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Indian Recipes (Most Popular)

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Mughalai Mince Meat Cutlets in Gravy

Our Dinner Parties always had to have new dishes which were not repeated except by requests.This recipe was one such often requested Party favourite and being a gravy dish
was easy to serve with hot Parathas or Naans.Submitted by KOMAL53

Rose(Rooh-Afza) Fallooda(Flavoured Milk Sherbet)

This is a very popular Drink in Mumbai as we have Weather which ranges from warm,warmer and hot throughout the year.This is basically an Iranian Recipe which is delicious and filling.Earlier I would make our own Vermicelli but now I use the Bambino Brand Vermicelli for this.
I have also given the Recipe for making the Saffron Syrup if you like the taste and flavour of Saffron.Rose Syrup and Rooh Afza are available in Indian Stores everywhere.You can also use Fruit Crushes like Strawberry,Cherry vary the taste.So also any Ice Cream Flavour can be used---the Sky is the limit to experiment with Food!!!!Submitted by KOMAL53

Sookhi Kaali Dal(Dry Split Black Bean(Urad) Dal)

This is one simple,tasty and healthy dish I truly love.In fact you can substitute Split Moong Dal for Urad Dal and Ginger instead of Garlic for a variation in taste.This is a North Indian recipe and is eaten as a side dish with Indian Breads.Submitted by KOMAL53

Papaya Yoghurt Mousse

Papaya has large amounts of Pectin which helps it set without adding any Gelatin.Besides it has a unique taste,rich colour and plenty of Nutrition.Most of the time it does not need added Sugar---being naturally sweet as well.This is a favourite Dessert of mine as a Diabetic who has limited Fruit choices.Submitted by KOMAL53

Dal Palak Sabzi with Phulkas

This is an oil free recipe which is an ideal side dish for dieters or health food fans.If fat is needed clarified butter(ghee) can be added while serving with Phulkas.Submitted by KOMAL53

Home Made Dry Bombil Lonchey(Bombay Duck Pickle)

The East indian people were the first settlers of Mumbai or Bombay as the Portuguese named this set of seven islands.Converted to Christianity by them this community retains a quaint mixture of their Indo-Portuguese heritage in their cuisine.Their Fish dishes are truly fabulous.I have adapted some to our taste and one of these is this Dry Bombil Chutney. If you can get hold of their lovely Bottle Masala you could taste the REAL taste.The Bottle Masala is a closely guarded Recipe-----I used to get mine from an elderly friend who since has passed on---God rest her soul.Hence the adaptation!!!Submitted by KOMAL53

Pudina Chutney Parathas with Raita

My friend Radha Dhanani is a wonderful cook---specially her traditional Sindhi Cuisine is her forte.This Paratha is a filling and light Lunch when eaten with a serving of Fresh thick Yoghurt----just wonderful during the Summer Heat!!!Submitted by KOMAL53

Kashmiri Chicken(Bombaychey Chicken)

My mother used to make this often when I was a child.She passed on the recipe to my mother-in-law who cooked it so often that it became her signature dish!!!This a very popular dish in our home known to all of us as 'Bombaychey Chicken'and was a must have at each of our family get-togethers which were ever so often when the kids were younger AND all of them lived in Mumbai!!!Today it is just us oldies and two kids left here---the rest have all flown the coop!!!
My younger daughter Sayali wanted this recipe so I am posting this for her.Submitted by KOMAL53

Bhaazaani chey Thaalipeeth( Spicy Pancakes)

This is a very popular dish made from a mix of various Lentils and Cereals made into a coarse Flour.This is then flavoured with finely chopped Onion,Methi(Fenugreek)Leaves or Fresh Coriander(Cilantro)Leaves,Salt and Spices and bound to a firm doughwith warm Water.Made into 7"diameter rounds and roasted on a griddle,it can be eaten by itself with plain Yoghurt for a full meal.Or smaller rounds can be made tto be served as a Breakfast dish or an afternoon Teatime Snack.This flour is kept ready in our households always as a popular and versatile Diet Option. Submitted by KOMAL53

Chavalichya Bokyaanchi Bhaji(Tender Black-Eyed Bean Leaves vegetable)

In the Konkan region Black-Eyed Beans are sown during the Monsoon.The tender tips and Leaves are plucked and made into this tasty Vegetable.This adds the mandatory Green Leafy Vegetable to the daily meal.
Ba-aji cooked this very simply.The ingredients are the simple yet this Vegetable is rich in various nutrients and Dietary Fibre.Submitted by KOMAL53

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