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Recipes I've Shared:

Cheese Casserole with Tuna

For the cheese lover in all of us, made with a melty blend of Cheddar and Swiss

Bee's Knees Brownies

These brownies are sweetened purely with honey, not refined sugar. A good, hearty honey really shines through!

Hot and Sour Cabbage Soup

A Thai-inspired shrimp and cabbage soup made with curry paste and lime.

Kinda Thai Pumpkin Pie

A request came in from one of my bakery clients (who happens to be from Malaysia, not Thailand), who asked me if I could make her a pumpkin pie using two very unusual ingredients: creamed coconut and peanut butter. Not one to turn down an interesting kitchen experiment, this is what I came up with!

Holy Hell Chili Recipe

This was something I made up as I went along today, needing to use up a variety of vegetables, meats, and cans. I wound up transferring the ingredients partway through the cooking process to a larger pot, in the process I said “holy Hell this is a lot of chili!” Thus the name was born, along with another treat for my favourite eggchef! Enjoy this long n’ slow stove-cooked treasure!

Squaw Bread

This multi-grain yeast bread is slightly sweet and loaded with fibre. Makes two round loaves.

Amaranth No-yeast Bread

Once considered a simple weed in the Western world, this nutritious annual is finally being acknowledged as the nourishing high-protein food it is!

Very Good (7 ratings)
Sweet Red Roasties

Slightly sweet, salty and delicious flavours glaze over healthy red potatoes for an elegant side-dish that doesn’t have to be holidays-only!

Fusion Cookies

A fusion-inspired, whole-grain cookie blending together the traditional Western taste of apples and cherries with the Asian ingredients of tahini and toasted sesame seeds.

Schizophrenic Brownie Cups

These start-from-a-mix brownies are jam-packed with every sweet flavour imaginable... peanuts, butterscotch, marshmallows and chocolate cookies!! Great way to stretch a single box mix.

Broccoli-cheese Calzones

These are a great vegetarian lunch-on-the-go that’s big on taste but light on calories and fat. Each crispy pocket gives way to a gooey, spicy and garlicky cheese-covered broccoli filling.

Very Good (1 rating)
Carrocoli Lasagna

A wonderful healthful version of lasagna, using the bright colours of carrots and broccoli and the benefits of whole wheat noodles. Great flavours shine through and comfort is tops!

Sugarfree Blueberry Sorbet

An easy blueberry sorbet made with Splenda. Great for the summertime when you have a sweet craving! Cook time is chill time.

Beta Booster Cake

As a kid, I was always fascinated with the carrots made out of frosting that adorned the top of carrot cake. This version, made without eggs or dairy but with nutritious carrots, pumpkin, whole grains, and applesauce is reasonably healthy (for a dessert, that is) without sacrificing taste! Use your favourite icing, or just dust some powdered sugar over it.

Veggie Wet Burritos

My vegetarian version of my favourite meal from the Mexican restaurant in EPCOT centre. Semi crispy, cheesy and oh so good!

Fishes for Loaves

Tender cod fillets are poached in a spicy wine, tomato and caper sauce before being garnished with cilantro. A wonderful way to spice up the Catholic feast of the 7 fishes on Christmas Eve.

Bobcaygeon Chelsea Buns

A recreation of the famous Chelsea Buns from the now defunct Grany's Bakery in Bobcaygeon, ON. Bit of work, but well worth it!

Simple Sushi

Totally inauthentic, this is sushi for those who don't like (or can't have) raw fish, but still want the experience. Serve with pickled ginger and soy sauce if desired.

Deep Dish Potato and Pumpkin Pie

A great vegan Thanksgiving meal.

Tropical Coco Nots Recipe

This yeast-raised doughnut recipe is heavily adapted from Heidi Swanson’s website, and flavoured with the divine tropical flavours of coconut and pineapple. Don't over bake these, if anything, under bake them a bit - they will continue baking outside the oven for a few minutes. You want an interior that is moist and tender - not dry. The dough can be made and baked a day ahead if necessary (store loosely covered at room temperature), but they need to be served within a few hours of being filled and glazed, otherwise they will go soggy.

Chocolate Filled Bakenuts

This yeast-raised doughnut recipe is heavily adapted from Heidi Swanson’s website, and made to mimic the Tim Horton’s triple chocolate doughnut. Don't over bake these, if anything, under bake them a bit - they will continue baking outside the oven for a few minutes. You want an interior that is moist and tender - not dry. The dough can be made and baked a day ahead if necessary (store loosely covered at room temperature), but they need to be served within a few hours of being filled and glazed, otherwise they will go soggy.

Tomato Soup Exotica

Adapted from Jennifer Bain’s recipe in The Toronto Star, this recipe takes your typical tomato soup and brings it to a whole new level of exoticism with the addition of curry, quinoa and saffron. A great, hearty vegan feast!

Cheater's Cheesy Cannelloni

A cheesy vegetarian baked pasta, with a savoury spinach filling

Vegan Coconut Custard Pie

Slightly adapted from another recipe found on the web, this whole-grain vegan coconut pie is full of creamy flavour and a great dessert for when you’re feeling a craving for the tropics in the dead of winter.

Very Good (1 rating)
Vegan Stuffed Shells

The original recipe for these was found at the wonderful blog More Than Burnt Toast (
tml), and was adapted to make it vegan and lower-fat so that I would be able to have it! This is a great baked pasta dish!

Cocoa Wafer Crisps

The original recipe for these crispy snacks is apparently over 200 years old. These cookies are some of the most intensely flavoured, versatile chocolate wafer cookies of any I have tasted. They are excellent keepers if stored in a tightly closed tin.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Vegan Portasagna

This is my variation on the popular Vegan Lasagna recipe first created by Susan of Fat Free Vegan Kitchen (
avorite-lasagna.html). It’s a great pasta dish that fills you up without the cloying taste of cheese to wear you down.

Dreamy Alfredo Sauce

A classic Alfredo, not for the calorie-wise!

Super – Smore Pumpkin Pie

This is the ultimate in holiday indulgences… a chocolate sweet crust houses a delicious pumpkin filling with a hint of maple-caramel flavour and is studded with a topping of miniature marshmallows. A s’more? A pumpkin pie? A sweet potato casserole? You decide!

Gluten Free Tropical Angels Cake

A light coconut-flavoured angel food cake that is blissfully gluten free! Note that it is better to slightly over-bake this cake than to under-bake it. It is a delicious soft, light angel food cake that freezes very well and thaws wonderfully.

Cannoli Cheesecake

If you are as big of a cannoli fan as my stepbrother is, why not try a rich ricotta cheesecake that tastes just like one?

Daryoles (Medieval Custard Pie)

This is a medieval egg custard pie with almond milk, saffron, cinnamon, and rosewater. It takes some careful attention, but is worth the time and trouble. This is extremely rich! You will want to serve thin slices, much like a cheesecake. This recipe doesn’t take kindly to being halved, though. A variation on a dish featured in "Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books" by Thomas Austin.

Vegan Thanksgiving Smoothie

A delicious, power-packed breakfast for the big day

Another Light Carrot Cake

Another lightened version of carrot cake, made moist with vanilla yogurt, apple butter, pineapple and buttermilk for a great tangy dessert that cries out for a cup of tea. The carrots are pureed rather than grated in this version.

Kappa Sunomono For Diabetics

A wonderful light, tangy and sweet cucumber salad that is served at many Japanese restaurants in our area. For those not concerned about sugar levels, use 4 tsp of white sugar instead of the Splenda! The fresh ginger adds a heady, warming life to this dish, don’t leave it out!

Very Good (1 rating)
Ricotta Spinach Ziti

This simple, delicious pasta casserole is brimming with spinach, ricotta, mushrooms, roasted peppers and a zippy tomato sauce. Easy to make on the weekends and keep in the fridge for those crazy school nights. Freeze half after baking for later noshing!

Miracle Coconut Muffins

These are truly the miracle snack when you are craving a treat and you have dietary restrictions! These are wheat free, vegan, low sugar and low fat cherry chocolate-chip muffins – you would never know it! A special ingredient is the inclusion of coconut flour, which adds such a rich tropical taste. A quick note though: If you don't eat them in the first two days, freeze them. Simply zap in the microwave for about 30 seconds and they taste like they were right out of the oven! I found coconut flour at Bulk Barn, and the Sunspire chips at the health food store.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Tofu Ice Cream

am/. Makes about 1 1/2 cups of sheer delicious bliss!

Pantry Cleaners Fish Stew

This amazingly delicious stew is a great way to clean out the pantry, if you’re like me and wind up with way too many cans on your hands!

Double Chocolate Dough - Nots

These baked delicacies are reminiscent of double chocolate cake doughnuts found almost everywhere. They are made healthier with whole-wheat flour and no hydrogenated oil, lighter with the addition of skim milk and a Splenda frosting, and richer with a spike of coffee

Very Good (2 ratings)
Low-fat Cranberry-Blueberry-Bran Muffins

My mom LOVES the cranberry-blueberry-bran muffins from Tim Hortons, but didn't want to eat them because they had 340 calories and 12 g of fat! So, I twisted around a bran muffin recipe to make her a great healthy version for breakfast! This makes 12 very large muffins!

Teaghans Favourite Cake

My younger sister's all-time favourite cake: she's asked for it for birthdays, christmases, other people's birthdays, and we even made it as a second serving cake for my grandparent's wedding anniversary! She doesn't know it's low-fat, low-sugar or whole-grain, either! She insists on tub chocolate icing, I prefer nothing more than a little cocoa powder and icing sugar sifed over top, or sometimes cream cheese frosting.

Power - Packed Vegan Chili

My latest creation for the fiance to take with him to work, with 25% of the RDA for protein in the form of beans and quinoa (a super-yummy whole grain!). Throw in some stout beer and a dash of cocoa and a very filling, flavourful meal is yours!

Pasta Carbonara

A takeoff on traditional carbonara using diced ham instead of pancetta and throwing in some red pepper flakes. Not your usual cream-based sauce, but still sinfully rich!

Very Good (1 rating)
Irish Soda Bread

A Classical Irish Soda Bread from Bread Book by Susan Wright. The first quickbread I remember making entirely solo.

Anniversary White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

This is the cake I made for my fiance for his birthday as well as our 2 1/2 year anniversary. It hold very special memories for us.

Lover's Pork Chops

A request from my dearest!

Sundried-tomato And Olive Bread

A hearty, savoury Mediterranean bread perfect for pairing with flavoured dipping oils, tomato-pasta dishes and hearty soups.

Banana-filled Peanut Butter Cookies

Creamy peanut-butter and rum filling sandwiched between two awesome nutty peanut-butter cookies. Adapted from an Anna Olson recipe.

Grandpa's Figgy Cookies

Remember Fig Newtons? This is my adaptation of an Anna Olson adaptation of the classic cookie. I call them "grandpa's cookies" because every time I went to my grandparent's house the two of us would share a plate of them!

Japanese Chiffon Cheesecake

I haven't made this recipe yet but my mom has been telling me about how much she wants a slice like the ones she's had out at pricey restaurants with her Japanese co-workers!

Nutty Carrot Caramels

Ginger and a mix of walnuts and almonds combine with caramel and grated carrots for a sweet candy treat!

Pepper-jack Turkey Burgers

My twist on a recipe from the Weight Watchers Complete Cookbook. It's a favourite in my family!

Chocolate-mint Zucchini Bread

Zucchini bread with the taste of both chocolate and chocolate mint! If you don't have chocolate mint available, use regular peppermint instead.

Sugar-shock Bars

Adapted from and made with a lot of love for eggchef. This is incredibly rich and sweet, a little taste goes a LONG way!

Moroccan Meatloaf With Goat Cheese

A wonderfully flavoured turkey meatloaf with a sweet fruity glaze and Tandoori paste. Originally from Sandi Richard of Food TV Canada.

Creamy Pumpkin Penne

A smooth, savory fall pasta with a sauce using canned packed pumpkin, evaporated milk and whole-grain pasta.

Vicki's Wonder-kies

The biggest sellers at our Reach-For-The-Top bakesales in high school! They have a different (and vulgar) name in our circle, but I changed it for posting! Finally pried the recipe from Vicki's hands when I graduated!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Graham - Almond Cherry Pie

An interesting blend of flavour components into one delicious summer pie!

Fussy Italians Meatloaf

Something that even my extremely patriotic and picky Italian stepfamily will eat, though they detest onions and garlic :S

Salute To Summer Muffins

An easy and quick way to use up the fruits of summer that you aren't able to eat right out of hand!

Very Good (1 rating)
Peanut Butter And Banana Cookies

Something my dad loves * 3... peanut butter, bananas, and cookies! Not overly sweet, play with the sweetener levels to taste.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Light Veggie Cannelloni

A low-fat variation on an Italian favourite, with lots of vegetables for colour!

Sugar Shack Pudding Cake

A Canadian cobbler with a maple syrup sauce under a rich and rustic scone-like topping. The syrup soaks in somewhat and makes it like the British Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Mini Pineapple Upside-down Cakes

A slightly lighter and miniature version of the traditional Upside-Down cake. Great for dinner parties!

Chipper Banana-Split Cookies

An adaptation on a twist of an old favourite, featured in the Toronto Star. The marshmallows make it delightfully gooey fresh from the oven!

Honey - Cherry Crunch

An easy, low-fat granola-type of breakfast made with unsweetened cherry juice and honey! Also makes a great topping for ice cream.

Diabetic Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam

A wonderful and "fake" way to make Strawberry-Rhubarb jam diet- and diabetic friendly! Vary amounts of Splenda to taste, I often use less.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Oatmeal Cookies For Everyone

Chewy, tiny oatmeal raisin cookies made with Splenda and applesauce

Lighter Chocolate-almond Pate

A rich, creamy chocolate and almond dessert that has a consistency that can only be described as pate. Don't let that throw you off, though. It's delicious! "Cook" time is final chill time.

Vegan Chocoholic's Flourless Torte

The quintessential chocolate lover's dessert, made suitable for those who cannot tolerate eggs or dairy, or who follow vegan lifestyles.

Brownie Caramel Cheesecake

A version of my all-time favourite dessert by LaRocca cakes. True decadence, very rich even with the use of lighter ingredients!

Excellent Oats Date Squares

A low-fat turnabout on one of my favourite desserts! Delicious and moist with a slightly crispy top

Bleeding Beans Salad

Creamy black-eyed peas, sweet beets and a tangy viniagrette combine to make a salad fit for anywhere from the Christmas buffet to a late Summer lunch!

Canadian Shortcake Biscuits

The basis for the summertime favourite: strawberry shortcake! These are the "Canadian" style of shortcake which is more of a scone, whereas in the US I usually see angel-food-cake types of bases.

Dorothy In Oz Salad

A creamy broccoli and cranberry salad with nuts and celery for kicks. I call it Dorothy in Oz because of the green and red contrasts.


A recipe from Disney World's Pop Century Resort in Orlando. Your typical tiramisu, but with twinkies instead of the ladyfingers. Very strong coffee flavour but it's needed to balance the sweet cakes and cream. Will not keep more than 24 hours though, it gets very soggy!

Norwegian Skolebrod

A round, sweet bread, rolled in coconut and has a cream type of filling in the middle.

Very Good (3 ratings)
The Manly Coffee Cake

A sweet, fruited coffee cake made with a cup of great beer added in! The beer gives it a good depth of flavour without being overbearing.

Zen Fruit Pudding

A Thai-inspired tapioca pudding paired with papaya puree in a sweet and creamy pudding.

Maple Pie For A Sweet Heart

A wonderful treat for both your heart and your tastebuds! A rich and flavourful sweet pie filling made creamy with the addition of navy bean puree! Your guests will never know, and if you use a vegan pie crust the whole dessert is vegan! Originally from the Ontario White Bean Producers, modified by me.

Polenta Peach Cobbler

A summertime dessert, perfect for a backyard BBQ. Sunny yellow peaches and a cornmeal biscuit topping add to the Summer's best charms! Adapted from Cooking Light.

Fall Harvest Apple Squares

One of our Fall dessert favourites here at home. My mom is famous at our old elementary school for these... my Home Ec teacher would steal them from the bake sale tables!

Fred Penners Crepes

Fred Penner's recipe for crepes, which he says his children make for him every father's day. These are perfect with a strawberry or cherry jam filling, or for a special treat, Nutella!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Asian Marinated Flank Steak

The most succulent beef I have EVER had in my entire life (before I stopped eating meat).

Sofrito Cubano

The basic blend for many Cuban dishes. Inspired by my dad's recent trip to Cuba... I'll travel through my tastebuds! Keeps 1 week, covered, in fridge.

Dilly Salmon

My favourite way to eat salmon is this recipe in the chilled version, served over mixed greens.

Crispy-Baked Salmon

A great, low-fat and generally way to make a crispy breaded fish dish.

Pepper-Spice Cake

An adaptation of a recipe from Classic Canadian Cooking by Elizabeth Baird. Spicy sweetness with a bit of a kick!

Golden Vanilla Pudding

The recipe for one of my dad's all-time favourite pudding. Sunny yellow (but not off-putting) and a blend of sweetness and flavour that puts instant mixes to shame!

Sugar-free And Vegan Carrot Cake

A veganized, whole grain and naturally sugar-free version of one of my favourite desserts.

Low-fat Vegan Coffee Cake

A wonderful coffee cake great for a weekend breakfast, brunch or with a spot of tea or coffee in the afternoon.

Vegan Chocolate-mint Cake

A wonderful dark chocolate mint cake made very moist and low fat by the addition of prune puree! A great use for any fresh mint growing in your garden!

Vegan Mocha Raspberry Cake

Raspberry and coffee flavours permeate this chocolate-based cake and makes an impressive dessert!

Choco - Raspberry Meringue Bars

Like the famous Linzertorte from Austria, this uses a blend of raspberry jam and chocolate chunks to make a wonderful layer under fluffy, nut-studded meringue.

Zippy Teriyaki Taters

A wonderful and fast accompaniment to salmon, tuna or even a stirfry! Cooked in the microwave, but look oven-browned, it's great!

Chocolate Eggnogg Company Cake

A great holiday dessert for when company's coming over and you have a box cake mix lying around.

Louisburg Soldiers Bread

A recreation of the rustic loaves they both serve and sell at the Fortress of Louisburg in Nova Scotia ( Dense, rich crumb, perfect for sandwiches!

Land Of Figs And Honey Jam

A wonderful, thick and flavourful jam for Challah over Chanukah, or if you're my family, Challah on Christmas morning!

Jewish Kadaiyiff

A Jewish recipe I found in my mom's recipe box. She grew up in a predominantly Jewish (but also very Greek) neighbourhood in downtown Toronto so has a lot of these recipes.

Ginger Peach Cake

A spicy ginger cake made with fresh peach puree and a touch of molasses sandwiches a decadent fruit compote for a great dessert that bridges the seasons! Can be wrapped and frozen for up to 6 months, also can use frozen peaches for the winter!

Rosy Lentil Pudding

An unusual, sweet pudding-type dessert made from red lentils, coconut milk, spices and dried fruits. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and a wonderfully exotic addition to any Middle Eastern themed dinner!

Bittmans Beet Roesti

From Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything", an unusual take on a traditional Swiss potato side dish! Serve with sour cream or applesauce if desired.

Kettle Corn

Buttery, sweet and delicious.

Sweet Brown Bread

An easy and quick, slightly sweet accompaniment to a bowl of soup on a cold winter afternoon.

It Is Easy Being Green Sauce

Simple but hearty spinach-based sauce that's great over any type of hearty pasta.

Light Key-Lime Pudding

A simple method of making a super-tasty and flavourful Key Lime pudding, perfect for the summer! Can also be used as a pie filling in a prebaked graham shell.

Very Good (34 ratings)
Cupids Pillows

Flaky, pre-made puff pastry with gourmet chocolate and sweet, romantic berries make for an easy, quick and perfect Valentine's treat for couples everywhere.

Heather’s Birth – Mas Cake

This is going to be part of the birthday and Christmas gift package that I’ll be giving to one of my best friends, Heather, this year. It is a take on one of our first tandem baking experiences, which was a lemon (box) cake with cherry – vanilla (box) icing. I’ve taken the flavours, flipped them around and “gourmetized” the memories by making both the cake and frosting from scratch, adding lightness to the cake with rice flour and cornstarch, and the extra flavour layer of honey to the frosting. I only wish I could take part in reliving the flavours of our memories!

Midnight Bliss Pudding Recipe

A fairly easy homemade dark chocolate pudding that both adults and kids will love. Great mixed with a few mini-marshmallows and topped with graham-cracker chunks for a smore like treat!

Kamfounata (Moroccan Ratatouille)

A Noth African version of the now very popular ratatouille, spiced with cumin. Can be served hot or cold, great the next day!

Asian Fruit Pastry

An Asian-fruits inspired version of the Austrian strudel pastry, filled with Asian pears, lychees and raisins.

Pineapple Coconut Pancakes

An interesting twist on breakfast, and a good way to jump-start some fruit into the kids!

Beef Bourguignon

Yet one more addition to the world of classic recipes. Everyone has their own version, this one came from my fiance's mom!

Vegan Orchard Harvest Pudding

A whole-wheat, low fat and vegan "pudding" that is actually more of a moist cake in consistency. Wonderful and not too sweet, great for snacking or after school!

Turkish Honey Lamb

An interesting way to prepare lamb chops. Succulent and fairly simple, with a world of reward at the end!

Turnip - Raisin Spice Cake

An unusual, yet very tender sweet cake made rich with spices and raisins, and healthy with whole-wheat flour. Will not be able to tell the turnip's in there!

Very Good (1 rating)
Gluten And Dairy Free Lemon Souffle

A tender, tasty, gluten-free souffle style of pudding, served cold. Great light dessert!

Very Good (1 rating)
Pumpkin Souffle

An impressive and deceptively easy dessert for when the fall months roll around. Great served with warmed maple syrup or even a cranberry coulis.

Nutty For Valentines Squares

A decadent bar-cookie style of dessert with Nutella and cherries. Excellent way to introduce (or indulge!) yourself with the miracle that is Nutella!

Triple-Chocolate Chomper Pie

A triple chocolate, no-bake cream pie with a graham and peanut butter crust makes for the ultimate in decadence! Cook time is chill time.

Gingie's a Vegan!

Gingerbread cookies perfect for the vegans out in Far, Far, Away! Or even close to home!

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Brownie Cravings From Sharon Lois And Bram

The brownies that Lois from the children's singing troupe Sharon Lois and Bram sings about in the Nutcracker Sweet song on Candles, Snow and Mistletoe album. Brings me right back to my childhood!

Holly Brownies

So named for the vibrant colours of the holly plant that go into these decadent chocolate bites. Cherry and mint combine for a wonderful flavour sensation!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Buttermilk – Potato Cheese Soup in a Jar

Makes a wonderful gift for someone on the go everyday, who doesn’t always have the time to make themselves a hearty meal mid-day!

Jarred Beans n' Barley

This is a great gift for anyone who is recovering from a bout of illness or who tends to get cold in the winter, or anyone who you feel could use a little homespun cheer now and then but doesn’t have the time to make soup from home. This is completely vegan, completely wholesome, and completely delicious!

Chocolaccino Cheesecake

A cheesy version of one of my favourite dessert drinks at Caffe Demetre in Ontario, this creamy wonder combines a crisp mocha-flavoured cookie crust with rich dark chocolate and more espresso. The result will have your baristas wondering where you went!

Cherry-almond Oat Cake

This is my version of a recipe available on the Alberta Egg Board’s website. It’s a delicious, light and moist cake, and one that you can serve for dessert one evening and for breakfast the next day!


An Italian confection that is a cross between fruit cake, candy, and honey cakes. Italy it's also called Siena cake, and dates back to the 13th century. Most often it is served at Christmas with a port wine or brandy, I like it with a slice of soft cheese like Brie

Bow Ties With The Blues

This easy pasta dish provides a great, dressy combination of flavours that is simple enough to create at home. Can easily be doubled or tripled, but great for date nights!

Cheddar Apple Pear Biscuits

Adapted from a Canada Dairy recipe, these are light and fluffy and are great for breakfast spread with apple butter!


Twix bars have long been a favourite with chocolate lovers of all ages, and for good reason. I’ve taken the love I have for the chocolate bar and morphed it into a brownie-like square that just screams “pick me!”

Canadian Decadence

True Canadian treats, buttertarts! This is my mom's recipe and I know it's great, especially using home-made pie crust for the tart shells!

Hippie Cheesecake

A copycat version of the delicious tie-dyed cheesecake that Walt Disney World's Pop Century Resort serves. Delightful and rich vanilla cheesecake on a red velvet crust!

Easy Elegant Buckwheat Pancakes

An easy and tasty way to enjoy decadent pancakes with low fat and gluten. Play with the yogurt flavours to your taste!

Auntie Janices Pancakes

Rice-flour pancakes my Auntie Janice would make for us when we visited her and my uncle out in BC. A lot less trouble on the digestive system, if you need to worry about that (like herself, me and my dad!)

Michelles Vegan Granola Bars

A great nutritious, vegan and high-energy snack for people on the go or kids to put in their lunchboxes!

Special Wintry Pudding With Vanilla Sauce

The typical British type of "pudding", like a moist cranberry spice cake. Wonderful warm and comforting Autumn dessert. The vanilla sauce is truly decadent, even over chocolate ice cream!

Brocco-Pumpkin Chowder

A wonderful, thick and creamy fall-style soup full of antioxidants and vitamins, as well as a boost of protein from the silken tofu. Super-flavourful!

Queen Of The Carolinas Chowder

A great fish chowder made with tomatoes, snapper and shrimp, and thickened with starchy potatoes.

Sticky Molasses Squares

Like a buttertart, but in a bar-cookie form and made with nutrient-rich molasses! Great sticky treat.

Vanilla-orange Ravioli With Cranberry Syrup

A twist on the traditional pumpkin pie for a Thanksgiving dessert, sweet raviolis are filled with maple, vanilla and orange flavoured sweet potato, before popping under the broiler and being topped with a warm, sweet orange-cranberry sauce.

Squashy Aubergine Casserole

A great all-in-one dinner meal to help use up your summer garden's gifts!

Herb And Garlic Beans

Super-garlicky baked navy beans, cooked in white wine instead of the traditional tomato sauce. Don't worry, the garlic mellows during cooking.

Pinkish Pasta

A pink-tinged pasta dish with garlic, eggplant and mushrooms, flavoured with a rose wine.

Europasta Salad

A Mediterranean-inspired rendition of pasta salad, this is beautiful with bow-tie pasta, roasted red peppers, olives and artichokes. A dressing blend of Dijon and mayonnaise completes the flavour sensation.


A Greek-style frybread made with rice flour, honey and Feta cheese. Original recipe from "Bread-Making" By the Greek philosopher Chrysippus in the second century B.C. Recopied into "The Philosopher's Banquet" by Athenaeus in the second century A.D. (This recipe has gone through the ages!) Recipe "modernization" found in "The Philospher's Kitchen" by Francine Segan.

Fig And Chevre Squares

A tender, sweet oat-flour cookie crust is topped with a smooth fig puree and topped with soft, slightly salty Chevre cheese before being baked to perfection.

Fat Free Brocco-tater Stew

A great vegetarian stew to serve alongside anything you desire or just on it's own. Add some soy crumbles or tofu cubes to make it a full one-pot meal.

All - Natural Jamaican Cake

A great banana-bread inspired cake with sweet dates and mashed plantains in amongst traditional Jamaican spices. Great as a single layer cake or use 2 cake pans and sandwich a tropical jam in between!

Tomatoey Mac - Un - Cheese

A great, creamy version of Macaroni and Cheese made with canellini beans and tomatoes. Easy to prep using the microwave and a blender before being popped into the oven for a homey touch!

Very Good (8 ratings)
Remember Me Coq Au Vin

My recreation of one of Eggchef's favourite dishes that I made for him to take with him to school in Ottawa. Fine French comfort food.

Vegan Lemon Bean Sauce

A good cream-style lemon sauce to serve over vegetables or pasta.

Cranberry-wheat Bread

A hearty, grain and oat bread studded with cranberries. Excellent for turkey or ham sandwiches or toasted in the morning with a bit of butter.

Gorgonzola Cheesecake With Madeira-caramel Sauce And Fresh Figs

From PassionFish Restaurant, a unique taste sensation with gourmet ingredients like Madeira wine and Gorgonzola and mascapone cheeses.

Torta Di Datteri (Passover Date Cake From Tunisia)

Adapted from The Book of Jewish Food by Claudia Roden.

Midday Sun Vanilla Cake

Your basic yellow butter cake, great for birthdays, anniversaries or anytime! Great with a dark, rich chocolate frosting, or a fruit sauce that balances out the sweetness in this dessert.

Chocolate Mink

These luxurious little desserts are like gooey flourless chocolate pudding cakes. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

Chocolate Malted Whopper Drops

Adapted from a recipe by Dorie Greenspan's Baking: From My Home to Yours.

Vegan Chocobundt

Great, rich and tender vegan chocolate cake that is easily baked off in ramekins or miniature bundt tins, or a traditional pan.

Gluten-free Vegan Brownies

A simple, fudgy almond brownie bar made with a silken tofu and brown sugar base. Great for parties where allergies are a problem!

Swiss Chocolate Almond Tarte

A very rich chocolate-almond dessert made with honey that mimics the rough taste and texture of the popular Toblerone bar. Don't use candy-bar chocolate for the lining... get the good stuff! It's worth it! Great elegant dessert for feeding a crowd... a little goes a LONG way!

Very Good (1 rating)
Sponge Bread

This bread truly lives up to its name, great for toasting with jam, or even better, honey! Sucks the toppings up so that every bite is perfectly flavoured.


