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Meatless Meals Benefit Your Health

A ''Flexitarian'' Diet Meets in the Middle


8/15/2009 2:49:02 PM

Try it you all. I tried it and so far its only been a week, but I've lost four pounds. I eat seafood, crab burgers, shrimp, baked fish, etc. I really didn't crave any meat. My stomach hasn't hurt in the week. Before, I was an avid meat eater and would suffer physically. Now, I have more energy and my digestive system feels great.
5/6/2009 5:54:32 PM

I am a total meat lover but after reading this article im gonna have 2 meatless days in the week..I guess it wont hurt to try
5/4/2009 9:20:12 AM

TTAYLOR13's SparkPage
I found that after a couple of days of eating more healthily and just happening to not have any meat, I stopped wanting any. I've found that whereas before I'd look at a steak or a burger and really want it, now it just doesn't look appealing to me any more! I don't know why, but I just don't want to eat meat any more - it wasn't even a concious decision. I do still eat seafood though, so I'm not a complete vegetarian, and I still eat eggs and dairy products (no cheese though because I've just never really liked it) so I easily get my protein requirements. I feel healthier without meat, and I don't miss it at all!
4/2/2009 4:48:11 PM

MOTHEREARTH2278's SparkPage
We are not totaly vegan at our home but, for any meal that requires ground meat we use Loma Linda Vege-Burger. Chili, Taco's etc. etc., if you eat at my table its not meat!!! Funny no one notices the diffrence. :)
3/27/2009 1:45:12 PM

I'm going meatless at least one day out of the week.
3/16/2009 12:27:58 PM

I feel so much better after having given up meat. I also really try to limit my dairy by using almond or rice milk and skipping the cheese in many recipies. The funny thing is that in many meals, taking out the cheese either improved the meal or didn't make a difference. A few soy free meatless dinner ideas:

Pita bread with falafal, hummus and spring greens
Grilled Vegetables with brown rice
Vegetable Quiche
Polenta topped with tomato sauce
Spinach Omelet
Vegetable or Lentil Curries

A lot of soups can become vegetarian by substituting the chicken broth for vegetable broth. A book that I've really enjoyed using is How To Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman. He is an omnivore but while writing this book he developed an appreciation for vegetarian fare.
8/30/2008 2:42:59 AM

Great article.

Take that "Skimp on cheese" thing to heart. The weight I am trying to lose right now is weight that I gained when I became a vegetarian, because I overcompensated with fatty cheeses. And that weight piled on quick.
8/8/2008 1:20:49 PM

JIBBIE49's SparkPage
Great article.
7/10/2008 10:34:17 PM

About half my days are meatless (no fish, shellfish, beef, poultry, etc). I have always been a real meat lover, so this has been a huge change for me. I was never very happy with replacing meat with soy products ... soy just is not the same taste, texture, etc as meat, so it never worked for my.

What I've found HAS worked is not trying to 'replace' meat, but rather eat dishes that were never meant to have meat. That way there isn't anything 'missing' or badly substituted. To do this, however, requires that I be willing to try new things and new combinations.

Getting a few good veggie cookbooks (or looking online) is a great way to come up with some vegetarian dishes that aren't trying to be meat dishes. Even trying a new dish once a week for a meatless meal can open up a lot of possibilities!
6/3/2008 3:26:49 PM

I agree with LJD209 that more non-soy options would be appreciated. My husband I tried to start eating healthier a couple of years ago, but he started feeling worse instead of better, apparently because of all the soy put into a lot of healthier processed foods. I know, we should be eating less processed foods anyway. Anyway, still a good article, and a reminder that we still need to keep trying. One thing I found was substituting chopped mushrooms for meat in chili really satisfies me, but not so much my hubby...back to the drawing board.
5/9/2008 11:50:58 PM

This article presents a great idea, but I wish it presents some more non-soy protein options for us who are allergic to it.
4/27/2008 1:38:21 PM

LATEBIRD's SparkPage
Thanks for this article! I don't eat red meat at all, I will eat poultry and seafood and try to eat vegetarian for dinner at least once each week. My breakfast and lunch are usually meat free. It is funny how you tell people you don't eat red meat and they ask "what do you eat?" There is so many options I don't miss meat at all.
4/25/2008 5:10:23 PM

INDIGOSKYE160's SparkPage
I am glad to hear the word flexitarian. I have a word for what I do now. I have no problem skipping meat for many meals. Really, meat is a side for my son to eat at dinner and I eat it if I want to.
4/25/2008 12:23:24 PM

I like that the article mentions that dairy is just as bad as meat. When I became a vegetarian 28 years ago I largely substituted cheese for meat. I'd eat cheese tacos instead of beef. I'd eat cheese chili rellenos instead of fajitas, etc. I didn't really see any improvement in my health until I started to avoid dairy a few years ago. Personally I think dairy is even worse than meat from a health point of view. Avoiding dairy did wonders for my allergies and asthma.
4/9/2008 12:40:25 PM

MEFIRST08's SparkPage
This a good article with a simple approach to removing meat from a eating regime. I have been trying to get meat out of my diet, but so many diets that tell you that the only way to lean out and lose body fat is by adding at least half your body weight in protein-chicken breast and lean red meats. This has been a struggle for me because, although I like meat, I am a picky meat eater. The texture has to be jsut right for me to eat it.

Hopefully, I can soon remove meat totally-I have been eating some meals througout the day without it and all I need to do know is maintain my caloric intake.


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