7g | Fiber: 1.5g | Protein: 1.7g | Calories: 100.9
(no ratings)

Little granola cookies

Submitted by SONIACASTRO

Carbs: 8.2g | Fat: 1.2g | Fiber: 0.6g | Protein: 1g | Calories: 44.7
Good 3.8/5
(5 ratings)

Submitted by SNUGS2000

Carbs: 22.5g | Fat: 8.7g | Fiber: 2.3g | Protein: 4.8g | Calories: 181.7
(no ratings)

A sweet, delicious treat that's low in sugar but packed with protein and fiber--but you won't be able to tell, I promise! And it requires NO BLENDER!

Submitted by RACHEL_MAC

Carbs: 17.4g | Fat: 0.3g | Fiber: 3.6g | Protein: 11.3g | Calories: 113.7
Very Good 4.5/5
(14 ratings)

Submitted by ROSALEEN6

Carbs: 8.6g | Fat: 5.2g | Fiber: 0.3g | Protein: 1g | Calories: 82.4
Apple Pockets
Very Good 4.3/5
(27 ratings)

These are cute and delicious! Also, they are a great recipe to make with kids, even young children. It's easy and fun, and they will love their own personal pie!

Submitted by KDA1981

Carbs: 19.6g | Fat: 0.7g | Fiber: 1.6g | Protein: 1.6g | Calories: 85.1
Devil's Food cupcakes with cream cheese filling
(no ratings)

Good snack or dessert for when you just need something naughty.

Submitted by MOMOHER

Carbs: 20g | Fat: 1.1g | Fiber: 1.1g | Protein: 2.6g | Calories: 91.9
Creamy Banana Ice Cream
Incredible! 5.0/5
(6 ratings)

This is one of the most simple recipes you will ever make in your life. It's delicious, smooth, and you can eat a big bowl of it without the side effects of regular ice cream.

Submitted by NEKOMEME

Carbs: 32.2g | Fat: 0.7g | Fiber: 3.2g | Protein: 1.3g | Calories: 131.1
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