Pickled ginger is called gari in Japan, and is my favourite Japanese condiment. It's normally served with sushi, especially in restaurants. Try to eat pieces of pickled ginger between different kinds of sushi. It helps to clean your mouth and enhances the flavours

Kabocha Manju

A Japanese steamed cake with sweet pumpkin filling. The perfect thing if you have a bamboo steamer, but if not a regular double-boiler style will do. Makes 10 balls.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Cafe Con Leche Sauce

A rum-spiked cream-and-coffee sauce great for ice cream, chocolate cake or Cuban Bread Pudding.

Cuban Cafe Bread Pudding

A decadent and strongly flavoured bread pudding with parents from Cuba! Great for a special treat after a Cuban BBQ.

Caramel-Apple Cookies

A great caramel-coated apple-flavoured cookie that's perfect for fall fairs, bake sales and school snacks!

Vegan Coco-chobana Muffies

A great banana and coconut flavoured muffin studded with chocolate chips

Mexican Villagers Soup

A tasty, vegan and gluten-free black bean, tomato and pepper soup/stew thickened with crushed corn torilla chips.


A potent pick-me-up mid-afternoon when it's hot outside and you're beginning to droop! Use the best quality espresso you can find for this!

Earth Mother Breakfast Buns

A classic sweet roll gets a new twist. Taking a cue from red velvet cake, this recipe uses beets to take the cinnamon roll to a new level. Ginger enhances the sweetness while orange balances the earthy taste of the beet. Great served hot from the oven with a cup of coffee or cold as an afternoon snack.

Dianas Dainty Earl Grey Cake

"Earl Grey is the most-often served tea at Buckingham Palace," notes Darren McGrady in Eating Royalty. "It is a black tea flavored with oil of Bergamot – a fragrant citrus fruit – and named after the second Earl Grey in 1830. Needless to say, it also makes a wonderful scented tea cake that stays moist for weeks."

Quinoa Latina

This is a great vegetarian main course. Filled with healthiness and protein, perfect power food!

Black Bean Salad With D'Orado Rice

A spicy, high fibre and vegan main dish combining an abundance of black beans and rice traditional in the South and Cuban cuisines that can be served hot or cold. Full of antioxidants and vitamins!

Perfect Cream Filled Chocolate Cookies

What's your favorite way to eat an oreo cookie? Now everyone can have an answer! These wheat-free, egg free and completely vegan cookies taste exactly like the real Oreo cookies. Slip these cookies into your children's (or your own!) lunch for a real treat

Cuban Water Bread

This is a simple, crusty white bread with sweet potato water accounting for all of the liquid. Good for hearty sandwiches!

Toblerone Chocolate Cake

An almost-flourless (but wheat-free), intensely rich stunner of a cake made with Toblerone and butter, guaranteed to be a hit at the next Christmas party of chocoholics!

Prism Of Ice

This icy pyramid is a very simple dessert, so if company is coming unexpectedly and you don't have time to make a cake, this recipe is an excellent choice!

Thick n' Rich Wine Mustard

This is an extraordinary homemade white wine mustard, flavoured with malt vinegar and made rich and smooth with eggs, simmered over a water bath. Makes about 2 cups, a great Christmas gift with some home-made pretzels and some German beer!

Choco-Raspberry Decadence

Chewy, rich gluten-free chocolate bites with a fruity burst of raspberry in the middle. Great with a coffee for a midday snack.

Pommes De Terre Au Chocolat

So named because of the delectable movie Chocolat, these chocolate and chili truffles are made with, of all things, potatoes! Equally delightful as those made from heavy cream, just don’t tell the kids!

Red Roasty Soup

Makes two 2-cup servings at 2 POINTS each for Weight Watchers. This is a great vegan creamy-smooth soup filled with the rich flavours of roasted tomatoes and red peppers and the mellow sweetness of onion.


Clear out some space in the fridge because this authentic Italian-style roast - rubbed with garlic, rosemary and dill - marinates in wine for three days before cooking. A spicy, tasty and extremely moist boneless pork roast is a delicious Christmas feast!

Cran-Beety Cake

A slightly sweet, spicy and tangy fruit bread with a slight earthy flavour and gorgeous colour from grated beets. Good for breakfast, or with some tea mid-day.

Lemon - Kiwi Cake

A loaf cake made with yogurt and both dried and fresh fruit. A slightly exotic twist to a midmorning snack or light dessert.

Loaf o' Veggies

I made this loaf as a sweet and savoury accompaniment to a soup in a jar gift I am giving to my fiance's parents. It smells wonderful fresh out of the oven, makes wonderful toast or soup dippers, and if it does go stale on you, makes a wonderful turkey stuffing bread!

Caramelized Christmas Cookies

Slightly crispy, deliciously caramel-flavoured and extraordinarily beautiful cut-out sugar cookies, made in a small batch for that special someone, are a hit in any goody basket! Frost with royal icing if you'd like, these are not too sweet alone.

Tri - Flour Sugar Cookies

A veganized, healthified and scaled-down version of an old Crisco recipe that is great for making cut-outs that are decorated or rolled in cinnamon sugar, and for just plain eating!!

Italian Berry Pie

A tasty, elegant cheesecake in the Italian style. Nice and light, the berries are a great topping addition but so are sliced peaches, a lemon sauce or chocolate!

Double-chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti

These are rich tasting and are very crisp and crunchy which, of course, is what biscotti are all about. You can vary how crunchy these cookies are by how long you leave them in the oven during second baking.

Tangy Asian Halibut And Peas

A delicious glaze / dressing covers this mild fish over a bed of sauteed vegetables. Excellent as a light lunch, or pair with jasmine rice for a great dinnertime meal.

Mediterranean Poached Bass

A tasty way to prepare sea bass that involves poaching it and topping it with an olive-caper tomato sauce.

Red And Green Curry

A high-powered flavourful vegetarian curry full of protein and nutirents. Easy and fairly quick supper to throw together!

Moorish Spelt Cake

All-natural ingredients and Medjool dates combine to form a luscious, rich vegan chocolate-mocha cake with the healthful properties of spelt flour.

Fragrant Chocolate Snow

Sweet white chocolate, creamy Neufchatel cheese and fragrant jasmine rice combine to form a silky smooth custardy rice pudding, perfect for ending an elegant dinner or just curling up on the couch.

Sun-dried Cranberry Mango Risotto

A unique twist on traditional risotto. From Executive Chef Luis de Sousa of the Waring House Inn in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Vegan Polenta Banana-fig Cake

A different take on a fruit cake, made with yellow polenta and mashed banana, and studded with figs and raisins. Laced with brandy, but you can use apple juice if you want. Low-fat and totally vegan, though you can substitute if you wish.

Chocolate Speckled Blood Orange Cookies

These elegant, orangey-hued and intensely flavoured cookies get an added touch from bittersweet chocolate chips!

Pumpkin Pie Biscotti

Crisp Italian biscotti cookies, flavoured with the Autumn flavours that encompass the Thanksgiving favourite, pumpkin pie!

Banish the Calories Cake

Adapted from
egative-calorie-chocolate-cake/ to remove the eggs entirely, pump up the flavour a touch and keep the delicious, easy flavour. Not entirely negative calories, but a heck of a lot better than cakes staked 10 tiers high! These single-serve treats don’t even need frosting to keep ‘em deliciously moist.

It's Naturally Chocolate Cake

Deliciously easy, sugar free and rich in healthy soy protein, this chocolate cake is easy enough for the kids to make themselves (and tasty enough that they'll want to eat it too!)

El Bizcocho del Limón

This is a low, dense lemon flavoured “tea cake” from one of my old school friend’s mothers. She grew up in Chile, and would always have some of the most interesting additions to our ethnic food days. Luckily, I managed to keep this recipe all these years!


Coming from one of the Stepfather’s momma’s cook-notes: Honey is the basic flavour in these classic light fluffy dough Italian cookies. Americans call these a "Sweet Roll".

Divinely Dark Cookies

These cookies are not exactly on Santa's "nice" list either, with a cup of sugar in them, but they are fat-free and rich in antioxidants from the cocoa powder! These are also good for holiday gifting too, especially if you know a lactose-intolerant or celiac sufferer!

Stout Irishman's Bread

Good with soups, chili. Makes excellent toast, or hearty sandwiches. Omit salt entirely if adding cheese though.

Sweet N' Spicy Pomodoro Sauce

A tomato sauce that is sweet at the first bite then fades to hot. A delicious recipe that can be used as a base for your own mixture of vegetables.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Diabetic Lemon-Almond Squares

These are a variation of the popular lemon square, modified to make it more diabetic-friendly and to introduce the flavour of almond into the crust and crunchy topping, something my stepfather loves.

Smartie Pants Cookie Drops

Yet another twist on the good ol’ chocolate chipper, this time I threw in some custard powder and Smarties (the Canadian chocolate, not the American candy!) for flavour, texture and colour! Eggless and whole-grain to boot, these are a joy for kids and adults alike. If you can’t find custard powder (like Bird’s – not the instant kind though) you can substitute measure-for-measure with cook and serve vanilla pudding.

Que Sarah Sarah Lasagne

Here’s my latest make – ahead freezer dish for my mom during the busy weeks. With the time until Christmas getting into the crunch, these are a great help! This is a great, healthy and economical recipe too, relying on whole-wheat pasta, 1% cottage cheese, frozen spinach and Textured Vegetable Protein in place of the usual suspects. Throw in a good glug of red wine and some dried herbs from your cupboard, and mangia!

The Nuttiest Rainbow Cookies

A chewy, moist and slightly lighter peanut butter and whole-wheat cookie base is the perfect foil for chopped M&M candy folded in. A brilliant way to make someone’s day… or lunchtime!


Crunchy breadsticks flavoured with garlic, pepper and herbs and made toothsome with the additions of whole-wheat flour and cornmeal, adapted from Arabic Bites:

Caribbean Christmas Cake

The ultimate fruitcake, perfect for a tropical change from the usual!

Canadian Living's Best Cake Mix

3 1/3 cups of this basic white cake mix = 1 box regular cake mix

Very Good (9 ratings)
Fat & Sugar Free Hot Chocolate Mix

Hot chocolate mix – best of all, sugar and fat free!

Duo of Decadence Hot Chocolate

This is an awesome blend... creamy peanut butter, thick golden honey and creamy milk... what could only make this better but rich, dark cocoa? The only note I will say on this recipe (besides make it, and enjoy!) is use no less than 2% milk for this (yes, I know... no 1%, no skim!), and whisk it well.


Spices, sugar & wine all together in a cookie. Soetkoekies are of Dutch origin and apparently have been a favourite South African biscuit-tin filler for many years. Recipe came from an old teacher of mine.

Ricotta and Roasted Tomato Crostini

Adapted from the PC Insiders Report Winter 2007: Making little toasts for crostini under the broiler is a bit fiddly, but this wire-rack oven method reduces the chances of burnt toast. Ricotta is a delicious and unusual topping.

Cheese n' Bean Dip

Try this wonderful hummus-style dip. It's quick, easy and terrifically tasty!

Mucho Mocha Berry Cupcakes

A mocha-raspberry cupcake with slivered almonds for crunch. Sweetened with maple syrup and the natural sweetness of apple butter and the berries, and low-fat to boot.

Rose Of Lebanon Cake

This cake is very different to the usual pound cake recipes. It calls for rosewater, which you can find in Middle Eastern grocery stores (if not your regular grocery). You could also substitute orange flower water for the rosewater if desired.

Warm Grecian Salad

A great warm main-dish salad made of roasted potatoes and vegetables tossed with tangy balsamic vinegar. The goat cheese can be omitted for vegans wishing to try this.

Broccoli Pomodoro

This is a great quick version of a strongly flavoured traditional Italian side. You can use fresh tomatoes and basil if desired, and if time allows.


Filled cookies with the taste of figs, raisins, oranges, walnuts, honey, cinnamon and chocolate -- something for everyone! Great Christmas cookie!

Very Good (1 rating)
Biscotti Di Polpetta

Italian traditional Christmas cookie, round, chocolate and spicy. The name translates literally to “Meatball Cookies”! A nice change from some of the sweeter treats out there.Italian traditional Christmas cookie, round, chocolate and spicy. The name translates literally to “Meatball Cookies”! A nice change from some of the sweeter treats out there.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Deep n' Delish Chili Pie

A deep-dish cheese and turkey chili pie stretched with TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) to make it cheaper and healthier! Tastes great, not too spicy, the kids will adore it on a winter night! Make on the weekend and bake-off midweek for a simple meal

Sweet N Sassy Flank Steak

This crock-pot meal-in-one is a perfect Cuban-style dish. It’s sweet and tangy, with tons of vitamins and beta carotene to boot! Turn it on before work, and when you come home the whole house will smell like the Caribbean stopped by for dinner!

Seaside Club Sandwiches

Use a hearty, top-quality bakery bread for these gourmet lobster sandwiches. Double-smoked bacon is sliced to order in some delicatessens, like Scheffler's in Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market.

Zinful Brownies

When luscious chocolate, sweet red cherries and rich Zinfandel wine combine, what do you get? The most Zinful, fudgey, romantic treat on the planet!

Friendly Marble Cheesecake

A unique twist on the traditional marble cheesecake, using tofu, Neuchatel cheese and gluten-free vanilla cookies.

Melon Bread

This excellent bread is very moist and has the texture of pumpkin or zucchini bread, and a gorgeous orange colour.

Vegan Apple-Raspberry Cornbread

A sweet and fruity tender white cornbread with a raspberry ribbon through the middle!

Black And Green Ecstasy

Your friends and family will never know they’re getting a healthy serving of veggies with their dessert; they’ll be too busy experiencing this low-fat “chocolate ecstasy”. So if you have an extra zucchini or two hanging around, this is a wonderful (and slightly subversive) use for it!

Tamarind-Stewed Meatballs

Loosely adapted from "Aromas of Aleppo" by Poopa Dweck, these are meatballs made from a combination of ground lamb, turkey and chickpeas stewed in a sour tamarind-tomato sauce. The chickpea puree is obtained from simply processing the chickpeas to a paste. Hummus is too thin

Banana-split Cheesecake

All the flavours of the classic Banana Split, made into a low-fat, high-flavour cheesecake. Adapted from Cooking Light for my cheesecake-loving family. Enjoy!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Mango Lime Pie

A unique, creamy yet light pie flavoured with the tropical essences of lime and mango.

Braised Duck In A Chocolate Wine Sauce

This is a variation of Coq au Vin, made with duck legs. The sauce is made velvety smooth with the subtle addition of chocolate, which perfectly balances out the salty bacon and savoury herbs. This is similar to a Cristine Cushing recipe, though my copy does not have a source attached

Baltic Fish Curry

A spicy yellow fish curry that's great served over jasmine or basmati rice. Coconut and tomatoes make a delicious velvety sauce.

Squashed Spice Cake

Have any leftover cooked spaghetti squash? This moist, spicy cake can put it to delicious use.

Dotty Lemon Cake

This is a wonderfully tart lemon poppy-seed cake that has the added benefit of being mixed in the pan it’s baked in. No messy bowls to wash!

Cranberry-peach Muffins

These muffins are a great use for peaches that have passed their prime for fresh eating, or for canned peaches if fresh aren’t in season. Gorgeous presentation and great for breakfast or a quick snack.

Strawberry-Pecan Cookies

These have to be one of Andrew’s favourite cookies. His dad’s a huge fan of them too! They turn into a pretty pinky-brown colour which can be intensified by 1 tsp of red food colouring if you wish. These have a chewy / cakey texture to them.

Cuban Black Bean Hummus

This is a quick and delicious recipe that I love, and is low in fat. It is adapted from "Memories of a Cuban Kitchen" by Mary Urrutia Randelman

Beets Rummy

An interesting twist on traditional sweet and sour beets, with some serious flavour kick. Use a good clear rum for this, not a spiced one.

Brazilian Orange Cake

This light, refreshing cake is the perfect end to a traditional Brazilian meal. Garnish with powdered sugar and fresh fruit for a festive presentation.

Savoy Sponge Cake

According to tradition Count Amadeo di Savoia offered this cake to Charles of Luxembourg in 1438 and was nominated Duke and Imperial officer, thus beginning the rise to power of the future kings of Italy.

Gold Brick for a Belated Birthday

Don’t worry about the name of this cake… though it is a golden pound-cake style of dessert, it is by no means as dense as a brick, nor does it contain any eggs! This is the second product of my birthday / Christmas gift baking bonanza for my best friends James and Heather, whose birthdays I missed due to their school schedule and my Thanksgiving plans. This is James’ present, a rich, tangy lemon loaf cake with a light drizzle of raspberry icing. Again, a dessert I would love to have any time, if only my health would let me!

Mincemeat Tarts With Flair

My dad's FAVOURITE around the holiday season. Takes a little bit of time, yet it's totally worth it! Vegan, and can be made alcohol free if you wish (substitute apple juice for the brandy). Not for dieters!

Vegan Antioxidant Truffles

Rich, succulent dark chocolate truffles made with pureed pumpkin for a double dose of antioxidants, vitamins and fiber!

Moms Christmas Shortbread

The cookies we make every Christmas, without fail. The smell of them will always bring back memories of childhood Christmases. Definitely not for dieters or diabetics, though!

Momma's Challah

This is one of the two main loaves of bread that feature prominently at our Christmas brunch every year. The leftovers are always greedily consumed over the following week with peanut butter and honey or a smear of jam.

Sarah’s Scallops Arugula

This is my latest idea for my Christmas Eve dinner while the family is feasting on some festive dishes I can’t eat. If you like, add cheese, nuts and olive oil to your pesto, they’re on my no-no list, so I use pasta water and nutritional yeast.

Georgiana's Snow - Cake

love white chocolate, and this cheesecake is becoming one of the most popular custom items on my bakery's menu! Egg-free but just as rich with the addition of custard (or vanilla pudding) powder, this is a royal showstopper for any gathering.

Very Good (1 rating)
Moms Holiday Brioche

This is the Christmas bread my mom and I bake every year. Decadent and very rich without being overly sweet, it's perfect with a little bit of butter with our Christmas breakfast!

Cocoa Fraiche Cupcakes

Take a white-flour, white-sugar cupcake, dress it up with a whack of butter and brown sugar, give it the bell-bottom jeans of whole wheat and the beret of creme fraiche, and you have this decadent morsel of delight!

Tender Christmas Wishes

Delicious morsels bursting with flavour!

NRG Bowl

Warming and rich, this hearty, vegan soup will satisfy everyone coming in from the cold!

Goat Cheese n’ Apple Meatloaves

These unique bites are equally delicious as lunchbox stuffers or a dinnertime side, with gooey goat's cheese, sweet maple syrup and succulent apple.

Black Forest Chicken

A fruity, creamy cherry and dark chocolate sauce enrobes the skinless, boneless breast meat, turning up the flavour and taking you to a different world!

Orange – Mocofu Cheesecake

What can be better than an orange-chocolate cheesecake? How about a few splashes of liqueur, the elimination of refined sugar and lower-fat, lower-cholesterol ingredients?

Mind Your P’s and Q’s Muffins

These wonderfully healthy, toothsome whole-grain muffins have earned their name from their two star ingredients: Pumpkin and Quinoa! These are a great way to start, continue, or end your day.

Whole Wheat and Cornmeal Potato Bread

Potatoes make this hearty, well-textured bread tender and wonderfully chewy, while the three risings develop a flavour like no other you’ve ever had. Whether fresh out of the oven or toasted days later for breakfast, you won’t regret making this!

Rich Pawnbroker's Cookies

A chocolate- and nut-butter cookie that is truly decadent with macadamia butter and nuts. The reason I call these "pawnbroker" cookies is the design of the nuts mimics the pawnbroker symbol, and rich, well, you know how expensive macadamias are! Recipe created with eggchef in mind b/c I know he loves chocolate and macadamia nuts!

Easy Cinnamon Buns

It doesn't get much easier than a cake mix, quick yeast and some whole-wheat flour, and it doesn't get much tastier than melted butter and spices, either!

Basic Crusty Bread

The small amount of work and the day it takes to make these loaves rewards you with a bread that's as wonderful as if you had an artisan baker at home!

"Sour Creme" Coffeecake

This is a delicious version of everybody’s favorite coffee cake, moist and rich-tasting, but with much less fat than usual. You can use reduced-fat soy products, if you wish. Makes a 10” tube cake. Adapted from Bryanna Clark Goagan’s “The Fiber for Life Cookbook”.

Chocolate Crisps

Crunchy, crispy chocolate wafer cookies that are great for making crumb crusts or cookie sandwiches! Freeze the dough, then slice and bake as needed!

Saffron-Raisin Bread

Adapted from
7/10/saffron-braid-with-raisins.html, complete with a thorough explanation of the 4-strand braiding technique. A great morning sweet bread that's perfect for French toast later!

Very Good (1 rating)
Tangerine Breakfast Rolls

Let the warming, delicious flavours of the tropics infuse your kitchen as these bake. Great Sunday morning type of treat!

Herby Cheese n’ Bean Dip

A creamy and slightly nutty dip perfect for snacking!

Starry Eyed Brownies

Aside from the good luck symbol of the black-eyed peas in these moist (and low-fat, to get you started on those resolutions) brownies, the addition of the almonds is also considered good fortune by the Chinese and Ancient Roman civilizations. The trick is to puree the beans very well, bits of skin hanging around in the batter are not pleasant!

Sinfully Delicious Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate recipe calls for two different kinds of chocolate, honey and butter, and it's whipped frothy. The evaporated milk makes for an extra rich cup of cocoa that’s simply decadent!

Parisan Warm Chocolate

Downright decadent and sinfully rich, this hot chocolate recipe calls for heavy cream and whole milk. Any substitution simply isn’t right! No need for spices or other flavours when you have real chocolate and cream.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Café Rue d'Madelaine

A bit late for the holiday gifting season, but this delicious cappuccino mix is sure to please anyone who tastes it!

Cafe Swiss Mocha Mix

A delicious mix to create excellent cafe-style drinks at a fraction of the coffee house price!

Sushi-ful Salad

Delicious, simple, and beautiful. Serving sushi salad on a bed of lettuce, garnished with slices of red and green bell peppers, makes this a work of art.

Singapore-style Curry Vermicelli

A made-over "fake out" of one of my favourite Chinese food dishes. Vary the proteins and vegetables to suit your tastes

Very Good (1 rating)
Strawberry-Lime Yogurt Pops

A wonderful recipe that I've had forever, and haven't made in a while for some reason. The flavours are infinitely variable, this is my favourite version. Great healthy summer snack for kids!

Creamy Vegan Corn Chowder

A delicious sweet corn chowder made creamy with potatoes and flavoured with simple but hearty herbs.

Early Autumn Dutch Cake

A great moist coffeecake-like cake topped with the fruits of late summer for extra moistness and sweetness.

Very Good (1 rating)
"Its Bloody Flourless!" Orange Almond And Poppyseed Cake

A perfect, almond-based flour-and-gluten-free citrus cake with the beautiful colour and tang of blood oranges and the slight crunch of poppyseeds.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Peach - Banana Sorbet

A creamy, fruity summer treat that is completely vegan and perfect to end a rich dinner. From The Jumbo Vegetarian Cookbook.

Vegan Mayonnaise Substitute

An easy way to make vegan mayo for sandwiches or other cold uses.

Gluten-free Orange-parsnip Cheesecake

A very unusual, creamy orange cheesecake that's great for playing "guess that secret ingredient!" Gluten free as an added bonus, and rich with egg yolks and cream cheese. Recipe came from a card in Eggchef's mom's recipe box.

Strawberry Cheesecakes Forever

A delightfully pink, sinfully rich strawberry-vanilla cheesecake with a chocolate crust.


This is the recipe, from 'Better Homes & Gardens 'New Cookbook', which is the cookbook that has been my bible for over twenty years. I couldn't find a publication date, but it is over twenty-five years old. NI is with 1% milk.

Incredible! (9 ratings)
Dynamite Spicy Sushi Sauce

You can use this sauce in spicy tuna rolls, or on a volcano or lava roll. The Sriracha hot sauce is the secret ingredient (the one with the rooster on the bottle!). You can be authentic and use "real" Japanese Mayonnaise (Kewpie), but good old Hellman's works fine too.

Santa's Cider

An easy way to serve hot apple cider, perfect after apple-picking or while watching the snow fall!

Poached Salmon With Garden Harvest Sauce

A wonderful way to prepare salmon without adding fat! The sauce is reminiscent of Tzatsiki. Good hot or cold, great for next day pita pocket lunches!

Dogwood Chicken

So named for a popular flower in this dishes’ location of invention, as well as the site of some of the most incredible tasting peaches in the world: Georgia!

Siamese Enemy Curry

Created in Burma, the long-time rival of Siam (now Thailand). Holds a special place in my heart as I was in a school production of The King and I, playing Anna.

Jamaican Ham Steaks

A sweet and distinctly Caribbean way to bake ham steak, so bring on the rum!

Sour Cream Date Pie

An interesting sweet and sour, creamy baked pie from my fiance's mom's recipe box.

Spice - Grilled Lamb

Flavourful and tender marinaded lamb chops grilled to perfection. Would be great alongside a couscous or rice pilaf!

Very Good (4 ratings)
Java Bananas

A great caramel / coffee glaze that forms over warm sauteed bananas makes for a great tropical treat on it's own or over vanilla yogurt or ice cream.

Dads Style Bbq Corn

A great way to prepare corn on the cob, this intensifies the sweetness and pairs very well with the butter.

Garlic Grilled Canuck Bacon

A great way to prepare Canadian Back Bacon with a sweet garlicky glaze.

Very Good (1 rating)
Win His Heart And Stomach Short Ribs

The best way through to a man's (or woman's, for that matter) heart is through the stomach... these ribs will have a ring on your finger in short order, or perhaps an anniversary trip to Hawaii?

Roasted Garden Melange Sauce

A great way to fix that "tomato problem" in your garden, roasted beets and tomatoes combine into a great sauce for pasta, vegetables or even meats.

Gluten-free Fruit N Nutbars

This bar is a gluten free, lowfat, vegan and finally easy to make bar for kids and parents who are on the go and don't have time to fix breakfast or a midday snack.

NaNYmo Bars Recipe

Also known as New York Specials (at least according to my 1935 cookbook) these are a maple-flavour bar cookie like a Nanaimo bar. Very rich, cut small pieces!

Steel-Drum Pork

A great Caribbean inspired pulled pork inspired by a recipe from the Four Seasons hotel in Vancouver. Great over rice, mashed yucca root (or potatoes) or on good crusty bread!

Avocado Salsa

A salsa made with avocado and tomatoes along with zesty jalepeno peppers and lime juice. Adds zing to sandwiches or with a plate of nachos!

Kiwi - Melon Sauce

A tropical sweet and tangy vodka-based sauce that can be used for a variety of things... great over poundcake for a simple dessert.

Egg - Free Chocolate Custard

A tasty, egg-free way to make a thick, rich custard-style pudding that's great as a yellow or strawberry cake filling, or just eating out of a bowl.

Spicy Pumpkin Pie

Traditionally-styled pumpkin pie with spices in both the filling and the crust. Take the seasonal fling to a whole new level!

Hidden Gold Mooncakes

A slight twist on the traditional Chinese Moon Festival treat: mooncakes! These have a chocolate skin encasing a golden yellow custard filling. Edited for Imperial measurements.

Floral Savoury Omelette

A neat way to use these ever-growing blossoms from your vegetable garden. Adapted from Mireille Guiliano, author of French Women Don’t Get Fat.

Crepes Suzette

A crêpe with a hot sauce of caramelised sugar, orange juice, lightly grated orange peel and Grand Marnier on top, which is lit. A showstopper of a dessert!

La Russe

Connoisseurs who taste this seductive dessert of meringue and chocolate ganache will be reminded of a French dacquoise. Yet in Morocco this unforgettable flourless, butterless cake bears the intriguing name of Le Russe, "the Russian."

Ginger-orange Stuffed Pears

These stuffed pears are a brilliant, colourful mix of rich orange-ginger cheesecake and warm red pears baked into a small bite of decadence.

Beet Pancakes

A very tender, pink-hued pancake perfect for Valentines Day!

Pumpkin Maple Cream Cheese Muffins

Bring your kids into the kitchen to help you make this delicious, autumn inspired recipe!

Coco Lime Tower

This is an adaptation of a cake recipe that I’ve had for many years. The addition of the rice and pastry flours keep it light and fluffy along with the egg whites, and coconut milk, shredded coconut and coconut extract add a triple flavour punch to this amazing cake. The lime curd isn’t too sweet and nicely balances the tropical sensations nicely. Frosting though, I find, is overkill.

Pink Pie Pastry

A gluten free and brilliantly-hued crust that works for both sweet and savoury concoctions! From

Tourtiere Burgers

A summery spin on classic tourtière, without the fussy crust. Any other ingredients or toppings on this burger interfere with the traditional flavours!

Slow It Down Mediterranean Stew

Hearty, healthy, vegan flavour straight from the shores of the Mediterranean sea.

A Healthy Pot Of Black N Red

Simple to prepare, this vegan bean soup has serious kick from both peppers and garlic. Don’t eat it before a big meeting or romantic rendezvous, haha. Throw it in your crock pot in the morning, and it will be done when you get home from work.

Meaty Peach Pie

A frugal meatloaf with a sweet n sour twist. The peaches add a sweet touch and go well with the ground turkey and TVP.

Sweetheart Neopolitan Cupcakes

These are a taste sensation: creamy, slightly tangy vanilla and chocolate batters sandwich a sweet, succulent strawberry heart. All I can say is wow!

Honey Garlic Ginger Chicken

Easy to prepare and very tasty. A fairly healthy and purely decadent meal when served over brown rice and broccoli!

