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Making winter bearable involves making some nice soups on the stove or in the crock pot to enjoy the weekend with.


CHRISTMAS LEFT OVERS - We had bought a 3lb turkey breast and cooked it in a crockpot to be ready from Christmas lunch. About 1/2 was left, so we added no yolk dumplings, fresh carrots, fresh celery, fresh onion, left over turkey gravy, celery soup and left over broth.

like stew

Fall and Winter I want something soupy but not a soup to serve over rice.

Kitchen Sink Roast Vegetables

So you do recipes all week and you end up with some plum tomatoes, 1 zucchini, 5 red potatoes and 20 or 30 asparagus spears, what to do? Roast 'em!


We're both from big families but now there are only five of us in the house. When she or I cook a roast, 7 of 10 times we'll also do celery, potato and carrot.either new england style or roasted. We always have beau coup left over. My solution - tater cakes!

un altra zuppa faggiole

I wanted some beans and had some carrots, celery, potatoes and spinach that needed to be used, alluro, zuppa!

insalate potato

regular old potato salad, i just needed a calorie count based on my ingredients.....

spaghetti squash prima vera

fresh veggie dish to eat as an entree or a side

Pollo e Riso in Crockpot

Outstanding use of left over rotissiere chicken. My wife (at her job), and my daughte (at her office), use rotissiere chicken to make buffalo chicken mac&cheese or chicken enchilla in huge crockpots for office potlucks. There is normally some left overs but this week there was a lot, so, I made crockpot basmati rice and chicken soup with Navy beans, carrots and celery. We'll eat of of this for a day or two.

ensalato pollo

Had left over Rotissiere chicken and made a left over that could be used for sandwiches immediately or a dip ingredient for later

fall vegetable side

Good side for baked pork chops on a chilly September evening.

chilli night

trying to keep count of what i'm eating

Carbonara tutti possible

A great way to use left-over pasta (or rice) and protein is to make carbonara the next morning. You can add other left overs, or fresh ingredients, being only limited by your imagination or pantry. Cooking time goes really fast since everything has already been cooked except the egg mixture.

trinity with mushrooms

We use the Trinity (onion, carrot, celerey) as a base for a lot of our recipes (pot pies, soups, stews). I find I like them on their own just as well, especially when mushroom is added.
I've seen the Trinity used in Italy, France, Spain and in a lot of receipes in the south east and south west, so it is pretty universal.

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