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Frozen Key Lime Pie

from Lucky Leaf canSubmitted by BIMORALES

Lemon Lentil Soup

When my jaw was broken, I practically lived on this soup. It blended nicely. The lemony taste makes this a refreshing soup, especially in the summer. Submitted by BARBCHAPMAN73

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

A tasty and healthy version of an old favoriteSubmitted by BRUNGRABER

Winter Chili

A hearty chicken and veggie dishSubmitted by DULCELUVA

Kickin' Stuffed Mushrooms

Exotic Mushrooms make this dish special and extra flavorful.Submitted by JESPAH

Shurbit Ahdz (Red Lentil Soup)

So this is the story of how someone can open mouth and insert foot.

One of my SP friends SP-mailed me to ask if I had any Moroccan recipes. Without a second though I ZAPped back, "SURE!!! I must have hundreds." I got 2......

Shurbit Ahdz & Roz.

This recipe calls for red lentils. For the past 5 - 6 years my area supermarkets have failed to carry such a nitch market item. As a result numerous other lentils to match the taste of the red. No such luck.

In Oct.'08 I was asked to teach a class of food stamp\food pantry recipients on how to effectively use their benefits and yet have healthy, tasty meals on the table. I mentioned the subbing out of the red lentils for other varieties, and their outcome.

In the rear of the class sat this mature woman who spoke up and said, "Well have you tried the ghetto chopper?"

Ghetto chopper is a colloquialism for a supermarket chain which offers racial specific food items @ escalated prices.

There is a chopper store near my home. I occasionally shop there. They don't carry red lentils, but ghetto chopper does.

Now I go to ghetto chopper and pick up my red lentils.

When red lentils come out of the can they are a deep crimson. When they are in the broth they turn from orange, to pink, to yellow. The taste is delicate & creamy.

Red lentils cook up in a fraction of the time of the brown. And if you do use the dried bagged lentils be sure to pre-rinse, & sort out the stones and shriveled beans.Submitted by JVANAM

Prassopita (Potato & Leek Pie)

Phyllo (a.k.a. filo or fillo) is used in many different Greek, Turkish, & Bulgarian cuisines.

Most Americans know filo from Spanokopita (spinach pie) or Baklava. The tissue thin dough is a mix of local flour, water, the merest touch of Olive Oil, & an acid. Most often lemon juice or vinegar.

In the US Phyllo comes frozen. Depending on your fav. brand each sheet unwrapped is between 9"x14" up to 13"x18".

You want to keep Phyllo frozen until the day before use. Let it thaw in the fridge for over 6 hours or overnight. About 1/2 hour before you are ready to use it remove the Phyllo from the fridge, & unroll (or unfold as the case maybe) the dough. Allow the dough to lie flat, but don't force it. Cover with a sheet of plastic wrap, slightly larger than the dough, & cover with clean cloth towel.

In this dish it is best if the dough does not tear, but don't go postal if it does. Just find another torn piece and make a patch.

On its own filo is low in fat, but when you start to lather on butter or oil the fat content soars.

Though this recipe is based on a trad. recipe I have cut back on the fats where I could.

Now for my rant.

LEEKS... Most of the contempory TV ?Chef's? have little or no clue when they are using leeks, or when they are talking about leeks. As I grow leeks in both my Victory Garden and off season greenhouse it is now time for...

LEEKS 101: 1) Leeks are a member of the onion family. As such the bulb of the plant grows below ground.

2) To enhance the blanching of the bulb farmers will mound up mulch (usually top soil) around the collar of the leaf growth & covering the bulb. This action keeps the sun off the ground level portions of the plant. No sun, no photosynthesis, fewer green leaves, more white or light green roots to use in your cooking.

With the recent introduction of mulching (or growing) fabric more @ home growers are starting to use this method of water retention and light reduction to blanch their crops. I found using a black plastic mulching fabric around my leek collars to provide me the color I want without the annoying wash & rinse of each little piece of grit & sand.

3) If you buy your leeks @ the market you will have to take some time for cleaning. Here are some tips I have learned form restaurateurs around the world.

First, look at the leek to determine how you plan to cut it during prep. For some dishes you may want long leafy slices, others rings, still others julienne, or lastly slice it-chop it-throw it in the pot.

So here are some ways to deal:

For simple crossed cut disc. Make your slices, toss the rings into a glass bowl of ice cold water, slosh the leeks around for a couple minutes, drain & spin the leeks in a salad spinner. A nouvle-cusine favorite.

For long leafy cuts separate the individual leaves (down to the core) into a glass bowl of ice cold water, slosh the leeks around for a couple minutes, drain, & place on a clean cloth towel to dry. The classic French style. Julia would be so-o-o proud of you.

For jullian, slice the bulb end into brush or broom like cuts. Be careful not to cut through the entire plant. With a large bowl of ice cold water whisk the cut end through the water for 2 or 3 minutes till the grit sinks to the bottom of the bowl. Slice of the cleaned portion off the plant & set in the salad spinner. Repeat the process until the entire leek has been sliced, rinsed, & in the spinner. Give your leeks a good spin to extract the water and place on paper towel to dry out even more. Very Tuscan of you.

Lastly, chop & slop. Take a leek...(you knew I had to do it somewhere)...chop up your leeks to your desired size & toss in a colander. Run the leeks under cold water in the sink. Give a quick shake and into the pot. Basically that is what we are doing here.Submitted by JVANAM


Recao is culantro in Puerto Rican, so this condiment is nicknamed recaito, or "little culantro."

I use recaito for dishes when I don't want the tomato color or extra liquid that comes with sofrito.

Culantro is the defining flavor. Recaito, like sofrito, can get you out of any kitchen emergency.Submitted by JVANAM

Low-Fat Creamy Curry Chicken

This chicken recipe is great served with a veggie and a whole grain sidedish; rice, quinoa, barley - whatever suits you. It's low fat and tasty.Submitted by BEUGEL

Alfredo Orzo Chicken with Zucchini & Roasted Red Peppers

This is a light twist on alfredo chicken. It gives a slight alfredo flavor without all the fat and calories of a full alfredo.Submitted by BEUGEL

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