Very Good (6 ratings)
Magical Pudding “Pie” Dessert

This is a simply amazing dessert fix for when you’re trying to shed the holiday pounds but love dessert! Here's the magic part - after the dessert sits long enough, the crackers taste exactly like a thin layer of phyllo dough! It’s important to get the salted kind of crackers, though – it makes a difference!

Slowcooked Spicy Seastew

This zippy, healthy stew is very easy and quick to prepare. The hardest part is chopping the potatoes!

Wine & Cheese Checkerboards

While cleaning out our pantry, I came across about 3 boxes of grape Jell-o! I started thinking about how many different forms grapes and wine can take, and how to pair them with cheese on the same plate. I thought this was a cute, vegetarian tasteful treat! Substitute 2 tbsp unflavoured gelatine for the agar if you are not vegetarian.

Slowdown Hickory-Ginger Ribs

Delicious, fall-off-the-bone ribs that can be made and stored the night before and started in the morning for a great dinner. The sauce soaks into the ribs and gently infuses them with delicious flavour.

Puy Sagne

This meal is lush - puy lentils have a lovely earthy flavour and keep their texture well. The ingredients list isn’t strict - if you’ve any vegetable lying around, chop them up and chuck them in. It all adds to the taste!

Salted Caramel Buttercream Frosting

The decadence of salty caramel blends effortlessly into a creamy butter base, making a perfect topping and filling for pecan, banana or chocolate cakes!

Blue Cheese Stuffed Potatoes

Sharp yet creamy Gorgonzola cheese forms a decadent filing for these twice-baked potatoes.

Safe N Free Vanilla Cakes

A woman at the gym gave me this recipe when she heard I was an avid baker with a list of medical problems. Have not had a chance to try these out, but she assures me they are delicious!

Specially Yours Lemon Blueberry Muffins

A simple-to-prepare, not too sweet gluten-free muffin that you can dress up with a blueberry sauce and whipped cream for dessert, or grab on the go in the morning. They freeze well, too.

Molten Buttermilk Brownie Goo

Your typical brownie pudding cake, made with buttermilk for a great tangy taste experience.

Coast To Coast Pie

This French-Canadian dish has been passed down for many generations. It’s an easy way to get Omega-3’s into your diet without the high price tag of fresh salmon. If you like salmon, you will enjoy this pie.

Free Bread

A soft, gluten-free sandwich style bread made with chickpea flour and yeast


It’s a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey. The term turducken comes from the combination of tur(key), duck, and (chick)en. Each slice contains portions of chicken, duck, and turkey with stuffing in-between the layers.

Black Olive Pate

If you love tapenade, you will love this spicy olive pate flavoured with roasted garlic and Fontina cheese. Yield: 1 ½ cups

Kahlua Pumpkin Pie

Yet another twist on an old favourie, this time kicking up traditional pumpkin pie with a spash of kahlua.

Pumpkin Pecan Pie

A combination of two seasonal favourites, pumpkin pie and pecan pie, make this decadent, rich dessert.

Pudding Chomeur

This dessert recipe was very popular in Quebec during the depression and remains a favorite in many French Canadian homes to this day

Secret Success Mocha-cherry Muffins

Something I came up with on a whim while trying to think of a recipe for a family tea-time gathering while using up fridge and pantry goods. The secret is in the base ingredient, who would have thought!

Rum Runner's Roasted Chicken

A sweet and spicy roasted chicken with a serious kick. Use a good dark rum for this recipe, and don't skimp on the garlic!

Very Good (1 rating)
Maple-ginger Apple Pie

Something I came up with this afternoon as I was filling an order for my bakery (see or my blog for more). Smelled divine!

Very Good (1 rating)
Sweet n' Spicy Gardener's Pie

My southwestern version of shepherd's pie, made with TVP, chickpeas, sweet potatoes and seasonings from The Spice Depot that were sent to me for review. The site is for those interested. My carniverous dad loved it and didn't know it was vegan!

Mediterranean Sea Bake

This all-in-one pasta and seafood bake is loaded with Mediterranean flavours from the peppers, eggplant and lemon dancing throughout a white wine and tomato sauce.

Fruits Of Freedom Chocolate Cake

This chocolate – strawberry – orange cake is my entry to RKhook’s “Stop the Traffick” Chocolate Competition, which focuses on the use of fair-trade and slavery free chocolate to make decadent desserts.

Stiletto Print Cookies

Traditional melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter thumbprint cookies with a serious centre! For those who like some rock n’ roll flair with their little bit o’ country cooking. The spice seasoning mentioned is reviewed on my blog.

Curried Paneer Meatloaf

This is quick, simple, & tasty, and a great way to introduce international flavours to the table. Perfect for a work night when time & energy are in short supply. The cottage cheese makes the meatloaf moist & adds calcium to the meal.

Herbal Chocolate Chippers

Mint has long been used as a culinary herb for its sweet scent and cooling taste. Both the leaves and flowers can be used in your culinary creations.

Hijiki and Dried Shiitake Mushroom Wafuu Pasta

Most wafuu pasta recipes are very quick and easy to make, so they are great for quick dinners. This dramatic black and white pasta, from has no added fat. Hijiki is a slightly bitter tasting seaweed that comes in short strips about the size of a match. It is similar in texture and appearance to black spaghetti.

Ginger-apple Butter

A baked apple butter made from ready-made applesauce. Spread on toast for a yummy sweet light breakfast.

Peanut Cake With Giandua Truffle Creme

The ultimate combo for me, peanut butter and hazelnut chocolate, blend spectacularly into this showstopper of a dessert. Very rich, almost like a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich!

Fifteen Moroccan Dates Cake

A sweet, fruited cake with it's roots in Morocco, lightened to meet Western waistlines.

Healthy Winers Sauce

An overdose of peppers and tomatoes from my garden caused the necessity of preparing yet another pasta sauce. I tossed in some lentils from the cupboard near the end just because.

Super-Chunk Brownies

A sweet, nutty chewy brownie made with Gianduia chocolate chunks, honey, rich cocoa and a blend of oils. Dairy free, made with low-fat soy milk. Don't use fat free in this recipe though, a little fat is needed! Due to the addition of apple butter in place of some oil, it is still a lower-fat dessert.

Bryannas Vegan Dulce De Leche

Use this sauce over frozen vegan desserts, as a filling for tarts and cookies, on sundaes, over brownies, as a cake or pudding sauce, over filled sweet crepes, on fruit crumbles, etc.

Apples Suzette

A cross between sautéed apples and the popular dessert Crepes Suzette, this is sure to please at a Fall feast.

Ultimate Cravings Mini Cake

A light peanut butter sponge cake is cooked in a can, of all things, and is the perfect foil for a raspberry and chocolate filling. I used fellow Canadian Bernard Callebaut’s dark couverture chocolate as that’s all I had on hand. Any good chocolate (or even Nutella) works nicely. A great dessert for two.

Blueberry Molasses Muffins

A great, moist and fruity bran muffin made with molasses for a rich colour and flavour.

Lighter Orange White Chocolate And Cranberry Cake

A great lightened version of pound cake, made with whole wheat flour, light cream cheese and nonfat yogurt. The sheer decadence comes from the sweet white chocolate and festive cranberries.

Pineapple Carrot Buckwheat Cake

An excellent and healthy way to kick-start your morning, with alternate whole grains, fruit and carrots. It's like dessert, only better!

Seeded Pumpkin Fruit Quickbread

This rich, moist loaf is heavily adapted from The New American Plate Cookbook: Recipes for a Healthy Weight and a Healthy Life (2005) by the American Institute for Cancer Research.

Lychee Bbq Sauce

Exotic lychee fruit lends a touch of sweetness to this barbecue sauce. Great for anything – meat, poultry, vegetables, fish or seafood. Particularly good with broccoli, cause it soaks in! Makes 2 cups, NI for 1 cup

Chocolate Macadamia Decadence

What do you get when rich chocolate, toasted macadamia nuts and berries combine? A delightful, rich and flavourful flourless wonder that will leave your guests craving the recipe!

Carrot Maple Macaroon Swirl

A wonderfully unusual blend of ingredients lends itself to a spectacular presentation. You've never had carrot cake like this before!

Very Good (1 rating)
Ham N Tater Stew

This simple, zippy one-pot stew is real comfort food, prefect for a chilly day! Make it ahead – it freezes very well and is even better the next day!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Sweet And Sour Squid

Try this unusual but easy method for squid in a sweet and sour broth. Serve with garlic bread to sop up the juices. You can have this on the table in under 30 minutes if you use pre-cleaned calamari.

Punkin Pie Fudge

A creamy pumpkin-pie flavoured treat, perfect for fall!

Super Squashcakes

A lower fat, high-nutrition version of a pumpkin bread recipe, using extra pumpkin and no oil. They taste great, and are great for you! They freeze very well; just microwave a frozen muffin for 20 to 30 seconds and it's ready. Great school snack for kids!

Squid Chardonnay

An excellent and elegant way to present this gift from the sea: braised in a dry Chardonnay with garlic and potatoes

Cola Black Bean Soup

Cola is the secret ingredient in this easy black bean soup recipe. The black beans are further flavoured with onion, garlic, cumin, chili powder, and lime.

Thai Dinner Rolls

Canned coconut milk adds a rich body and a unique twist to these traditional dinner buns

Cabbage Bread

Serve this nutritious quick bread with soup or salad. Day-old bread is good toasted, or as French Toast with cinnamon sugar. Also makes great turkey or ham sandwiches.

Fireside Veggie Pie

Curious about the lack of potatoes in this dish? In Europe, Asia and Africa, chestnuts are often used as an everyday potato substitute, and I took that as a cue when I was writing this recipe. You will need shelled, boiled chestnuts for this recipe. Slice either a horizontal slash or a large X along the flat side before boiling. Cover with cold water, bring to a boil, and simmer for three minutes. Peel off the shell and skin with a sharp knife. As they cool, they become more difficult to peel, so keep them in hot water until you are ready to peel them!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Spicy Calamari Chowder

If you like conch chowder, try this version using calamari. It is thick and hearty with robust seafood flavour and just enough spiciness to tickle the tongue. This recipe calls for both the squid tubes and tentacles, but if you don't care for the tentacles, simply use an equal amount of the body instead. This method adds the squid rings last so they remain tender with little cooking.

Mixed Bag Butter

A slightly chunky "nut butter" spread made with a combination of cashews, pumpkin seeds, Nutella and peanut butter. Great range of flavours and nutrients for all!

Mixed Bag Double Chocolate Cookies

The delicious result of a kitchen brainstorm and my desire to have something sweet waiting for anyone who happens to drop by (of course, some is squirreled away for eggchef). Double-chocolate and nutty decadence for all!

Kettle Seeds

The most recent way I've made roasted pumpkin seeds, with salt and honey, borrowing a technique I learned off of Elise from Simply Recipes (
438toasted_pumpkin_seeds.php) and finishing with my own flair. They taste like kettle corn!

Buttery Buttermilk Vanilla Cake

This is the cake I made for my grandmother's birthday party, altered from a cupcake recipe by Nicole from Baking Bites (
ttermilk-cupcakes/). Deliciously moist and very vanilla-y, a perfect all-purpose cake for all! The lack of salt in this recipe allows the sweetness of the lower sugar content and the rich butter shine through.

Fig And Apple Manicotti

A simple yet elegant take on dessert, using seasonal fruits and nuts.

Gluten-free Lemon-raspberry Cheesecake

A Digestive and flaked almond base, topped with a creamy lemon and raspberry cheesecake mix. Great finished off with fresh raspberries! The recipe is dairy, egg, wheat and gluten free. Prep time includes necessary chilling time.

Hallow Afters Cake

This is a great way to use up any holiday's leftover candy - Halloween treats, Christmas candy canes, Valentine sweets, Easter candy, etc! Anything goes and pretty much is up to your imagination!

Rose & Crown Pub Cake

One of my sister's all time favourite cakes was from the Rose and Crown pub in EPCOT, so this was created based off of a combination of recipes for Chocolate Guinness Cake recipes I had and with what I had on hand at the time. This is a dense cake, very rich, and doesn't need any icing though a sprinkling of icing sugar looks gorgeous!

Cinnamon Buckwheat-Oat Cake

This is a very moist and tender cake, fragrant with ground cinnamon. It tastes a lot like carrot cake, but is a little chewier and much easier to make.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Shortcut Cinnamon Buns

Traditional cinnamon buns are made with yeast, but these rich, semi-flaky biscuit style buns are faster to make and just as delicious! In fact, this recipe can be prepared in 45 minutes, making these perfect for anytime snacking or breakfasts, and the tiny batch size is great for feeding two or three!

Half-Batch Banana Breakfast Buns

These are perfect for small family breakfasts on the weekends, nice and tender from the potato and moist and fragrant with the bananas. A sweet cinnamon and date filling seals the deal!

Rich Potage de Lentilles

If you choose to use red lentils, note that they cook faster than brown lentils so watch them closely. If this soup seems to dry out, add a little more water as necessary. It is a very thick and rich soup, however, so don't add too much.

Flognarde Au Framboises

This is not an egg-custard type of flan but rather a hot, fruit-filled batter cake similar to clafoutis. It can be made with other berries, cherries or pears, depending on the season. Source: Adapted from The Food Lover's Guide to Paris by Patricia Wells, (Workman, 1999)

Clementines Garlic Bean Pasta

This is a satisfying vegetarian main course that takes full advantage of the flavour possibilities of garlic, here cooked until soft for sweetness and body along with sweet oranges, sautéed until golden for depth, and added raw with crushed red pepper flakes for brightness.

Vegan Bran-Raisin Bread

Though low in fat and sugar, it's surprisingly moist, has all that bran goodness and is a lot more portable than a bowl of cereal and milk. Adapted from Miami Herald.

Swedish Energy Bread

Serve for breakfast or tea with a dab of butter, or toasted and plain. To store, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for up to 1 week. Or wrap the bread whole in foil, then in plastic wrap, and freeze for up to 2 months. Adapted from Maritim, a restaurant in Simrisham, Sweden

Rich Chocolate Chip Honey Cake

This dessert has so many wonderful flavours and is so moist it might convert a non-honey-cake lover. Adapted from the Miami Herald. You can substitute chocolate chips, but chopped, premium chocolate is more delicious.

Mostarda Di Cremona

Something my mom told me about when she came home from Italy, following info from "This is what most Italians think of when they hear the word mostarda. It's voluptuous, and though something of an acquired taste (like fine whisky, for that matter), can be addictive. Since the fruit is not finely sliced, you should select pieces that look perfect."

Venetian Apple Pie

This is not your typical apple pie, nor does it call for your typical mustard! Use the “Mostarda di Cremona” recipe I have posted here, or buy the jarred kind from an Italian specialty market or Amazon (

Caggiune E Caggiunitte

This recipe comes from the Province of Chieti and explains how to make the traditional Christmas sweets. It takes time to make but only (maybe) 10 seconds to eat!


This is an authentic San Marino dessert cake, studded with a variety of fruit. In the past it was cooked not in the oven but in the fireplace " between two fires" which means in a heavy copper pan, which had a concave lid in which live hot coals were placed so it had heat from above as well as from below. It is intended for serving in small pieces along with a sweet dessert wine.

Delightfully Twisted Cheesecake

Always a favourite pairing of flavours, this luscious cheesecake stars a delectable blend of orange and chocolate

Sweet Shiraz Lamb

Serve with honey-glazed carrots and garlic-rosemary mashed potatoes for a great savoury feast. Ras el hanout is a traditional and complex Moroccan spice blend, and may be found in specialty grocery stores.

Warm Mocha Matzos

Great comfort food anytime, not just Passover! Matzoh balls are soaked in a hot creamy mocha mixture, perfect to slurp!


"Who would believe that beer would be the perfect solution to eradicating fluorescent green margaritas? Well, it is! Best to use not-so-micro brews to avoid an overpowering beer flavour. Use the limeade can to measure the ingredients, and adjust with extra water if the mixture seems too sweet. Straining the pulp is always a good idea, unless, of course, you like pulp!"

Princeley Pauper's Breadsticks

A variation on crunchy, savoury breadsticks, using rustic, “peasantry” ingredients like rolled oats, whole wheat flour and cornmeal, paired with the luxurious additions of rich honey, extra-virgin, imported olive oil and ground saffron! With such an amazing combination on my hands, I almost had to steal them for myself!

Urban Camper Cake

If you are not the camping sort, here is a decadent version of the classic: s’mores! It tastes remarkably similar, is egg-free (but do use good butter or butter-flavour stick margarine) and you eat it in a civilized manner, on a plate, with a fork. It's all the fun of camping without any of the fun of camping!

Sweet Potato Ouncecake

A light, fine textured cake. Excellent for the holiday season

Neptune's Delight

A great Valentine's day meal when cut down for 2, Filet mignon is stuffed with a luscious lemon-garlic butter and lobster combination and roasted to perfection.

Cinful Raisin Pretzels

Tantalize your taste buds with the sweet smells of cinnamon sugar and freshly baked bread swirling through your kitchen. These soft pretzels are simply scrumptious served warm from the oven or reheated in a toaster oven.

Chocolate's Final Bow Cookies

A delicious, decadent and darkly rich double-chocolate cookie that uses olive oil for a chewy treat and espresso for an adult twist.

Coffee Shop Butter

A delicate whipped butter with pecans, espresso beans and chocolate. Pairs extremely well with a delicious, warm brioche on a Saturday morning!

Bistro Lasagne

Regular lasagne hits a bright new peak with the addition of some "ooh-la-la" ingredients: oil-packed sundried tomatoes, pesto, and mascarpone

Simply Lasagne

This was what I made and saved for my mom and stepdad when they came home from work. They both said it was amazing! The flavours get a chance to blend during the chill time before baking, which is important… don’t skip that step!

Fruit Salad "Sauce"

This is really the “fruit salad” of all fruit purees – apples, oranges, pears and bananas all find a home in this creamy smooth, healthy blend. The banana and pear additions really make the puree rich in both taste and mouth-feel without the guilt factor of cream or butter! This is a great fat replacer in cooking too.

Coffee Poached Pears With Curried Honey

The perfect ending to a delicious Valentine’s Day meal, this light and luscious fruit dessert has a twist—an unusual honey sauce flavored with curry powder. Curry powder goes well with nearly any fruit, and adding fresh black pepper imparts one more unexpected layer of flavour!

Kasha Kookies

These are a great, fibre-full and delicious snack for anyone on the go. A good source of protein and nutrients with a great nutty flavour from the toasted buckwheat.

Apple Vanilla Almond French Toast

A great, flavourful variation on French Toast that is completely vegan and packed full of fruity goodness.

Bittersweet Toffee Chews

Not too sweet, but definitely chewy. Terrific with ice-cold milk, or to make mini ice-cream sandwiches!

Black Forest Gateaux

Wonderful chocolate layer cake which is soaked in Kirsch liqueur, with cherry filling. Very rich, but for best results use full-fat sour cream and real unsalted butter, it makes a difference!

Spicy Shrimp-Mac Salad

This spicy seafood salad calls for a lot of ingredients but is worth the effort. The whole-wheat macaroni pasta is toothsome and you don’t miss the fat in the mayo with all the other flavours blending into a tartar sauce – like dressing.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Corn Tortillas

A great home-made tortilla recipe using cornmeal, shortening and a touch of yeast! Let the fiesta begin!

Japanese Tea-Cakies

More like chewy, free-form mini-cakes than cookies, these are healthy snacks are filled with the goodness of green tea, whole grains, ginger, rice and almonds! Great for a midday snack with (what else?) a cuppa the green stuff!

Union Square Inspired Asian Tuna Burgers

If necessity is the mother of invention, then Union Square Cafe's tuna burgers are one of our menu's most successful children. To complement the sweet-hot tuna burger flavours, choose a fruity white wine. It's also great with an ice cold glass of beer!

Carpaccio Sauce

This tasty sauce for beef (or beet) Carpaccio can also used for tuna tartare or hamburgers. (Makes about 1 1/2 cups, NI per 1/2 cup)

Wedding Day Decorating Icing

This is a pure white frosting, ideal for wedding cakes. You can double the recipe if you have a sturdy mixer. Best for piping, if you are using it as a frosting base thin it out with milk. Makes 3 cups, NI per cup.

Gluten Free Soda Bread

The recipe calls for rice and tapioca flours instead of the traditional wheat. It still tastes absolutely delicious! The flavours are best if you wrap the loaf and leave it overnight, so it’s good for a Sunday morning treat!

Dark Brown Decorators Icing

Just when you thought your favourite sugar cookies couldn't get any better... along comes this excellent royal-icing like mix that is a deep dark brown with a great chocolate flavour and shine after drying hard!

Very Good (3 ratings)

These are a wonderful, classic Italian crunchy cookie, that is great for anyone who is gluten- or wheat-free! As these sit, they get crunchy throughout. Delicious with any fruit dessert, paired with an ice cream sundae, or on their own with a strong espresso!

Coffee - Spice - Slice Cookies

What an amazing, caffeinated lift to your day these little vanilla-coffee chews are... made with whole grains and dusted with chocolate sprinkles!


These cookies are among the most favorite in Norwegian holiday baking. They are a little tricky to make, but if you persevere you will be rewarded with a buttery almond cookie with the unique ingredient of hard boiled egg yolks! A gorgeous addition to the holiday table!

French Roast Coffee Cake

An interesting, light and moist coffee cake that actually contains coffee! The cultured butter is a must for flavour.

Fudge Brownie Mix

A quick dry mix for chocolate brownies, with yummy wholewheat flour! Makes enough for 2 pans, NI without optional nuts or chips..

Red Roast Pork

This is a popular way to prepare pork in Cantonese cuisine. The seasonings turn the exterior layer of meat dark red!

Ginger-hazelnut Asian Pears

A unique and decadent twist on the traditional baked apple, using crisp Asian pears and stuffing them with a decadent blend of hazelnuts, brown sugar and dried cranberries. Delish!

Honey Nog

An unorthodox take on traditional eggnog, flavouring the thick blend with honey and a pinch of ground cloves! Serve warm or cold.

Khoresht Ghaimeh

This is a hearty, warming lamb and spit pea stew that is just the thing for cold winter’s nights!

Complete Buckwheat Pancake Mix

The soy flour replaces eggs in this recipe, so don't omit it or replace it with something else. This recipe has a lot of fiber and B vitamins, and the buckwheat reminds me of my Grandpa's favourite pancakes! Makes about 7 ½ cups (NI per cup = batch).

Light Wheat Biscuit Mix

This recipe can be used in any recipe calling for biscuit mix or Bisquick baking mix. This mix is better for you because of the whole grain flour, and reduced amounts of salt! You need a very large bowl to make this mix, and also a clean container to put it in when it's done, such as a large coffee can. NI per dry cup of mix.

Lentil-Vegetable Soup

If you’re pinched for time, skip the initial sauté that starts the soup; however, those few extra minutes greatly enhance the overall flavour of this hearty, filling vegetarian soup.

Sweet, Spicy n' Sour Sprouts

If you think Brussels Sprouts are the bane of your existence... think again. These are awesome beyond belief, and healthy too!

Infinite Possibilities Cake

The best part about this recipe is that all the ingredients are mixed in the blender at one go and the resulting batter is baked. I don’t think cake making can get easier or more variable than this! For a berry cake, swap 1/3 cup the applesauce for ½ cup fresh or frozen, then thawed, pureed berries (strawberries, blueberries, etc). Orange more your thing? Substitute 1/2 the hot water measurement for orange juice and add 3 tbsp grated zest. Coconut lovers can swap 1/2 the hot water for coconut milk, add 1 tsp coconut extract and 1/3 cup shredded coconut. Finally, if you want chocolate cake, substitute ½ cup flour with cocoa powder and add 1/3 cup mini chocolate chips or nuts after blending the batter smooth!

Currant-Orange Spice Bread

This is an addictive snack! Kept cool and wrapped airtight, it will keep for at least 2 weeks and as long as a month. It can be frozen, though it will emerge from the freezer slightly drier. It looks dense and somewhat dry outright as well, but actually the bread is quite moist, fine, and an oddly enticing blend of bread and cake.

BBQ Baked Lentils for Diabetics

1/2 the recipe is hearty, healthy and delicious meal for 4 when served on some grainy rolls with a salad. It has a similar flavour to baked beans, cooks quicker, and is a winner with veggies and omnis alike! If starting with canned, pre-cooked lentils, you will need approximately 6 cups of them, reserve 1 cup of the canning liquid and proceed with the recipe! If you don't like lentils (I go through phases myself) 6 cups of cooked black-eyed peas are great in this dish as well! I like ED Smith's sugar-free syrup for this, but use your favourite or the real thing if you have no sugar issues.

Exotic Honey Vanilla Cheesecake

Deliciously rich yet equally light, this is a really stupendous change from the regular cheesecakes out there! You won’t find cream cheese or sour cream in this, instead fluffy ricotta and cottage cheeses find a home in a heavily flavoured vanilla base. Heavily adapted from Techniques for Healthy Cooking, from the Culinary Institute of America.

Mmmarshmallow Blondies

I teamed up butterscotch chips, caramel candies and marshmallows with the brown sugar and butter base. I tell you, it is hell to chew if you have fillings, but heaven in your mouth once it melts! These make a big batch, which is good if you do a lot of bakesales for school or charity.

Soy Awesome Cookies

I whipped these up today for my little sister... she'll never be able to guess they aren't the usual suspects!

House - Made Oatmeal Buttermilk Bikkies

These are a delicious home version of my bakery's buttermilk biscuits. Rich, sweet and buttery, flaky and perfectly spiced with a hint of cinnamon, the dough works perfectly with dark Thompson raisins and (if you like) even pecans. Best warm out of the oven but can be frozen and microwaved for a quick nibble.

Pierogi Puffs

Buttermilk biscuits with a touch of sassiness! Potatoes, cheese, pepper and BACON?? You bet!! Just try to avoid burning yourself while savouring this warm from the oven!

Nutty Night Owl Cake

A great buttermilk cake that incorporates peanut butter, espresso and oh-so-divine chocolate for a flavour explosion like no other!

Canadian Banana - Coffee Cake

This is a great mini-cake for 3-4 people to share, and is uniquely Canadian in the sense that it uses Coffee Crisp chocolate bars, a Canadian staple! Great with some mocha ice cream on the side!

Choco-Ginger Fruit Tarts

Simple to throw together with pre-baked mini tart shells, these make elegant after-dinner treats at a party!

Shrimp Marrakesh

A flavourful, whole-wheat and seafood dish with the sweet and savoury blend of aromas and tastes from Morocco. Add a pinch of saffron to the couscous if you have it for an even deeper layer of flavour.

Snow White's Second Cup

Take great delight in this cup's silky and subtle flavours, and enjoy its pure creamy look. If a more potent and less pure cup is desired, a splash of Grand Marnier or Kahlua would perform the trick perfectly!


My favourite breakfast / snack of all time! Makes the whole house smell like apple-picking season.


This recipe is very easy but it takes a couple of hours of simmering on the stove before it's cooked. For lunches, try cooking it the night before - it keeps well in the fridge for 1-2 days, or you can freeze it for later! This soup is also nutritional value for money - it is an excellent meat alternative and you will feed an entire family for under $10. Replace the navy beans with chickpeas and add ½ cup of shredded parsnips to the soup to create another Greek meal, Revithia!

Thin-Crust Garlic Alfredo Pizza with Chicken

This is a recipe I've created for my fiance after he told me about a pizza idea he had had one night. Yet to try it, but it's definitely on my list! If you don't eat meat but like shrimp, it would work equally well on this.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Simple Winter Soup

This healthy and hearty soup will warm your Irish spirit on the coldest of days.

Potato, Butternut and Tomato Tagine

Saffron-scented couscous is a killer accompaniment to this warming, exotic vegetarian dish. If you don't own a cooking tagine (do NOT use a purely decorative one) use a Dutch oven or covered casserole instead.

Buzzing Bee Cake

Original recipe from Nigella Feasts, I’ve taken it and tweaked it in and out to give it a it more of a kick, a bit more fibre and a touch less fat with a whole lot of moisture still packed inside. Don’t let the baking time throw you, it DOES take this long! Tent with foil about ½ way through though, to avoid over-browning the top.


This is a decadent, buttery pastry eaten as a snack with tea or coffee. Rich doesn’t even begin to describe this!

Tomato – Lentil Soup with Brown Rice and Spinach

Brown rice is one of the finest, healthiest ingredients for a soup, wonderful for providing body, and works especially well with lentils. Adding in the fresh spinach brings a burst of colour, flavour and more nutrition.

Middle Eastern Meatless Cabbage Rolls

Great as a pack-along lunch, these are a heathy, vegan and protein packed dish that's equally excellent hot or cold.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Lemon-Pepper Chicken Pops

Adapted from a This Food That Wine episode, these are yummy, crispy and peppery chicken nuggets skewered like lollipops for easy dipping and eating! They paired these with a ginger-peach sauce but a plum or Oriental cherry sauce would be equally delicious!

Guiltless Cabbage Salad

Adapted from a Mark Bittman recipe in the NY times, I added bean sprouts and cut the oil significantly due to personal taste. I may try Miracle Whip later on with this combo instead of the oil / vinegar.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Apple Pie Muffins

All the flavours of apple pie, in an easy to carry, super-moist muffin form. Low in fat but definitely high in flavour with a great nutty crunch topping

Rainbow Maple - Ginger Mini Loaf

This was something I whipped up today with a bunch of what I had on hand... decadent, oaty and moist, perfect for two to share!

Light Tiramisu

Adapted from Ricardo Larivee

Colourful Veggies with Serious Kick

A hearty, delicious vegan soup delivers the perfect amount of zip and herby flavour with a punch of protein from the lentils and colour from carrots and tomatoes.

