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Recipes I've Shared:

Low-carb Veggie Burgers (Net carbs each = 6.5)

I just couldn't find a recipe for low carb veggie burgers. Some claimed to be, but they always included oatmeal or flour. These have none of the above. Pure, unadulterated low-carb or no-carb ingredients.

If you count all the grating and chopping the preparation time for this recipe increases by around 30 minutes. I've calculated prep time on the basis that all ingredients were already chopped/grated.

Total carbs per burger = 10.1
Net carbs (minus fibre) = 6.5

Simple Brown Rice Custard

This can be eaten cold or baked in the oven before eating. If you are planning to bake it, try using a large sized muffin tray.

Smoked mackerel patties

If you can find peppered or herbed smoked mackerel it will be even better. I have used mackerel fillets but canned is ok too.

Macaroni and cheese with cauliflower and kale

I have cheated by cooking the pasta at the same time as the veggies. Worked well :-)

Cheesy oat soufflé

If you fancy a new way to enjoy savoury oats this is a quick and easy option!

Hearty Green Soup with Parmesan

The parmesan cheese turns this super healthy soup into a super delicious meal. Serve simply with a chunk of bread.

Mushroom and Leek Gravy

You can add finely chopped fresh herbs to this gravy to add even more flavour. Try parsley, or thyme, or oregano. Alternatively, you can add whole black peppercorns to the recipe at the early stages for a zingier version.

Basic Turkey Balls (batch cook)

I love meatballs in pasta sauce, or on their own as a side. Turkey balls even go nicely with an asian sauce, like lemon or sweet chilli. Always great to have a batch cooked and ready to nibble on or add to a recipe.

Vegetable and Soy Mince Lasagna (6 individual serves)

This recipe isn't too reliant on cheese, so is lighter overall and full of veggie goodness!

Vegetarian Moose Kaka (Moussaka)

Sorry, ever since 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' first screened at the cinemas 'I've always refered to it by its nickname... Moose Kaka. But that doesn't make it any less delicious. I have created a vegetarian version, for those of us who don't eat meat (or lamb... if you've seen the movie) :-)

Apple and mixed berry filo parcels

For the berries I used wild blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. But any berries will do.

Cashew and Cheddar Stuffed Peppers (with Grape-Nuts and Quinoa)

An interesting way to use up cereals, nuts and quinoa...

Cheesy Lentil Balls (great for pasta sauce)

Batch cook these little 'meatball' style lentil balls and add them to pasta sauces or use as veggie burgers.

Apple Ginger and Butternut Squash Soup

I have a big apple tree that is very fruitful, so always looking for lovely new ways to enjoy my home grown apples!

Apple and Tomato Chutney (for preserving)

A nice accompaniment to chicken or meat dishes. Not actually very spicy, but has a robust flavour. If stored in sealed jars, the recipe will last at least a year.

Apple chilli chutney (for preserving)

Mild to medium heat with Indian notes and a delicious sweetness. Makes approx 5 x 400g preserving jars.

Baked Banana and Cinnamon Pancakes

A little experiment that surprisingly turned out!

Basic (oven cooked) Pork Meatballs

I precook these for use in sauces. They can be eaten alone or added to another recipe. I particularly love them in a mushroom (stroganoff style) sauce, or a basic tomato pasta sauce. Today I have added them to a mixed veggie puree, that I will add to spaghetti.

Basic Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

This is my basic recipe from which I will build different flavours depending on my mood. Stuffed peppers are a delicious option to precook for work or a picnic. Lovely hot or cold.

Chicken and Blue Vegetable bake

A lovely way to put some of your leftover vegetable purée (soup) to use in a new way.

Thick and spicy turkey bacon and potato chowder

I tend to have 2 cup portions for a nicely filling soup.

Warm potluck muffin with cherry yogurt

I threw all this together by accident and it turned out yummy. The flavours are great when combined.

3 minute strawberry pudding

I generally eat the entire recipe for breakfast. Gorgeous!

