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Why Go Organic?

Healthy Body, Healthy Planet


3/9/2010 9:27:31 AM

LIZZYP609's SparkPage
Even if we have a blizzard, it doesn't discount the fact that the CLIMATE is changing. Just like just because, as SOME studies suggest that organic isn't any more nutritious as non organic (I am sure the studies that show that are paid for by the government or big chemical companies). I buy mostly LOCAL organics because I don't want to consume the man made products that are put on the food. Speaking of dumbing down the people, the government has been trying to hide all of this for the last century.
3/7/2010 5:15:22 PM

SHADOZA's SparkPage
Organic is another reason to inflate prices on produce. The studies used to prove organic was better for you, were completed and sponsored by the Organic Center. Hmmm...seems a little bias to me.
2/25/2010 11:52:47 PM

Fight global warming????? First of all, Global Warming is a JOKE. Scientist know it, the weather shows it, but Al Gore wants to DUMB US DOWN, and take all we have , including our very breath....

I have NO problem with buying organic, but NOT as a preventitive to "global Warming".
There are not enough people on the planet to affect our planet that much.

1/9/2010 4:02:21 PM

MALLOC's SparkPage
Its very easy for me to buy organic and general at the same or little more (sometimes cheaper!) than non-organic. Part of the charm of northern California.

For me its as simple as "tastes better". I believe in the other benefits, but I think they are more abstract than , "Yum,. this is good". :)
11/24/2009 3:57:10 PM

GETTO140's SparkPage
Organic tastes so much better! I'm not 100% organic as far as shopping goes, however, I do grow my own fuits and vegetables and I am an organic grower.
11/16/2009 1:49:21 PM

One other no-brainer reason to buy organic, the vendor must be VERY VERY TRICKY TO FOOL YOU. Organic also means the product is NOT suppoed to be sprayed, gassed, irradiated, waxed, et al to the food before you pick it up at your grocer. Furthermore , it is perfectly legal to give a little arsenic to chickens to keep the shells hard ... ta da ..... this is not part of the organic feed list. When you smell to see if the cantelope is ripe, you are not being hoodwinked - PERIOD. How many times have your purchased apples that were so old your kids wouldn't eat them - they're mushy!!!! -- or oranges that were actually dehydrated into which water had been soaked and the fruit was gassed to look orange. All these 'methods' are perfectly legal.
8/25/2009 11:46:47 AM

SUNNY4EVA's SparkPage
Has anyone read this article on organic food? It is a study that came out only a feww weeks ago and it confirmed that organic food does not have superior nutrients than the conventional counterparts? Here it the link.
8/12/2009 12:15:07 PM

Go see the movie 'FOOD INC.' --you will never look at food the same way again!
6/25/2009 8:24:47 PM

DREARK22's SparkPage
Just an update...when I was grocery shopping today I spoke with the butcher and he ordered organic chicken. They'll order a case of organic meat if you just ask! It only takes about a day to get in too.
6/25/2009 12:12:03 PM

DREARK22's SparkPage
I've recently starting eating more organic products and am amazed by how many organic products Krogers has started to carry. They not only have a whole organic produce section but also have organic products throughout the aisles that are not that much more (sometimes even cost less) then the regular products. I'm just waiting for them to start carrying organic meat in my area. Until then, I am limiting the amount of meat I eat and using more soy products. I used to be a vegetarian though so soy products are great to me!
6/15/2009 1:59:30 PM

BLKSWANN's SparkPage
I'm beginning my transition to organic food. I have migraine headaches and seasonal allergies. I'm working on going all natural in relieving some of my symptoms. I've found that the prices have gone down on many organic products. If more people begin to shop for the products the prices will go down.
6/1/2009 11:23:50 PM

I recently switched to all organic because of learning about GMO foods. I am very thrifty, so wouldn't consider it before now. I WISH I HAD DONE THIS 20 YEARS AGO, I can't believe what a difference it's making in my everyday life.
3/17/2009 9:41:40 AM

SEVERINA418's SparkPage
My family lives paycheck to paycheck, and we recently decided to stop going out to eat so that we may buy all organic and all natural foods instead of the pesticide-infested and processed junk with artificial everything in it. I still can't believe how much better food--the way God intended it--tastes and it's so much healthier!
3/4/2009 9:09:34 PM

I think organic is the way to go too, but it's soooo expensive. It makes me think alot, about how much more we pay for organic foods, and there are entire countries where only organic vegetables exist. No extra cost.
11/25/2008 6:42:24 PM

_VALEO_'s SparkPage
I agree with your article, and I've been eating organic food for more than 20 years. You might also have talked about GMOs and their consequences on us and on our environment, it could be a good reason to go organic too.
Please also note that the US use more pesticides due to GMOs (banned in Europe), and your agriculture also uses a pesticide banned in Europe (and actually sold to you by an european -Swiss- company).

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