Creamy Rice – Apple Pud

This is similar to dessert rice pudding, but less sweet. The addition of fruit makes it a satisfying, hearty breakfast that even the kids will love. Makes six 3/4 to 1-cup servings.

Fab Not Flab Falafel

There was a call out for a healthier version of falafel... well I tinkered with a recipe I had and came up with a whole-grain, baked version that's equally tasty! Leftover patties can be refrigerated for up to 2 days. To serve, cover with foil and bake for 10 minutes at 400F.

Tomato Butternut Stew With Couscous

A hearty, healthy and colourful blend of chunky butternut squash, tomatoes, garbanzo beans and an aromatic broth and served over couscous. A great way to warm up your winter!

Potato Quiche Florentine

A re-worked version of the classical quiche, without meat or a traditional crust to slash the calories!

One Mondo Muffin!

Similar in texture and taste to a Costco Double-Chocolate Chip muffin, but with a little less guilt factor going on! Makes a giant muffin, easily two servings (which the NI reflects).

Very Good (1 rating)
Sour Cream Baked Doughnuts

These tangy little morsels have a scone-like texture and a cinnamon-sugar sweet coating, and are better for you than Tim Hortons!

Mascarpone-Peanut Brownies

Inspired by a dessert offered at Table 8 in Miami, these rich brownies take on new character with rich mascarpone cheese and smooth, creamy peanut butter.

Schmee Cakes

I made these to satisfy a craving my sister (who's pet name is Schmee) was having for the jumbo double-chocolate-chip muffins that Costco sells. While they aren't AS big, they are still intensely chocolate, and sure to please any fiend out there when they're warm or cold! They also freeze well, and are delicious microwaved for a few seconds to warm em up.

Asiago - Herb Encrusted Salmon

An easy dinner to whip together, yet special enough to serve to company. This is one of my mom's specialties!

Very Good (7 ratings)
Ethiopian Azifa

This salad travels well for picnics and work lunches, and keeps for several days in the fridge. Makes a great stuffing for pita pockets, or over cooked bulgur or brown rice.

Red Velvet Puffs with Espresso Frosting

A little unusual in both ingredients and combination, but these mini-cupcakes are a sure winner at my mom's office! Created for a healthy baking/cooking seminar I am presenting on Feb 6. Prep time includes cooling time for cupcakes.

Hazelnut - Espresso Frosting

A filling and frosting recipe I devised for some Valentines day cookies. Works equally well as a doughnut filling!

Eggless Lemon Curd

The basic ingredients for this delicious spread are usually beaten egg yolks, sugar, lemon juice and zest which are gently cooked together until thick and then allowed to cool, forming a soft, smooth mixture. The cornstarch forms the thickening action here, without the cholesterol and fat! Yield: About 1 cup, 2 tbsp per serving.

Sweet Dough Puffs

Everything in this recipe is by weight, not fluid ounces, for an accurate liquid / flour ratio. Sweet buns that are perfect for a filling such as lemon curd or raspberry jam, or even my hazelnut frosting.

Lovin' Lite Life Coleslaw

Creamy, tangy and oh-so-good, this coleslaw is great for those creamy cravings when you're on a diet!

Cheater's Buckwheat Buttermilk Pancakes

My Shrove Tuesday creation for my fiance this year, when I didn't have the energy or ingredients to make it from scratch!

Strawberry Vanilla Bread

Sweet, creamy and fruity dessert bread, studded with strawberry pieces and tinged with their juice. Inspired by a recipe posted by Henrie on Makes 2 loaves, 10 slices each.

Catch - a - Buzz Tiramisu

The tiramisu recipe I concocted for a special, out of the blue bakery order. This does include a raw egg, so be warned.

Banana Cakelette with Nutty Chocolate Frosting

It would probably have been better if I had used a jumbo muffin cup for this sucker, but since a) I'm too cheap to buy one for now and b) there was no way in heck I was going outside again after slipping and sliding on the snow and ice this morning, a very muffin-toppy looking cakelette is what I got. I doubt the taste changed, though!

Yeasted Chocolate Spiral Bread

Delicious sweet dough filled with toothsome oats and whole-wheat flour, dressed up with a deliciously rich bittersweet chocolate swirl throughout.

Meal - Sized Vegetarian Caesar Salad

Most Caesars contain anchovy paste, not to mention a ton of fat and calories. I've eliminated the croutons since I hate them (with a passion), and cut the serving size down since I'm a major volume-eater. Enjoy!

Crazy Cabbage

A zippy, super-colourful coleslaw, perfect for those who are low-carbing or diabetic. One of my all-time favorites, especially with a blend of red and Savoy cabbage! "Cook" time is refrigeration time.

Very Good (53 ratings)
Sweetly Succulent Mahi Mahi

This deliciously healthy, broiled fish dish combines both sweet and sour taste sensations with a wonderful spice kick from the ginger. The 30 minute prep time includes 20 minutes to marinate. This recipe is a snap and so delicious, you will appreciate the fresh ginger when you taste it!

Vegan Tri-Bean Chili

This kind of chili needs no meat of any kind. Many variations are possible, this is my preference. The molasses gives this chili a somewhat sweet, earthy and “Louisiana” flavour. Makes about 12 one-cup servings.

Boston Cream

Makes about 2 ½ cups. Perfect for filling pies, cakes or doughnuts (or if you’re me, eating it straight te he!)

Reeses' Tart

Adapted from Martha Stewart. The classic combination of rich peanut butter and dark, delicious chocolate in this no-bake dessert evokes a favorite childhood candy, but its grown-up size and delicate texture will make your guests feel like sophisticated dinner guests.

Limbo Oatmeal

Cranberry sauce, honey and creamy yogurt cheese make any breakfast a treat! Easy, cheap, flavourful and healthy. Delicious!

Complex Cookies

Chocolate-chip, cherry and Smartie-studded cocoa cookie drops, just sweet enough to spark the inner child in everyone! Egg-free, low–fat and whole grain, but fully rich and decadent!

Icy Poms

Sweet, fruity with hints of ginger and lemon, these spiked coolers are a perfect treat after mowing the lawn in the summer, or served in champagne flutes at Christmas!

Malted Bread

Deliciously flavoured with barley flour, malt syrup and molasses, this bread is perfect for serving with a thick soup!

Lemon - Cranberry Star Bars

Letting the dish cool in the fridge and set well helps when it comes to cutting the bars cleanly. Adapted from a recipe in the old Star Weekly, re-published in the Toronto Star.

Tangy n' Tart Tuna Salad

Dried cranberries add a nice, tart "bite" to this low-fat, creamy tuna concoction, while the celery adds a wonderfully satisfying crunch. Excellent for school lunches on whole-wheat bread or in pitas!

Couscous Dome Over A Seven Veggie Medley

A flavourful and beautiful couscous crust domes over to envelop a delicious, herby vegan filling full of protein and vitamins to help keep you going strong in the cold. Adapted from Reader's Digest Great Recipes for Good Health (1988).

Jack's Turkey - Cheese Bakerritos

Easy, flavourful, and a million times healthier than the deep-fried versions known as chimichangas, these crispy baked burritos are filled to the brim with goodness! Serve with spicy salsa and a dollop of sour cream, if desired. Adapted from a few recipes from the 'net.

Nuker Fish Tacos

From Mark Bittman, who writes:

Not - So - Naughty Nog

This nog is egg free, dairy free, gluten free, low carb, low fat, and low glycemic impact/load, as well as diabetic-friendly! It is easily made soy-free also. Posting this a little out of season, but it's still great, and a wonderful addition to cakes, cookies, frostings... you name it! Makes about 1/2 cup per serving.

Lemon Curd Tarts

I adapted this recipe from the Betty Crocker website. These are more tangy than sweet, but they will still brighten up any occasion they're part of!

Very Good (3 ratings)
Samosa Pie

Eggchef had mentioned a craving for samosas a while back, and I figured, why not a big one, instead of the bite-sized? So, here’s what emerged: all the flavour of samosas including the healthiness of the vegetables and the spices of the curry, wrapped in a delectable, flaky pastry crust. You will need a 10 inch spring-form pan for this recipe, which is fully vegan and a lot lower in fat than the deep-fried bites, and as a bonus it only gets better as it sits! Actually, it’s best made a day ahead and then reheated at 350F for 40-45 minutes.

Peanut Butter Banana Boston Cream Pie

An adapted version of a decadent Anna Olson recipe, this is Boston Cream Pie at it’s utmost, filled with nutty flavour and creamy custard and drenched in a chocolate ganache. You do have to start making this a day ahead though, as the custard needs to chill and the cake needs to stand overnight before assembly.

Spicy Cabbage Soup

The unusual combination of vegetables in this healthy soup are brought together beautifully with the spices. Adapted from

North African Fish Stew

A modified version of a delicious recipe seen on CookThink and definitely on my to-make list!

Steamy Boston Cannery Bread

In spite of being called a bread, Boston brown bread is in many ways more like a pudding in the traditional meaning of the word; i.e. a boiled or steamed grain and fruit dish, formed by a mold, cloth or casings into a ball or loaf shape. It is the classic accompaniment to baked beans, but is hardly seen commercially today.

Southern Spicy Lenses

Adapted from a recipe on The Gracious Bowl's website, rich and earthy with just the right amount of southwestern zing! A great, heart healthy and nose clearing meal!

Herbed Chickpea Crackers

These are very dense crackers, totally gluten-free, and the all-chickpea flour version is especially high in protein and low in carbs. They're sturdy enough to hold up under the thickest of dips. Adapted from Fatfree Vegan.

Chocolate-Peanut Shortbread Rustica

Olive oil and oatmeal shortbread wedges swirled with peanut butter and cocoa and studded with peanut bites. Delicious with a cup of tea or coffee!

Personal Power - On Porridge

The steel-cut oats remain crunchy and never get mushy like regular rolled oats, and the quinoa brings a boost of protein, fibre and a unique taste. Feel free to use whatever kind of low-fat milk product you like, I choose soy but regular will do!

Strawberry Cocktail Cakes

Posted for Quirky Cupcake's cupcake hero event (
, where the theme is liquor, these quaint, light pink cupcakes are touched with Grand Marnier and strawberry jam, and made wonderfully tender with a bit of ricotta cheese. It's like your favourite summer cocktail in a delicious bite.

Saucy Slim Noodles

Fat free ingredients, shrimp and crisp-tender veggies make this a decadent meal for one, and the flavour won't lack either when you have red pepper flakes and herbs along for the ride!

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Mango Chutney

From one of my mom's old international cookbooks, this is a great sweet and savoury condiment for everything from fish to chicken or rice! Serving size is 2 tbsp, recipe makes about 2 1/2 cups.

Home - Spun Ginger Ale

Deliciously refreshing, and even better than what you can buy, this drink is packed full of the goodness from fresh ginger and raw sugar!

Mexi - Late Cupcakes

Adapted from Rebecca Rather's recipe, these are heady with cinnamon and good vanilla and deliciously tender with the buttermilk. The oats give these cakes a great texture without being overwhelming. Any garnish works well with this cake, I used a plain buttercream and swirled it on up for effect!

Tasty Tomato Pockets

Yummy for lunch, tangy with Miracle Whip and mustard drizzled over meaty tomatoes and crunchy lettuce.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Tangy Tuna Slaw

Delicious blend of tuna salad and coleslaw, great for a quick lunch on the go.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Thai Milk Cake

A deliciously moist and flavourful cake that is low on the added oil and sugar, but every inch the exotic creation! Made for one of my friend's and loyal customer's birthdays.

Cherry Garcia Cookies

Inspired by the famous ice cream, these buttery cookies are loaded with cherries, chocolate, and optional macadamia nuts. Adapted from to be egg and dairy free, as well as add in an extra exotic flavour layer with ground and chopped macadamias. Prep time does not include cherry soaking time.

Beer n' Pizza

This is the great, ultimate combination of frat parties and Super Bowls everywhere: pizza and beer! The beer gives the dough a nice yeasty flavour without the need for any rising or kneading. And don’t worry about the alcohol in the beer if serving to kids — it disappears in the baking.

Salpicon De Mariscos

From Miami, Florida's Casa Juancho restaurant, this is a delicious, diverse seafood salad with a ton of flavour.

Low - Fat Vegan Wholegrain Waffles

Crisp, yet light and fluffy waffles, made with silken tofu. Have leftover waffles? Freeze them in bags for healthy Eggos later in the week! Just pop into a toaster to reheat, and you're on your way!

Fiery Thai Salad Recipe

A great sour and hot salsa-ish salad that finds a home on anything from fish to burgers to tortilla chips, or if you can take the heat, plain eating!

Paella Soup

All the goodness of Paella Marinara in a bowl, complete with tons of garlic, veggies, brown rice and lean seafood. Yields about 6 1/2 cups total, and 1 1/2 cups per serving.

Black and Tan Hummus

A fully flavoured, lite hummus-style dip made with black beans, yogurt and lots of garlic! I hate the flavour of tahini (I know, weird) so I leave it out.

Mango Spice Bars

Ridiculously easy to whip together using a food processor, these blondie-like bar cookies are filled with the flavours of the tropics. Great for the next BBQ!

Cinnamon GRANDola Muffins

Home made, low-fat muffins are only made sweeter with a crunchy, home-made "granola" topping! An excellent taste for breakfast or with coffee. Created for the Master Baker blog event at

Shiitake-Pumpkin Ravioli

An Asian twist on an Italian classic, these sesame, squash, mushroom and ginger-filled wontons are super simple when you rely on store-bought wrappers and canned pumpkin. 12 ravioli per serving.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Cheater Spring Rolls

Adapted from a Sandi Richard recipe, these baked-not-fried vegan curry spring rolls are just as crispy as the deep-fried appetizers, made with phyllo pastry and just a touch of oil spray. Delicious with plum sauce or sweet-n-sour sauce.

Nega Maluca

ABrazilian Classic, and a very easy chocolate cake. The name can be translated as "Crazy Black Woman"; it's crazily easy, crazily delicious, and it's black!

Gigi Sauce

Oniony, chunky, and full of veggies, this sauce is a cinch to whip together and has two secret ingredients: tomato soup and salsa!

Royal Crown Tortano

This rustic bread is one of the signature breads at Royal Crown Bakery in Brooklyn and is shaped in the round. This bread also starts out as a really wet dough, around 73% when all is said and done. It takes almost two full days to make the bread, so you have to start the night before with a pre-ferment. After letting the pre-ferment get all bubbly and sour, you combine the ingredients and have what amounts to dough soup.

Salty Celeriac with Maple - Cranberry Glaze

I love these super-salty, crispy "fries" coated in such a pretty pink, sticky sauce. I'm sure they'd be a hit at any holiday party, too!

Incredible! (3 ratings)
Spinach and Roasted Beet Salad with Ginger Vinaigrette

Asian ingredients pair with sweet, soft roasted beets, red onion and spinach for a perfect summer lunch!

Lychee and Kaffir Lime Frappé

Enjoy as a light and delicate drink, great with a Sunday brunch or with a touch of rum for a sweet n sour nightcap!

Coconut - Lime "Butter"Cream

A delicious limey "butter"cream frosting to top the Thai Milk Cake. Just to go with the cake's veganism, the frosting was made with stick margarine, but you purists can use the real thing!

Choco-Block Peanutty Breakfast

Chocolate and peanut butter oatmeal... perfect for breakfast, midday snack, or a pre-bed treat!

Dieter's Rosee Pasta and Veggies

Delicious, flavour-packed Italian restaurant-style fare at home, on a dieter's

Very Good (1 rating)
Nori-Free Tekka Kappa Rolls

A slightly adapted, cut-down version of a Trish Magwood recipe, these are full of all the taste that comes with a cucumber and tuna sushi roll, but without the rice or seaweed. Delicious, and very healthy!

Messy Janes

A vegan variation of the infamous sloppy joe, made with TVP granules and a shot of Diet Coke for kicks! This is great if you want comfort food without the guilt factor, since each serving has only 127 calories, 1/2 gram of fat, 17.7g of carbs and packs in a WHOPPING 5g of fibre and 13g of protein! Serve on whatever you wish!

Spicy Ginger Marmalade

A low sugar, very gingery topping for anything you like! Makes about 5 cups, 2 tbsp per serving

Light n' Tangy Dill Dip

Terrific, low-fat, protein-rich and extremely easy, a perfect accompaniment to carrot sticks or toasted pita. Makes about 1 cup, 8 servings of 2 tbsp each.

Very Good (1 rating)
Pickled Red Onions

Yummy! Great topping for burgers or tacos, I like eating them straight!

Very Good (1 rating)
Seafood Dumplings

Adapted from the LA Times to fit my personal tastes. Delicious, light and healthy to boot, especially when steamed in a bamboo basket!

Honey - Berry Jam

A great use for all those in-season berries over the summer that you wish would stay well after the snow falls. Frozen (dry-pack) berries work as well, but use fresh when you can! Makes 9 cups, serving size is 2 tbsp.

Spice - Pickled Napa

Adapted from the Sydney Herald, this is a great tangy salad that serves well as a main, topped with grilled tofu or shrimp.

Honey - Grape Jelly

The perfect addition to a PBJ sandwich or as a filling for cakes, this jelly has the great benefit of no refined sugar! Use a local honey and pure grape juice for best results, and play with the types of honey for different flavour sensations! Serving size is 2 tbsp, makes about 6 cups total.

Red Hot Salsa

From Theresal at GroupRecipes:
salsa.html. Makes about 2 1/2 cups, serving size 2 tbsp.

Gluten-Free, Vegan Pizza Pasta

My dinner and submission to Once Upon a Feast's Presto Pasta Night event this week. Made with rice pasta, Yves' soy crumbles and pizza sauce.

Eat - Air Inspired Tangerine Soy Fry

Tweaked from Eat Air, a vegan food blog, this is a delicious, tangy-sweet meal for 2 when served with some nutty brown rice, or as a delicious lunch in it's own bowl!

Very Good (10 ratings)
Roasted Green Beans

A great alternative to fast-food French fries, and wonderful as a TV snack or after school!

Blackened Tomato Soup

Adapted from Mark Bittman, this uses canned San Marzano tomatoes for optimum flavour in the dead of winter. When pureed with carrot, onion and garlic and swirled though with basil leaves, it will warm you right through your toes!

Spinach Squares

This cheesy, frittata-like creation is crazily popular with kids who wouldn't otherwise touch a spinach leaf! Delicious as a breakfast on the go or as part of a lunchbox treat. 2 squares per serving.

Halloweeny Chili

This is an amazing, really fast and healthy vegetarian chili, with the beautiful colours from the beans and sweet potatoes. The flavours get better over time too, so take it for lunch the next day or wrap it in burritos topped with cheese for some impromptu enchiladas.

Steamed Mocha Pudding

This is a warm, gooey-style pudding (like Sticky Toffee) and is absolutely divine sitting in a delicate pool of vanilla custard, perhaps drizzled with a raspberry coulis for that special occasion? Adapted from Death By Chocolate by Judy Bugg (1994).


This is a sweet Greek cake made with sesame seed paste (AKA tahini). It is dense, rife with raisins and nuts, and tastes something like the best oatmeal raisin cookie ever. It is also "Lenten", meaning it contains no dairy, eggs, or oil and is suitable for "fasting" days in the Greek Orthodox church.

Lite n’ Swirly Pound Cake

This cake is so buttery-rich tasting you won't believe it's "lite"! It's a wonderful dessert for any special occasion, and is adapted from Weight Watchers magazine to become egg free, higher in fibre and lower in sugar.

Chile Strata

Tweaked from a CHOW recipe, this has all the flavour of a breakfast burrito with all the class of an elegant strata.

Oat - Maple Apple Pie

Huge apples are coated with a bit of sugar-free syrup (since the recipient, my future MIL, is diabetic), maple extract, cinnamon and a touch of fresh ginger, enveloped in pastry and baked. To go along with Kitchen Parade's Pi Day Event I even created a new crust for me, using oatmeal and oat flour along with whole-wheat for a completely whole grain crust!

Stellar Sesame Marinade

The tahini in this marinade adds a special twist to anything you care to grill. Makes 2 cups, about 2 tbsp per serving.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Tsao's Tofu and Broccoli Lite

Delicious, insanely easy and a great vegetarian main dish that's both sweet and spicy. Use regular sugar for the Splenda if you don't care for it, my family contains diabetics so we use it.

Incredible! (3 ratings)
Quinee Bean Salad

A little bit of Southwestern flair makes this protein-packed, whole-grain salad pop on any buffet table! Yields about 1 1/2 cups per serving, and 4 WW POINTS.

Heavenly Baked Crullers with Cherry Glaze

Adapted from Marcy Goldman's A Passion For Baking, this takes the often deep-fried French Cruller doughnut and bakes it before dunking it in a beautiful pink glaze. You can substitute shortening for the butter if you wish. Using "bread" or "strong" flour is very very important here... the gluten needs to develop fully to trap the air pockets inside.

Vegetarian No - Pasta Lasagna

Roasted tomatoes, artichoke hearts, asparagus and (believe it or not) romaine lettuce form the body of this delicious, low-carb lasagne delight. Protein comes in the form of garlicky low-fat cottage cheese and silken tofu that have been pureed into a gorgeous white sauce filled with paprika, oregano and fresh basil! Recipe adapted from Ricardo Larivee.

Lithuanian Coffee Cake

Adapted from Claire's Corner Copia in New Haven, CT. to incorporate whole grains and no eggs.

Aussie Breakfast Bread

From GroupRecipes. Its a really good breakfast/brunch bread. Spicy, fruity and oh so delicious!

Vegan Caramel Candies

From GroupRecipes. Awesome homemade dairy-free caramel recipe! Good with nuts, topped with chocolate, or for dipping apples in. Cook it to a lower temperature for caramel ice cream topping. Thanks to "The Glad Cow Cookbook' for the orginal ingredient proportions.

Ital - Style Seafood Noodle Bowl

A hearty, Asian/Italian fusion soup that's perfect for a hearty, warming lunch.

Kecap Manis

An Indonesian sauce similar to a sweet soy sauce flavored with garlic and/or star anise. Usually sweetened with palm sugar, it's used as a condiment with fish, meat or veggies! This recipe makes about 1 1/4 cups, serving size is 2 tbsp. Stores indefinitely in the refrigerator.

Tangy Chock - Full Cookies

A delicious way to use up sour cream that's left over from baked potatoes or pierogies, as well as any add ins sitting in your pantry! Egg-free and can be vegan with tofutti sour cream.

Very Good (9 ratings)
Maple - Candied Salmon

A delicious recipe, both on the day it's made and cold the day after! Reminiscent of "Indian Candy". Baking time will vary with the thickness of your fish.

Choconana Sorbet

Cheap, easy, vegan and delicious to boot, without any added sugar, milk, eggs or wheat products to get in the way. Great for when you have leftover mushy bananas sitting in the freezer and you don't want banana bread!

Pate Filbert

Adapted from The Oregon Hazelnut Industry Board. Serving size is 1 tbsp, recipe makes about 3 cups.

Low - Carb Sweet Hot Sauce

A deliciously spicy and sweet condiment perfect for broccoli, seafood or chicken. If you aren't diabetic or counting carbs, use sugar and regular ketchup. Makes 1 cup, 1/4 cup per serving.

Super - Delicious Soba Soup

Something I whipped up for me to take over to my dad's this weekend. I'm feeling kind of low, but the ginger root, spice and lime paired with the shrimp, noodles and veggies will perk anyone up!

Pasta Fagioli My Way

My vegan, low-fat way of making an Italian classic, using a combo of pureed beans and tomato paste with curly kale to hearty it up and whole-wheat pasta for nutrition.

Orange You Glad its Vegan Pound Cake

Everything a pound cake should be... without the eggs or milk!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Skyscraper Pumpkin Biscuits

These are not sweet biscuits, but they are delicious and a perfect pairing with a chili or even an Asian inspired salad. No added fat in these tall puffs of goodness, either... it's all in the pumpkin and baking powder!

Shredded Japanese Roots and Shrimp Salad

This is a great way to nix a craving for Japanese food when you don't have a good sushi place around or you don't feel like shelling out for some rolls. Add some sashimi grade tuna and wasabi paste too for a great zing!

Fruit-tastic Secret Muffins

Bananas and strawberries... what could be better? How about some protein, fibre and - potatoes? Yup, you read that right - mashed potatoes help make these rich muffins moist and tender without adding any fat! Cinnamon and ginger add welcome zip to a morning rush.

Phil’s Bourbon Christmas Cake

This came from one of my George Brown classmates in exchange for my Soy Awesome Cookies recipe. He noted that this cake should be thinly sliced when served. Makes 3 loaves, 14 slices per serving.

Spaghetti Gifts

AKA pasta al cartoccio, this is a deliciously steamed, low-fat pasta and seafood meal that is a hit when you serve them at parties or with a romantic dinner.

Asian 3-Bean Salad

A great, whole foods lunch for those of us who love sushi-style meals with edamame and ginger! Light on the fat and salt, but tops on the flavour!

Very Good (1 rating)
Asian Salad Dressing

Makes 1/4 cup. A delicious low-fat and calorie dressing delicious over raw or steamed veggies, great when you don't want something cloying!

Mocha Macadamia Candy

An exotically different way of making candy... almost like a layered marzipan! Sweet with a coffee and chocolate kick, but cut small squares!

Low - Sugar Banumpkin Bread

Sweet, spicy and great for those back to school lunchboxes in the Fall, this is a great way to use up leftover pumpkin, especially if you have sugar concerns! Good for French toast too :-)

Very Good (2 ratings)
Sweet n Salty Beet Chips

Who says veggie chips have to be expensive or fried? These baked beauties are good for packing in a lunch, serving at parties or just nibbling on. These are beautiful, sweet n' salty chips you can feel GOOD about eating. Super-simple to cut down for 1 or 2!

Low - Sugar Nutty Fudge

Great for Christmas gifts or anytime snacking if you're like me and love the peanut and chocolate combo! Your standard marshmallow fudge made just a wee bit better for the diabetics and low-carbers out there!

Blushing Lemon Slaw

Adapted from the December 2007 issue of Cottage Living. If you can't get your hands on a small cabbage, use 1/2 a large one - you want the weight to be about 3/4 lb.

Nuts to You Glutenless Cookies

A great addition to the tea tray or dessert table for those who go vegan, gluten free... or not! Delicious, buttery and tart from the cranberries, these use ground nuts instead of flour!

Spicy Pepper Dip

This is a salsa-like, colourful veggie-packed dip that can be whipped up in minutes. Try it with fresh vegetable sticks or pita. Adapted from a Weight Watchers magazine. Yields about 1/4 cup per serving, about 3 cups total.

Buttery Banana Cake with a Buttermilk Glaze

This is a wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it good cake... or sneak a piece in the laundry room (when you should be ironing haha) cake... rich and golden buttery yellow, fragrant with ripe bananas, and topped with a sweet, yet tangy, thick glaze draped over it, this is some seriously delicious cake! Don’t be put off by the low baking temperature or the freezer step, both things keep this cake as wonderful as it is! After glazing, keep this sucker in the fridge, if you can wait that long!

Chocolate - Peanut Butter Ganache

Makes enough filling for a 3-layer cake. Used with the Buttery Banana Cake with Buttermilk Glaze.

Simple Spelt Roti

Spelt flour, water and a frying pan... you too can have delicious whole-grain roti at home! Makes 2 roti per serving.

Sugarfree Vanilla Spice Custard

Stevia-sweetened, egg free but still sinfully delicious, this makes an awesome finish to a meal or a snack curled up in front of the fire. Makes about 1/2 cup per serving.

Cranity Insanity Cornbread

For once, the applesauce in one of my recipes isn't my way of lowering the fat content (though it does that too!) - it's all about the moisture it brings to the cornmeal and flour blends. Use white, yellow or blue cornmeal for this recipe too... I like the colour the blue brings! From my old home ec class in elementary school.

Tibetan Corn Soup

This is popular in Dharamsala, served with slight variations at many of the cafés and restaurants that cater to travelers.

Nostalgic Branana Muffins

Got this off of one of my old Home Ec recipe sheets that I found when I was cleaning up my files. These are moist, fruity and not too heavy - the yogurt gives it a great tang too! Experiment with different flavours of yogurt... I like strawberry with the banana personally.

Potato, Carrot and Summer Squash Soup

Adapted from Rachael Ray's recipe to be a little bit lighter on the waistline without sacrificing the flavour, as well as to make it vegan.

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Tomatoless Spaghetti Sauce

A delicious, roasted, sweet sauce that will never have you missing tomatoes! Great over your favourite noodle, fish or veggie! Freezes very well, so multiply away!

Tomatoless Ketchup

For those who are allergic to the glory that is the tomato, here is a substitute. It isn't spot-on so don't expect it to be, but it is red and full of vegetables... moreso than the storebought kind. About 10 servings of 2 tbsp each.

Chocolate Splenda Sauce

Good substitute for those who are watching their sugar or fat intake, and delicious over fresh fruit or angel food cake (if you're feeling naughty!). This isn't too sweet but full of chocolate flavour. Makes 2 cups, 16 servings.

Low - Sugar Carroty Cookies

Carrot cake, or cookies? Why not both? This has all the fruity goodness of the carrot cake you know and love but with a lot lower sugar and fat content. I like making sandwiches with plain or strawberry chream cheese in between them!

Perfectly Peanutty Banana Bars

Deliciously nutty with the added bonus of bananas... it's like my favourite sandwich in a brownie form!

Coco-Peanut Trufflekins

For Master Baker March edition... Easter Candy

Nutmeg Chiffon Cake

One of those cakes to pretend you were eating light.

Vegan Italian Pasta Salad

Sweet balsamic vinegar, bright cherry tomatoes and fresh basil will bring a delight to your lunch table or dinner party!

