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Dragon's Breath Delicasies

Recipes that tempt the palette of the dragon. These recipes may not already be low sodium, but they are delicious enough to put the effort into modifying them so that the dragon can enjoy them.

(47 Recipes) Created by BYUDRAGONBREATH

Recipes in this Collection

Very Good 4.3/5
(3 ratings)

A good use for leftover mashed potatoes or when "comfort" food is needed

Submitted by EATINGINSJ

Carbs: 43.3g | Fat: 22.1g | Fiber: 5.9g | Protein: 26.3g | Calories: 474.2
20 Minute Chicken Creole
Very Good 4.0/5
(1002 ratings)

This quick Southern dish contains no added fat and very little added salt in its spicy tomato sauce.

Carbs: 20.7g | Fat: 4.5g | Fiber: 4.3g | Protein: 33.3g | Calories: 255.4
Very Good 4.6/5
(87 ratings)

Submitted by SHANIMCK

Carbs: 25.7g | Fat: 4.3g | Fiber: 4.6g | Protein: 2.6g | Calories: 145
Very Good 4.3/5
(79 ratings)

Great as a main dish or a smaller serving as a side dish.

Submitted by CHRISTINER1

Carbs: 28.4g | Fat: 6.9g | Fiber: 3.3g | Protein: 17.4g | Calories: 244.2
Very Good 4.3/5
(3 ratings)

Submitted by LYBBE1631

Carbs: 17.4g | Fat: 0.5g | Fiber: 3.6g | Protein: 1.9g | Calories: 71.5
Very Good 4.7/5
(3 ratings)


Carbs: 18.5g | Fat: 2g | Fiber: 5.3g | Protein: 9.8g | Calories: 128.8
(no ratings)

Submitted by CRAZYOLDLADY43

Carbs: 35.5g | Fat: 5.8g | Fiber: 4.1g | Protein: 4.5g | Calories: 203.3
This recipe has been marked private.
Very Good 4.0/5
(27 ratings)

Served over rice, this delicious dish is loaded with vegetables and skinless chicken breasts, making it a lower fat, lower salt one-dish meal.

Carbs: 19.3g | Fat: 6.5g | Fiber: 6.3g | Protein: 31.5g | Calories: 253.8
(no ratings)

i use leftover grilled chicken for this, with frozen okra, tomato, onion and garlic for a quick and tasty lunch

Submitted by TINKERTINX

Carbs: 19.9g | Fat: 6.3g | Fiber: 6.9g | Protein: 22.2g | Calories: 211.4
Very Good 4.2/5
(96 ratings)

Quick, easy, and delicious meal (my version of Red Lobster tilapia in a Bag!)


Carbs: 23.8g | Fat: 1.7g | Fiber: 8.9g | Protein: 23.9g | Calories: 172.1
Very Good 4.3/5
(181 ratings)

This is an amazing salsa best made with fresh ingredients.

Submitted by BILLIEBUNNY19

Carbs: 8.8g | Fat: 0.3g | Fiber: 1.8g | Protein: 1.4g | Calories: 38.9
Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cake
Very Good 4.2/5
(39 ratings)

A rich dessert that chocolate lovers will fall for.

Submitted by AH32605

Carbs: 33.8g | Fat: 6.8g | Fiber: 1.3g | Protein: 2.6g | Calories: 199.2
(no ratings)


Carbs: 51.8g | Fat: 7.7g | Fiber: 5.2g | Protein: 14.1g | Calories: 336.8
Very Good 4.2/5
(137 ratings)

A warm, sweet baked apple is the perfect ending to any meal.

Carbs: 49.2g | Fat: 4.3g | Fiber: 3.9g | Protein: 0.3g | Calories: 223.5
(no ratings)


Carbs: 6.1g | Fat: 23.9g | Fiber: 1.4g | Protein: 21.2g | Calories: 333.7
Very Good 4.0/5
(96 ratings)

Very light, fun and tasty--a treat you thought you'd have to give up on your quest to good nutrition.

Submitted by YNIMER

Carbs: 14.4g | Fat: 9.1g | Fiber: 2.9g | Protein: 27.6g | Calories: 246.7
Healthy Moussaka
Very Good 4.2/5
(209 ratings)

A healthy take on the Greek eggplant casserole.

Submitted by KHILKEY

Carbs: 16.4g | Fat: 4.7g | Fiber: 3.3g | Protein: 10.7g | Calories: 153
(no ratings)


Carbs: 5.6g | Fat: 0.6g | Fiber: 1.8g | Protein: 2g | Calories: 32.7
(no ratings)


Carbs: 68.1g | Fat: 4.7g | Fiber: 4.5g | Protein: 1.5g | Calories: 317.9
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