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7 Secrets to Outsmart Your Supermarket

Look Past the Super Marketing to Protect Your Wallet and Your Waistline


4/17/2009 4:35:32 PM

GARDENBUG8's SparkPage
I'm a detail person. I've made a computerized list of my normal purchases in the order of their grocery store aisles. Print several copies of these, keep them in the pantry/kitchen shelf; I highlight my list during the week noting the items I need to buy. When I go shopping - I just look on the list for the next thing I need. Bypassing all those "marketing" tricks, my shopping goes much more smoothly!!
4/16/2009 2:40:19 PM

POKEYMOM3's SparkPage
Great article. One that will definitely be used next time and each time I go to the market or anywhere else that employs these "eye catchers".
4/16/2009 10:39:24 AM

I am a BIG grocery store junkie and tend to fall for all the tricks of the trade. This article was really good to help me avoid all the temptations-I mean I already knew what tricksd they used to get me to buy stuff but having a way to help avoid that lure is so helpful to me. Thanks for the practical advice in this great article.
4/16/2009 7:28:39 AM

I work in a grocery store. Yes, we use marketing to sell our products as any business would do. I for one would like to keep my job. I fall prey to some of our own marketing, but I am responsible for what I purchase. I wish more companies would market for the health consious consumer.
4/15/2009 12:54:33 PM

JIBBIE49's SparkPage
Great article.
4/15/2009 11:28:55 AM

My boys are old enough to where the trip to the store has lost its lustre, especially if we are stopping on our way home from school. To help the trip be faster, we divide up the list and they help me get what we need in record time. They want to be in and out, and know exactly how many items were on the list at the start (that's their gauge to how long this trip might take), so it cuts down on my "browsing" and helps limit the extras that can sometimes find their way into my cart! I don't add as many treats when I have to answer the question, "Mom, why did you get that? It's not on the list!"
4/15/2009 10:51:01 AM

NEKABEY's SparkPage
Well what helps me at the grocery store is sending my husband. he is a cheap "o" so I don't have to worry about him buying anything we don't need!
4/14/2009 6:30:17 PM

MOM2ACAT's SparkPage
I make a list and stick to it; the only exceptions I make is if I spot an unadvertised sale on fresh produce.
4/14/2009 5:24:27 PM

Love these tips, Sarah! The more people are aware, the better they can stay within their limits and not end up coming home with something they wish was not there to tempt them!
4/14/2009 3:12:06 PM

As someone who has always had to watch my budget I am not tempted to buy things that are not on my list. Now that my husband and I are retired on a fixed income we have to be even more frugal. On the other hand making the super markets out to be some evil monster doesn't serve much of a purpose. These stores are trying to make a profit, if they do not they will close. The profit margins in the grocery business are very small and they depend on volume. Shoppers need to take responsibility for their own actions. We are not fat because of grocery store marketing. If we are shame on us.
4/14/2009 2:22:41 PM

CARLI_MAE's SparkPage
Another common practice the major chains use is advertising items as though they are a great deal, when in actuality, the price is nothing other than the typical retail price you'd find just about anywhere. Additionally, if you compare the "sale" item to similar ones of its kind, you'll often find a better deal as well as a better, more wholesome product!
4/14/2009 1:56:06 PM

Scam. I do not think this word means what you think it means.

None of these are scams. You are getting exactly what you paid for. They're not even terribly sneaky as marketing tactics go.

My tactic? WALK to the grocery store. Trust me, when you have to carry that ice cream/watermelon/whatever home on foot, it doesn't look so yummy. Then I treat myself with just one of the expensive fruits I wouldn't normally buy, and eat it on the way home.
4/14/2009 1:47:41 PM

SHADOZA's SparkPage
The article was helpful. But...The supermarkets aren't out to fool or "get" anyone. They are marketing their wares. Business need to make a profit to stay functional. This article gives soound advice on how to avoid encouragement from marketing tools, that's the good thing. I beleive, it is wrong to make a business appear to be working against the consumer.
4/14/2009 12:24:44 PM

Great article. I'd like to add my own tip about free samples. I tell a fib. Yes, every time someone offers me a taste of something sweet, greasy, etc, I respond, "No thanks, I'm allergic to that." The demonstrator backs right off & doesn't push or offer coupons. After awhile, the fib will become automatic. You'll see a small table set up with a microwave on top & you won't even care what the item is because you'll be telling yourself you're allergic and can't eat it. This works for me. I hope it helps someone else. Laura
4/14/2009 12:09:56 PM

I'm saving this article and writing down some pointers to take with me on my next shopping trip. No matter how hard I try to stick to my plan and list, I always wound up with more. This a good shopping article. Thanks for sharing!

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