Cinnamon pancakes with hot strawberry sauce

I made this as 1 indulgent (and gorgeous) serving at 415 calories. But for the sake of smaller appetites I have divided into 2 portions.

Tomato and Mustard Scones (Savory Muffins)

I used a combination of green and red tomatoes for this recipe, and ordinary yellow mustard. I also wanted the recipe to have a lovely kick to it. I intend to serve these scones/muffins alongside a lamb and beef casserole as part of a main meal.

So Berry Berry Berry Berry Muffins

There are so many berries in this mixture I wasn't sure there would be enough 'cake' mixture to hold them all. But it seemed to work, so I hope you enjoy.

Lemon TomPot Soup (from the Canary Islands)

I tasted this soup when I was on holiday in Fuerteventura (Spain). I loved it so much I have managed to duplicate the flavour without using the oil in my holiday recipe. To make the soup I have used Knorr Herb Infusion pots (UK brand), but you can use fresh herbs of your choosing, which will save extra calories.

Cauliflower Gorgonzola soup

Sweat the onions, chopped then break up the cauliflower and add with rosemary and stock to a pot and simmer till soft. Blend till smooth then crumble Gorgonzola into soup and stir.

Lamb and Red Wine Slow Cooked (4.5 points p/serve)

A heavenly Greek dish that is traditionally served on a bed of mashed potato, with steamed broccoli on the side. To encourage the shallot flavour to soak, pierce each whole shallot on either side in an "asterisk" or "cross" shape.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Heavenly Chicken Soup (2 points p/serve)

Think chicken soup but better. It's a heavenly blend of subtle flavours that seem an unusual mix, but once they combine turn the humble chicken broth into a creamy, goodness-packed and satisfying soup. My favourite comfort food of all time.

I make this soup using the leftover carcass of a whole roast chicken (intact, with approx. 1 breast of skin less meat left on the bone). But if you are in a hurry you can use ready-made broth and a whole breast.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Emergency Comfort Beans! (5 points p/serve)

The perfect snack if you need an urgent comfort food fix. Just as quick and tasty as the Drive-thru... but much much healthier!

Very Good (1 rating)
Curried Eggplant Bolognese (7 points p/serve)

A very satisfying vegetarian version with an asian twist.

Couscous Veggie + Lentil Pilaf (7.5 points p/serve)

Very filling. I enjoy this with a dollop of spicy chutney on the side.

Country Vegetable Soup (with bacon) (3 points p/serve)

Packed with vitamins and flavour, I consider this soup very versatile. So long as you keep to basic principles (no oil, no white potatoes) you can switch the veggies around to suit whatever is in your fridge!

Calculate 1 cup thick soup as 1 serve.

Once cooked, I use this soup in many ways:

* tossed through pasta with a little parmesan cheese
* reheated with 2 tbsp peanut butter and 1 tbsp curry powder, then on top of rice/pasta
* alone as a simmering sauce for chicken
* simmered with red wine and beef/lamb
* mix 1 cup soup with 1/2 cup milk for a creamer version

And... I've also created another recipe without the bacon/ham... 70 cals less per serving!

Country Vegetable Soup (vegan)

Packed with vitamins and flavour, I consider this soup very versatile. So long as you keep to basic principles (no oil, no white potatoes) you can switch the veggies around to suit whatever is in your fridge!

Calculate 1.5 cup thickish soup as 1 serve.

Once cooked, I use this soup in many ways:

* tossed through pasta with a little parmesan cheese
* reheated with 2 tbsp peanut butter and 1 tbsp curry powder, then on top of rice/pasta
* alone as a simmering sauce for chicken
* simmered with red wine and beef/lamb
* mix 1 cup soup with 1/2 cup milk for a creamer version

And... I've also created another recipe on Sparks Recipes with the bacon/ham... add 70 cals per serving. See "Country Vegetable Soup (with bacon)"

chickpea and kidney bean mini burgers (1 point p/serve)

This recipe makes 20 individual burger balls. Otherwise, you can divide into 4 large hamburger portions. Terrific in a tomato sauce with pasta!