Weeknight Pantry Pasta

Fast, easy, full of flavour and even low-fat, this spicy and tangy pasta dish uses things usually found in the pantry and is a perfect dinner for 2!

No Bake Ultra Light Cheesecake

Originally found here:
ultra-light-cheesecake.html. Prep time does not include chill time.

Beet Chocolate Cake

My birthday cake and now our special occasion sweet... nonfat and low sugar! Adapted from a recipe at FatFree Vegan.

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Birthday "Beets" Cake and Frosting

This year's birthday cake 2.0, with earthy, sweet and gorgeous beets, applesauce, chocolate and honey for layers of delicious flavour!

Ethiopian Alicha Wot

A split pea curry, delicious with onion, ginger and garlic. The final dish will resemble spicy creamed corn, and will thicken slightly as it cools. Adapted from Ellen's Kitchen. Makes just over 3/4 cup per serving.

Chocoberry Cake

Don't go for this one if you're looking for diet food... though it's eggless, it's not the boon of the healthy generator! You've been warned.

Carolyn's Gelatin Cheesecake (from Paula Deen)

This looked wonderful to me when I saw it on TV today... I've changed it up a tiny bit but it's still delicious!

My Macaw Muffins

Delicious and very good for those looking for a power boost. Carrots, apples and raisins team up with peanut butter for a treat! The base recipe comes from one of the most awesome cookbooks on my shelf: "The Cornbread Gospels" by Crescent Dragonwagon. I changed it up a bit to play with the proteins, sweeteners and flours used, and made a buttermilk version instead of the soy milk called for in the book.

Super Maui Brownies

A lower-fat, unique brownie with pineapple and applesauce for moistness and macadamia nuts for crunch. The coconut icing is an optional but special touch.

Tart Shell Dough, or Sables

Makes enough for 3 9" flan tins, or about 60 cookies.

Lassy Mogs

In early Atlantic Canada, the "lassy mog" was a classic home-baked treat. Its charming name is derived from the local dialect for the region's widely used sweetener, molasses ("lassy") and a small, low-rising cake ("mog").

Melon - Lime Sorbet

A great sweet-tart refresher after a heavy meal or for relaxing in the midday sun, with no sugar!

Jell - O Cookie Gems

These are so easy and fun to make, they're perfect for kid's bake sales at school too.

Simple Rich Vanilla Pastry Cream

There is NO mistaking the vanilla flavour with this pastry cream! It's not sweet like a pudding would be, but it's rich and decadent, and the perfect filling for mini tarts or as a flan base.

Traditional German Pumpernickel Bread

The long wait for this bread is worth it if you are a true aficionado of the sweet and nutty bread! Taken from The Practical Encyclopedia of Baking, found on Straight From The Farm (
2008/04/09/german-pumpernickel-bread/). Best served with a schmear of garlic or lemon cream cheese, IMHO.

Honeyed Strawberry - Rhubarb Sorbet

I adapted this from David Lebovitz's "The Perfect Scoop" for a great "welcome-back-spring" treat without the refined sugars. Just a touch of honey and some stevia extract are all it takes! Makes 1 1/2 quarts.

Dried Fruit Oat Bars

Deliciously flavourful, filled with mapley goodness and all the health benefits of whole grains and fruit without any refined sugars or fat added.

Tamarind Paste Substitute

For when you don't want to hunt for a small amount of this ingredient or you are allergic to tamarinds! Makes 2-3 tbsp.

Amjad's Strawberry Shortcake

This recipe is courtesy of my Pastry Arts professor Amjad. I never pictured a sponge-based layer cake whenever this dessert was mentioned. To me, it was slightly sweet biscuits with plain whipped cream and plently of in-season (only!) strawberries piled high. Who knew!

Protein - Packed Peppers

These stuffed peppers are very tasty, colourful and easy to make. Increase or decrease the number of jalapenos according to how hot you want the dish to be!

Bitter - Sweet Dipped Berries

The BEST way IMHO, to make chocolate dipped fruit when it's supple and deliciously sweet all on it's own in season. If they aren't available in season (like most of the year), try dried mango and papaya strips with the same effect. Delicious!

Thirded Sweet Quickbread

In the colonal United States, wheat supplies were very low, leading to the new British immigrants combining wheat and rye flours with cornmeal in their bread baking. Both quick and yeasted breads were "thirded" and it's a practice still used today for items such as Boston Brown Bread.

Creamy Curried Broccoli Puree

A very thick soup, with very little fat but no lack in flavour! The tofu adds creaminess, the curry adds spice, the oats add a touch of carbs, and the broccoli adds GREEN!!!

Bumblebee Bakery Flan

Makes 1 9" flan, cost to prepare $9.19. Retail $23.

Glutton's Banana - Nut Bread

For when you are truly feeling naughty, this bread combines layers of nuts, bananas, honey and cream to create a totally otherworldly experience.

When The Bees Met Lemonade Cookies

A refreshingly tart bite of a cookie that is low-fat and only sweetened with honey. It's bright, cheery yellow colour adds a wonderful touch to any cookie platter or tea tray!

Herby Tofu Spread

A tangy, zippy garlic and herb spread perfect for pita or on burgers. NI for whole recipe.

Apple-Cheese Corn Muffins

Adapted from Cornbread Gospels, p. 119

Choco - Corn Muffins

Adapted from Cornbread Gospels, p. 119.

Black-Eyed Pea Burgers

Adapted from Vegan Addict (

Low - Sugar Teriyakiesque Sauce.

Serving size is approx. 1/2 cup, recipe makes about 1 1/2 cups. Great for my diabetic family.

Habitant Pea Soup

Like Habitant Pea Soup

Basic Buttermilk Biscuits

One of my basic recipes, which I rewrote for a children's cooking class layout for my elementary school. Freeze any extra biscuits, they don't keep well.

Zucchini-Lemon Muffins

A light and lemony muffin that’s perfect for the dog days of summer. It’s nice and eye-catching with the zucchini flecks on the yellow cake too!

Tangy Maple Terrine

Buttermilk, yogurt and maple syrup make this a delicious taste of fall in the middle of summer, without needing an ice cream maker! Feel free to experiment with other flavours of yogurt other than vanilla too!

Momma's Winter Vichyssoise

Serves 8 as a starter. A rich, warmed take on the classic cold Vichyssoise, with leek, onion, potatoes and of course butter and cream! Delicious and well worth the calories!

Very Good (3 ratings)
Rich Oatmeal - Molasses Raisin Cookies

Delicious, rich flavour without any solid fats, and the delicious pieces of raisins throughout!

Very Good (1 rating)
Lo Mein Sauce

Delicious over the traditional noodles, but I like it over rice, too! Makes about 1 cup, 1/4 cup per serving.

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Peach - Oat Almond Muffins

Part of my lastest adventures with oatmeal, these muffins combine the heart healthy properties of soy, oats and almonds with the delicious and natural sweetness of honey and peaches for a wonderful breakfast or teatime treat.

Redwall Pasties

So named for my fiance's favourite book series, which mentions these savoury dinner pies, these are vegan meat crumbles paired with lots of delicious veggies all wrapped up in a savoury olive oil crust. Delicious warm or cold, and can be warmed (tented with foil) 15-20 minutes in a 400F oven. Freeze these (unbaked) for later, if you like, just bake them about 1 hour in the 375F oven.

Zesty Red French Dressing

For everyone tired of store bought dressings, this is fast, cheap and low-fat to boot! Makes about 1 cup, 2 tbsp per serving.

Spicy Jamaican Meatish Patties

Delicious and vegetarian, wonderfully flaky pockets of seasoned TVP make this a sizzle on your tastebuds! For a less spicy version, omit the Tabasco.

Spicy Black Bean Gazpacho

Courtesy Julie Zwillich of Food Network:
.aspx?dishid=6636. Protein and veggies, perfect for summer.

Tasty Tabasco Gazpacho

Good for picnics. 1 POINT per 1 1/2 cup serving.

Oil - Free Scallop Ceviche

Something special for the summer, without the oil.

Berry Warm Quinoa

Adapted from a recipe seen on 101 Cookbooks, this is a spectacular, powerful boost to your morning whether you serve it warm or chill it down for a midday "pudding". Any berries can be used, I prefer strawberries or blueberries, or a mix!

Creamy Roasted Sprouts n' Pasta

A delicious meal, whenever, with the protein and health benefits of soy, Brussels sprouts and brown rice pasta.

Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Adapted from Baking Bites, who says: "These are easy to put together and, because the recipe is both low-fat and fairly small, you don’t have to have any guilt about keeping them around the house. They’ll stay fresh for several days when stored in an air-tight container."

Very Good (5 ratings)
Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Adapted from David Liebovitz, who took them from Nick Malgieri's book, Perfect Light Desserts: Fabulous Cakes, Cookies, Pies, and More Made with Real Butter, Sugar, Flour, and Eggs.

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Grandma's Oatmeal - Raisin Cookies

Adapted from TippyStClair at GroupRecipes.

Nutty Oatmeal Lace Cookies

Easy, delicious and heart healthy to boot, made with all natural butter and rich walnuts and almonds.

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Full o Oats Cookies

Not really drop cookies, per se, since these discs of oats and fruit barely have 3/4 cup of flour to their name to hold everything in, but these gems are worth the extra effort in shaping them... the added bonus is no hydrogenated fats!!

Harvest Oatmeal Cookies

Still playing with the whole oatmeal-raisin thing, this time I'm adding pumpkin pie spice, dried cranberries and PUMPKIN to the whole-grain mix, along with some heart healthy olive oil for a great Fall treat even in the middle of summer.


A gluten free, firm-polenta like bread made with chickpea flour for a delicious herb and garlic treat!

Not - Only - In - Your - Dreams Cakes

Who doesn't love their own little dessert? These are super-yummy, guilt free plated chocolate cakes from Chef Devin Alexander. Serve with a raspberry coulis if desired.

Almond - Kamut Krispies

Can you tell I'm on a Kamut kick? I can't help it - this versatile grain is so delicious! This is a great after-school (or take along) treat, and you can swap out the almond milk for soy, rice or cow's milk of you prefer. Basically, it's Rice Krispies with no butter and Kamut.The puffs can be found in health food stores, Nature's Path makes a version of it.

Italian Millionaire Cookies

Imported, 70% Amedei chocolate wrapped in luxuriously creamy peanut butter cookie dough then gets enveloped in a chocolate - espresso cookie wrapper before being baked. It takes some time, and a little effort, but it's worth it! The resulting treat is nothing short of decadent, and insanely rich... tread lightly!

West - Coast Muffins

Filled with flax seed, chia (yes like the pet) seed, hemp seed, pecans, carrots, pumpkin puree, apples and 4 kinds of whole grain flours: rye, barley, spelt and oats. Also totally vegan and wheat free (but not gluten-free)! Whew! It's like Vancouver at your door.
Makes 8-9 jumbo muffins or 18 (generously portioned) regular muffins.

Wheaten Milk and Honey Bread

Extremely healthful, 100% whole grain bread with a great rise and texture. Use soy milk and soy milk powder if you do not drink milk, and agave nectar for the honey if you are vegan. Sometimes I add sesame or hemp seeds to the top of the loaf or dust it with flour for a decorative flare. For a sweeter bread, up the honey content to 1/3 cup and drop the water content to 1/2 cup.

Basic Biscotti

Simple to put together and equally simple to tailor to whatever your needs are, this whole-grain, eggless biscotti is a healthy take on tradition!

Orange and Rosewater Marshmallows

Adapted from Christine Cushing. You will need a candy thermometer for this recipe!

Yammy Chocolate Marble Cake

Rich and delicious spice cake pairs sweet potatoes with chocolate for an enticing dessert. It truly is a “yammy” addition to any dinner party!

Jamaican Marshmallows

A basic, egg-free marshmallow recipe jazzed up with coconut and rum extracts. I like to dye them blue sometimes for a tropical feel!

Mushroom, Leek And Rice Soup

Delicious soup that is hearty enough to serve as a meal. Adapted from

Very Good (4 ratings)
Bok Choy and Tofu Stir-Fry

From Weight Watchers: Try our low-fat stir-fry. The sweetness of the hoisin sauce and slight spice of the ginger pair up for a guaranteed taste sensation.

Silk Road Macaroni n' Cheese

This is a great way to "balance the table" when it comes to kid's eating habits. The tofu adds a great hit of protein, and if you stir in some peas or (my favourite) chopped tomatoes, it's a complete meal! Servings are calculated for kid portions, for adults, this makes about 4 servings.

Swordfish and 'Sketti

Adapted from Bon Appeteit, this is a delicious, light and healthy meal with whole grain pasta, greens and swordfish coming together!

Man - In - The - Moon Oatmeal Cookies

Adapted WW recipe, so named becausse the mini chips look like craters.

Health Food Store Biscotti

I don't know how this could be healthier... or yummier!! Flax, sesame, coconut, blueberries and goji berries in a low-fat, crunchy snack! Goji berries are shriveled red berries that look like red raisins, and can usually be found in health food or bulk stores.

Baked Strawberry Custards

Low sugar, vegan and out of this world when it comes to taste. Of course if you do not have any blood sugar worries feel free to use regular maple syrup.

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Torta Stracciatella Alla Andrew

This would be my fiancé Andrew (AKA eggchef)’s dream cake. It may wind up appearing on his birthday menu this coming year (or maybe New Years, our anniversary, my birthday, lol)

Cappuccino Mousse

Delicious, low-fat, and a great way to have a cafe style treat at home.

Carob Ice Pops

I spotted this on Tiny Morsels' blog ( and knew I had to give it a go. Not having the erythritol or agave that she calls for, and not being able to have coconut, I swapped unsweetened almond milk, honey and brown sugar instead. Makes 6 popsicles.

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Saffron and Mussel Risotto

Adapted from a delicious looking French recipe off of ChezMyrtille:
ussel-risotto.html. Makes a wonderful date night dinner! 2 generous servings.

Zorra's Homemade (Hot!) Ketchup

Snapped up from Zorra's blog at
/... it looked way too good to pass up! Do look at her blog for the photos and extra bits and pieces from her "Some Like It Hot" event! Makes about 20 two-tbsp servings.

Chana Saag Curry

Makes hearty, delicious main course servings, and is a healthy whole meal in one! Good warm or cold, and a great way to get your veggies.

Mocha Almond Ice Milk

Adapted from the Almond Board of California, this rich, smooth espresso ice milk is filled with chunks of almond for a delicious summer snack.

Asian Vegetable Salad

Fresh, bright and full of Asian flavour, this is a great go-to lunch with some shrimp or tofu added in!

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Sweet n' Sourdough Raisin Spice Muffins

My first ever attempt at baking with a sourdough starter, these muffins rose perfectly, are low in fat and are a great spicy blend of sweet and sour!! Original recipe came from Breadchick at The Sour Dough (

Quirky Corkscrew Primavera

To save a few minutes of time, start heating your oven before you work on the veggies. If you don’t want to heat up your house (it IS Summer!), you can place the veggies in foil and throw 'em on the grill! Either way... delicious and healthy!!!

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Greek Potato and Chickpea Salad

Black olives, chickpeas, potatoes and lemons combine in this delicious and healthy Mediterranean lunch recipe that just gets better with age! If you can, get organic chickpeas and potatoes for optimum nutrition.

Baked Bean Soup

Adapted from Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special, this is a hearty, healthy addition to a dinner menu or a meal all on it's own.

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Vegan Pierogy Dough

The basic dough for the traditional Polish pierogi, made vegan with an egg replacer in the form of silken tofu.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Whole Wheat, Quinoa and Tomato Buns

These are delicious and healthy, not to mention a great flavourful wrapper for a burger or deli sandwich!

Choco - Banana Crunch Muffins

I made these up as I went along today, finding things all over my house that needed to be used up! The result is some seriously favour-packed, wonderfully moist and delicately spicy muffins that are healthy enough for breakfast and decadent enough to pair with an afternoon coffee.

Disappearing Streusel Cinnamon Muffins

A happy accident stemming from my impatience in the kitchen, which resulted in some very delicious, rich and spicy treats with the streusel hidden just beneath the surface.

Play Dough Butter Bread

From the book The Cooking Book by Jane Bull, this is a great opportunity to introduce kids to baking!

Soba Ginger Salad

Adapted from Splenda for a main-course meal. Delicious!

Summer Splendor Pasta

Herbs and zucchinni from the garden blend wonderfully with a fresh and light tomato sauce and hearty, whole-grain pasta. Add some bay scallops, calamari rings or shrimp too,if you'd like, for a truly Agean experience! Adapted from kalofagas (

Agean Personal Pizzas

This pizza uses a classic combination of Mediterranean flavours which will really seduce the taste buds. Dairy free since I can't have milk and soy cheese is (IMHO) gross! Adapted from Weight Watchers, and an awesome weekend lunch or light dinner.

Crazy Fruity Cocoa Cups

Adapted (heavily) from a recipe spotted on that was written in response to a Michael Smith banana brownie recipe, these delicious chocolatey, fruity snacks will please even the most discerning tastebuds.

Tuna - Pepper Pasta Salad

Adapted from Eating Well magazine, this is a great summer lunch out on the patio!

Simple Sourdough

My variation on Baking Bites' basic sourdough bread - my very first attempt at all-sourdough bread and I could not be happier! Crunchy, crackling crust, decent crumb and a glorious scent right out of the oven!

It's a BIG loaf, so it will go a long way! Not bad for flour, water and salt, eh?

Vermicelli Alla Sangiovannello

This is also called Midsummer Pasta, since in Italy on the longest night of the year this dish is served: symbolically long cuts of pasta with a simple sauce of olive oil, garlic, anchovies, and tomatoes.

Honey n Fruit Yogurt Tart

Something light, flavourful and fruity for summer!

Mashed Potato Salad

A new spin on an old classic, low fat and delicious too!

Cinnamon Sourdough Crumpets

Adapted from Baking Bites. Crumpets are best served toasted and spread with butter, honey or jam for breakfast. They also make a healthy sandwich and are always able to be at hand since they freeze so easily! This is also a great way to avoid sourdough starter waste when you don't want a loaf of bread.

Pão De Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Puffs)

These are best served straight out of the oven, when they're still a bit gooey inside from the delectable cheese. You can't just have one though- consider yourself warned.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Kohlrabi Slaw

The combination of kohlrabi, daikon, carrots, and wasabi makes this the perfect accompaniment to a small dish of jasmine rice.

Ponzu Noodle Bowl

Summer veggies team up with a light, citrusy Ponzu sauce and a shot of peppery heat for a delicious, fat free lunch. Shirataki noodles are made from konjac flour - a high-fiber, low calorie substance that is great for the digestive system - but if you don't like them or can't find them cellophane or bean thread noodles work just as well.

Makes 2 large (main dish) servings (add some protein like tofu or shrimp for a heartier meal) or 4 side servings.

Tree Climbin Bread

Low-fat, low-sugar, but oh-so-fine! Who needs another excuse to eat breakfast?? Freezing then thawing the bananas brings more moisture to the bread than just straight-mashed.

Fast and Floral Sweet Rolls

A rich, sweetened quickbread-style dough envelops fesh and fragrant lavender blossoms before being topped off with a warm maple syrup. It's the best breakfast you could dream of! Adapted from Happy Valley Lavender farm.

Angelic Pumpkin Cupcakes

A little out of season, but I can't help it - I love pumpkin! Great with a cranberry juice glaze too for special occasions! Can also be made in an UNGREASED Angel Food Cake pan, bake for 1 hour and invert to cool.

Upside - Down Strawberry Cheesecake Squares

Adapted from Easy Home Cooking Magazine... summery flavour and very low fat!

Very Good (1 rating)
Strawberry - Fig Jam

Easy to make refrigerator jam, no canning equipment or pectin needed! Delicious and nutritious figs and strawberries make for a perfect breakfast spread. Serving size 2 tbsp.

Simply Spicy's Chana Masala

Chana masala (or chole) is popular dish among the Punjabi's in India. It is a good source of protein, zinc, folate, vitamin E, potassium, dietary fiber and iron. Filled with soluble fiber which helps in lowering cholesterol and helps in stabilizing blood sugar. It's low in fat and high in taste.

Adapted from

Lite Mussels Marinara - Spicy!

Serve over pasta with a delicious, summery salad for an easy delicious romantic dinner.

Sprouted Wheat Banana Bread

You've heard of sprouted wheat bread, right? Well, how about this!

This was a total fluke of my imagination - I had entries for two blog events coming due and no need for a ton of bread lying around, so I did the next best thing - banana bread! It freezes beautifully and is full of fibre and nutrients. The texture is dense and moist like any good banana bread, but with a delicious hint of nuttiness from the wheat berries. This takes a while to do, but it's a special sort of bread! Delicious warm (or toasted!) with some honey butter :-).

Garden Fresh Herby Spaghetti

Adapted from Chatelaine. This is an awesome summer dinner for two after you've been out gardening - it really makes you appreciate what the garden can bring to your table! It's cheap, too, if your garden is as plentiful as most are in the summer months!

Rich Cocoa Custard

Delicious, low - fat and dairy - free, made with fat free soy milk and cornstarch for a delicious and thick pudding mix great for filling cakes or cannoli shells! Serving size is 1/2 cup.

Lilva Nu Shaak

Adapted from 660 Curries, this is a great use for in-season, super frsh green beans and tomatoes. Not too spicy hot, but you can tweak that to your taste. I like this recipe because it doesn't call for some obscure ingredients often associated with curry.

Serve with a simple fried egg or a tofu scramble for a delicious and healthy meal.

Sweet Lime Cookies

These probably won’t look fully baked, even if they’re ready to be pulled out of the oven. They’ll look puffed, but still very pale with only a hint of golden at the edges. But, once you pull them out and they start to cool, they’ll get the cracked top to them.

Adapted from the Rebar Modern Food Cookbook.

Coffee Crisp Bars

This could possibly be the BEST answer to that undying question... How do you like your coffee?? Cocoa, espresso powder and chopped up Coffee Crisp chocolate bars meld together for a perfect midday snack.

Brownie Roll-Out Cookies

Adapted from Smitten Kitchen's blog to make them vegan, these are delicious, chewy and rich cookies that are perfect on their own, with a glass of milk or wrapping an ice cream (or peanut butter) sandwich! Makes about 48 small cookies.

Rich n' Tangy Chocolate Bundt

Adapted from Sourdough Jack’s Cookery - sourdough starter makes for a delicious undertone in this dark chocolate cake. A mashed banana adds extra richness and depth to the dessert.

Rich Roasted Veggie Stock

A basic, yet intensely flavourful recipe that forms a delicious bottom note for any vegetarian (or not!) soups, stews or rice dishes you care to make with it. Comes from the Fresh at Home cookbook by Ruth Tal Brown and Jennifer Houston. Makes about 8 cups, each about 10 calories and no fat (the nutrition calculator does not take into account the fact that the vegetables are strained out).

Pierre's Mushroom Soup

My take on Toronto's Fresh restaurant's French Mushroom Soup, which takes advantage of dried exotic mushrooms, creminis, a myriad of spices and their fabulous, fat-free vegetable stock. Blended smooth, this is a hearty, warming meal all on it's own.

Truly Red Spiced Dal

A little unorthodox to some, but I love this spicy combination of peppers, herbs, and vegetable juice with the creamy red lentils. A great source of veggie protein and fiber!

Jamaican Green Velvet Soup

This is a wonderfully spicy, richly textured and brilliantly coloured soup - the just wilted baby spinach plays beautifully with the sweet pureed base heightened by just a touch of nutmeg and ginger. Another winner from the Fresh restaurant in Toronto.

Very Good (1 rating)
Tibetian Potage

This is a thick soup, full of B vitamins, protein and fibre as well as minerals and iron! This comes from Fresh restaurant in Toronto, and is so easy to make at home and just as delicious!

Toastmaster's Waffles

From our waffle maker's manual. Awesome Sunday morning treat!

Out of Africa Pea Soup

Yup, another soup from the Fresh restaurant in Toronto. Who says vegan food is boring?? Browned onions, spices, sweet potatoes and split peas round out a delicious and hearty meal for everyone to enjoy.

Wasabi Dill Salad Dressing

Sounds weird, but this combo is awesome! Spicy from the Japanese wasabi powder and Dijon, but cooled down by the bland tofu and dill, this is a delicious cream-like sauce for everything! Adapted from Fresh in Toronto.

Roasted Potato - Soy Salad

This is delicious, garlicky and spicy from a hint of Dijon mustard - but you'd never know it was mayo free! Serve warm, at room temperature (my favourite) or chilled - great alongside (or on top of!) a bed of mixed greens.

About 1 cup per serving and adapted from Weight Watchers.

Chickpea Chocolate Chippers

Use a good-quality, dark chocolate chip for these, the rich cocoa content will play up beautifully with the nutty garbanzos.

Spring Mushroom Orzo

Orzo, being a rice shaped pasta, gives you the quick cooking time of pasta and the applications of rice. It works beautifully in this dish, with the fresh flavours of asparagus and herbs and the rich depth of the mushrooms and onions. When in season, swap out the asparagus for garlic scapes for a pure springtime treat.

Gianduja Sponge Cake

Moist from nonfat yogurt, a touch of butter and a bit of Nutella, this is a delicious and light cake perfect for any upcoming birthdays! Adapted from

Fresh Ginger Sauce

A delicious, updated version of the Japanese salad dressing you find in sushi restaurants. Good over a bowl of anything from lettuce to steamed veggies to soba noodles and tofu.

Kong Namul

A delicious, sweet and sour beansprout salad I've had served with my meal at Korean restaurants. Alter the amount of pepper flakes to taste, I like it medium-hot.

Cappuccino Angel Cake

Fat-free, absolutely delicious and with a teeny whole grain secret! It's the best coffee cake anyone on a diet will ever eat!

Raw Red Shreds

I couldn't help myself on the name!

Inspired by Maggie Beer in Maggie’s Harvest, it's a salad full of greatness in texture and taste! If you love beets as much as I do, this is for you! It needs to be made about 2 hours ahead though. I like it as a bed for a white fish fillet.

Sushi For Singles

Eating dinner alone, craving sushi but not wanting to sit alone at the bar, order take-out or get supemarket-style rolls? This makes 2 decent-sized rolls of sushi which can be filled with anything you like. For simplicity's sake I love crabstick (surimi) and cucumber sticks in mine.

Durban Rice

A brilliantly hued South African recipe based on a traditional recipe brought in by slaves in the 17th century. Slightly sweet, and delicious with a spicy bean or chicken dish.

Tomato - Herb Orzo Toss

Deliciously nutty toasted orzo is cooked to perfection with zucchini, carrots and red pepper in a diluted tomato broth before being swirled through with fresh basil and oregano. Delicious hot or room temperature as a salad.

Shiitake Soba Ponzu

Buckwheat noodles, broccoli, two types of mushrooms and ponzu sauce combine to make a seriously delicious side to your latest Asian meal!

Vegan Blueberry Peach Gel

AKA Kanten, this is a delicious and summery Jell-O like dessert that uses agar agar and fruit juice to hold fresh peach chunks andd blueberries.

Sri Lankan Toronto Noodles

Adapted from Fresh restaurant in Toronto, whose Sri Lankan cook taught the owner this recipe and had it become immensely popular with the staff and public!

Shroomy Pasta Sauce

Delicious and hearty with a kick from chipotle pepper and a shot of Tequila in the mix. Your spaghetti will never be the same!

Mom's Manhunter Short Ribs

This is my mom's recipe for big-batch beef short ribs in the crockpot - fall off the bone tender, juicy and with an aroma that is addictive as crack while they're cooking. What a great way to lure that special man into your grasp!

If you're already attached, these are wonderful for Sunday night dinner over rice - or for a special weeknight welcome home!

Note that this recipe will need either one VERY large crockpot or two regular sized ones.

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Spicy Herbed Cauliflower Cheese

Low-fat but spicy and creamy, this is my family's favourite recipe for cheesy cauliflower. We like to mix in broccoli and green beans too!

Nutritional Crunch Coating

This mix lasts forever, and is awesome for coating eggplant, veggie burgers, tofu or tempeh slices before baking or pan-frying them! If you don't like it spicy, leave out the cayenne pepper. From Fresh in Toronto.

Serving size = 1 tbsp.

Fresh n Crispy Eggplantwich

A delicious and nutritrious sky-high sandwich - a wonderful way to eat eggplant without having it breaded and deep-fried before smothering it in cheese! Adapted from Fresh in Toronto, and is equally delicious in a whole wheat pita.

Adzuki Stew

I love this spicy and slightly sour stew over a bowl of brown basmati rice or bulgur wheat, but the source of the original (Fresh Restaurant in Toronto) puts it into a wrap. I bet it would be good in pitas too.

Springtime Strawberry Muffins

Pair up your garden bounty this spring and summer for these delicious muffins. Lavender infused soymilk teams up with whole spelt flour, applesauce and two forms of strawberries, for a breakfast that will never be the same!

Chocolate Insanity Cookies

Who would think of putting together peanut butter chips, toffee pieces and candy coated SUNFLOWER SEEDS in a chocolate cookie batter?? Well, that's what happens when you prowl the local Bulk Barn on sale day! With no solid fats either, these are slightly less of a guilty pleasure!

Two - Nut Baklava

My mom loves baklava, and this is her recipe - hazelnuts and almonds make a killer combination in the flaky, sticky pastry (my favourite too, since I hate walnuts and pistachios!). I believe she got it from one of her schoolmate's parents when she lived near the Greek area of Toronto. You need a half sheet pan for this, which makes a lot - about 54 3" squares! You can freeze it after the syrup drench, though.

Steamed Poppy Seed Bread

Another one of my mom's "Black Box" recipes, though the card is written in my grandmother's hand. I have no idea if my mom ever made it. This is rich cake, filled with butter, eggs, milk and honey, and it fills three 14-oz cans, about 6 slices each.

