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Indian Recipes (Most Popular)

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Aaji's Pickle Masala & Mango/Lemon Pickle
Aaji's Pickle Masala & Mango/Lemon Pickle

This is my maternal Grandma Aaji's Recipe.This is very tasty but has very little Juice--meant for those who love to eat the pickled raw Green Mangos.I make both types because for me Memories of this are connected to my childhood--when this would arrive at our home in Chandigarh from Poona where my Grandparents lived.Again this too is served by Teaspoons and eaten as a Condiment---sinced it is pickled in Salt and Oil!!Submitted by KOMAL53

Kanta's Kuria Marchaa-Stuffed Green Chilli Pickle

My friend Kanta is a Gujarati hailing from the Kutch region of that State.Gujaratis are very fond of Pickles and this one is a fresh Pickle that is made and finished while still crunchy and fresh.This is a Kutchi Recipe which is very yummy and is made by stuffing the Green Chillies with a blend of different Spices ground coarsely---the coarse ground Seeds are called "Kuria".This lasts for about 3 weeks in the Refridgerator or for about 10 days on the shelf.Submitted by KOMAL53

Curried Egg Sandwiches

These are Egg Saandwiches which were a part of my childhood Teas way back in the 1950s and 1960s.Simple to make and tasty, these provide the perfect Evening Snack with a glass of Milk or a cup of Tea---Green or with Milk.The Chilli and Curry Powders add a tangy twist to the otherwise staid taste---you can increase or decrease these to suit your taste---or do away with these altogether---adding a dash of Black Pepper Powder instead!!Submitted by KOMAL53

Tilaachey Laadoo(Til key Laddu)Sesame Seed Balls

These traditional Laadoos(Balls) are made from polished Sesame Seeds and sticky Jaggery specifically for the Makar Sankranti Festival or Winter Harvest Festival which is celebrated to give thanks to The Almighty for His Bounty.This Festival takes place on either 14th. or 15th. of January each year and all the products of the Winter Harvest are ceremoniously worshipped in Clay Pots made specially for this day.These Clay Pots are daubed with stripes of Sandalwood ,Turmeric and Kum Kum Pastes,worshipped and then ceremoniously distributed to married women in different numbers---5/7/9/11--according to custom in each home..This Speciality is eaten and made all over India in the Winter---as that is when certain Foods are eaten to keep the body warm----Sesame Seeds too are considered a "Hot" food-----and combined with Jaggery,roasted Split Chick Peas,Peanuts,Dry Fruits,Coconut and aromatic Spices these add a festive air to these days!!!Submitted by KOMAL53

Chaat Masala Powder

I learnt to make this from our Cook ,Narayandas.He was the first Cook my Parents employed when they moved into a Tent first and later a Row House among the first 8 homes built in Chandigarh---way back in early 1953.Mummy had a notebook in which she would note down these various Proportions and she handed these to me on her return from Mauritius after Daddy passed away.This Masala can turn even the simplest Food into lip smacking delicious!!!Sprinkle it on Plain thick bowlful of Yoghurt or on boiled,peeled,cubed Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes with a squeeze of Lemon Juice ---it adds zing and enlivens these mundane Foods up!!!Even a bowlful of Fresh Fruit perks up when this is added to it with a dash of Lemon Juice---we Indians call it "Fruit Chaat"!!!Submitted by KOMAL53

Jen's Tikka Chops

Indian Flavor in 20 minutes. Serve with Jasmine Rice and vegetables.Submitted by TULLJEN

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