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Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies

I adapted this recipe from the Lighter Side of Low Carb ( In changing this recipe, I:

removed the walnuts
added vanilla extract
used Truvia for the sugar substitute (with the carbs from the erythritol netted out since it is non-glycemic)
changed the # servings from 42 to 20 (I make bigger cookies than they do)
substituted some chopped up Divine Chocolate 85% dark chocolate bar for their Ghirardelli 60% dark chocolate morsels

They still come out to just 2.0 net carbs per cookie.

(4.1 total carbs, 2.1 fiber, 0.5 sugars)

"These cookies are not Atkins induction friendly, but they are low carb, gluten free and sugar free, and vegetarian friendly."Submitted by NEWJOHN4NEWYEAR

Almost Perfect - Sour Cream Version (Low-Carb, Gluten-Free)

A delicious and simple low-carb dessert recipe I got from my German uncle.

Only 1.8 carbs per serving.Submitted by NEWJOHN4NEWYEAR

Mom's Cheesecake, Low Carb Version

A fantastic cheesecake, rich and creamy, altered for use in Atkins and other low-carb diets.

(The original is the same but with 2 cups sugar in place of the sweetener and with a standard graham cracker crust.)

When made in a 10-inch springform pan and cut into 16 servings, this delicious cheesecake has only 3.6 net carbs per serving.

I am counting net carbs as:

Total carbs - fiber + sweetener carbs

Truvia counts for zero carbs because it is made with non-glycemic stevia and erythritol.

Each Splenda packet is one carb. So is each Equal packet. Together they add 8 carbs to the entire cheesecake so that comes out to 0.5 carbs per slice.

SO . . . 4.1 total carbs - 1.0 fiber + 0.5 sweetener carbs = 3.6 carbs per slice.


If you make it without the crust (omitting all the nuts and the almond flour), total carbs drops to 2.4 per slice.Submitted by NEWJOHN4NEWYEAR

Paleo Sweet Potato Brownies

Adapted from paleOMG ( by substituting 1/2 unsweetened applesauce for the raw honey called for in the recipe.

For 16 brownies, this comes out to 6.6 net carbs per brownie.

If you leave in the honey, it has 14.3 net carbs per brownie.Submitted by NEWJOHN4NEWYEAR

Low Carb Five Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

**This recipe counts as TWO servings.**

For people not afraid of good fats, this is a low carb adaptation of a recipe submitted by SparkPeople user SPITFIRE12 (

I substituted almond flour for the all-purpose flour, one whole egg for the two egg whites, Truvia* for the sugar, heavy whipping cream for the skim milk, and coconut oil for the applesauce.

You might also try macadamia nut oil, if you prefer, without changing the carb count. This also switches much of the fat from saturated to monounsaturated. I prefer the coconut myself.

The original recipe had about 200 calories and more than 40 net carbs per serving.

This one clocks in at almost 400 calories but only 2.7 net carbs per serving.


* If you want, you can use 8 packets of Truvia. I suggest using 4 and 4 of another type of sugar substitute because, in my experience, mixing sweeteners offers a rounder taste and a synergy (the combined effect of two together is greater than either individually; 1A+1B=3) not found when using a single type. IOW, using 4 + 4 makes it sweeter than using 8 of a single sweetener.Submitted by NEWJOHN4NEWYEAR

Cinnamon Roll Scones (Low Carb, Gluten Free)

Adapted from

I did not have the powdered erythritol or liquid sweeteners used in the original recipe so I substituted packets of Truvia and Splenda.Submitted by NEWJOHN4NEWYEAR

Almost Perfect - Cream Cheese Version (Low-Carb, Gluten-Free)

A cream cheese version of a delicious and simple low-carb dessert recipe I got from my German uncle.

Only 1.1 carbs per serving.Submitted by NEWJOHN4NEWYEAR

Quick Mixed Fruit Smoothie

I use a variety of fresh and/or frozen fruit in this recipe. Sometimes I use 1/2 C of frozen fruit and half a banana. I also vary the sweetener - sometimes I use maple syrup, agave nectar, or Splenda in place of the honey. Using the thick Greek yogurt results in a super-creamy smoothie. Submitted by JOSIE-BELL

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