Quick Casserole Garlic Bread

Another unique recipe from my mom's Black Box. A garlic-spiked quickbread is baked until nice and crusty in a round casserole dish. The result is like Irish Soda Bread in appearance.

Seed - Crusted Whole Wheat Biscuits

I remember my mom making these once, when I was little and "anti-brown anything". I admit I didn't appreciate them then, but they are delicious (and healtthy) to my more mature tastebuds.

Grandma's Mushroom Bisque

My grandma used to make this soup all the time - tangy, rich and creamy, and filled with browned mushrooms and onions! Don't boil the soup after you stir in the yogurt though - not only will it curdle, but it will kill the good bacteria inside.

Sourdough Pan De Sal Rolls

Pan de sal is a Filipino bread characterized by the breadcrumbs coating the outer shell, making a salty grittiness for a gratifying first bite. A wonderful sandwich bread for sure!

Chocolate Malted Milk Jelly

Agar agar layers in both plain malt and dark chocolate make these glasses a fun-to-look-at, cooling treat. If you cannot find agar, substitute an equal amount of (unflavoured) gelatine.

Key Lime Cream Cups

Adapted from
key-lime-cups.html. A great, refreshing summer treat, especially if you take them right from the fridge!

Childhood Cinnamon Cake

This is an old coffee cake recipe I had written down on a scrap of paper from a Home Economics class I took when I was about 7 or 8. The photo is of the original copy. I can't believe my mom saved this after all these years!

Field Berry Parcels by Anna Olson

For the cooking club. Every month a new recipe is chosen for people to make, either by the book or with their own spin. This is my take on July's recipe!

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InAPinch Cheesecake Snack

I used to crave this back when I was in college with little extra money for baking supplies... I tell you, it's not exactly the same thing, but for a pick-me-up midday when you're broke (or on a diet), it can't be beat!

Jeweled Holiday Rice

This is good as a great side dish with roasted salmon, roast chicken or even a delicious baked ham. For a filling and vegan one-pot meal, stir in a 19oz can of chickpeas and serve it over steamed spinach or kale!

Grandma's Gourmet Cranberry Pudding

Another definite "keeper" recipe given to my mom from my Grandma. She made this a couple times a year, usually between Thanksgiving and Christmas when we had my Grandpa's birthday and family holiday events. The sauce makes this spectacular... don't skip it!


True, making these is more labour-intensive than microwaving some frozen ones from a box, but you can make a bunch of these ahead of time and freeze them for a fast pasta dinner mid-week!

Spicy Yellow Prawn Noodles

Easy, fast, tasty lunch with ingredients from my pantry, fridge and freezer. This is a dry curry, so don't expect much sauce.

Brazil Nut Ebony Bars

Two kinds of cocoa, three kinds of fats and the addition of silken tofu may throw you off this recipe, but I promise you, when you make these, you'll wonder why you let it go so long! The frosting and rich, fudgey cake (almost like a brownie in texture) are beautiful complements for each other. Great for grown-up party trays, too (the kids will probably balk at the espresso)!

Delightful Chocolate Root Beer Cake

A classic lightens up - rich root beer and dark chocolate all in a moist sheet cake!

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Chocolat Noir Brownies

I was skeptical of a sweet recipe that called for black beans, even though there were rave reviews everywhere! It does work, though! Pureed beans are just the ticket to keeping these cakey brownies dark, moist, and fudgey and all without any trace of bean flavour.

Sweet - Hot Summertime Salad

I adapted this recipe from one I saw Rachael Ray make on TV. Since I can't have the ever-popular EVOO, and I am not a fan of the celery, I made up my own version. I must say, it is a mighty tasty lunch!

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Lemon - Herb Summer Toss

Whole wheat pasta, fresh vegetables, bright lemon and zippy Italian dressing make this a yummy light dinner or side dish at a potluck!

Serves 6 as a side dish or 4 as a main.

Shrimp with Whole Wheat Couscous

Adapted from Everyday Food Martha Stewart. Delicious as a summer meal on the patio!

Green Tea and Cherry Ice

Adapted from CHOW. Tasty lime, cherry and green tea get frozen and blended into a delicious slushie!

Tiny Tastes for Two

These are good for cocktail parties when you want to have an array of desserts laid out, or if you want that sweet taste but still want to fit into your jeans!

Strawberry - Kiwi Sorbet

Recipe adapted from one developed at Big Black Dog (
pucker-up-baby.html). Definitely on the tart side of things, but wonderful as a Summer refresher.

Seafarer's Kamut Pasta

A variant of a delicious seafood pasta as seen on
eafood-kamut-pasta.html. Kamut is believed to be of Egyptian origin. Compared to common wheat, Kamut is richer in protein, minerals such as magnesium and zinc, Vitamin Bs and Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, but contains a little less dietary fibre. Kamut flour is not refined or bleached, and thus retains all its nutritional qualities!

Orange Truffle Sauce

This is nothing short of decadent - a light orange flavour in the background of full-on white chocolate and buttery bliss. It's a great accompaniment to a dark chocolate ice cream or drizzled over strawberry filled crepes! Recipe makes about 1 1/4 cups sauce, 10 two-tbsp servings.

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Connoisseur's Chocolate Sauce

This isn't your Hershey's syrup! Eating a spoonful of this is like indulging in liquid fudge, without it's super-gritty nature. Note the two major differences in this recipe from most other "sweet" ones - no vanilla, and salted butter! Both make this nothing but the best, because after all everything's better with buttah! Makes 26 two-tbsp servings.

Fibre Brownie Cups

This is an old WW trick, best made in muffin tins (1. for portion control and 2. for texture). Great for a chocolate fix when you're still watching calories (or even if you aren't... then you don't have to stop at one!)

Famous People's Carrots

This is my approximation of the roasted carrots that were served as part of the meal at Toronto's Famous People Players. The meals there are cooked and served by individuals with physical and mental disabilities - and if you didn't know ahead of time, you could never tell. There's enough liquid in this recipe that it forms a wonderful sauce... perfect for pouring over a salmon steak and rice for dinner.

Un - Canned Beefaroni

This is a good alternative to opening up that good ol' can of "stuff" the next time your kids are craving the Chef! You can make this vegan by swapping out the beef for 3/4 cup TVP granules soaked in a little more than 1/2 cup hot water or vegetable broth if you like.

Lonely Chicago Pie

Cinnamon, spices and sugar underneath rich melted chocolate and smashed berries. Inspired by the movie "Waitress".

Cauli - Garlic Roast

This probably would do 4 as a hearty side dish, but I could eat the whole thing by myself! I'm a sucker for garlic, what can I say??

Purple Bean and Tomato Salad

Simple, satisfying lunch made super easy, since all the stuff came out of my garden (except the hummus, which was storebought - Wendy and Barb's Skinny Dips is what I used). If you don't have purple beans (see the photo), which are exactly the same as green beans but purple (duh), just swap colours! Yellow would work too, and the purple ones actually turn green as they cook.

Make - Ahead Fish Balls

I love fish balls, but it's a pain for me to drive 40 minutes to my nearest Asian market for packets of them, especially when they're so expensive! While this recipe isn't totally authentic - real fish balls are hand-mashed - this works for me and is way less cleanup!

Yields 4 balls per serving.

Where Did the Rum Go Cake

A single-layer, quick and vegan cake that I made to turn into the now infamous "cake balls". I wanted the flavours to be strong enough to compete with the dark chocolate I have covering them.

Cherry in the Roses Cake

One layer of elegant and exotic cake that I made to turn into "cake balls", along with the "Where Did the Rum Go" cake. This is a crazily hot pink cake, and the amount of cherry extract is correct - I used LorAnn's flavouring which is about 10x stronger than the average! Though subtle, the rosewater really lifts the cake to a new level.

Ricki's Date Cake

Full credit and a shout out goes to Ricki of Diet, Dessert and Dogs for this awesome snacking cake! She writes about it here: (
8/07/20/mrs-ks-date-cake/), and says "this is the kind of cake you like to have on hand as an after-school snack, or when you’re feeling peckish mid-morning. Baked in a square pan, it will keep, covered on the counter, for up to 4 days, longer if refrigerated. It makes 9 large pieces, and freezes well."

Tangy Spiced Fig Honey

Makes about 4 cups worth of delicious, rich nectar - perfect for drizzling on pancakes, toast or even a few roasted vegetables (psst - it's wonderful on broccoli!)! 2 tbsp per serving.

You can eat the cooked, strained figs like candy. Delicious snacking!

Red - Flecked Honey

A jar of sweet heat awaits anyone who receives this treat! It's great to perk up a morning bagel, or stirred into a vinaigrette. 2 tbsp per serving.

Coconut - Cashew Smiles

Simple sugar cookies get a burst of Caribbean flavour from coconut extract, flour and milk, and then turned into grinning goodies with chocolate chips and cashews!

Great Grains Breakfast Parfait

This is a great way to get whole grains, fruit and a serving of dairy into yourself all in one go! Bulgur is high in fibre and protein, not to mention quick-cooking (only 5 minutes of boiling followed by 15 minutes of sitting covered), and you can make this with last night's leftovers!

Baked Eggplant with Tomato - Mushroom Sauce

This is a delicious, hearty comfort food that doesn't fill you out while sating your hunger. It's good for low-carbers, since even though it LOOKS like lasagne, there's no pasta in it - and only 1/4 cup of whole wheat breadcrumbs!

If you can't find cremini mushrooms, their "adult" form (Portabellas) works just as well.

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French Apple Yogurt

A delicious, nutritious snack - hot or cold! Leave the skins on the apples in this recipe for added colour, fibre and vitamins. Adapted from the University of Nebraska website.
Makes 8 1/2 cup servings.

Vegetables with Beans and Bulgur

Simple, healthy and full of both protein and flavour, this is a delicious "power meal" for anyone who works or plays hard! Equally good warm, cool or room temp!

Buddhist Miracle Cookies

Jam and almond thumbprint cookies, made with ground nuts, oil and oats in addition to corn and malt syrups. Adapted from a recipe by the monks at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in California, which is unfortunately under massive overhaul after the forest fire devestation.

Smoky Maple Bakin Bits

All the flavour of a slab of crisp, maple-smoked bacon, without the fat or meat! I love these sprinkled over pasta or salads. Credit to Just the Food for the inspiration(

Ginger Garlic Polenta Toss

Adapted from Fatfree Vegan's recipe for an herb and garlic version, this variant uses shredded Savoy cabbage, freshly grated ginger and garlic with low-fat, extra firm tofu and pre-prepared polenta for an Asian twist.

Wild and Tame Mushroom Soup

From an Oliver & Bonacini offering that they have at their establishments. No butter, oil, or cream is used in their recipe, but the flavour is all there! Its called "Wild & Tame" because they utilize several different types of wild and "regular" mushrooms in the dish. If you can't get mushroom stock cubes, use veggie ones or make your own.

Featherlight Cake

Another good ol' classic, this one is a light lemon tube cake from my paternal grandma (who never baked as long as I could remember). All I've changed is the wording to make it a bit easier to understand. I've yet to try this out at home, if you do, please share your results!

MYO Cool - Whip

From my friend Tippy at Grouprecipes (

Very Good (3 ratings)
Sugar - Free Maple - Ish Syrup

Makes 6 1/4 cup servings that clock in under 10 cals. Good if you're on a diet or if you need maple syrup for a recipe but are out. Adapted from "Cooking Healthy, Fast & Superfast" by Rachel Rudel.

Spiced Berry - Mustard Dip

Thin this out with a touch of orange juice or olive oil for a delicious, zippy salad dressing, or use as is for a great toast or cracker spread. Delicious with roasted vegetables too.

Orange Dippy - Do

Makes 2-tbsp servings, a classic french fry dip!

Super - Scotcheroons

Who needs chocolate chips when you can have these - simply bursting with coconut and butterscotch chips!

LorAnn's flavourings are extremely potent, so don't go overboard if you use them. It's fine to leave them out, though they do add the extra "oomph" in this recipe. It'll seem like there isn't enough dough to hold all the chips and coconut, but it will be okay - just be sure to space them out well - no more than 6 to a sheet - because they spread!

Italian Flag Frittata

This is amazing served warm topped with oven roasted cherry tomatoes and fresh basil, but cold for lunch with a salad is equally tasty!

Vegan Italian Sausage Patties

Delicious, meaty and full of Italian flavour but without the meat or fat! Form into whatever shape you desire, I find patties cook a bit more evenly than "logs".

Honey Cherry Ice Cream

No eggs in this rich, sweet honey ice cream - just tons of glace (candied) cherries studding the mix! Don`t use maraschino cherries... they`re too mushy - find the candied ones.

Sugarfree Summer Spread

A delicious, no-cook jam bursting with peaches and raspberries and thickened with a no-sugar-needed pectin. If Splenda isn`t your thing, use regular sugar instead. 2 tbsp per serving.

Sweet - Hot Cucumber Salad

Cool cucumbers and sweet onion combine in a salad that's oil-free, light and fresh on the tongue, accented with a low-grade bite from the pickled jalapenos. Try this out at your next picnic!

Glace Cherry Shortbreads

Adapted from Anna Olson, these are very much the Christmas cookie - studded throughout with gorgeously bright and clear candied cherries. You can't use maraschinos in syrup for this - look for the dry-packed glace kind. Store in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks or freeze up to 3 months.

Devilishly Sweet Wasabi Dressing

Lower in fat than your traditional coleslaw dressing with one heck of a kick. Purists will scoff at the fat-free Miracle Whip, but I hate the taste of regular mayo. Use what you like! 2 - tbsp servings.

Cioccolata Calda

Forget cocoa and marshmallows... this is anything but kid's stuff!

World Peace Korova Cookies

My adaptation (some would say bastardization) of the most infamous Dorie Greenspan recipe out there, perfect chocolate butter cookies! A good tip for making even cookie slices that won't flatten on one side is to stick the logs of dough into a paper towel tube - just push the chilled dough through it as you slice! If you freeze this dough (which it does nicely), don't bother defrosting it before baking — just slice the logs with a serrated knife and bake the cookies and extra minute! Cookies will keep at room temperature for up to 3 days; they can be frozen for up to 1 month. I give both the weight and volume measurements since I prefer the weights when baking but know that most people use the volume for day-to-day.

Passata al Pomodoro

Makes about 6 1/2 cups of passata - tomato puree, no herbs other than garlic, no salt or pepper, and no oil! You will need a food mill (either manual or electric) and a large crockpot or slow cooker for this recipe, which takes all day (though unattended) to make. It's worth it, though!

Zen - Gria

This is a spin on the Spanish party favourite known as Sangria. It marries three kinds of alcohol with berries, citrus fruit and papaya juice! Health-obsessed hedonists can even pretend the pretty drink’s nutrients will counteract the liver-curdling effects of the booze. From Spice Route in Toronto.

4 half-cup servings, NI doesn't include fruit additions.

Fagioli Tuscano Soup

A delicious, hearty puree of Tuscan (dinosaur) kale, potato, tomato and garlic - seasoned with pepper and studded with kidney beans. A perfect winter warmer. Makes 4 main course servings.

Shivering Cheesecake Bites

A great new use for ice cube trays this summer! From Hungry Girl.

Choconut Freezer Pie

Adapted from WitchyWife @ The Daily Plate, a delicious frozen chocolate pie with a crispy peanut butter crust.

Boston Bean Salad

Sweet, spicy and a tiny bit of tang, wrapped up in a blend of 3 different beans and served over a delicious bowl of microgreens. A perfect way to enjoy a lunch!

Magic Grapes

Cold and sweet, uniquely flavoured treats for kids and adults alike! Borrowed this recipe and adapted it slightly from Christine at Evite (
843116), who calls these "the ruby red slippers of the fruit world".

Diabetic Rice Pudding Mix

Great for gifts or for saving in the pantry. If you can't find brown Minute rice, use white.

NI is for prepared serving.

Aubergine Sauce

An almost-raw sauce with roasted eggplant instead of tomatoes as the main player. Delicious over pasta or potatoes.

Tea - Party Mice

I took a cue from Alice in Wonderland (one of my favourite movies!) when naming this recipe, an adaptation of one that I found on Flickr. Cookie mice are decorated with licorice tails and sprinkle eyes! Perfect for the Christmas platters.

Bar Snack Cheesecake

Salty pretzels and peanut butter form a delicious and savoury crust for a chili-spiked, sweet ribbon of ganache hiding under a decadent cheesecake. It's like all the planets align! Start at least 24 hours ahead, though.

Brownie Balls

So simple this can hardly be considered a recipe - it's inspired by my trip to Niagara Falls where Andrew (my fiance) bought a bag of them from Sugar Mountain and loved them.

Truly Fudge Brownies

You cannot deny that these brownies are "fudgy" - not only are they dense bars, but they're full of fudge candy! These will send you to the moon and back - and a great way to use the extra fudge you bought at the fair!

PBJ Cupkins

Top these with a jam glaze, if you like - I keep mine plain for the full peanut butter experience.

Lemon - Seed Cookies

No poppy seeds here - I added hemp hearts and chia seeds to this mix instead! Nice for summer, but good for anytime.

MYO Seitan

Adapted from PPK. Makes about 4 cups.

Blarney Stones

Delicious butter biscuit-cookies with raisins and nuts add a delicious note to any teatime!

Microwave Cookie Pudding

This is super-easy to make and delicious to eat, and the possibilities are as endless as the cookie varieties!

Berry Rhubarb Pudding

A delicious, low-sugar dessert for Spring when all the berries (and rhubarb!) come into season. Substitute sugar for the 2/3 cup Splenda if you like.

Chickenish Salad

This is absolutely delicious, and a great vegetarian substitute for chicken or turkey salad in sandwiches or over a bed of lettuce. If you have access to it, use a vegetarian "chicken" broth to rehydrate the soy pieces.

Hard Pretzels

Crunchy sticks, knots or balls of pretzel dough get a quick boil before being baked to a snacker's delight! Adapted from an Alton Brown recipe to include whole wheat flour.

Jamaican Jerk Portaburgers

This is my take on a great concoction made originally from The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro in Ottawa, ON. It’s a firey blend of peppers, spices and pepper-jack cheese infusing mellow portabella mushroom caps for a great vegetarian burger!

Micro - Touille

My mom loves to eat ratatouille, and would make this over the Summers when the veggies were perfect and it was too hot for stovetop cooking!

This is wonderful all on its own but equally good over rice. It's also one of those gems that gets better the next day!

Nuclear Nightshade Pasta

Eggplant and tomatoes combine with delicious, al-dente pasta and seasonings for a meal-in-a-bowl that you can make in your microwave!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Macedonian Summer Salad

The best of the best combine in this delicious chilled salad that's hearty enough to stand on it's own (double the recipe for that) or as a side to some lamb chops and couscous!

Tangy Creamed Eggplant Sauce

This is my personal favourite overtop roasted broccoli, it's also delicious over rice or hearty, chunky noodles. Not for the faint of heart when it comes to garlic flavour! Adapted from Vegetarian Times.
Makes about 2 cups - 1/2 cup servings.

Tofu - Nut Truffles

Just when you think you've seen everything - truffles with tofu! Well, have no fear - these beauties taste nothing like tofu and are chock full of protein and healthy fats. The chocolate doesn't hurt either!

Steamed Teriyaki Buns

My riff off of Chinese Dim Sum but with a Japanese teriyaki flavour inside. Instead of using meat I made a blend of TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) granules and crunchy, diced water chestnuts with a sweet and spicy BBQ-style teriyaki sauce. A stint in the steamer later and you have succulent, filling and whole wheat dumplings on your hands! Makes about 16, 4 per serving.


This tastes somewhat like a soy version of "honey ham" that's been sliced up and pan-fried. Using a non-stick pan eliminates the need for added oil, and I use a low-fat extra-firm brand of tofu (President's Choice) to keep the fat to a minimum so that I can tolerate it.

Sugar Free Peanutbutter - Scotch Fudge

This may be sugar free but boy, it isn't diet food! It's very rich so cut tiny pieces!

Tuna and Sweet Gingered Eggplant Relish

Barely heat-kissed tuna steak is the perfect bed for a lightly sauteed, tangy eggplant sauce.

Deadly Black Bundt

Rich and tangy with no expense spared - a full pound of butter, and a whole cup of cocoa powder blend with 6 eggs and thick yogurt for this decadent treat. It's a good thing it feeds a crowd!

Mom's "Guesstimate" Cabbage Rolls

Yes, it's a lot of food - but they freeze beautifully after baking and microwave back to piping hot goodness in a matter of minutes. Not a "traditional" recipe by any means, but it's how my mom and I make them!

About 2 rolls per serving.

Ginger - Garlic Teriyaki Marinade

The current marinade / stirfry sauce that I use. Very thin, so allow a little time for reduction after you add it to your pan.

Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie

A Paula Deen Thanksgiving favourite, revamped.

Banana - Oat Scones

Thick, old-style oats add a rustic touch to these buttery, spelt flour scones. Throwing in some dark chocolate chips and a drizzle of honey up the breakfast ante even more!

Chocolate Cream Filled Angel Cake

Adapted from Group Recipes, low fat and full of delicious creamy flavour!

Cheater's Cheesecake

Faf-free cherry yogurt, a touch of water and cheesecake pudding mix... that's it! What a perfect midday snack!

Boiled Carrot Muffins

Delicious spices, Crasins and carrots blend together in the saucepot before being mixed into a hearty, whole grain batter. Low in both fat and sugar, high in fibre and delicious in taste!

Peppery Cabbage Soup

My mom's blend of German and Polish cabbage soups: peppers and onion perk up an otherwise basic formula that's wonderfully warm and filling on a Winter's day. About 2 1/2 cups per serving.

Cheesy Chocolate Soy Pudding

Creamy, rich, smooth, and chock-full of good-for-you, high-quality soy protein! If chocolate's not your thing, a mix of lemon and cheesecake pudding mix is equally tasty - add 1 tsp of grated lemon zest too!

Spud and Garden Eggs

Scramble up some egg whites with a touch of cheese and a huge assortment of vegetables, spoon into crispy potato shells and broil just a minute longer for a breakfast fit for farmers, students and families alike!

BBQ Baby Jackfruit

This is a delicious vegan alternative to pulled pork, found on
-jackfruit-sandwich/. Canned young green jackfruit in brine is unripe, and what you want for this recipe. It’s prepared as a vegetable and is also known as “vegetable meat”. Don't get the ripe kind!

This also needs time to sit and marinate after cooking, so make it a day ahead of time. You will not like the flavour after immediate cooking.

Sicilian Sourdough

Slightly sweet, but with a delicious sourdough tang as well, this is a delicious way to use up sourdough starter toss-off. Adapted from a recipe found at

I used my starter (whole-wheat and spelt flour) and added Kamut and All-Purpose flours to the dough instead of the Durum she calls for. I also used a touch of honey instead of malt syrup and cut the salt in half. Everything else is the same!

Makes 2 loaves, 15 slices per loaf.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Cherry - Fig Bars

This is my latest attempt to make a decent, yet different, "Fig Newton" style cookie for my grandpa to enjoy - he introduced me to the classic snack and I fell in love with it at an early age! Now that I can't have the oils or fat I'm just out to make something for him!

Sloppy Joe Salad

This is a delicious, healthy and easy to mke-ahead lunch for those days when school seems to start too early!

Langues de Chat

"Cat's tongues" are oval butter cookies, with a blonde center and lightly browned edges. The name refers to the shape of these cookies.

Ratatouille a la Maman

My mom's ratatouille, a famous, French stovetop casserole with eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini and mushrooms. A carrot and red pepper add a hint of sweetness to the mix.

Rich Cabbage Soup

Adapted from Columbus Foodie's blog - a hearty, full meal in a bowl that's perfect for winter! Freezes well, too.

2 cups per serving.

Lunchtime Beans and Rice

Nice and zippy, this salad is a great pick-me-up in the middle of the day with enough balance of complex carbs and protein to keep you going all the way home. Works great in bentos or all on it's own!

Mucho Seed and Cereal Bars

Very healthy, filled with fibre, omega-3s, zinc and just the right amount of sweetness. Perfect for lunchboxes or bake sales all year round!

Dropped Carrot Biscuits

The original form of this recipe came from, and was adapted from A Passion For Baking by Marcy Goldman. Now, I don't know what she did in her kitchen, but there was NO WAY that these so-called "scones" were going to be able to roll out and cut like she described in her recipe. Even adding in an extra half-cup of flour turned the batter into not much more than cookie batter. So, drop biscuits it was!

Carrot Snacking Cake

It may look like brownies, but there is NO cocoa or chocolate in the batter... only a smattering of chocolate chips! The dark colour comes from the Purple Haze carrots that make up the base of this snacking cake.

Green Tomato Mincemeat

Pears, figs and raisins team up with the unlikely candidate of green tomatoes for a deliciously tangy-sweet mincemeat. This is a vegan recipe, perfect for pie or tart fillings at Christmas and it freezes well, too!
Makes about 5 qts mincemeat.

Curry Carrot - Ginger Soup

A smooth, lightly spiced carrot soup pureed with fresh ginger and thickened with potato. Lower-cal than your traditional, cream-based potages!

Delicious freshly made on a winter day, or re-heated from frozen.

Mincemeat Cashew Carrot Muffins

This is a great example of how a few simple changes can turn a rich, calorie-laden muffin into a treat you can feel good about having for breakfast! This is also a great use-up for leftover mincemeat from the holidays or your summer canning.

Carrot Cookies

These are puffy, soft and delicious morsels studded with raisins and lifted with a hint of lemon – perfect and vitamin filled for school lunches!

Redhead Bars

These are the redhead cousins to the blondies and brownies in the world – caramelly sweet with the fruity undertones of banana and carrot, accented just so with a smattering of chocolate chips and nuts for added decadence.

Chipper Carrot Cupcakes

When I saw this recipe for zucchini cupcakes at Blake Bakes (
akeschocolate-chip-zucchini-cupcakes/) I knew I would have to make it! A quick consultation with The Other Half proved it. But could it be done with carrots? I decided to find out and I began to tinker around. These aren't too sweet, but they're light in texture and you still definitely know that it's dessert!

Plain Old Carrot Cake

The latest carrot creation from my kitchen, good plain, glazed or decadently frosted! Makes a two-layer 9" cake.

Hippified Carrot Muffins

Low-fat carrot cupcakes stuffed full of good old help seeds. Won't make you high, but they sure helped mellow me out during midterm studies!

Pink Macaroni, Chicken and Peas

I made this recipe up based on a recipe we had to make in my college's Kitchen Production class. This is a rich all-in-one casserole dish that's great for winter warming.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Chicken Thigh Pie

Chicken thighs are higher in iron than breasts, and without the skin they're still low in fat. The flavour in these pies is delicious, with the carmelized onions blending into a rich sauce. If you have the time, make your own pie shells - it's so much better than store-bought.

White Bean and Garlic Stew

Inspired from a delicious-looking recipe on FatFree Vegan (
e-bean-and-garlic-stew.html)... It looks like a lot of garlic, but it's nice and sweet and mellow. Don't worry!

Autumn Spice French Toast

I make this with a good hearty seed and grain bread and fat free egg substitute - it's a delicious, hearty and healthy way to start your morning!

Beet'n Bread

You will NEVER believe the vibrancy of this bread - both before and after baking! Slightly sweet and earthy from beets and maple syrup, and packed full of vitamins and fibre too!

Double - Triple Carrot Cake

Twice the nuts and triple the fruits are stuffed into this moist, subtly spicy and perfectly sweet carrot cake. Buttermilk and macadamia nuts up the deliciousness, and flax seed provides some extra nutrition while cutting down on the cholesterol from eggs. Makes two 10" rounds.

Tangy Red Grain Salad

I love beets, and paired with the zing from dried cranberries and rice wine vinegar and the subtle texture of the bulgur this salad is a winner of a side dish!

Raw n' Creamy Detox Salad

A delicious, filling, nutrient-dense blend of vegetables and low-fat protein to have for lunch after the holiday meals. Delicious use-up for Thanksgiving and Christmas condiments too!

Sweetly Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Eggless, lower in fat and sugar, but all there in taste! A great way to start your Thanksgiving weekend or Christmas morning!

Raw Double C Salad

Carrots and celery root (AKA celeriac) combine in a crunchy and slightly sweet bowl of goodness accented with dark raisins and just a hint of curry and cumin for zip.

Banana - Honey Bars

A delicious egg-free banana bar cookie flavoured with cinnamon, honey and brown sugar. A great after-school snack or Christmas dessert tray offering!

Very Good (1 rating)
Sourdough Brownies

Fudgy and dark, but with a taste reminiscent of Red Velvet Cake.

Chocolate Maroon Cake

The darker, more sultry version of red velvet cake. It gets a rich flavour from real butter, buttermilk, a touch of beet juice and Kamut flour and added moisture from applesauce and brown sugar.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Sweet Oven Onions

Deliciously sweet and spicy, each foil packet is like your own, personal present of deliciousness waiting to be devoured!

Low - Sugar Stuffed Holiday Squash

This is a delicious, vegan and overall healthy way for everyone to take part in Thanksgiving or Christmas celebration dinners. It's a hit with veggies and omnis alike!

Multi - Grain Fresh Pasta

A blend of Kamut and spelt flour makes for a toothsome, deliciously flavoured vegan pasta base you can use for everything from ravioli to lasagne to fettuccine.

Melanzane Alla Pomodoro and Vegan Parmesan

Good for a light vegan lunch, stacks of broiled eggplant and tomatoes, basil and vegan parmesan get just a sprinkle of salt and pepper before being finished with balsamic and served warm. Makes a good appetizer too, just portion one stack per person instead of 6!

