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Crustless Spinach, Onion and Feta Quiche
Very Good 4.5/5
(1009 ratings)

Technically this is a crustless quiche, but the addition of flour makes for a delicious crusty bottom and sides.

Submitted by JENNLOVE

Carbs: 13.7g | Fat: 4.6g | Fiber: 2.2g | Protein: 10.3g | Calories: 134.1
(no ratings)

Carbs: 27.3g | Fat: 8.2g | Fiber: 0g | Protein: 0.3g | Calories: 174.9
No-Guilt Cheese Enchiladas
Very Good 4.2/5
(212 ratings)

You'll love these cheesy yet healthy enchiladas!

Submitted by TALESIN

Carbs: 27.4g | Fat: 8.5g | Fiber: 2.4g | Protein: 11.7g | Calories: 241.3
Low Carb Chocolate Cheesecake
Very Good 4.6/5
(16 ratings)

Lovely Chocolate

Submitted by JNORMAN1969

Carbs: 4.9g | Fat: 20.1g | Fiber: 0.7g | Protein: 4.8g | Calories: 210.9
Good 3.0/5
(2 ratings)

Yummy delish peanut butter cheesecake cups.. super easy and wonderful. Never get tired of cheesecake.

Submitted by NURSERC1

Carbs: 5.2g | Fat: 19.3g | Fiber: 0.7g | Protein: 6.2g | Calories: 215.3
Crustless Low Carb Pumpkin Pie
Very Good 4.7/5
(3 ratings)

Submitted by DINDIN8582

Carbs: 21.4g | Fat: 8.9g | Fiber: 0.7g | Protein: 3.2g | Calories: 193.5
(no ratings)

Mousse type dessert, great flavor, low carbs and easy to make!

Submitted by TAMATHA1969

Carbs: 2.5g | Fat: 25.3g | Fiber: 0g | Protein: 3.7g | Calories: 261.8
Very Good 4.5/5
(38 ratings)

Submitted by OHANAMAMA

Carbs: 1.5g | Fat: 14.5g | Fiber: 0g | Protein: 4.4g | Calories: 165.7
Very Good 4.5/5
(11 ratings)

This is an easy and yummy dessert that you can enjoy guilt free!

Submitted by LANALOUISE

Carbs: 19.5g | Fat: 2.2g | Fiber: 3.2g | Protein: 4.3g | Calories: 109.9
(no ratings)

Submitted by SAGELADY2

Carbs: 8.1g | Fat: 26g | Fiber: 1.8g | Protein: 7.4g | Calories: 272.5
(no ratings)

Submitted by SAGELADY2

Carbs: 2.1g | Fat: 0.2g | Fiber: 0.6g | Protein: 0.8g | Calories: 3.5
(no ratings)

Submitted by SAGELADY2

Carbs: 7.6g | Fat: 18g | Fiber: 1.2g | Protein: 6.1g | Calories: 201.8
(no ratings)

I've tried many different low carb variations on this old favorite, but this one with cauliflower is still closest to my heart. Maybe because cauliflower goes so well with ham or bacon (which I always add.) And cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable; one of your health powerhouses.

In any case, the original recipe I got from George Stella, but here's after I fussed with it:
from LC Friends

Submitted by SAGELADY2

Carbs: 8.6g | Fat: 25.5g | Fiber: 4.2g | Protein: 17.9g | Calories: 327.5
(no ratings)

Submitted by SAGELADY2

Carbs: 10.6g | Fat: 29.3g | Fiber: 2.6g | Protein: 15.7g | Calories: 363.6
(no ratings)

Pancakes from Primal Blueprint, I added splenda and blueberries and maple flavoring. All you should need on top is butter.

Submitted by SAGELADY2

Carbs: 17.7g | Fat: 35.8g | Fiber: 6.6g | Protein: 21.3g | Calories: 482.4
(no ratings)

Chicken breasts with creamy sauce to have over cauliflower for me and noodles for hubby.

Submitted by SAGELADY2

Carbs: 9g | Fat: 28.9g | Fiber: 0.5g | Protein: 59.4g | Calories: 546
(no ratings)

Submitted by SAGELADY2

Carbs: 0.1g | Fat: 2.1g | Fiber: 0g | Protein: 7.8g | Calories: 52
(no ratings)

Second generation of chocolate cheesecake recipe.... for big pie plate (deep dish)

Submitted by SAGELADY2

Carbs: 10.7g | Fat: 30g | Fiber: 0.4g | Protein: 8.6g | Calories: 317.2
(no ratings)

breakfast muffins

Submitted by SAGELADY2

Carbs: 2.1g | Fat: 10g | Fiber: 0.6g | Protein: 11.2g | Calories: 142.2
(no ratings)

Submitted by SAGELADY2

Carbs: 11.1g | Fat: 38.4g | Fiber: 2.1g | Protein: 27.5g | Calories: 504.9
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