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AlternaPediasure #1: Lime-Coconut Fake-quiri

My son has been gaining weight slowly. The gastrointerologist recommended I give him 2 cans of Pediasure every day. (Eww.)
Basically fat, sugar, soy protein, and vitamins, plus a bunch of other waste products that don't have to be in there. I think I could do better than that with what we've got in the fridge.
I am experimenting with some alternative "Pediasures"- basically whole food high-cal, high-nutrient smoothies.

I made one tonight that looks like green tea ice cream and tastes like lime and coconut! Yum.
As I was making it I felt sinister, like a kid making "potions" again. I couldn't believe it was palatable, but I swear it tastes good. (And I hate things like energy bars...) I think I'm going to freeze some of it into popsicles...I thought it was impressively comparable in nutrition to Pediasure considering it was just basically a shot in the dark with whatever I had. When you are getting nutrition from whole food sources the content is usually lower, but it is more bioavailable so more of it gets into you. It was even higher in some nutrients than Pediasure. Anyway, you have to make your own decision about what to put in your kid, but for myself, I feel better about real foods rather than vitamins and industrial byproducts.Submitted by LADYJADEY

(UK Version) LOW FAT Banana Apple Sauce Muffins
(UK Version) LOW FAT Banana Apple Sauce Muffins

Something to solve a sweet tooth without the fat!Submitted by KEZERETH

american chop suey

i love making this dish once, so i double the potions and then use half of the meat mixture; the other half i freeze for another day. this is a great idea for buesy moms. on a buesy day all you would have to cook would be the pasta and your side veggies.Submitted by CARLENA67

Beanie Weenie Crock Pot Casserole

A quick and easy meal the kids love. It takes about 5minutes prep and then the crock pot does the rest!Submitted by POOH2303

Will's Tater Tot Casserole

Easy to throw together meal... Submitted by MIZZMANDAMAC

Tuna salad in a Large Bowl

This makes enough for the family who love Tuna Fish Sandwiches.Submitted by MESANDEE

protein shake - blue
protein shake - blue

protein rich shake with blueberries and bananaSubmitted by NATACHA1972

Smart Sloppy Joes

A vegan twist on a delicious classic.Submitted by KALORIE-KILLAH

Vegan Choco-Hazelnut Butter

Just like Nutella, but vegan, healthier, and home-made!Submitted by KALORIE-KILLAH

90-Second Vegan Breakfast Cookie

This speedy and nutritious breakfast treat tastes (and looks) just like a cookie! It's so high in fiber and protein that it will keep you satisfied for hours!Submitted by KALORIE-KILLAH

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