"Lite" Chunky Tomato - Eggplant Pasta

4 pts for Weight Watchers - uses Tofu Shirataki noodles, salt free tomato sauce and lots of eggplant with a handful of dehydrated soy protein "slices" for a hearty, quick meal whenever you need it!

Sugarless Tropical Mini Muffins

Poppyseeds, coconut, banana and orange blend seamlessly with a 7-grain pancake mix of all things to create decadent and completely sugarless puffs. Feel free to have two or three, guilt free!

Pumpkin Maple Sauce

More of a dip than a sauce, this is a sweet and spicy topping that's a beautiful addition to pancakes or waffles in the morning! 1/4 cup servings.


You will never believe the complexity that the paper-thin layers paired with a savoury tomato sauce give to an otherwise "plain" lasagne recipe. Just like baklava, it gets a central thick layer too - pureed cottage cheese that's strained to almost a custard consistency. This does need to chill before baking, and you will need every bit of counter space you own, especially if you're making your own pasta. If that's not your thing though, use 1 lb fresh lasagne sheets from the grocery and roll them out with a rolling pin as thin as possible. Inspiration credit goes to Heidi:

Personal Cauli - Curry

Lentils and cauliflower - a traditional Indian mixture - but all for me!

Diet Tandoori Tuna Pasta

My personal version... 4 pts with clover leaf skipjack, 2.5 pts w Star Tuna.

Carote Al Rafano

Carrots with horseradish is a delicious, traditional Winter side dish in the Trenito region of Italy. Though best with freshly grated horseradish root, the prepared (not cream style, though) kind is sufficient. With a side of grilled white fish it`s a delicious lunch!

Rotolo Di Spinaci

This pasta and spinach roll is very popular in Tuscany due to the high quality of ricotta they produce. Making the rich, eggy pasta by hand is worth the effort here - the store-bought sheets cannot do this filling justice. You can comprimise by using store-bought pasta sauce for topping it, though, if you wish.

*Note* you will need a large pot and cheesecloth for this recipe.

Fudgy Pound Cake

This is easy to make, and uses ingredients most of us already have on hand. You can even make a double or triple batch of this rich and moist cake, storing extra loaves in the freezer. Just wrap in plastic wrap then foil - they keep up to 3 months and are great Christmas gifts!

Warm Curried Salad

An easy fall-winter lunch for when you need something warming and light at the same time.

Bonzo Stew

You'll go bonzo over this inexpensive, vegan chickpea and onion stew packed with a tomatoey curry flavour base. The sweetness of the sauteed onions really stands out!

Super Fantastic Choco - Brownie Goodness

Insanely simple, yet so decadent I dare you to eat a second helping.

Sweet - Sour Beet Salad

Absolutely delicious, warm and perfectly balanced, this salad showcases the beauty of just-cooked beets and bright, sharp mustard. A delicious lunch for one!

Candy Corn Cookies

Sweet sugar cookies get a "candy-like" flavour from brown sugar and butterscotch flavouring, and a vibrant rainbow of colours from the good old bottles of food colouring. It's a perfect Halloween treat.

Dijon - Pomegranate Chicken Toss

Sweet and tangy pomegranate juice, spicy Dijon mustard, garlic and turmeric make a delicious and exotic blend for succulent chicken breasts sauteed with mushrooms and tomato.

"Eye" Candy

Great Halloween cake decoration - vegan royal icing turns into eyes perfect for decorating cakes or cupcakes!

Toffee Apple Cookies

For the CAFP Halloween bakesale, flavoured with cider mix and skor bits.

Buttermilk 'Nilla Cookies

Tangy buttermilk sets off the sweetness of these vanilla sugar cookies. They're cake-like in texture and taste like 'Nilla wafers!

Vanilla Slime Cakes

De-veganized from a recipe on
uffy-white-cupcakes.html and modified to make ghoulish, bake-sale worthy goodies to sell! I frosted these with a basic buttercream icing, then sifted cocoa powder overtop and added candy pumpkins for a "pumpkin patch" effect.

Rich Red - Eye Cupcakes

Adapted from Baking Bites (
uttermilk-chocolate-cupcakes/#more-475). Deep, rich coffee and cocoa cupcakes are filled with a raspberry buttercream before being frosted with white icing and topped with royal icing "eyeball" buttons and red gel decorating icing (see my recipe here for the candy buttons:
il.asp?recipe=424670). Made for a Hallowe'en bakesale.

Spicy Caramel Coated Apples

A new twist on an old favourite - cayenne-spiked caramel apples! I used Mutsus for my batch but Granny Smiths work well too.

Apple Tartlets

Another hit at this year's bake sale, a batch of vegan mini-pies with a naturally sweet, gooey apice-apple filling inside a spelt and flaxseed crust. Fall heaven!

Creamed Pepita - Chive Pesto

A creamy vegan sauce that's delicious over pasta and seitan strips or a big bowl of steamed veggies and rice. Add pepper flakes to taste - I like it nice and spicy!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Quince Apple Sauce

Fall calls for apples and quince - The two of them combine with a touch of sugar and some pumpkin pie spice for a delicious breakfast, dessert or snack! Makes about 450 mL, 4 servings.

Chive - Ricotta Pasta and Squash

Deliciously smooth, oniony ricotta sauce with lots of herbs and spices adorns a huge plate of pasta and zucchini ribbons. Delicious comfort food, good for a date!

Hot - Sweet - Sour Soup

Good comfort food for the blustery days of winter, or whenever you need a bit of a pick me up. I use Tofu Shirataki noodles from House brand for this, but plain spaghetti or udon noodles are good too (NI will change!).

Very Good (1 rating)
Apple - Cinnamon Loaf Cake

This quick, cake-like loaf is absolutely delicious and a winner in the fall. It has a very fine crumb and is very easy to make, not to mention freeze for later!

Pepita - Parsley Pesto

I took advantage not only of my parsley and chives, but also used up a good handful of freshly roasted pumpkin and acorn squash seeds (they taste the same, just smaller!) in place of the pine nuts. A couple cloves of garlic and a splash of toasted sesame oil made the paste even richer-tasting, and the traditional parmesan rounded out the flavours and made it creamy and thick. So thick, in fact, that I had to thin it out with pasta water to serve it!

Black Forest Tortilla Mountain

Low-fat, low-cal but so good you wouldn't know it! NI based on indicated ingredients.

Herby Marbled Bread

The recipe is a variant of an Irish soda - bread dough that I spread with a home made parsley, parmesan and pumpkin seed pesto before rolling up danish-style (that is, double rolling... roll up one way, then re-flattening the dough and re-rolling it into a spiral loaf shape). My mom fell in love with this bread, it's rich without being heavy, and both sweet and salty, with a delicious buttermilk tang.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Gluten Free Double-Pumpkin Pie

A crunchy sunflower seed, pumpkin seed and almond crust provides a hearty base for the rich and creamy pumpkin custard filling. You'll never miss the gluten or the doughy pastry! This is equally delicious frozen - one of my friends prefers it that way!

Salsa Soup

Deceptive in the nature of the ingredients, this rich, delicious lunch is everything you could ask for as a poor student! Heck, with a trip to the residence cafe, it COULD be "all that and a bag of chips"! Adapted from Happy Herbivore's blog.

Candied Chestnut Christmas Cake

Chunks of buttery, rich, candied chestnuts that have been soaked in brandy fill this intense orange-vanilla crustless cheesecake for a Christmas dessert like no other. You'll need fresh chestnuts for this cake, so it really is a seasonal delicacy!

This cake should be served room temperature, never cold, so when you've just served dinner pull it out of the fridge to warm up.

Garlic-Chili Roasted Chayotes

Add a little Southwestern flair to your table with these roasted wedges of chayote squash rubbed with chili pepper and garlic.

Banana - Craisin Ginger Scones

Two-bites of buttery goodness lie in each of these scones, which are pretty low-fat as far as breakfast pastry goes! Ginger and cranberries boost the flavour even more.

Pepper - Herb and Cheese Biscuits with Salba

In an effort to finally kill the last of this season's parsley before the frost did, I whipped up these beauties... and they're healthier, more protein-packed and (IMHO) better than you-know-who's!

Cupboard Cookies

This was the result of an over-burdened fridge and pantry - and I couldn't have been happier with the results! Cream cheese in place of more traditional butter gives these a great "body" without the grease, and the hint of orange extract makes you go "hmm"! These cookies are so varied in texture that you'll be reaching for another before you know it... and why not?

Incredible! (7 ratings)
Black - Eyed Babycakes

These are large, very moist apple-cinnamon muffins perfect for a busy school day. You don't even have to tell the kids that there are beans in them - and you don't have to believe that they're low fat and protein filled, either!

Sweet Seafood - Noodle Curry

A hearty, simple and fruity pasta and scallop curry made lighter with evaporated milk and chicken broth in place of the usual heavy cream. Adapted from M&M Meat Shops' 2009 calendar.

A Faux Ritzy Apple Pie

This is a fun and classic pie, featuring Ritz and saltine crackers and NO apples! It's perfect for the holidays.

Brownie - Oat Cookies

These are practically a health food - no added fat, whole grain, hardly any sugar, and full of antioxidant-rich cocoa and mood-lifting chocolate chips! Who needs a better excuse?

Thanksgiving Latkes

It's a Chanukah tradition, turned upside down! Sweet potato and turnip stand in for the classic potatoes, and creamy chestnut puree and Craisins add an air of sophistication to the mix. Serve hot with a drizzle of maple syrup for a truly divine experience.

Shoofly Cracker Pie

Saltines make an unusual but refreshingly salty base for the fairly cloying sugary shoofly pie filling in this recipe. It makes a 6" pie, which is good because it's SO rich!

Red Carpet Sparkler

A delicious cran-raspberry punchbowl treat that's safe for kids and dieters alike! It's not overly sweet but is delicious all on it's own. Adapted from Zena824's recipe "Sparkling Red Velvet Punch" (

Makes about 7 1/2 cup servings.

Very Berry Sour Bran Muffins

These are seriously huge muffins for those who are ravenous in the morning but don't have a lot of time! Use your favourite jam in this... I'm sure peach or apricot would be wonderful! The sourdough starter is an interesting kick too.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Caramel Fudge Brownies

Take your brownies to a new level with a chewy caramel center. Serious sweets lovers only--these are not for the faint of heart!

Mom's Morning Muffins

I made these with a breakfast meal-replacer drink mix for my mom, who never has time to slow down and actually eat something! She's a sucker for anything chocolate, and she adores bran muffins from coffee shops but without all the fat. These are high in sugar, but also have a lot of fibre going for them and are very low in fat. Serving size is for jumbo muffin tins, it will make 12 regular muffins too (bake at 400F for 20 minutes).

Orange - Apricot Raisin Bran Muffins

Sweet, fruity and moist bran muffins studded with raisins and swirled with jam. A perfect start to your day!

Tangy Tango Salad

This is a great BBQ or picnic side, or a vegetarian entree dish! Quinoa is a great and versatile gluten free grain to use, full of protein and fibre.

Filbert Macarons

This is my version of Pierre Herme's macaron cookie, adapted from a method I found here on Serious Eats:
/how-to-make-macarons-recipe.html. They turned out (mostly) wonderfully, and it was easier than I thought! Even more tips are available here:
g/2007/10/the-macaron-chr.html. This recipe makes 24 individual cookies, or 12 sandwiches.

Cinna - Raisin Snax

Crunchy, semisweet and spicy snacking sticks that are halfway between cracker and cookie... great with a cup of coffee mid morning or as an after school snack.

Black - Eyed Bread

Adapted from
Pinto-Bean-Bread.htm to use some leftover black-eyed peas I had, this bread gives a rise and crumb that is perfect for sandwiches, and has a flavour that is subtle but present. It is great toasted with mustard and pastrami!
1 loaf, 14 slices

Big Blueberry Muffins

Adapted slightly from Alton Brown, these are the perfect "cafe" style muffin - fluffy, light and packed with blueberry goodness! If you make jumbo muffins, increase the baking time to 35 minutes and test with a toothpick for doneness.
Makes 6 jumbo or 12 regular muffins

Spicy Molasses Snappers

My fiance claims not to like gingerbread, but he ate three of these babies and declared them "the best gingerbreads hes ever had".

Blackstrap molasses and spelt flour in these rolled spice cookies add a healthy touch to Christmas gift baskets this year. Sure, they're decorated with candy-coated chocolate balls... but chocolate's good for you, right?

Dreena Inspired Drop Cookies

The original recipe for these cookies was featured on and was written by Dreena Burton. She made them with pecans, chocolate chips, almond extract and dried cherries, so I turned the recipe on it's head and morphed it into this! One thing remains the same: you'll have a hard time believing that these tasty morsels have no dairy, eggs, or wheat.

Original recipe can be found here:

Espresso Coins

These are insanely powerful cookies that I adapted from an Eric Vellend recipe in the Toronto Star. They've got both a full tablespoon of each ground espresso AND Kahlua in them - they'll keep your party lively for sure!!
Original recipe can be found here:

Nutty Brioche

Try this out the next time you want a sinful PBJ!! You'll never think of the sandwich the same way again. Great for French toast too.

Braised Pheasant

My mom and I created this fruity recipe for dinner tonight... it's a delicious and very flavourful meal when served over fluffy rice. The pheasant gets sweet and perfectly tender, and the sauce is out of this world!

Mincemeat Swirled Pumpkin Bread

Heavily adapted from Meg Kat's recipe (
.html) to make a loaf instead of rolls. I used my mincemeat as a filling for a delicious Christmas treat!

Vanilla Apple Challah

A combination of decadent challah braid recipes found on Baking and Books (
apple-honey-challah/), this is rich, sweet and very eggy with a hint of fruity tang from dried apples... the perfect combination!

Roasted Applesauce

Roasting the apples to tender perfection in a sweet cinnamon bath adds a note of caramel to the fruit. A delicious breakfast or side dish, and great over porkchops!

Apple - Mince Pie

A Christmas made straight from the heart... and home! Buckwheat flour added into the crust makes for both a tender and flavourful dough. A layer of thin apple slices underneath hearty spiced mincemeat adds texture and interest to the dessert too! I used my own home-made mincemeat for this, but jarred is fine... just pick one you like!

I highly recommend you serve this with rum raisin ice cream!

Veganized Veggie Bake

This was the decadent casserole dish that I made to take with me to school during the week. It's adapted from to be totally vegan, using rice "parmesan". For Weight Watchers out there, it's only 2 pts for 1/4 of the pan!

Chickenless Chestnut Pot Pie

Eating vegetarian was never easier, or tastier!
A delicious alternative to meat pot pies, these individually-sized pastries hold a creamy filling of soy protein, chestnuts, carrot and green beans. The buckwheat crust adds a great flavour to the mix!

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Sugar Free Fat Free Sweetened Condensed Milk

Adapted from CD Kitchen. Makes about 12 fl oz, good for recipes.

Sun - Dried Cheesy Dip

Delicious flavours of sun-dried tomatoes, lemon juice, garlic and rosemary blend into tangy goat cheese and plain fat-free cream cheese for a delicious addition to crudites or pita chips! 2 tbsp per serving.

Pumpkin - Herb Ravioli Filling

A great way to use up leftover canned pumpkin, this freezes very well and adds a delicious Autumn feel to any pasta you like: tortellini, ravioli or even cannelloni! If you are freezing this, stick it in a big Ziploc so that when you thaw it for use, just snip a corner and it's a pre-made piping bag!

Superb Sourdough Pancakes

Nothing is better than fresh, piping hot pancakes in the morning - these will work with any starter you have going (even toss-off) and are awesome with berries, maple syrup and butter! Enough for two kids or one hungry adult.

Zesty Chickpea Salad

Delicious and healthy, a great lunch on the go or at work.

Cranberry Egg Nog Muffins

A great way to use up a touch of the leftover 'nog from the holidays.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Holiday Muffin - Cakes

Rich, sweet and full of fruit flavour, these tender jumbo cupcakes don't need frosting or glaze to make them delightful! Not a dieter's delight, but delicious! Makes 8 jumbo muffins, or 16 regular muffins.

Pumpkin - Spice Bagels

Adapted from
umpkin-bagels/. You won’t likely be able to make this by hand (unless you lift serious weights) due to the incredible stiffness of the dough. Delicious toasted with cream cheese in the morning! Makes eight 4-oz bagels

Pumpkin - Filled Purple Pasta

This is a very finicky pasta, made with 4 different flours and beet juice, but the flavour and colour contrast with the herbed ricotta and pumpkin filling is so divine it's worth the effort! I would portion about 8-10 squares per person as a side dish, if you can stop yourself at that! The resting time is important with the dough too (and it will keep in the fridge for 3-4 days well wrapped), and the filling can be made ahead and frozen also.
Makes 100 Ravioli, 10 servings total.

"Squared" Coconut Pie

Not coconut SQUARES, this is coconut pie times two, and it honestly couldn't be any easier: instant coconut cream pudding in a rich and buttery toasted coconut crust! I always use salted butter in my baking (I know, bad!) and it really works here, tempering the sweetness of the pudding and the pre-sweetened coconut and chocolate crust.

The rum flavour here is optional, I'm making this for Andrew who loves Pina Coladas, so I included it.

Two - Mato Bagels

This is another manipulation of Have Cake Will Travel's pumpkin bagel recipe... delicious as a lunch side with a bowl of (tomato?) soup. For a (non-vegan) option, top with shredded mozzarella cheese after 10 minutes of baking.

Makes 8 (3.5-oz) bagels

Apple - Walnut Bagels

Kick-start your morning with a dose of heart healthy Omega 3s in these cinnamony rings filled with apples and walnuts!

Key Lime Oats

Heavily adapted from
e-oatmeal/ to embrace all that is the south of Florida in the morning!

Sourdough Bagels

Again, these are long-rise bagels... the strength of your starter will determine just how fast they poof but 3-4 hours each time is not uncommon! Just make sure that the dough stays covered.

That Chipit's Cookie

The good ol' classic from the back of the package. Mom and I would make these all the time!

Plain Bagels

I figured posting a basic bagel recipe for reference (at least my own!) would be useful... this is infinitely variable and always delicious! The long rises are key to developing the bagel's flavour, so be patient!

Shake Your Bon - Bons Banana Bread

Okay, this was a child of several elements... a) a baby-shower treat request, b) a very well stocked pantry and c) a box of assorted Ganong chocolate bonbons that were going to waste. What emerged was a sticky, creamy loaf of banana and coconut with a hint of vanilla running through it. It was a hit!

Breakfast Polenta for One

I'm looking for good, warming, gluten-free recipes to have while I'm on a gluten elimination diet, so here's hoping!

Very Good (4 ratings)
Beets in Tangy Mustard Sauce

Delicious and SO good for you, this is a great winter salad that you can serve at any temperature. If you can, roast rather than boil the beets for best flavour.

Multigrain Molasses Bread

This is my version of "that steakhouse's" rich, dark molasses bread they serve alongside your meal. I think mine's better - there's more grains, less fat, and way more flavour!

Dark Whipped Sweet Potatoes

My adaptation of one of the inaugural dishes, this is spicy, sweet and even a touch bitter from the molasses, but very nutritious. Makes 2 quarts, 16 servings of 1/2 cup each.

Moroccan – Inspired Jewelled Couscous

Something I whipped up for my grandma's birthday dinner / going away party this weekend. My grandparents are off to Spain tomorrow and are taking a side trip to Tangiers, so what better way to celebrate!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Mediterranean Leg of Lamb

What's a Mediterranean dinner without a succulent leg of lamb to tie it all together?? This recipe is cooked off the bone, unlike traditional methods, but the potential loss in flavour is more than made up for with a black olive and oregano rub inside and out.

Spiked Peanut Butter Discs

These cookies are proof positive that sugar and peanut butter (not to mention the addition of chocolate candy!) can make even the grossest protein powder mixes palatable! This used Nutiva Hempshake Chocolate, I'm sure any chocolate protein drink mix would be fine too.

Banana - Crunch Bagels

Double the seeds, whole grains and a hint of nutmeggy warmth surround a light banana flavour to make these great breakfast treats. If you don't have maltose (which is available in Chinese groceries), use honey or brown sugar in the water instead.

Gluten-Free Vegan Sandwich Loaf

Adapted from, full of fibre and flavour, without any "gums", this is a good beginner's GF bread. It does sink in the middle but it tastes great! 1 slice is only 1/2 a WW Point! (The calculator doesn't input the fibre powder I added, but per serving it works out to 5.3g / serv)

Fat - Free Freezer Mousse

This is my little "desperation" snack when I was craving cheesecake - I can't tolerate the fat in the conventional recipe, but this blends the flavours of cheesecake and ice cream, so it works out well!

Gluten-Free Breakfast Loaf

A sweeter version of bread #1, this one uses brown rice, sorghum, potato and corn flours along with some sweetener, spice and flavouring for a breakfast treat. 1 slice (pretty thick, too!) is only 1 WW point!

Two - Nut Chocolate Cookies

Peanut butter + Nutella, with a good shot of hemp protein and tofu thrown in - don't look at me like that! You'd never be able to tell! These are some huge, chewy, rich cookies, and they SPREAD - space them well!

Cheddar - Jalapeno Bagels

These are one of Andrew's favourite bagels when he buys them from Great Canadian - I figured I could give him the same benefit of carbo-loading, but made with love (and a touch of whole wheat flour too!).

Caramel - Raisin Cookie Bars

Gooey, very chewy and over the top delicious - that's what these bars are made of! The parchment is really a good idea with this recipe, I guess greased foil would work but you need to take the bars out of the pan to cut them.

Soba Noodles with Edamame and Chile

This is a great, spicy vegetarian meal for days you want to eat lighter but not sacrifice flavour! Serve alongside some sauteed bok choy and carrots for a delicious, antioxidant-filled dinner.

Silly Soy Protein Muffins

I figured that if we can put oats into muffins and not have a problem with it, why not soy flakes in the form of TVP granules? I tossed in some honey-roasted soy "nuts" and a dose of chocolate hemp powder too, and WOW - a dense, rich and perfect morning snack or breakfast! Great for those who like to work out in the AM too.

Coconut - Rosewater Spiral Bread

Also known as Salara, I found this fantastic looking recipe here on Cookery Corner:
amish-friendship-bread-salara.html, and played around with a few of the ingredients, bringing this bread to an even higher level of decadence! Makes 12 swirl buns or about 20 bread slices (2 small loaves).

Cranberry - Orange Bagels with Ginger

There is something about the warmth and "hominess" of ginger and citrus that makes these bagels special... not to mention the heavenly smell when they're baking!

Buttermilk Breakfast Bagels

Generous helpings of maple syrup and brown sugar team with buttermilk powder, sourdough starter and whole wheat flour in these chewy boiled bagels... perfect for breakfast (and awesome as French toast). Made for mom as one of my weekly breads.

Very Good (1 rating)
Triple - Chip Cookies

Filled with chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and crushed banana chips... it's like the best guilty pleasure sandwich you could ever make, but so much better!

Banana Chip Blondie Bars

An eggless, thick brown sugar cookie base with three flours (corn, whole wheat and AP) is filled with semi-crushed, natural banana chips and dried cranberries. Delicious proof that not all cookies need chocolate!

Mushroom and Egg Pasta

This was a perfect way for me to use up a bunch of the goodies I scored from the Copper Chef competition I was in last week - after the event was over we were free to raid the ingredients table so I grabbed all the gourmet mushrooms and herbs I could get!

Tossed with pasta, egg substitute and the secret ingredient (shh, it's ketchup!) the exotic meatiness of the mushrooms and pungency of the rosemary make this a delicious dish to savour!

Curried Carrot – Ginger Soup

A velvety, luxurious puree of fresh carrots and a rich, fragrant curry cream is accented by robust ginger and sweet cinnamon

Very Good (13 ratings)
Sautéed Asparagus and Mushrooms in a Lemon – Thyme Butter

Crisp – tender, emerald spears of fresh Spring asparagus join rich, meaty slices of mushroom under a decadent blanket of herbed lemon butter

Paprika – Painted Chicken Breast

Lightly seasoned and pan seared before being dressed up with a dusting of sweet paprika “rouge”

Pan – Grilled Bruschetta Pomodoro

Lightly grilled slices of fresh baguette are rubbed down with spicy garlic and adorned with a light, fresh tomato dice

St. Patty's Cake

My mom's birthday choice this year, as a homage to the WDW trip we didn't take! This is a dense, moist, intensely rich chocolate cake with the ever popular addition of Guinness for body and depth of flavour. Filled with a cinnamon-laced cream cheese icing before being glazed with a sinfully rich ganache, a tiny slice will satisfy for sure. Good thing that the flavour gets better with age! Use full-fat, high-quality ingredients with this recipe, though - you will certainly notice!

Lucky Chocolate Cake

Adapted from Stephchows (
ack-eye-pea-cake.html) who got it from Bittersweet's blog

Berry Truffle Banana Bread

I doubt you can find a banana loaf that is any richer or more decadent than this one. Not only is it rich with vanilla, bananas, and a hint of strawberry jam, but in place of the traditional butter base is chocolate truffle base. Yes, I did!

Make sure you adhere to the "cool in pan" instructions, though, and use a BIG loaf pan or be prepared for a few extra muffins.

Moist Fruity Nut Bread

Found and modified from a recipe at Kate in the Kitchen (
/national-date-nut-bread-day/) who found it at AllRecipes. I've done it both with and without the added sugar - it depends on how sweet your dates taste and how big your sweet tooth is! Let it stand (unwrapped, if possible) at room temperature to decrease the "sticky" factor and soften the nuts a bit. Definitely avoid plastic bags though... they will breed mould like crazy!

This is delicious warmed for breakfast over the week too.

Cafe Au Lait Breakfast Cake

This will perk you right up in the morning - or will keep you buzzing all night long! While it's baking, your house transforms into that ages-old corner coffee shop from your childhood... brew yourself a cuppa and enjoy!

Pumpkin - Coconut Spice Cake

This cake was made as a gift for my friend Georgiana's 50th birthday celebration - she loves pumpkin and coconut together! The coconut is in no way overbearing in this cake, but it adds a hint of richness that traditional pumpkin cakes lack. I frosted her birthday cake with a plain buttercream that I added coconut extract to, then covered the whole thing in unsweetened shredded coconut. It was a beauty, and a hit!

Very Veggie Birthday Cake

Version 2.1 - just for me on my birthday! Psst - 1/12 of the recipe (cake and frosting) is only 1.5 points on WW! Just Like Sugar is a new, all-natural calorie-free sweetener I found, it's awesome and unlike Splenda has no aftertaste - you do have to measure by weight when replacing sugar though.

Rich Strawberry Jam Cake

This pound-style cake made up the top layer of my dad's "Neopolitan Ice Cream" birthday cake this year. I'm a huge fan of Lorann's flavour extracts, I usually find them at Bulk Barn but candy-making suppliers will have them too.

If they're in season, substitute an equal amount of pureed fresh strawberries with 1/2 tbsp sugar for the jam.

This makes one (thick) layer.

Midnight Dream Cake

This is a rich, decadent fudgey cake with Dutch processed cocoa and sour cream. It made up the base of my dad's "Neopolitan Ice Cream" birthday cake this year. If you're feeling particularly decadent, I suggest a chocolate-malt or white chocolate-cream cheese crosting with this!

Makes 1 thick layer.

Andrew's Lemon Cupcakes

Low-fat yogurt and egg substitute help lighten up these moist and fluffy muffins, and if you so desire you can even cut the sugar down and swap applesauce for some of the oil. Even made as is, these are a delicious option for a midday snack.

Sourdough Dried Fruit Scones

Adapted from
/sourdough-dried-fruit-scones.html, these are made without any kind of added fat or eggs (and would be fat free if you use skim milk). They're a good, quick carb hit that's completely customizable and a great way to use up starter toss-off. For Easter I soaked the fruit (raisins and currants) in amaretto and made crosses on the baked scones with a confectioner's-sugar and almond extract icing.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Fresh Apple Muffin - Bread

Brown sugar caramelizes with a blend of spices to make a light crusty envelope encasing succulent, tender apple chunks. It emerges from the oven smelling like a grand apple pie, but is much more portable!

Pecan Pie Bagels

Skor toffee bits, brown sugar and a touch of good old corn syrup melt into delicious, invisible bites of bliss while pecans provide morsels of buttery crunch. It's my Mom's favourite dessert for breakfast!

Tarzan Ape - Man Bars

These bars can also be made into a llayered "cake" - just divide the batter between two 8" pans. I think a peanut butter or a cream cheese frosting would be delicious between the layers, or even plain ol' strawberry jam! Sometimes I make two pans and sprinkle the top of one with chopped walnuts for variety and added protein too.

Triple - Shot Brownies

These are thin, chewy brownies with three "shots" of extra flavour in them - one of Kahlua, one of espresso, and a healthy addition of "chocolate shot" - the pure chocolate sprinkles you get in higher-end ice cream places and bakeries! The "roux-like" method of making the dough appealed to me - I found it on Vegweb and used it as my base.

Hot Cross Buns

Every Easter these spicy, fruit-studded rolls crop up in various incarnations. Some say they actually have pagan roots in Spring Equinox rituals, and that the monks simply added the cross to convert people to Christians!

Banana Beet Chocolate Muffins

This is a great use for the leftover pulp from juicing beets - the sweet fibre melds wonderfully with mashed banana and rich, bitter cocoa to make dense, low-fat snacks everyone will enjoy!

Coconut Cream Cake Filling

This will fill a two-layer, 9" cake. It's a pseudo-ganache in a sense, since it's made with milk and not cream, and as such must be thickened with powdered sugar. If you can get your hands on thick, rich cream of coconut (used for pina coladas, etc - NOT the coconut milk) use it in place of the whole milk and extract. An extra bit of body and richness comes from the added butter and skim milk powder too.