Chickpea and Couscous Lunchbox (with Yogurt Dressing)(6.5 points p/serve)

Slight adaptation of my other receipe with similar name. Less Chickpeas, more walnuts and a different dressing! Make enough for the whole week at work!

Very Good (4 ratings)
Chickpea and Couscous Lunchbox (6.5 points p/serve)

Take one serving to work every day for a week - keeps well in the fridge till Friday!

Cheesy Butter Nut Parcels (2.5 points p/serve)

Eat straight from the oven if you prefer a crispy pastry. Eat cold or zapped in the microwave at work or on a picnic. Delicious, nutritious and filling. Plus plenty for packed lunches the entire week!

Bulgur Beet Salad (4 points p/serve)

Portions perfect for work. Filling and super healthy.

Bean and Chickpea Lunchbox (5.5 Points p/serve)

A bunch of usual suspects found in my store cupboard... thrown together!

Very Good (5 ratings)
Baked Spicy Pork and Rice (7 Points p/serve)

Originally this is cooked with a cajun spice, but could be substituted for Italian or Indian... just add the types of spice flavours you fancy.

Apple Almond Muffins (2.5 points per/serve)

Add a teaspoon of Aniseed or Almond Essence for a lovely aroma.

Spicy Corn Chowder (4.5 Points per serving UK)

Hearty and full of goodness. Don't let the long list of ingredients put you off - this soup is seriously worth the effort. I particularly like the combination of mild spice and sweet orange/honey.

Butter Bean Quesadilla (5.5 Points p/serve)

A basic bean quesadilla but with butter beans instead of refried. The points refer to UK Weight Watchers, which I am now adding to all my recipes.

Mango Veggie Soup

The flavours continue to develop in this soup while it is stored in the fridge. Has a subtle, slightly sweet flavour.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Thai Pumpkin Coconut Soup

What else is there to do with a whole pumpkin around October time? Can't think of a single thing... LOL

World's Greatest Sausage Stew (seriously)

Okay, I guess "world's greatest" is a relative term. But when I prepared this recipe for the first time it was because I had nothing left in the fridge to cook. But... when it was finished it was surprisingly amazing. And if you make it the way I did (with a home-cooked vegetable puree/soup as a base), it's packed full of vitamins, high in flavour, and real comfort food to sooth your soul...

Making the vegetable soup/puree for this stew is an investment in your time. But totally worth it.

Lentil (Roasting) Loaf

Very versatile. Roast whole for a meatless loaf, or divide into patties and pan-fry in a little spray oil. Serve with roasted veggies and gravy... or with tomato-topped pasta dish. I often take this loaf to work and top with a lush mix of salad veggies in Balsamic dressing. Add your favourite spices, or even some fruit/nuts to recipe for a Moroccon version (but don't forget to calculate the extra calories). And finally, if you prefer beans, substitute same weight of raw beans instead of lentils for nearly the same calorie count (but beans should be slightly mushed when boiled).

Slow cooked Mushrooms and Bacon

Once cooked this tasty sauce can be added to pasta, or for a low-carb meal used as a topping for roasted chicken. Add your favourite fresh herb(s) to the slow cooker for an even tastier version.

Sesame Noodles with Vegetables (vegan)

The toasted sesame oil used here is for flavour, not for cooking. Cooking the veggies in a few drops of water, and then adding the oil to the finished dish, allows you to get the most of the oil's flavour. Officially my favourite aromatic oil... it's delectable!

Spiced winter soup (vegan)

Very simple, filling and tasty winter warmer. Perfect to make on the weekend, so you can take it to work during the week.

Roast Pepper Vegan Pesto

This is a delicious adaptation of a recipe I found on a vegetarian website. Add a healthy dollop to your freshly cooked pasta and serve with a side of veggies or salad for a perfectly balanced and substantial vegan meal.

