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27 Sensible Ways to Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings

Better-for-You Chocolate Treats for 60-160 Calories


4/12/2012 4:46:30 AM

I have to agree with some of the folks who said that these suggestions are not the healthiest. I'm actually surprise to read this. Dark chocolate is a much better and healthier choice.
4/12/2012 4:25:44 AM

We have our daily hot chocolate made with Silk DHA milk and Omanahene Cocoa powder.
4/7/2012 11:07:44 AM

I have become a big fan of 'Got Milk?' chocolate straws (Target, Walgreens, etc) with chocolate already in the straws. I use them with my Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk. tastes great, and they are only 16 calories per straw! :)
3/9/2012 4:04:27 PM

Organic is all right if you can afford it. For the rest of us who are on a smaller budget we have to look elsewhere. I agree with the one who said about adding cocoa to your cereal. Cheaper and healthier. Or just having a little piece of chocolate.
2/13/2012 1:38:45 PM

I have to leave a comment here, before I decide to say goodbye to Sparkpeople forever! In nearly all so called "nutrition" articles, the recommendations include a lot of processed foods. Read the ingredients on all of the recommended chocolate alternatives and you fill find a laundry list of chemicals, including hi fructose corn syrup, artificial flavorings and colorings, msg, and the list goes on. Furthermore, do you really know who owns these companies selling the 'natural' 'organic' products?
If you eat enough protein, and green vegetables, you will not have cravings for crap! Like a previous commenter said, if you eat a small amount of high quality dark chocolate (above 65%), that will satisfy any craving. I just don't get it ~ sparkpeople is a wonderful program but is not serving anyone by continuing to promote corporate Frankenfood!

Bye bye Sparkpeople. I think I can manage better on my own.
2/13/2012 12:33:45 PM

KEELYME's SparkPage
Nestle Drumsticks makes "Lil'Drums" mini cones that satisfy a craving for chocolate, in the icecream, chocolate coating and chocolate cone bottom for 130 calories or less. I'd stay away from the Edy's full-sized ice cream quart in the example unless you have MUCH better self control than I do, and can truly and honetly stop at one measured 1/2 cup serving. Another good, and relatively cheap solution is 2 tbsp of semisweet chocolate chips. And Starbucks makes mini brownie bites/ cookies that are about 40 calories apiece and have an extremily rich flavor.

One last thing; if you're celebrating a holiday like Valentine's Day that only rolls around once a year, you're probably fine indulging in a real chocolate-dipped strawberry, mini cupcake, brownie, etc. When I started my weight loss journey last January, I still pledged to allow myself a Valentine's Day cupcake. It kept me on track throughout January and early February by giving me something to look forward to.
2/13/2012 12:32:50 PM

CBKS810's SparkPage
For many of us, "a half-Larabar" just doesn't exist. Much easier to put none in your mouth in the first place. Same goes for the one cookie suggestion.
2/13/2012 12:03:11 PM

Mmm... chemicals! No thanks. And c'mon, chocolate covered pretzels are one of the most addicting snacks EVER! (Who can REALLY stop after just 15?)

I usually just go for a piece of dark, dark chocolate.
2/13/2012 11:18:18 AM

GETTO140's SparkPage
Here are two others...Aldi's Fit and Active Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream bars...100 calories and I like them better than Skinny Cow. Jello sugar-free chocolate pudding snacks are 60 calories.
2/13/2012 10:22:38 AM

Wow, lots of fun suggestions on here! I really like the mini-croissant idea, and will try making that for my husband later. :D
A warning for the first item - the chocolate rice cakes have artificial sugar in them. I learned that the hard way when I only skimmed the label and missed it. Stomach cramps for hours, oogh.
2/13/2012 10:01:23 AM

There is nothing sensible about these suggestions! I agree with the comment that all that is needed is some fair-trade, organic dark chocolate for a 'healthy' fix. The rest is padding the pockets of Big Food, making us fat and sick and playing into the hands of Big Pharma.
2/13/2012 7:59:58 AM

Fine as far as pre-packaged, processed foods are concerned: but how about stocking cocoa powder and adding it to your oatmeal when you cook it in milk, etc.? Do it yourself can be very satisfying, and healthier, too!
2/13/2012 7:43:32 AM

Nice to see so many options...but sad to see that so many of them are highly processed and/or involve chocolate from companies w/ questionable labor and environmental practices. Our solution at the office is to purchase only organic, fair-trade chocolate - the price of that will make anyone eat less of it and enjoy every little nibble!
2/13/2012 4:21:03 AM

Yes like others, I like some chocolate every now and then but feel guilty as I am trying to lead a better eating lifestyle. Even though my efforts so far have made me proud, these helpful hints will help me tremendously. The only thing is though, does anyone else have ideas like these based on the brands sold in Australia? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
2/12/2012 10:12:53 PM

KOALA_BEAR's SparkPage
You left out chocolate sorbet which is fat-free. Safeway carries a good one. Also sugar free pudding, and chocolate protein powder mixed with water. If you blend it with half a banana, you get potassium and fiber in a shake that's super rich and tasty.

A slice of Entemann's low fat pound cake with a bit of dark chocolate sauce drizzled over it and some fresh raspberries or a fruit spread is killer for when you crave sweets but need to control the chocolate & calories. I really like having chocolate as part of something healthier.

And I agree wtih the comment that cereals - rice crispies, shredded wheat, corn chex, etc with (warm) chocolate soy/almond milk is very good and wholesome for controlled calories.

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