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My new best friends..... Healthy recipes

(242 Recipes) Created by SING4YOU57

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Broccoli Woccoli
Very Good 4.0/5
(173 ratings)

Use with a bag of pre-shredded broccoli & cauliflower; makes this recipe super quick.

Submitted by PBERGER3

Carbs: 6.2g | Fat: 2.6g | Fiber: 0.9g | Protein: 2.3g | Calories: 60
(no ratings)

A warm, gooey, grilled dessert that is as much fun to make as it is to eat. I remember making these at camp many year ago.

Submitted by SING4YOU57

Carbs: 36.4g | Fat: 3.8g | Fiber: 2.5g | Protein: 2.2g | Calories: 177.7
(no ratings)

Cookbook creator says: This is good even cold. The frozen berries obviously cool it down quickly, but the texture of the cool berries and the warm cereal is great. This overnight method of "cooking" your cereal also keeps its texture intact.

Submitted by SING4YOU57

Carbs: 51.8g | Fat: 6g | Fiber: 11.1g | Protein: 12.9g | Calories: 312.8
Very Good 4.0/5
(6 ratings)

Can use leftover turkey as well.

Submitted by SING4YOU57

Carbs: 9.1g | Fat: 9g | Fiber: 2.7g | Protein: 24.9g | Calories: 210.2
(no ratings)

A Healthy Pasta Alternative
Craving pasta? Well, even though you've stepped up your workout routine, it's not time to start carb loading yet! I've swapped your usual pasta for a low-carb and highly nutritious version made with zucchini.

Submitted by SING4YOU57

Carbs: 14.2g | Fat: 13.5g | Fiber: 3.9g | Protein: 13.1g | Calories: 212.2
Patriotic Pudding Pie
Good 3.6/5
(39 ratings)

This July 4th treat is fun, festive, and full of summer fruit.

Submitted by LELLIS11

Carbs: 16.1g | Fat: 8.3g | Fiber: 1g | Protein: 5.7g | Calories: 191.7
Lime Shrimp
Very Good 4.2/5
(176 ratings)

A tasty shrimp dish, that's great for entertaining.

Submitted by VBENNETT6287

Carbs: 2.2g | Fat: 0.9g | Fiber: 0.4g | Protein: 16.3g | Calories: 84.4
Very Good 4.5/5
(63 ratings)

Try with chicken

Submitted by SOCCERMOM0708

Carbs: 42.5g | Fat: 10.8g | Fiber: 5.7g | Protein: 5.5g | Calories: 267.6
Very Good 4.5/5
(27 ratings)

Cookbook creator says: This is absolutely decadent, just as the name implys..... A great company meal

Submitted by BLOODYEYES

Carbs: 8.9g | Fat: 8g | Fiber: 0.2g | Protein: 32.8g | Calories: 243.6
This recipe has been marked private.
Incredible! 5.0/5
(3 ratings)

Cookbook creator says: Awesome salad.... make with any type of apple, but get a nice contrast if you use a tart and a sweet together.

I do a version without the marshmallows and nuts and a combo of raisins and craisins.

Submitted by MUCH_TO_DO

Carbs: 15.4g | Fat: 3.5g | Fiber: 1.7g | Protein: 3.1g | Calories: 96.8
Very Good 4.5/5
(44 ratings)

Cookbook creator says: Yummy....

Submitted by EMMAPALE

Carbs: 22.2g | Fat: 18.4g | Fiber: 2.1g | Protein: 10.2g | Calories: 285.2
Very Good 4.2/5
(28 ratings)

Cookbook creator says: I made this for Thanksgiving as an alternative to the high calorie version I knew would be there. Its also gluten free.

Submitted by ANEWAY

Carbs: 17.4g | Fat: 0.4g | Fiber: 3.3g | Protein: 6g | Calories: 81.1
Very Good 4.5/5
(10 ratings)

Cookbook creator says: I also do a version of this where I add black beans, red/yellow/green peppers. And then stuff in a low cal pita for lunch.... Yummy


Carbs: 35.7g | Fat: 2.9g | Fiber: 4.2g | Protein: 6.9g | Calories: 188.3
Very Good 4.0/5
(2 ratings)

Cookbook creator says: Love this, I actually soak my own beans though to save on the sodium and I use brown or wild rice

Submitted by LIVELAUGH<3

Carbs: 12.4g | Fat: 0.3g | Fiber: 2.9g | Protein: 2.8g | Calories: 62.8
(no ratings)

Submitted by HSAGE1212

Carbs: 40.9g | Fat: 21.8g | Fiber: 10.7g | Protein: 16.5g | Calories: 361.5
Chicken & Asparagus Pasta
Very Good 4.1/5
(454 ratings)

A quick and easy pasta dish perfect for any night of the week.

Submitted by LILYANN2

Carbs: 25.4g | Fat: 7g | Fiber: 4.7g | Protein: 14.3g | Calories: 207.6
Coconut Meringue Cookies
Very Good 4.5/5
(259 ratings)

These are light, fluffy, and only about 50 calories each!

Submitted by SKYSHOOTER44

Carbs: 8.4g | Fat: 1.8g | Fiber: 0.2g | Protein: 0.5g | Calories: 50.6
Turkey and Black Bean Sloppy Joes
Very Good 4.2/5
(324 ratings)

Low fat sloppy joes that don't skimp on flavor!

Submitted by RHG2525

Carbs: 21.3g | Fat: 6.6g | Fiber: 5.2g | Protein: 16.3g | Calories: 191.4
End-of-Summer Roasted Veggies
Very Good 4.2/5
(119 ratings)

This is a recipe i put together last night with the veggies I had in the fridge and my husband and daughter LOVED it. Very yummy over ride pilaf or couscous. You can add chicken or fish to make this a non-veggie meal


Carbs: 15g | Fat: 7.1g | Fiber: 5.2g | Protein: 3.7g | Calories: 121.2
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