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The Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables

Plan Meals and Grocery Trips Using this Time Table


5/12/2009 10:06:12 PM

ARTEMISR's SparkPage
I'm surprised by this because in a fridge I've had lemons, oranges, grapefruit, and uncut iceburg lettuce last much longer than a week.
Tomatos seem to last me about a week un-refrigerated.
And all of that is without green bags or anything of the like.
4/28/2009 1:42:51 AM

I have used the green bags, but was not overly impressed. I have also used the linen towel suggestion and bag. It works pretty well for Romain. I think my next adventure will be to try one of the baggies with the vaccum attachment that sucks the air out. I did appreciate the shelf life chart. Thank you
3/1/2009 10:20:37 AM

ANG41368's SparkPage
I've heard more bad than good about the green bags so will save my money on those. I have to question or disagree with some of the shelf life time tables listed in the article though, or maybe I'm just lucky.....for instance, I buy a bunch of bananas and they last much longer than 2 days, especially since I'm the only one eating them and I average one a day, once they start getting a little more tan than yellow I put them in the fridge, no biggie. I also use the Rubbermaid produce savor bowls, the green ones with the elevated insert for the bottom that allows for air circulation for things like salad blends, carrots etc. They've saved a lot and paid for themselves a few times over at this point.
2/23/2009 10:13:59 AM

I'm surprised about the grren bag comment, jibbie. I bought and used some and they totally didn't work!. plus, youy have to wipe moisture out of the every day at least once. A total pain in the butt...
1/20/2009 3:59:22 PM

NATRONA32's SparkPage
I bought a food saver, 1 of those gadgets that sucks the air out of the bag. I have to admit, it's saved me TONS of money, & yes, it is safe for fruits & veggies! Doesn't squish them like I thought they would & they last days longer than normally!
9/8/2008 8:15:55 PM

CAROLJ35's SparkPage
When I wash celery and/or romaine, I wrap in an old linen dish towel and in 2 gallon plastic bag and it stays fresh for weeks. Be sure to use a salad spinner to get the moisture out of greens.
9/6/2008 11:59:16 AM

I used to toss a lot of fruit and vegs until I started using the green bags. I don't toss anything now. The occasional banana that slips by I now use in smoothies.
8/5/2008 12:35:18 PM

We had broccoli last almost 2 weeks in those bags. We bought it then didnt use it, put it in one of those bags, when we used it the stalks were a little woody so we only ate the top but it was nearly 2 weeks after we bought it. It might have lasted even longer
7/26/2008 11:59:35 PM

JIBBIE49's SparkPage
I always mean to buy those GREEN bags that you put fruit/veggies in so they stay fresh longer. MUST get some.

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