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Hope's home cooking

things I've made at home either while my kids grew up or while I was a little girl

(51 Recipes) Created by HOPE2BE

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(no ratings)

Cookbook creator says: I had this in a cooking contest top 10 in the 4 state area. calories were rated wrong. should be about 270 calories per serving

Submitted by HOPE2BE

Carbs: 0g | Fat: 0.2g | Fiber: 0g | Protein: 7g | Calories: 31.9
(no ratings)

Cookbook creator says: we've made this in out home as far back as my grandmother in the 1900's

Submitted by HOPE2BE

Carbs: 31.6g | Fat: 0.8g | Fiber: 9.2g | Protein: 3.1g | Calories: 135.3
(no ratings)

Cookbook creator says: old time family favorite

Submitted by HOPE2BE

Carbs: 6.6g | Fat: 0.7g | Fiber: 1.9g | Protein: 11.7g | Calories: 80.7
(no ratings)

A different taste for vegetables

Submitted by HOPE2BE

Carbs: 7.4g | Fat: 0.2g | Fiber: 1.4g | Protein: 1.3g | Calories: 34.7
Carrot Pumpkin Bars
Very Good 4.5/5
(405 ratings)

Cookbook creator says: great for get togethers

Submitted by ANDREWMOM

Carbs: 28.5g | Fat: 1.7g | Fiber: 1.4g | Protein: 2.8g | Calories: 131.6
Salsa Turkey Burgers
Very Good 4.3/5
(412 ratings)

Quick, easy and tasty turkey burgers with a kick.

Submitted by JIMINNYC

Carbs: 7.6g | Fat: 1.5g | Fiber: 0.5g | Protein: 29.4g | Calories: 161.8
Good 3.0/5
(1 rating)

This is my favorite chili. You can add more water or have less water depending on the desired thickness. I typically don't use the flour that comes in the package, so this recipe didn't include it. Also, I use dry kidney beans instead of canned, so there may be a difference in nutritional value when using canned beans. If using dry beans, you need to soak overnight.

Submitted by MCHELGA

Carbs: 25.5g | Fat: 2.1g | Fiber: 5.3g | Protein: 13.5g | Calories: 188
Baked Egg Cups
Very Good 4.5/5
(395 ratings)

These adorable single-serving ham cups turn any breakfast into a special occasion. Feel free to jazz these up with your preferred seasonings.

Submitted by NANALINDA5355

Carbs: 0.9g | Fat: 6.9g | Fiber: 0g | Protein: 14.1g | Calories: 125.6
Very Good 4.0/5
(1 rating)

This is a tasy easy to fix meal.

Submitted by JSKAHAN

Carbs: 10.4g | Fat: 12g | Fiber: 1.2g | Protein: 20g | Calories: 310.1
Very Good 4.5/5
(182 ratings)

I LOVE chicken & dumplings so when I found this I added my own spin to it and lowered the fat and calories. This is the best chicken and dumplings I've ever had which is amazing since I'm never satisfied with my cooking! You can have a full cup of this hearty comfort food for only 284 calories and 3.8 grams of fat! The sodium could be reduced if homemade biscuits are used instead of the canned biscuits, but if sodium isn't a problem this is a very fast and easy way to make chicken & dumplings!

Submitted by STEPH2003

Carbs: 42.5g | Fat: 3.2g | Fiber: 1.6g | Protein: 18.9g | Calories: 284.2
Chicken tenders
Incredible! 5.0/5
(8 ratings)

Cookbook creator says: quick and easy.

Submitted by SARAHSMILEZ

Carbs: 13.6g | Fat: 5.9g | Fiber: 0.7g | Protein: 29.7g | Calories: 235.1
Very Good 4.2/5
(123 ratings)

I got the idea for this recipe from the Hungry Girl 200 reciepes for under 200 cal cookbook, just substituting chicken for tilapia. It was soooo good and takes care of the BBQ and sweet cravings in one shot. My kids even loved it. Hey, it got a picky three year old to eat...

Submitted by DANWERNECKE

Carbs: 11.3g | Fat: 0.7g | Fiber: 0.2g | Protein: 25.5g | Calories: 149.9
Fruit Pizza
Very Good 4.3/5
(364 ratings)

Cookbook creator says: This should be good for the luncheons downstarirs.

Carbs: 35.5g | Fat: 12g | Fiber: 2.7g | Protein: 2.6g | Calories: 256.7
Grilled Corn with Lime Butter
Very Good 4.2/5
(136 ratings)

Try our zesty take on this dinner table tradition.

Carbs: 17.4g | Fat: 3.3g | Fiber: 2.5g | Protein: 2.9g | Calories: 97.6
Fresh Fruit Salad with Honey-Yogurt Dressing
Very Good 4.3/5
(195 ratings)

We love all the sweet flavors and contrasting textures in this simple fruit salad. Sprinkle chopped, toasted nuts or granola on top for crunch.

Carbs: 31.5g | Fat: 1g | Fiber: 4.1g | Protein: 3.2g | Calories: 136.7
Keema (Ground Beef Casserole)
Very Good 4.0/5
(380 ratings)

This is a delicious and easy Pakistani recipe

Submitted by QUILTBUGJ

Carbs: 12g | Fat: 7g | Fiber: 2.7g | Protein: 22.5g | Calories: 199.2
Very Good 4.7/5
(3 ratings)

Take this simple salmon cake recipe and bake it in a baking dish for an easy casserole.


Carbs: 22.4g | Fat: 17.6g | Fiber: 1.6g | Protein: 28g | Calories: 366.7
Salsa, Salsa, Salsa!
Very Good 4.6/5
(48 ratings)

Submitted by -MAYBE-

Carbs: 8.2g | Fat: 0.2g | Fiber: 0.4g | Protein: 1.1g | Calories: 33.9
(no ratings)

Using vegetable broth makes this recipe a good alternative to traditional Beef Tips

Submitted by FREESAND

Carbs: 15.5g | Fat: 6.3g | Fiber: 2.3g | Protein: 24.9g | Calories: 222
Mini Cheesecakes
Very Good 4.5/5
(791 ratings)

Cookbook creator says: use great value sugar free sugar, use blueberries, all fat free cream cheese or use fresh strawberries with syrup

Carbs: 14.4g | Fat: 4.4g | Fiber: 0.1g | Protein: 6g | Calories: 120.6
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