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Recipes I've Shared:

Crock Pot easy Mac & Cheese

This is an easy but, tasty, creamy macaroni and cheese classic recipe that you want to chow down. Makes a great side dish for 8 or a main dish for 4. South Indians may love to have a pinch of sambhar or rasam powder while north Indians may love it with garam masala. Westerners may love it with crumbled bacon on top, to be added an hour before its ready. If you are a v eggie lover like me, feel free to add baby spinach.

Banana Muffins

Recipe from Chobani greek yogurt site.

Sago( Sabudana)Tikki

This is a popular deep fried version modified to be low fat and pan fried to taste better than the deep fried version. Try it and you too will fall in love with crispy on the outside, soft on the inside patties.

Oats idli

Idlis or Indian dumplings, generally prepared for breakfast; these days served as snacks, appetizers and even as a complete meal with lentil soup ( sambhar) and chutney are a popular item in all parts of India. I have treid to make this healhtier by using Oats.

Kannada Sambhar or Konkani Colombo

Mixed vegetables soup, perfectly balanced with yellow split pigeon peas (or Indian lentils - Tuar dal), a south Indian favorite prepared in various combination of veggies or other lentil base. Variations can be a combination or alone of split mung or massor dal, without skin( available in Inidan section of any supermarket)

Incredible! (1 rating)
Salad for starters

I love a soup and salad meal....yum!

Ukde tandla bhakri ( Rosematta rice thick dosa)

This is a delicious pancake eaten with fresh churned butter for breakfast. I used the rosematta rice from Karnataka that was imported here. Not found any nutritional analysis of the same on the web. Please do send me a note if you find one. Link below gives the description of the various rice, including rosematta.

Kheer from Shan mix

I would not make this again! I had to add way too many items myself to make it taste a decent!!!

Simple Ghee Rice

This is a popular rice dish of India, served on festive occasions. It's easy to prepare wtih a rice cooker and tastes out of this world. Normally roasted, whole cashews are added , which I have eliminated from the nutrition data. I usually add a 1/4 cup of whole almonds after soaking in hot water to peel the skin and toast.

Ridge gourd chutney ( my version)

My MIL taught me the how to's of this chutney, commonly prepared in Konkani households. Its spicy as a condiment side to eat with rice. I have followed her recipe except to add Zucchini for added health benefits.

Whole Mung bean ( green gram) pancakes

This recipe is by REKHAKAKR. I accidentally used the whole mung instead of dal or split mung, not understanding the ingredients details. Its amazing how tasty this pancake turned out to be! I was able to enjoy it without any coconut chutney on the side.

Ghee Rice

A very popular rice dish in all the regions of India. Looks pretty too - yellow from saffron, golden brown from fried onions and smells heavenly!

Phova ( poha or pounded rice) chutney

A wonderful breakfast item could be eaten with Upma ( prepared Indian style cream of wheat, oats or vermicelli ) or alone.

Salad dressing #2

This home made salad dressing is low in sodium,( you control the EVOO) fat, full of potassium, yet tasty!

Salad Dressing #1

Home made healthy dressing

Traditional Konkani Kolmbo

This is the original version of preparing Konkani style Kolmbo or sambhaar. Of course, more poplular versions are with lots of other veggies, onion and tomatoes. This is a nice change if you grew up eating it.

Dosa, S. I. traditional with Matta rice

This is a delicious pan cake served in restaurants, homes alike. I have added 1/2 a cup of barley to make it more nutritious.

Traditional French style Fish

This is an original French recipe with creme Fraiche, using flounder fillets. My other recipe, 'Roasted Red snapper' with cream sauce is the same recipe with reduced fat sour cream. You can use either for the similar taste.

Classic Soji Bhakri

This is Konkani style pancake (that's thicker than usual) prepared with Soji or cream of wheat. Delicious for a big and filling breakafast.

Roasted Red Snapper in creamy sauce

this is a great tasting roasted fish recipe that is full of flavor with a creamy, low fat sauce. The original French recipe calls for creme fraische which is available in any supermarkets. ( see the recipe - traditionally French style fish)

You can make any fish this way - my friend, Trish;s Mom who is from France, used this same cream recipe on their poached salmon. It was delish even for someone like me who does not enjoy fishy fish!!.

Sauteed cabbage, peas and cauliflower

It's time to clean out our fridge. We cut down on food shopping last weekend to finish off what veggies already available in the fridge! Mixing them all together, sauteed them all to this colorful, delish side dish. Do the same with whatever you got!! Yum with over 5 grams each of fiber and protein for a side dish of 5, loaded with heart healthy potassium!!

Cream of White sweet potato & Potato soup

White sweet potatoes are so yummy - just sweet enough but, not as sweet as Yams. Their flesh looks white like potatotes. The combination with all the normal ingredients of a creamy soup topped with bacon bits that give the taste of bacon without the fat, is fantastic!

Sauteed Asparagus ( Upkari)

You will be amazed how delish this dish is and adding coconut is great to replenish your body with potassium since asparagus is diuretic. Enjoy!

