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The Portion Distortion Guide

A List of Serving Sizes


7/1/2008 1:37:18 PM

DLROSE51's SparkPage
I have been tracking my food intake and it is VERY difficult to keep to the calorie limits and get all the servings suggested here, especially the grains due to their high calorie content per weight. I can eat tons of salad or green vegetables, such as broccoli or green beans, which will then make me feel full, for the same calorie count as a very small amount of bread or grain products, which leaves me hungry. So, I have decided to not worry about the recommended servings of grains while I am dieting. I will make sure my calories, carbohydrates, protein, fats, cholesterol, sodium, calcium, and fiber are within their suggested ranges and worry about adding in more grains once I am down to my ideal weight.
6/26/2008 11:50:42 AM

MISSJENN007's SparkPage
Thanks for the help
6/15/2008 6:58:53 AM

SHANNON_G's SparkPage
wow - the portion size is small - no wonder i overeat - i will retrain myself to the proper size/portion and drink more water when i "need something"
6/8/2008 8:45:08 AM

I added this to my favorites so that I can have a quick reference!!
6/6/2008 9:39:32 PM

SUNZETTE's SparkPage
Thank you - I will print this out and post it to my fridge :D
6/2/2008 3:29:57 PM

LANDREST's SparkPage
This really helps - I had it pretty wrong - I really hate weighing and measuring food and you can't do that when you are on the go - Thank you for this - it's going on the fridge
5/27/2008 5:28:07 PM

DELORES77's SparkPage
well part of it is that "normal" portions are far too big.
5/9/2008 6:33:31 PM

KOLSON's SparkPage
Looking at nutrition labels on packages, I think some "serving sizes" are based on numbers not reality. Reduce the size of a "serving" and the amount of fat goes down. But, what is "normal" use is a much larger portion. I think there's a numbers game afoot.
4/26/2008 9:15:42 AM

I've bookmarked this--I used to have actual pictures to show what the correct portions looked like, but this is really good. Thanks for the help.

4/21/2008 10:50:30 AM

CRZYLLAMA71's SparkPage
This brings reality into a easily measurable existance
4/15/2008 12:36:48 PM

This hit the nail on the head for me! PORTION control has always been my challenge. I've been conditioned to over-sized portions.
4/15/2008 9:49:27 AM

This is GREAT to have as a visual! Posted to the fridge! Stage 2 in the plan really gives you some great tools.
4/15/2008 4:53:02 AM

SKINNYLIZ87's SparkPage
wow! - how many eyes would be open if they read this. This really puts things in perspective, and really lets us see that what we think is one serving is really probably about 2 or even 3 - thank you for a really informative article.
4/13/2008 10:42:56 PM

DUNCAN07's SparkPage
This is really helpful,I printed it and stuck it on my icebox as a helper when I need to figure out serving size. Thanks
4/12/2008 8:18:02 AM

This is great!!! This will help me a lot in keeping in line with my food amounts

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