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Very Good 4.1/5
(87 ratings)

Get your daily dose of omega-3 fatty acid with this lime and ginger flavored salmon dish.

Carbs: 49.5g | Fat: 4.1g | Fiber: 2.9g | Protein: 24.1g | Calories: 313.8
(no ratings)

Simple Black Beans and Rice. Corn is added for additional flavor and color. Brown rice is used instead of white. I use dried black beans, however 2 cans of black beans can be substituted.

Submitted by FNNUTZ

Carbs: 63.4g | Fat: 3.3g | Fiber: 22.3g | Protein: 14.7g | Calories: 259
Incredible! 5.0/5
(1 rating)

GMM 15


Carbs: 59.7g | Fat: 11.9g | Fiber: 8.2g | Protein: 13.4g | Calories: 396.7
Bavarian Beef
Very Good 4.2/5
(263 ratings)

This classic German stew is made with lean trimmed beef stew meat and cabbage.

Carbs: 12.1g | Fat: 10.1g | Fiber: 2.3g | Protein: 29.1g | Calories: 256.1
(no ratings)

Summer and the squash is coming FAST! Here is a tasty way to serve squash as a main course, before you go out to the garden and pick 5 more summer squash.

Submitted by UR2LOVEIT

Carbs: 5.1g | Fat: 3.7g | Fiber: 1.9g | Protein: 6.4g | Calories: 74.4
(no ratings)

Crab and Shrimp served hot in a sauce over an english muffin

Submitted by UR2LOVEIT

Carbs: 20.8g | Fat: 4.5g | Fiber: 3.2g | Protein: 20.9g | Calories: 204.1
(no ratings)

Submitted by UR2LOVEIT

Carbs: 27.5g | Fat: 9g | Fiber: 6.1g | Protein: 13.9g | Calories: 237.6
Incredible! 5.0/5
(2 ratings)

Submitted by MARYNAJERA1983

Carbs: 12.3g | Fat: 12g | Fiber: 0g | Protein: 28g | Calories: 278.1
Mushroom Bourguignon
Incredible! 5.0/5
(2 ratings)

Found this on, low-cal (relatively) and yummy...

Submitted by CYBORGNYC

Carbs: 51g | Fat: 17.6g | Fiber: 6.5g | Protein: 19.1g | Calories: 462.5
Incredible! 5.0/5
(5 ratings)

These aren't your traditional lentils. The wine and chicken base give this lentil soup a richer flavor while the herbs give it a nice, savory punch.

Submitted by JAZZLEBUG

Carbs: 23.8g | Fat: 14.9g | Fiber: 6.7g | Protein: 6.3g | Calories: 276.1
Good 3.5/5
(2 ratings)

The sweetness of parsnips with savory pork and Cannellini beans.

Submitted by PSYMONETTA

Carbs: 43.6g | Fat: 11.2g | Fiber: 8.6g | Protein: 19.2g | Calories: 352.8
Crock Pot Chicken Breasts A L'Orange
Good 3.6/5
(26 ratings)

This is so easy to make and taste wonderful. I made it with Uncle Bens Long Grain Wild Rice.

Submitted by LUCYSMOM09

Carbs: 22.3g | Fat: 2.5g | Fiber: 2.7g | Protein: 30g | Calories: 239.1
Very Good 4.0/5
(2 ratings)

lightly seasoned cod baked in parchment paper


Carbs: 10.3g | Fat: 6.3g | Fiber: 4g | Protein: 22.4g | Calories: 179.6
Good 3.0/5
(1 rating)

This scrumptious recipe is from "French Food at Home" by Laura Calder. It's easy to make any time of year, but especially perfect on a crisp fall day.

Submitted by FITGIRL83

Carbs: 17.8g | Fat: 29.6g | Fiber: 2.8g | Protein: 56.9g | Calories: 580.4
(no ratings)

yummy easy. can literally make it on one leg (crutches) on prescribed narcotics.

Submitted by CAROLINE1000

Carbs: 24.9g | Fat: 1.1g | Fiber: 5.5g | Protein: 16.5g | Calories: 184.2
(no ratings)

This is my standard topping for pan-fried polenta.

Submitted by PLBOGEN

Carbs: 36.5g | Fat: 22.5g | Fiber: 2.8g | Protein: 20.2g | Calories: 481.5
(no ratings)

A combination of herbs and beef that will bring back the traditional taste of French Province!

Submitted by YNIMER

Carbs: 43g | Fat: 18g | Fiber: 9.5g | Protein: 29.2g | Calories: 444.2
Slow Cooker Pork with Greens and Beans
Very Good 4.4/5
(182 ratings)

My kids never complain about eating both beans and greens in one meal when they're served alongside rich, slow-cooked pork.

Submitted by CHEF_MEG

Carbs: 11.7g | Fat: 15.6g | Fiber: 3.6g | Protein: 25.9g | Calories: 285.9
Baked Chicken with Garlic and Sun Dried Tomatoes
Very Good 4.1/5
(283 ratings)

Garlic lovers, rejoice! This recipe contains a whopping two heads, but the flavor mellows and sweetens when baked.

Submitted by CHEF_MEG

Carbs: 12.5g | Fat: 7.1g | Fiber: 1.8g | Protein: 28.7g | Calories: 239.3
(no ratings)

Favas bring a happy belly with good protein and using this east African style it is easy to have an extra meal waiting there for you in the fridge!

Submitted by UR2LOVEIT

Carbs: 17.1g | Fat: 5.9g | Fiber: 2.4g | Protein: 5.5g | Calories: 119.9
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