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Sushi - This Is How I Roll!

Sushi - This Is How I Roll!

70 Sushi, Sushi Bowls, Sushi Rice, Sushi Salads & Onigiri Recipes! Learn to roll your Sushi at home from a Mini Tutorial "This Is How I Roll"! Great recipes collected from our Spark Brothers and Sisters! Enjoy! Love, Vera

(70 Recipes) Created by VEHAMILTON1

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This Is How I Roll ~ Table of Contents
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Welcome to "This is How I Roll"!

The recipes are sorted in the following categories:

1. Onigiri
Sticky Rice Japanese Sandwiches

2. "This Is How I Roll"
Mini Tutorial to learn how to roll your own Sushi at home.

3. Sushi Recipes

4. Wassabi & Sushi Dipping Sauces

Submitted by VEHAMILTON1

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Onigiri are single serving triangle-shaped Japanese sticky rice sandwiches stuffed with meats or vegetables like avocados, chicken, pork, salmon, tuna, etc and shaped into triangles, balls, squares, circles or even cartoon character forms.

Season ingredients to your liking. Wrap the center ingredients in sticky rice. Form the rice into a shape and place a piece of toasted Nori seaweed around it.

Great for Bento Box! Eat immediately seaweed gets soggy.

Submitted by VEHAMILTON1

Incredible! 5.0/5
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rice balls Japan style!

Submitted by GELLEGBS

Carbs: 26.9g | Fat: 0.7g | Fiber: 0.2g | Protein: 4.5g | Calories: 135.8
Simple Onigiri
Incredible! 5.0/5
(1 rating)

Japanese sticky rice formed into balls, or triangles. Great for if you're into bento box lunches! Can be seasoned to your liking. This one includes a tuna centre


Carbs: 27.1g | Fat: 0.1g | Fiber: 0.1g | Protein: 0.1g | Calories: 129.8
Chicken Onigiri
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Submitted by CANDT5

Carbs: 14.4g | Fat: 1.1g | Fiber: 0g | Protein: 3.1g | Calories: 83.3
Soy Sauce Chicken Onigiri
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Perfect for snacking or a light lunch.

Submitted by ICYSNOWGIRL

Carbs: 14.5g | Fat: 0.4g | Fiber: 1g | Protein: 7.6g | Calories: 95.4
Onigiri - cream cheese and avocado
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You can do this with tuna and mayonnaise or anything with a strong salty taste. Eat it with your hands like a sandwich. Eat immediately as the seaweed will get soggy if you wait.

Submitted by NICOLANA111

Carbs: 16.4g | Fat: 11.6g | Fiber: 4.5g | Protein: 3.7g | Calories: 177.9
Japanese Rice Balls (Onigiri)
Good 3.6/5
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Submitted by PRTYBRD

Carbs: 44.2g | Fat: 0.8g | Fiber: 0.3g | Protein: 6.8g | Calories: 220
This Is How I Roll!
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Hello my Spark Friends!

Restaurant Sushi is wonderful and delicious, but is is very expensive. If you love Sushi like I do, I hope you take a couple of minutes to learn how to roll your own at home.

Scroll down to the Sushi Recipes to see the illustrations for traditional methods for rolling Sushi.

I found this on the website. It is a very easy step by step method using a Sushi rolling mat.

But being that I do not have a mat, I was excited when I found a method of using paper as a rolling mat.

I tried the paper mat method and with practice, I am now making some very presentable rolls.

My hope for you is that you will enjoy this tutorial, expand your healthy eating choices and make some Sushi at home!

Love, Vera

Submitted by VEHAMILTON1

This Is How I Roll ~ Without a Sushi Mat
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Rolling sushi with parchment paper, waxed paper, aluminum foil or a sheet cut from a paper grocery bag is a bit harder than using a mat, but keep trying.

1. Spread your sushi rice evenly onto the nori. Covering the entire sheet, leaving a half inch on each end so you can seal the roll after you get it hand rolled.

2. Add the ingredients to the roll. Put the ingredients on the nori paper closest to where you are going to start rolling from.

3. Using two hands, begin to roll the roll away from you going very slow until you get to the end of the roll, ensuring the roll is staying tight.

4. When you get to the end of the roll, apply water to the half inch of the nori you left without filling and seal the roll shut.

5. Use a sharp knife to cut the sushi into serving pieces.

6. Arrange on a plate. Cover with plastic and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Submitted by VEHAMILTON1

Sushi Rice
Incredible! 5.0/5
(1 rating)


Carbs: 17.8g | Fat: 0.1g | Fiber: 0g | Protein: 1.1g | Calories: 77.6
Obento Sushi Rice
Very Good 4.0/5
(2 ratings)

Submitted by JDAVIS81

Carbs: 37.9g | Fat: 0.2g | Fiber: 0.3g | Protein: 2.2g | Calories: 165.3
1. Spread the rice over the nori sheet.
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Place a nori sheet on your rolling mat. Spread 1 cup of cooked sushi rice evenly over the nori by pressing with wet fingertips, leave a 1-inch border at the far edge.

Submitted by VEHAMILTON1

Avocado Mango Roll
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Vegan Sushi! Uner 150 calories a roll!

Submitted by EMBBEAR

Carbs: 26.7g | Fat: 2.9g | Fiber: 1.8g | Protein: 2.7g | Calories: 143.2
2. Smear a small amount of wasbi on the rice.
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Smear a small amount of wasabi in a line across the middle of the rice (be sparing with wasabi, it's hot!).

Submitted by VEHAMILTON1

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Submitted by TINYDANCER

Carbs: 35.4g | Fat: 8.7g | Fiber: 1.8g | Protein: 22.9g | Calories: 342.2
3. Place the fillings on the rice.
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Arrange small portions of your chosen fillings (in this case, smoked salmon slices and avocado) on top of the wasabi in a horizontal line down the center of the rice.

Submitted by VEHAMILTON1

Shelly's lite sushi avocado roll with mushroom
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lower calorie sushi roll I made

Submitted by FISHBORTION

Carbs: 27.6g | Fat: 6.9g | Fiber: 4.5g | Protein: 4.5g | Calories: 186.9
4. Roll up the sushi into a cylinder.
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Roll up the sushi tightly with the sushi mat to form a neatly packed cylinder (like a fat cigar).

Submitted by VEHAMILTON1

California Roll Sushi
Very Good 4.1/5
(10 ratings)

Delicious and fresh, this California roll will delight your senses. This is the perfect sushi to begin with for those who haven't tried sushi, yet. This makes about 2 servings worth of sushi. One roll can be cut 6 to 8 pieces depending on the cut of


Carbs: 69g | Fat: 2.6g | Fiber: 2.1g | Protein: 6.7g | Calories: 331.3
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