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SparkRecipes FAQs

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  • Next to each recipe are four orange buttons: Share/Unshare, Subscribe/Unsubscribe, Edit and Delete.
  • Click "Share/Unshare" to either submit your recipe to SparkRecipes' Shared Recipes Database or keep it private.
  • Click "Subscribe/Unsubscribe" to either receive emails when someone comments on your recipe or stop receiving emails when people comment on the recipe.
  • To update or edit your recipe (including changing serving size), click the "Edit" button.
  • To delete your recipe, click "Delete."
    I want to see recipes that I have reviewed/rated. How do I find them again?
    • Click on "My Recipes," then "My Recipe Box" at the top of the page.
    • Your saved recipes are listed at the bottom of the page under "My Reviewed Recipes." You can also change your ratings on each recipe.
    How do I save a recipe that I like?
    • Click the button marked "Add this recipe to a recipe collection" to the right of the recipe photo. You will have the option to either add the recipe to an existing recipe collection or create a new one.
    • Select a recipe collection, then check or uncheck the box next to "Make this a public recipe collection." You can add a comment if you want, then click "Add Recipe."
    How do I add a recipe to my meal planner?
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