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The Portion Distortion Guide

A List of Serving Sizes


4/12/2008 8:18:02 AM

This is great!!! This will help me a lot in keeping in line with my food amounts
4/8/2008 6:45:36 PM

This article really makes it easy to figure out how much I should be eating. Thank You!
4/3/2008 1:11:50 PM

I am also grateful for this article. I also printed it and posted it on the frig. I do wish though that there was a place for salad portion. Maybe I am just missing on how to use the chart.
4/2/2008 10:47:00 AM

MYMARIA1's SparkPage
This article is exactly what I was looking for. This makes it much easier to record my calories, thanks!
3/26/2008 4:02:38 PM

Wow, this really makes it simple to "measure" your portions if you're away from a measuring device.
3/22/2008 4:58:46 PM

JIBBIE49's SparkPage
Great article.
3/19/2008 9:38:26 AM

SPWOODY's SparkPage
This article is very helpful. I'm amazed at how much I miscalulcated portion sizes.
3/18/2008 5:27:26 PM

Portion control is what I have to watch all the time. If I don't, the servings slowly become a little bigger, and a little bigger! My husband and I had a 1/2 cp. portion of sugar free ice cream the other night. His bowl was 3 times the size of mine. I ask him if he measured his bowl, he grinned and said yes... He piled his serving up in the measuring cup! Ack!! My eyes are bigger then my tummy, and it may always be that way. So I measure.
3/17/2008 2:21:18 PM

Hmm, helpful. I'm going to try to each serving size of food into my nutrition tracker to help myself get into the habit of thinking of food in serving sizes.
3/9/2008 4:46:06 PM

KMHURD's SparkPage
I was JUST discussing this with my husband. How timely! He was concerned about all the recommended servings of fruits, veggies, carbs, etc and this explains how a serving is very different than a portion. GREAT article! Very needed-
2/26/2008 12:34:23 PM

TIMNAH's SparkPage
My husband cooks for both of us most of the time, and he is great about divvying up the food into portion sizes. I think he needs a little reeducation about how big a portion size actually is, though. I'm printing this off and putting it on the fridge so we can both see it.
2/26/2008 10:07:13 AM

The very best tip I got from phase two is to pre-measure all my foods for the week. I shop, dice and chop all the fresh veggies as I'm putting my marketing away, portion out the individual servings into portable containers and I'm all set for my meals. This helps so much with taking lunch, having a ready breakfast, and fast dinner prep after work. Also, I am less tempted to stray from the healthy foods since they are just sitting there ready to go. And, I might not have fresh veggies like cauliflower, green peppers, carrots, etc. if they weren't already chopped and ready to be tossed into recipes.
2/21/2008 8:43:39 AM

it really worries me how off i was on my portion sizes. Now trying to get back down to those is going to leave me wanting more....well i guess it's time to add another goal!!
2/20/2008 3:22:09 PM

DI2008's SparkPage
This is really a big help. Still, I can't imagine only eating 3-4 little dice size cubes of cheese,lol. Gotta watch those portions sizes!
I agree with the problems of the nutrition labels being based on a 2,000 calorie diet. How do we adjust this to out calorie allowances? I'm going to post this question and see what happens.
2/11/2008 8:37:14 AM

Great article. I am printing it off and will carry it with me and put it up in my kitchen. I need to have it on hand when I make meals for me and for my family. I've been eating enough for my entire family..OMG.

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