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Very Good 4.9/5
(7 ratings)

I substituted corn syrup with honey. only because I forgot to buy it and had honey at home. lol

Submitted by GONEC0UNTRY

Carbs: 10.9g | Fat: 1.5g | Fiber: 0.3g | Protein: 27.5g | Calories: 177.7
Very Good 4.0/5
(1 rating)

Fabulous quick preparation. Very sophisticated meal.

Carbs: 1.6g | Fat: 7.9g | Fiber: 0.1g | Protein: 29.9g | Calories: 204.8
Sweet Potato Colcannon
(no ratings)

I wanted to call this tasty orange concoction something clever like "Ulster Colcannon" but was guilted out of it by the mere memory of my grandmother. An Irish recipe, indeed!

Submitted by VALLOUGH

Carbs: 26.2g | Fat: 1.5g | Fiber: 4g | Protein: 3.6g | Calories: 129
(no ratings)

Same as my original recipe but MUCH less fat. Cabot cheese really holds it's flavor in the 75% less fat version

Carbs: 21.7g | Fat: 2.5g | Fiber: 3.5g | Protein: 10.1g | Calories: 140.3
(no ratings)

Submitted by ZFISHPOND

Carbs: 9.7g | Fat: 16.1g | Fiber: 0.5g | Protein: 18.8g | Calories: 261.1
(no ratings)

a slow cooked spicy stew loaded with lean pork
for full details and photos see


Carbs: 11.3g | Fat: 11.7g | Fiber: 1.5g | Protein: 25.2g | Calories: 252.7
(no ratings)

Something yummy (and low cal) that I stumbled upon. Great over rice with veggies.

Submitted by MUSIC2HISEARS

Carbs: 3.1g | Fat: 4.1g | Fiber: 0.3g | Protein: 23.9g | Calories: 148.7
(no ratings)

Carbs: 22.4g | Fat: 13.2g | Fiber: 0.7g | Protein: 15.6g | Calories: 259.3
(no ratings)

An authentic pad thai dish that's tasty and quick and naturally gluten free.

Submitted by BABYFRO97

Carbs: 35.5g | Fat: 11.8g | Fiber: 2g | Protein: 13.5g | Calories: 298.6
Very Good 4.0/5
(2 ratings)

I saw something similar to this on tv and it looked awesome. They are really easy to make, taste good, and very kid friendly.

Submitted by OIL_FIELD_WIFE

Carbs: 6.4g | Fat: 11.9g | Fiber: 0.1g | Protein: 6.3g | Calories: 159
(no ratings)

Submitted by BRIBEARS

Carbs: 28.9g | Fat: 14.2g | Fiber: 2.9g | Protein: 10.9g | Calories: 287.4
(no ratings)

Submitted by ETHORESON

Carbs: 28.5g | Fat: 5.7g | Fiber: 2.6g | Protein: 17.4g | Calories: 240
(no ratings)

A hearty, delicious stew topped with Bisquick Heartsmart biscuits

Submitted by COOKANDRUN

Carbs: 39.2g | Fat: 4.5g | Fiber: 4.1g | Protein: 18.8g | Calories: 269.7
(no ratings)

Submitted by ANCANNON

Carbs: 36.3g | Fat: 11g | Fiber: 4g | Protein: 38.8g | Calories: 402.1
Karen's Creamy Broccoli, Mac & Cheese
(no ratings)

Creamy & cheesy comfort food with a healthy punch! Loaded with fiber and protein, this will keep you full and happy. This is also a perfect workout recovery meal.

Submitted by KEBUZZI

Carbs: 43.3g | Fat: 4.9g | Fiber: 14.5g | Protein: 23.3g | Calories: 258.3
(no ratings)

Thai made lighter

Submitted by HANNYMUFFIN

Carbs: 29.1g | Fat: 13.6g | Fiber: 4.3g | Protein: 10.5g | Calories: 294.5
(no ratings)

This chicken dish is geared to feed a whole family of 3-5 people. It's a great dish with rich flavors without all the fat.

Submitted by CRIS76

Carbs: 8.1g | Fat: 5.1g | Fiber: 2.7g | Protein: 33.6g | Calories: 210.4
(no ratings)

Submitted by CARIKIWI

Carbs: 21.8g | Fat: 3.7g | Fiber: 6.5g | Protein: 16g | Calories: 183.8
(no ratings)

Submitted by KABELL101

Carbs: 17.1g | Fat: 13g | Fiber: 3.5g | Protein: 26.5g | Calories: 282
(no ratings)

New Dieters Cookbook

Submitted by DICEGRRL

Carbs: 34.7g | Fat: 13g | Fiber: 4.9g | Protein: 27.8g | Calories: 365.7
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