Sauteed Calabaza Squash

This tastes out of this world and is so healhty for you with a whopping amount of potassium.

Manhattan Clam Chowder

Recipe courtesy by Emeril Lagasse - This is supposed to be for 6-8 servings. I prepared 1/2 the recipe and we had enough for 6 servings. I did not use clam broth since the smell of clams is not one of my favorites......however, I could eat this, for someone who can only eat smelly non-vegetarian foods after making them less conspicuous from being dead - fish, sea food, chicken, etc.with spices and taste! Here I post the ingredients for 1/2 the soup from original recipe. Emril used fresh clams and I used fresh, cooked and frozen:)

Chinese style broad noodles with chicken

Although, Foster farms grilled chicken strips are used here, can be more tastier if fresh chicken breast strips are used, by stir frying.

Very Good (1 rating)
Imitation Crab meat salad

Delicious with a salsa-like taste - recipe courtesy from Louis kemp.

Banana bhakri - Konkani style

My friend, Shilpa gave me the idea of adding banana instead fo sugar to bhakri. Yummy and healthy!!

Healthy breakfast bhakri for 1

All the veggies are added to the traditional recipe to make it crispier without much oil or butter fat. Make thin pancakes (dosa style) instead of thick ones with this batter using olive oil or olive oil spray for no calories on a non stick skillet.

Low carb Dosa

This delicious breakfast pancake could be eaten at lunch or dinner too. Just add cabbage, peas and any other veggies you love before pouring the batter on the pan. If you like chicken or shrimps make a crepe wrap by folding in protein! If you are a vegetarian and like sweet pancakes, add protein powder, fruit like mashed banana, cantaloupe, blueberries, etc.

My Kichedi with Konkani Khadi

This is a delicious version of the standard Gujarathi style Kichedi that is modified to taste better. You can add your own favorite vegetables or whatever is in the refrigerator as I do. What's important however, is to make sure you add split peas for the crunch, split mung beans without any skin ( from Indian store) and split, cleaned lentils ( massoor dal) for protein. You can also add TVP for the chewy, meaty taste.

Deep fried buns, Pai recipe.

This tastes like a donut, yet better!

Crispy bhajiya or bhajo batter

This makes a crispy batter for frying all kinds of vegetables, fish fillet, bella mushrooms for fritters or bhajiya as called in Hindi or bhajo in Konkani. Can fry up to 40 bite size vegetable pieces.

Masala Dosa.

Traditional masala dosa for the batter, chutney and stuffing are heart healthy without compromise on taste!

Cabbage Onion Butti, Konkani style

This is a favorite version of eating cabbage for Konkani people. Serve with Dal chaval ( rice) and vegetable side dish - yum for a vegetarian complete meal or add pan fried fish and you are set!

Low Carb chutney

This chutney with its vibrant color from red pepper and delicious taste being increased in volume, fiber and protien from roasted chick peas ( channa) is delicious side for dosa or idlies.

Shazzorama's Corn Bread

Delicious low calorie version as prepared by Shazzorama in my home when she visited me!

Dahi Vada

Quickly writing her for tracking purpose. Although its a fried vada, when dropped, soaked in hot water and squeezed out, all the oil is a wash!

Urad & Maida dosa

Modified to use whole grain flour.

Tomato Saaru, Konkani style

This soup was served as one of the 5 side dishes at our temples during annual celebrations.

Puliyogare / Tamarind Rice

Nice change of pace from bland plain brown rice to flavorful variety that is crunchy and easty to prepare!

Coconut-Yogurt Chutney (for Idli)

There are so many different varieties of chutney's one can make - this is my favorite one!

Spring Salad

This is a great tasting salad to make with all the fresh, raw ingredients.

Poories - deep fried whole wheat puffed Indian bread

This is our family treat we only have once every 6 months or so although we grew up eating once every week that too deep fried in clarified butter!!!

Carrot Halwa ( modified to reduce fat)

This is a delicious Indian sweet prepared during the holidays!

Tori Ghashi

This is a tasty S. I. dish prepared with fresh coconut providing 5 gms of fiber with only 15 gms of carb - a good dish for diabetics.

Chicken Tandoori

This authentic traditional recipe is as close you can get to on without the Tandoor

Tender green chick peas ghashi

This is modified version of the popular dish served in Konkami temple during festive occasions.

Patrado (Konkani style Patra)

Classic favorite of Konkanis and Gujarathis.

Acorn Squash for the thanksgiving table

This is a tasty, simple recipe for any winter day to chase the blues from food network!

Very Good (1 rating)
Kadai Bendi - South Indian style Okra

Okra, Oh! so healthy and tasty and, not slippery!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Zagat for Cats and Dogs

From AARP magazine that reprinted by permission from-The whole pet diet: 8 weeks to great health for dogs & cats by Andi Brown. Nutrients entered for the cat food recipe (all ingredients in 1/2 the quantity). The ingredients listed below are as listed in the recipe enough for 1-3 week supply, depending on animal's size.

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