Oats with banana and honey

Nice simple breakfast. Healthy, inexpensive and easy to make. I measure out the ingredients and take to work for a quick brekkie at the office.

Vegan Chickpea Curry (with orange and apricot)

Delicious vegan curry, adapted from a recipe supplied by the BBC. By the way, the BBC has tons of recipes. Take a look at and search under ingredients. Not a bad site!

Veggie Mango Curry

The mango chutney is what makes this so tasty. Discovered the idea in a calorie counter book and have adapted it to suit. If you haven't got cauliflower, use broccoli or similar veggie (substitute value of approx 150 recipe calories) . Serve with rice or salad for dinner, or freeze in lunchbox portions

Very Good (1 rating)
Smoked Salmon (Lox) and Green Bean Risotto

Found this recipe advertised by my local supermarket

Lemon and Ginger Chicken

If you want it a little spicy, add some chilli flakes to the recipe before you bake it. Great over rice with a side of veggies.

Very Versatile Pudding

Below is the basic recipe. But if you want to mix it up a little... add a few mint leaves, or some chopped nuts, some dark chocolate shavings, or switch berries, or switch yogurt/jello flavours. So long as it turns out to be pudding it will still rock!

Turkey Sausage and Mushroom Casserole

This is my favourite healthy eating dish. It's got all the creamy, tasty, decadent qualities of non-diet food, but without the guilty. Sometimes I make it with sliced zucchini ore even carrots, instead of spinach. Whatever takes your fancy! Great with either pasta or rice.

Mediterranean Frittata

Eat alone for a very substantial and filling meal for one, or alongside a salad or crusty roll as a light meal for two

Sweet Chilli Chicken with Herbed Vegetable Risotto

Two of my favourite dishes, combined to make a complete me

Very Good (1 rating)
Oriental Noodles with a KICK!

As tasty as store bought, but low salt, no fat, and as kicky as you like! Add a tablespoon of peanut butter and 1/2 cup boiling water while simmering for instant satay noodles! (this will add 46 cals per serve)

Parsnip and Ham Soup

I got this recipe from a supermarket suggestion leaflet. So easy to make and very very tasty!

Salmon Salad with Couscous

Quite the posh lunch, also quite filling, and packed full of nutrients (but without the posh pricetag... LOL)

Spicy Mint Pea Dip

I take large portions of this to work and serve it as a main with crackers and veggie dippers

Sweet Berry Muffins

Experiment with any flavour juice and any kind of berries.

Thai Sweetcorn Cakes with Chilli

This recipe appeared in a supermarket brochure. I thought it sounded quite delicious.

No oil hummus (and some flavoring ideas)

If you need to thin this mixture while you're blending, just add a few tablespoons water. To see hummus flavouring ideas, see bottom of cooking instructions.

Very Good (28 ratings)
Avocado Veggie Crackers

When my mother told me she makes this recipe for lunch every day I didn't think it sounded too delicious. But then she made it for me and... yummy... the combination of flavors is surprisingly delicious and very healthy! Eat as a snack or in larger portions for lunch.

Very Good (25 ratings)
Creamy Shrimp Curry

I adapted this recipe from one that originally used cream. Instead I have used soy milk and a teaspoon cornflour for thickening

Orange Ginger Pork Chops

A tangy and sweet recipe. To save calories, marinade overnight and throw out extra marinade after cooking.

Vegetable and Red Lentil Curry

The yummiest way to get rid of that big bag of mixed veggies in your freezer.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Wicked but Healthy Favourites
I simply refuse to deprive myself of comfort food. Can do without sweets, bread and alcohol. But when it comes to curling up at home with a healthy portion of comfy loving grubb... simply can't say no. So here's my favourite selection of yummies that make up my staple comfy moments. Enjoy!
Low carb favourites
I will keep adding to this collection when I find recipes that have turned out well for me, and which have proven to be delicious.