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Kama's recipes

Kama's recipes

I love eating "clean" no processing and no white flour and sugar.

(153 Recipes) Created by KAMAPERRY

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Very Good 4.8/5
(9 ratings)

Light, simple and delicious side dish
Fennel has a slight licorice taste, very
mild and even kids love it.

Submitted by SCRIBE4CHRIST

Carbs: 17.2g | Fat: 4g | Fiber: 5.9g | Protein: 2.8g | Calories: 104.7
(no ratings)

Yummy fresh veggies, and chickpeas and feta cheese for protein! Great lunch idea! Serve this with Ak mak crackers or Wasa bread.

Submitted by KAMAPERRY

Carbs: 23.9g | Fat: 11.7g | Fiber: 4.4g | Protein: 11.2g | Calories: 237
Very Good 4.9/5
(15 ratings)

Tastes pretty close to ice cream sandwich

Submitted by BUGNPIGSMOM

Carbs: 27g | Fat: 3.5g | Fiber: 1g | Protein: 2g | Calories: 145
Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins
Very Good 4.3/5
(2567 ratings)

A yummy way to start the day with very little fat and lots of flavor!

Submitted by JOJOMKE

Carbs: 23.6g | Fat: 0.5g | Fiber: 1.7g | Protein: 3g | Calories: 93.2
(no ratings)

Makes a great, quick meal

Submitted by BUGNPIGSMOM

Carbs: 7.3g | Fat: 13.7g | Fiber: 0.2g | Protein: 17g | Calories: 219.8
This recipe has been marked private.
This recipe has been marked private.
Very Good 4.9/5
(7 ratings)

Cookbook creator says: YUMMO

Submitted by MOMRITZ

Carbs: 15.4g | Fat: 3.6g | Fiber: 1.3g | Protein: 18.8g | Calories: 166.9
Very Good 4.7/5
(23 ratings)

Cookbook creator says: Yummy! and very easy!!

Submitted by MAGIC10FINGERS

Carbs: 21g | Fat: 6.1g | Fiber: 2.5g | Protein: 17.3g | Calories: 205.3
World's Best Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Very Good 4.5/5
(249 ratings)

This slimmed down version of your favorite dip is easy to make--and it's light enough for you to load up on it!

Submitted by STEPFANIER

Carbs: 3.8g | Fat: 4.6g | Fiber: 0.9g | Protein: 3g | Calories: 73.9
Very Good 4.5/5
(6 ratings)

Submitted by SHANMAR1971

Carbs: 14.2g | Fat: 6.3g | Fiber: 4.7g | Protein: 2.3g | Calories: 100.3
(no ratings)

Healthy trail mix you just can't stop eating! Nutritional info is for 1/4 cup serving. Feel free to substitute any other dried fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, m&ms, ect

Submitted by CREINBERG

Carbs: 13.1g | Fat: 9.4g | Fiber: 1.9g | Protein: 4g | Calories: 142.8
Very Good 4.2/5
(173 ratings)

A old favorite just got even better!

Carbs: 47g | Fat: 2.3g | Fiber: 4.7g | Protein: 5.3g | Calories: 220.7
Very Good 4.4/5
(9 ratings)

Very spicy!!

Submitted by KAYSZOO

Carbs: 0g | Fat: 1g | Fiber: 0g | Protein: 21g | Calories: 98
Very Good 4.5/5
(2 ratings)

Spicy, filling and very easy to make

Submitted by SPECK9

Carbs: 35.3g | Fat: 19.7g | Fiber: 3g | Protein: 34.3g | Calories: 468.2
This recipe has been marked private.
Ground Turkey Microwave Meatloaf
Very Good 4.6/5
(64 ratings)

My picky DH loved this!

Submitted by TEX@SM0M

Carbs: 11.3g | Fat: 5.9g | Fiber: 0.5g | Protein: 16.6g | Calories: 170.9
Very Good 4.0/5
(80 ratings)

Looking for a quick and simple way to prepare tofu? This is it!

Submitted by KIMWADE2

Carbs: 13.9g | Fat: 8.2g | Fiber: 2.7g | Protein: 15.4g | Calories: 124.3
This recipe has been marked private.
Very Good 4.2/5
(38 ratings)

Easy and healthy, add diced red grapes and nuts if you like.

Carbs: 2.1g | Fat: 0.5g | Fiber: 0.5g | Protein: 2.6g | Calories: 24.6
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