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Indian Recipes (Most Popular)

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Kheema(Minced Meat) Patties

These are stuffed Patties and the stuffings can vary from Vegetarian to Non-Vegetarian.We prefer to stuff these with Minced Goat Meat or tiny Shrimp or even hard boiled eggs.These are an any time filler---part of Lunch,Dinner ,Cocktails or even a Tea-Time Snack!!Submitted by KOMAL53

Aawalaa Sarbat-1

Indian Gooseberries are highly prized as a medicinal Fruit in Ayurveda----these are called the secret healing food.It has a sharp tart taste but leaves a sweet after taste.The fresh Juice of this Fruit is beneficial in Diabetes,Cholestrol control as well as being a rich source of natural Vitamin C and is drunk first thing in the morning for maximum benefit.Submitted by KOMAL53

Spicy Corn and Cheese on Toast

During my childhood this was a favourite Tea Time Snack---specially during the Rains.Later it became a favourite with my daughters and I served it to them regularly as an after School Snack.The only difference in this and the original Recipe is that in those days the large Bread Slices would be cut into 4 triangles each and then be deep fried,loaded with this Filling and topped by a Kraft's Cheese Single Slice.Then these would be grilled for the Cheese to melt and soften and then would eaten hot with tall Glasses of Milk for us and hot Tea for the Parents. Submitted by KOMAL53

Kokum Tival(Spicy Kokum Drink)

This is a spicy preparation---served both as an Appetizer or an after Dinner Digestive drink.It is very popular on hot Summer nights as a coolant.Also called "Phooti Kadhi" it can be eaten with plain boiled White Rice----I prefer it as a Drink---very good for Diabetics!!!!Submitted by KOMAL53

South Indian Gun Powder Chutney

These are Condiments and used extensively in Indian Meals to spice up everyday Fare.This chutney is a favourite in our home and is served often during the "Vegetarian" only days and with Ceremonial Food served during the various "Poojas" that take place. Submitted by KOMAL53

Chai Masala Powder(Spice Mix for making Masala Tea)

This is the way Tea would be made during my childhood.Half a teaspoon of this Spice Powder along with a few Fresh Sweet Violet Leaves (Banafsha/Adulsa)would be boiled in four cups of Water and reduced to half.This Concoction would then be strained,1 tsp. of Dark Honey added to this along with a squeeze of Lime Juice would be given to us three sisters to drink as hot as possible by my Nanny---specially in the Monsoon and the Winter----to warm us and prevent Coughs and Colds.She used to call it "Kaadhaa".This Powder can also be added to traditional Tea made with Milk to spice it up and give it a zing.This also is excellent as an "Ukaalaa" or just boiled in a mixture of plain Milk and Water without the addition of Tea Leaves.This is drunk with Dark Honey stirred in after it is strained into a Cup.I still continue to make this Spice Powder and add a pinch of this to spice up my early morningTea--and this acts as a great wake up call each morning--very refreshing and energising!!Submitted by KOMAL53

Mughalai Mince Meat Cutlets in Gravy

Our Dinner Parties always had to have new dishes which were not repeated except by requests.This recipe was one such often requested Party favourite and being a gravy dish
was easy to serve with hot Parathas or Naans.Submitted by KOMAL53

Sookhi Kaali Dal(Dry Split Black Bean(Urad) Dal)

This is one simple,tasty and healthy dish I truly love.In fact you can substitute Split Moong Dal for Urad Dal and Ginger instead of Garlic for a variation in taste.This is a North Indian recipe and is eaten as a side dish with Indian Breads.Submitted by KOMAL53

Rose(Rooh-Afza) Fallooda(Flavoured Milk Sherbet)

This is a very popular Drink in Mumbai as we have Weather which ranges from warm,warmer and hot throughout the year.This is basically an Iranian Recipe which is delicious and filling.Earlier I would make our own Vermicelli but now I use the Bambino Brand Vermicelli for this.
I have also given the Recipe for making the Saffron Syrup if you like the taste and flavour of Saffron.Rose Syrup and Rooh Afza are available in Indian Stores everywhere.You can also use Fruit Crushes like Strawberry,Cherry vary the taste.So also any Ice Cream Flavour can be used---the Sky is the limit to experiment with Food!!!!Submitted by KOMAL53

Papaya Yoghurt Mousse

Papaya has large amounts of Pectin which helps it set without adding any Gelatin.Besides it has a unique taste,rich colour and plenty of Nutrition.Most of the time it does not need added Sugar---being naturally sweet as well.This is a favourite Dessert of mine as a Diabetic who has limited Fruit choices.Submitted by KOMAL53

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