I used this to fill my Pumpkin - Coconut Spice Cake, but it would be equally delicious in carrot or chocolate cake too!

Indian Butter Biscuits

I found this on someone's blog, but now I can't find it again! I did find the same base recipe I used here:
.html. If you know what blog featured the recipe, please let me know! I used half / half butter and shortening for sturdiness, added brown sugar for flavour and decorated them with pepitas and a Craisin centre. I also watched these like a hawk in the oven - they can be finicky because they contain (gluten-free) chickpea flour as part of the batter and spread like crazy!

Chewy Checklist Cookies

This batch features everything you could look for in a healthy snack:
Nuts? Check (pecans)
Fruit? Double-check (Craisins and sultanas)
Seeds? Check (pepitas)
Whole Grains? Double-check (high-fibre cereal and whole wheat flour)
And finally, CHOCOLATE!

Date Cocoa Crunch Bars

Hacked and modified from

Cherry Walnut Bagels

The bagel-making will never stop around here! It's like a small Montreal bakery in our kitchen at least once a week, and I'm only limited by my imagination! I still have a good 10 or so flavour combos to try out on my mom, and with luck I'll gain more inspiration as the time goes on... otherwise I'll be repeating!

Semolina Brownies

A wonderful chocolate treat with the unique addition of the Italian-based ingredients of semolina flour and olive oil.

Maple Flax Seed Bagels

Made with whole grain flour and a hot cereal mix with everything under the sun in it, these chewy bagels get a delicious maple kick and a crunch from a flax seed topping. Makes about 3.6 oz bagels

Caramelized Onion, Garlic and Sesame Bread

I like to call this "last date bread" - you get onions and garlic together in this baby, and boy, does it pack a wallop! It stinks up the house something wonderful at any rate, so even if you do wind up dining alone, the aroma will caress you all night long! I reccommend red onion for both the sweet flavour and the colour contrast it gives to the bread, but if you have a Vidalia, use her!! Adapted from Baking Bites (, where Nic writes: "The bread is great with butter and is equally good with jam, which contrasts its oniony flavour"

Vegan Lemon Sheet Cake

Adapted from Bryanna Clark Grogan to better fit a 9x13" pan. She notes to use shiny pans, I don't have any like that so I used my old dingy ones and they worked fine. It's a great, light and fluffy cake that is perfect unfrosted for summer BBQs or dolled up for tea.

Nutty Banana-Chocolate Muffins

Moist and nutty, these slightly sweet muffins are rich and moist from ripe bananas, buttermilk and peanut butter and a great source of protein from hemp.

Holler’s Mum’s Fruit Loaf

Heavily adapted from
ool-proof-baking/ who wrote: "Here, is my mum’s fruit loaf, it has never failed me yet. You may even enjoy it yourself, as it is more spicy than sweet and lovely and moist! You could served it sliced or as a whole loaf." I hope I can do her justice! This bread smells like Heaven while it spends it's (admittedly long) term in the oven, but don't open the oven door until it's at LEAST 30 minutes into the bake time - the low, long bake is key to the moisture.
Next time I make this I'm going to try adding dried cherries and apricots to the mixture.You can probably get up to 8oz of dry fruit total into the cake.

Banana Marble Cake

This was my invention for my friend Magdelena's 15 year work anniversary party. It was a total secret, but it combined two of her favourite flavours - chocolate and banana - and added the benefit of a creamy peanut butter filling and a fudgy mocha frosting! The recipe makes a lot of cake - 2 10" springforms! - so plan accordingly.

Buckwheat Honey - Chip Cookies

A variation from a King Arthur Flour site, these are nutty, crunchy and chewy all at the same time, with a double hit of rich sweetness from dark honey and chocolate.

Nutell - Umpkin Crescents

Andrew had a couple tubes of crecent rolls and a jar of Nutella that were nearing expiry recently, and I had a partial can of pumpkin left over from some cake I made. We decided to make some filled croissants to use it all up, and wound up having to form spiral buns from the rolled-up dough instead. They came out of the oven perfectly - soft, flaky and with a great balanced filling to dough ratio. The pumpkin Nutella combo forms a whole other taste, not like one ingredient or the other, and any leftovers are great on toast!

Seed - Filled Crostini Bread

I know what you're thinking - who makes a fresh loaf of bread just to let it stale into crostini bases?? Well, I was actually looking for a simple, fast-mixing bread for a (forthcoming) pasta dish requiring toasted bread chunks, and I wanted something with a ton of flavour! I wasn't disappointed, and though I wouldn't reccommend making sandwiches with this (the loaf, at any rate, is tiny!) croutons, bruschetta, crostini or even panzanella salad are perfect uses! Serving size is for crostini rounds.

Greek Yogurt Honey Buns

Giving my mom a break from bagels this week! These soft, sweet rolls are made with a rich, thick Greek-style vanilla yogurt and sumptuous honey. Shaped into spirals, they rise and bake up beautifully - you'd never guess they were full of fibre! These would be great on the brunch table this Mother's Day.

Very Good (1 rating)
Garbanzo Nuts

My grandma reminded me of this recipe - that I used to whip together in univeristy - after returning from a trip to Spain. She mentioned having roasted chickpeas as a trail-mix like snack. I personally love them tossed into salads as a healthier alternative to croutons. Watch them carefully - they will burn if left alone!!

Light Coconut - Mango Uncake

This cannot rightly be called a "cheese"cake, since there is no cheese (in the traditional sense) in sight. Tofu and "yogurt cheese" - an almost solid strained yogurt - form the basis for this fluffy dessert studded with chunks of succulent mangoes and baked in a graham cracker - coconut crust.

Vegan Veggie Pasta

I slightly adapted this light, yet hearty meal from Susan of FatFree Vegan Kitchen's blog (
hini-spirals-with-fresh-vegetable.html). I used a julienne peeler to make the "pasta" and bumped up the spice a tad, but otherwise it's pretty much the same!

Summer Pasta with Broccoli Rabe and Croutons

There are a lot of steps to this flavourful, vegan pasta dish, but you can do a lot of the prep ahead of time. The onion / garlic puree can be easily made up to a week ahead, and the chickpeas will keep their crunch for a day or two if kept in a container like a cookie tin - NOT a plastic bag! The toast takes only minutes (though it bust be served immediately), and can be done at the same time as the chickpeas by adding the bread tray to the oven when there are 15 minutes of roasting time left.

Mother's Day Spring Parfait

Serving this in martini glasses makes an elegant finish to any special night - I made this for the first time for my Mother's Day gift (a full-out dinner) to cap off the meal with something light after she had my Summer Pasta With Broccoli Rabe And Croutons. The NI is if you use all the granola topping, I only wound up using half between the two glasses. *Note: Everything can be made ahead and assembled just before serving!

Awesomely Delicious GF Brownies

I made these based on a recipe from Hannah's blog Bittersweet. She's a culinary genious! These brownies are lower-fat, gluten free, vegan and the best fudgy dessert ever! I modified the original recipe slightly, using chocolate chips and peanuts, amongst other things. I can't wait to make this again!

Original recipe:

Raisin Syrup Sourdough Swirls

These are slightly sweet rolls that are raised with both a sourdough starter and conventional yeast, filled with a blend of raisins, pumpkin pie spice and a drizzle of golden syrup before being rolled twice into a decadent spiral. Each bite is a surprise!

Filling amounts will vary according to personal taste, so aren't included in NI.

Full photo tutorial on shaping is here:

Pumpkin - Herb Pizza Dough

This makes enough for 8 mini pizzas or a big 16 incher. I like a really thin crust on my pies so I roll out the dough as fine as I can as soon as it's first rise is done - if you like a "doughier" crust, allow it a 30 minute rest after the first rise and shaping it. I do reccommend a quick par-bake before topping / finishing, no matter what method you use.

Banana - Berry Rhubarb Muffins

Healthy, sweet and perfect for spring - make use of your garden's fresh rhubarb (or use frozen, but don't thaw) by pairing it with sweet berries and a creamy banana! Don't be alarmed by a sunken appearance, the berries break down in the cooking. These freeze exceptionally well.

Sweet Spicy Stirfry

An easy toss together of Asian inspired veggies with a light sauce. The key here is to have everything prepped before you start to cook.

Double Chocolate Marble Cupcakes

This is a bit of a fiddly recipe, relying on the simultaneous creation of two separate batters, but the result is worth it in the end. Creamy milk chocolate gets swirled with a rich, deep bittersweet batter for a subtle but delicious contrast. For the epitome of decadence you can frost them with white chocolate icing!

Sundried Tomato and Herb Focaccia alla Novese

An adaptation of Nick Malgeri's recipe in "A Baker's Tour" that I made with my home-dried tomatoes from last year's garden and a touch of Italian seasoning. Using a richly flavoured olive oil in the dough and topping brings it to life! Makes 2 rounds of 10 wedges each.

Cacciatore Alla Ancho

A new and spicy twist on the traditional Italian stew, this uses carrots, a cubanelle and bell peppers for sweetness and ancho chile paste for a heady dash of spice. Throw in some potatoes, mushrooms, a ton of garlic, and a glass of red wine and you have a delicious meal! This freezes well and reheats over and over.

Monday Bread

A "clean out the pantry" type of bread, with a bunch of grains, banana and honey. It's not perfect, or pretty, but it's sumptuous, it's satisfying and it's a sweet way to begin your week.

Raspberry Souffle

The perfect light Summer dessert, from Eating Out Loud (
berry-souffle-recipe.html). All I added was a touch of lemon zest.

Cranberry - Orange Biscotti With Chocolate Chips

Made as a taste-test comparison with an Epicure Selections gourmet mix, these are the well known twice-baked cookie you see in coffee shops all over. Dip into chocolate for a decorative, sweet touch.

Sour Apple Rye Bagels

The buckwheat flour in the initial sponge was the result of a happy accident - I misread the labels on my flour bags! It wound up adding a wonderful depth of flavour and richness to the dough, playing off the sour rye, spice and apple cider tones.

Spring - Stuffed Caramel Cake

I adapted this cake from a Fatfree Vegan recipe for a banana-stuffed 8" pan cake (
na-coffee-cake.html). A few ingredient swaps and a pan change were made to fit my needs, and the result is this golden, heavenly aromatic, low-rising loaf cake perfect for your next cup of tea.

Stan's Kahlua Cake

There is NO mistaking the involvement of the coffee liqueur in this rich cake - not only is the crumb spiked with Kahlua but the chocolate and cream cheese filling has a tipple too. Buttermilk, butter and oil make this cake super moist, while layer upon layer of flavour is created by dark brown sugar, dark cocoa powder, high-quality chocolate and espresso! Mesquite flour is optional as it's not readily found but it gives an undefinable quality to the flavour and scent of the finished recipe - lightly smoky, sweet, and a blend of chocolate, cinnamon and mocha. The buckwheat flour is also optional but definitely reccommended for tenderness, as is the extra Kahlua flavouring. This is delicious, but definitely NOT a cake for kids!

Pear - Crowned Ginger Cake

Adapted heavily from Gourmet June 2009, a fresh-ginger spiked cake batter is topped with a starburst of ripe pear slices. No butter in this recipe - cream cheese provides a luxurious body instead.

Wicked Fruit Quickbread

Is it possible to fall in love with a bread? I think I have - this is a rich and tender, wickedly moist loaf that is filled with exotic flavour - with mesquite flour, molasses, giner, mangoes and a touch of amarula, what could be bad? If you can't source the mesquite, go ahead and use whole wheat flour or an instant coffee and cinnamon blend (about 1/2 tbsp of each). The mango needs to be eating-over-the-sink ripe for this... no green ones!

Poppyseed - Egg Bagels

The Jewish deli classic hailing from Montreal originally, these bagels have a richness from eggs and a touch of sweet honey to contrast the crunch and bitterness of poppyseeds. Your lox and schmear will feel right at home!
Makes eight 4-oz bagels.

Strawberry Laced Lemon - Poppyseed Cake

A rich and tangy citrus batter with a good dose of honey envelopes sweet pieces of fresh strawberries and a nutty crunch from poppyseeds. Perfect snacking cake for the next BBQ or picnic as it needs no frosting!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Chocolate - Ancho Peach Cake

Another incarnation of Gourmet's Buttermilk Cake, totally removed from it's original being and transported to something eretheal - sweet but not cloying, rich and moist with a little kick from the peppers and a fresh finish from the fruit.

Strawberry - Rhubarb and Apple Compote

This is delicious over oatmeal, polenta or your morning pancakes, or even as a spread on toast. Also a good accompaniment to pork chops, and freezes wonderfully for winter noshing! About 2 tbsp / serving.

Fry - Free Samosas

Not really samosas as the filling isn't encased in pastry and deep fried, but this recipe encompasses the best part of the spicy snack - the filling - and presents itself as a delicious meal in a bowl. Adapted from Fatfree Vegan.

Raw Gianduja Torte

Essentially a hazelnut variation of the Raspberry Ganache Fudge Cake from the book "Anis Raw Food Desserts" (Ani Phyo), found on VeganEpicurean - a wickedly sweet carob and date cake with a delicious fudge frosting is totally raw and gives you all the Omega-3s you could ever want!

Super Sunrise Bagels

Start your day off right with one of these chewy bagels, filled with whole grains and an ancient wheat flour known as Red Fife plus a good dose of rich honey

to make sure it's a sweet morning! The cereal blend I use in these (and thus in the NI) is a mix of bulgur, buckwheat groats, quinoa flakes, red rice and flaxseed Called "Sunrise Blend".

Strawberry - Banana Rhubarb pie

This unique blend of sweet berries, tart rhubarb and creamy bananas brings the best of Summer to your table. The tapioca flour allows you to make this pie when you have the ingredients fresh and locally available and freeze it, as it won't separate! I use a half whole wheat flour mixture for my pastry crust, though you can certainly use your favourite recipe or even storebought dough.

Never Enough Nuts Filbert Cake

When Andrew and I caught an episode of Ultimate Recipe Showdown on the Food Network a while back, he mentioned (several times!) that having a hazelnut-chocolate cake for his birthday would be amazing. I figured I would simplify the ingredients and method, as well as throw in a good dose of hazelnut oil and Nutella to bring the initial recipe (for Triple-Hazelnut cake) into Quintuple-Hazelnut status!

Salsa Supreme Stuffed Peppers

Simple to whip up (I actually recommend that you make the stuffing mixture a day ahead so the flavours blend), and vegan to boot - sweet red peppers filled with a textured soy mince (TVP), brown rice and a spicy sauce make summer dinners light and filling at the same time! Makes 1 main course serving.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire

Adapted from Reinhart's The Bread Baker's Apprentice to use my whole wheat sourdough starter, this loaf makes a delicious vehicle for sandwiches of all types and due to it's slight sweetness from honey it makes excellent toast. Will make one 9x5" loaf or about 10 individual buns.


This is an an Estonian recipe, also known as "Egg White Cake". Light and baked in a tube pan (but a greased one!) like traditional Angel Food cakes, this isn't quite as guiltless with the added butter! The crumb is almost like a pound cake but the slight citrusy taste is divine. Adapted from Nami-Nami:
e.html. Weight rather than volume here is key, as it is delicately meringue based.

Cherry Chip Sherbet

Adapted from Anna Olson's recipe in "Sugar" for a low-calorie, low-fat fresh indulgence. Just Like Sugar is a natural calorie-free, high-fibre sweetener that is amazing for cooking and baking, used it in my "Very Veggie" cake too. *Note that this recipe contains raw egg*

Triple - Play Pie

Three flours in the crust (whole wheat, Kamut and buckwheat) and three berries in the pie (blueberries, blackberries and strawberries) make for a delicious change to the Summer dessert circuit.

Unless I can get my hands on local cherries (and a pitter!) soon, it looks like this beauty is the last pie of the season for my kitchen... good thing it's a keeper!

Rich Yogurt Muffins

Sweet, light and stuffed with chocolate chips, these jumbo muffins are decadent - a perfect treat after school or next to a steaming cup of coffee! The nutmeg is so subtle you barely notice it, but it harkens memories of donut shops!

Cherry Crisp for 2

Makes 2 crisps in 6oz ramekins. Adapted from Maria and Josh Lichty's recipe at

Tasty Taco Filling

Delicious rolled into a tortilla, stuffed into a pita or all on its own atop some crunchy shredded lettuce. Lightning fast to make - all in the microwave for a lickety split meal.

Double Chip Coconut Drops

A rich and buttery chocolate dough base plays host to two types of chocolate chips and a handful of shredded coconut for a delicious snacktime treat. I developed this eggless recipe to hold up well in ice cream bases, as the honey will keep the raw dough from turning rock hard in the freezer and the extra coconut extract will allow the flavours to shine through. The baked cookies are chewy for days afterwards too, a pleasant bonus!

French Vanilla Slab Cake

Adapted from
h-vanilla-cupcakes-with-rose.html to make a rich, eggy, creamy textured cake with all the flavour of the ice cream you know and love.

Honey - Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

This creamy and delicious frozen yogurt has a tang from buttermilk, a sweet note from honey and a double dose of vanilla from both flavoured yogurt and extract.

"Interrupted Baker" Coconut Ice Cream

A smooth, creamy coconut base envelops bites of both baked and raw cookie - just as if the baker was called away mid-production! Uses my "Double Chip Coconut Drops" recipe (
ail.asp?recipe=709690&ff=1). Makes about 1 quart (4 cups). Adapted from Chocolate & Zucchini.

Nouveau Parkin Cake

This traditional Scottish and Northern British cake is usually made around Guy Fawkes Eve. It stores extremely well, wrapped in plastc film or in an airtight tin for 1 week, or can be frozen wrapped in foil for up to 3 months. This is my version.

Vegan Gianduja Ice Cream

Makes about 3 1/2 cups. Easy to make with a luxuriously creamy texture. You will need a blender or food processor and an ice cream machine and I found the hazelnut extract online at Golda's Kitchen. Submitted by Lee Busch (via PPK).

Cherry - Filled Peanut Butter Nutella Bars

Sweet, fresh Ranier cherries fill a layered brownie-like confection with a bottom of peanut butter and oat batter and a crown of Nutella brownie!

Ali Baba Sesame Bread

Three kinds of sesame find their way into this soft sandwich loaf - black sesame seeds, toasted white sesame seeds and tahini! The result is earthy, rich and perfect for toast or a savoury sandwich.

Apple, Peach and Pear Galette

Taking inspiration from my mom's favourite cookbook and our bible for fall baking - Apples, Peaches and Pears by Elizabeth Baird - I combined the title fruits in a simple whole-wheat pastry crust and baked it to golden perfection. It's the perfect treat for the end of Summer when peaches are in their prime, pears are just starting to emerge and even early apple crops are half decent. Without having to fiddle with a pie pan or a top crust, it's a snap to put together!

Nutella Fibre Bread

A great and slightly sweet and nutty bread chock-full of fibre with the secret addition of Nutella.

Louise Cake

Louise was the first die-hard nutrition, exercise and general health "freak" I ever knew - she ran the gym my parents went to. Not only did she run grueling fitness classes 6 nights a week and keep the small gym open all 7 days, she was a personal trainer and nutritionist! She preached the benefits of spinach, roasted chicory instead of coffee, beet juice and even the notion of this chocolate cake made with PRUNES. At the time, I was a lazy, overweight teenager that lived off of pizza and "real" cake, and I thought she was absolutely nuts! Today, I still think she was a bit nuts, but I'm more like her now than I ever thought possible! I even LIKE exercising!


My adaptation of Peter Reinhart's recipe out of The Bread Baker's Apprentice for a cheese and salami-studded behemoth of a bread! The texture is very similar to a savoury panettone, and even though it isn't sweet it is JUST as rich! I made it even richer by upping the amount of (local) salami and using half and half instead of regular milk since I had it on hand. It rises insanely quickly, quadrupling easily on the first proof, but its heaven when it's done! Serves a crowd (30, easily) and freezes well, which is good if you value your waistline!

Eggless Honey - Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

Though this recipe does not rely on eggs for a creamy mouthfeel and scoopable texture, the gelatin takes care of that problem, without the hassle of worrying about it curdling (as many of mine seem to do!). Use a good, flavourful honey you enjoy in this - I love Manuka or (the less expensive) buckwheat. This is a good option for non-vegetarians who want a nice, tart, low-fat frozen treat from their own kitchen.

Makes about 8 3/4-cup servings.

Not "A - Nutter" Carrot Cake

A tender, moist and deliciously rich batter gets filled with carrots, nuts and chocolate chips before being baked into a loaf for easy AM snacking. A banana and some strawberries, along with a glug of maple syrup, sweeten the deal even more!

Ninja Salsa

I had to be somewhat of a "harvesting ninja" to get the goods for this spicy salsa from my garden - my stepdad has banned me from veggie picking this year :-S ! The heat is stealthy too - since the peppers are all roasted it starts off mellow, then brings a punch from behind! Serving size = approx 2 tbsp

Freezer Haul Quickbread

While cleaning out our overburdened upstairs freezer (to make way for more ice cream!) I happened upon several small bags of fruit that I had frozen last year when we couldn't eat any more of it fresh! Plums, peaches, cherries and a banana stuff a flaxseed, barley and oatmeal batter for a delicious taste of Summer all year.

Summer's Candy Pasta

This is a taste of Italy in a bowl, and a perfect accompaniment to simple grilled chicken or fish! If you're short on time during the week, make the roasted tomatoes in advance and refrigerate (covered) up to 3 days.

Hit The Trail [Mix] Bread

All the good stuff and sweetness locked inside every slice will keep you going no matter what you're doing... be it a mountain hike or a mountain of paperwork!

Apple Cider Butterscotch Bars

Modified from a recipe found on Jamie's blog who adapted it from Allrecipes. My version is egg-free, whole grain, slightly lower in added sugar which compensates for all the butterscotch chips folded in! It's been a hit at bakesales!

White Chocolate Maraschino Bars

A recipe just slightly tweaked from the ever-generous and kind Marye from Baking Delights (
oconut-cherry-white-chocolate-bars/), these are some delectable, tooth-achingly sweet bar cookies with a rich gooey filling overtop a tender shortbread crust.

PB&J Banana Bread

The best of every sandwich you could ever ask for! A slice of this crazy banana and oatmeal quickbread, made moist with yogurt, encompasses a body spiked with peanut butter and a ribbony filling of jam! Use your favourite flavour jam for these, or go the extra decadent route and make it with a ribbon of pie filling instead!

Almond - Zucchini Babka

Adapted from Hannah's recipe at BitterSweet, this is a new and unique way to make "Zucchini Bread". You'll be dying to get your next giant out of the garden!

Original recipe here:

Delicious Apple Fibre Muffins

Perfect use up for home made applesauce!

Nutty Mesquite Oatmeal Scones

Rich buttermilk scones filled with almonds, walnuts and chocolate chips aren't too sweet, but they are decadently tender with almost a mysterious aura from the mesquite flour tucked inside.

Ginger Ale Pumpkin Bread

This is a neat twist on your traditional pumpkin loaf - ginger ale gives it a touch of sweetness and extra "oomph" and with only 3 tablespoons of added fat you won't mind that second slice.

Decorated Wine and Walnut Loaf

It's even better than it sounds - Merlot and tons of buttery walnuts fill a crusty, rustic loaf, and a gorgeous cluster of grapes fashioned from saffron scented dough crowns the whole thing!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Teriyaki Mushroom - Stuffed Squid on a Bed of Baby Spinach

When my inspiration for this dish - right off the boat squid and perfect mushrooms from the market - are this fresh, not embracing their gifts would be sinful!

Whattalottachoca Cookies

Cocoa powder, chocolate chips AND Nutella packed into a gigantic package, and coconut too?? I know, I know - but there's no overkill with cookies, is there! This makes 8 large cookies!

Roasted Sweets and Apple Butter

This is a deliciously spicy taste of Fall, anytime you care to make it. I've used it to fill turnovers and mini-pies, though it would be delicious and guilt free just eaten as a pudding! I reccomend using a food mill to puree the roasted component if you're picky anout texture, otherwise a food processor should make it wonderfully! Makes about 3 cups.

Clash of the Seasons Quickbread

Yes, it's pumpkin pie bread, or sweet potato/apple bread if you use my other recipe, so you may think this is a Fall-only treat. Think again! A handful of fresh berries means that this is perfect Summer fare, and you can use frozen bounty for after the leaves turn.

Banana - Pumpkin Loaf with Dried Fruits and Pecans

A subtly spiced pumpkin bread with a hint of sweetness from the banana and pockets of decadent dates and raisins, an earthy richness from pecans and a touch of crunch from cornmeal.

Jolly Roger Pumpkin Grahams

Adapted from Cupcake Project. Makes 36 2.5" squares. If you are vegan you can use corn syrup or fancy molasses for the honey.

Double - Dark Chocolate Sesame Cakes

Rich chocolate "buttermilk" cupcakes adapted (veganized) from
ron-cupcake-earth-march-entry-1-nuts.html get filled with a double burst of nuttiness from toasted sesame oil and toasted black sesame seeds! If you use eggs for baking, feel free to substitute 2 of them instead of the tofu.

Curried Tomato and Spinach Sauce On Pasta

All the flavours of a delicious curry embrace wilted baby spinach and noodles. Fast and easy, perfect for one!

Banana Rocher Bars

Good ol' Nutella is at it again - this time I turned the decadent combination of the chocolate-hazelnut spread and sweet, creamy bananas into a panful of chewy, almost brownie-like bars. Vanilla yogurt and a touch of milk keep things nice and tender!

Bite of Heaven Bread

Need a new yeast bread to have for your morning toast? This devilishly decadent loaf is a star - moist and tender from a milk, honey and banana - yes banana! - base, and riddled with toffee bits for bites of sweet surprise! A wholesome, protein and fibre filled dough with soy flour, oats and bran mean you'll be able to keep going well into lunch!

Very Good (1 rating)
Red Velvet Angel Food Cake

Adapted from a Weight Watchers recipe - delicious, rich and light at the same time, and gorgeous for Christmas or Valentine's Day! Like Sugar is a new, all-natural calorie-free sweetener I found, it's awesome and unlike Splenda has no aftertaste - you do have to measure by weight when replacing sugar though.

Lime In The Coconut Flour Cookies

Delicious, flavour packed, all-natural and vegan cookies that are also gluten-free. Add a tropical punch of flavour to your cookie platters, whenever!

Cherries and White Chocolate Bread

I became enthralled with the idea of creating her latest farmer's market find: a sweet yeast bread filled with white chocolate chips and dried dark cherries. This isn't quite what I was looking for - the dough was more a batter than anything - but I'm going to keep at it!

Garlicky Dill Fridge Pickles

These take a bit of "curing" time in the fridge, but as soon as you bite into a crunchy, perfectly aged sour garlic dill you'll forget all about the wait! Makes about 3 lbs of pickles - use small, "warty" cukes if you can get them!

Zinfandel Vanilla Tart

Made with Beringer Winery's White Zinfandel in both the crust and the filling - this is a luxurious cream cheese and yogurt pie perfect for a late night soiree or even a Sunday brunch Wine:

Cream Cheese and Herbs Quickbread

A soft and decadent quick-bread that has a delicate cheese flavour with bursts of herbs and garlic. Pop it under the broiler to lightly toast it and layer it with cold cuts for lunch!

Monster Mash Cookies

These things are HUGE - and stuffed with potato chips, Smarties (the Canadian chocolate, mind you!) and broken up Aero bars. I slightly modified my dough recipe to use flaxseed, canola oil and 12 grain flour too, so they're not 100% naughty. Just 98%.

Very Good (1 rating)
Spinach and Black Bean Pasta

Now this is the kind of school I like! I wrote this healthy, fast vegetarian recipe for my Supervision class' assignment on recipe development and quality control - this thing's been tested 6 times!

The serving size of 8 is *very* generous - this makes a ton of food and is a whole meal in a bowl!

Black on Black Brownies

An unlikely cast of characters here - black beans, blackened bananas, stevia extract and no flour! Don't be put off by the weird list, though -these things are fudge to the extreme and absolute heaven on a plate.

SuperGrain Cookies with Nuts and Fruit

Yes, the ingredient list is long-winded and rather complex looking, but its mostly just the plethora of different grains and seeds that go into these delicious, chewy cookies! The nuts, grains and seeds add a touch of crunch and a whole other texture to the traditional oatmeal cookie, not to mention a whack of nutrition!

Ancient Grains Bread

This loaf soars above the pan, and is filled with almost every grain imaginable: red and white quinoa, amaranth, flax, rye and (of course!) wheat. The crust is toothsome while the inside stays nice and tender, and the whole thing is awesome for toast!

Rich and Fudgy Brownies

I like to call these my "Floorplan Brownies" because I made them after finishing a 60-hour project for that course! They even went in for the end of the term "party" we had, and were gobbled up. I never told anyone about the tofu - and you'd never be able to tell because they are the richest, fudgiest brownies ever!

Homemade Thin Mints

Adapted slightly from Baking Bites, where Nicole has taken on the challenge of re-creating some of the great Girl Scout cookies from our childhood! These are fairly minty but play with it for your own tastes.

Jeweled Persian Saffron Cookies

The recipe that I modified from the Toronto Star makes about 4 dozen small cookies, but I baked off 18 first and froze the rest of the dough for late - that turned out to be the right course of action - they're rich so the silver dollar size is perfect!

Oats and Chocolate Shortbread

These slice and bake cookies are tender, crumbly and rich - their tiny size is misleading! Rolled oats and dark brown sugar bring a great earthiness to the dough, and the bittersweet chocolate is a refreshing change to your usual cookie!

Smoky Oatmeal Toffee Cookies

When you have two friends who love barbeque almost as much as life itself, you can't help but want to infuse it into everything! The hint of smoky flavour from the smoked salt and liquid smoke flavouring really plays off the sweet toffee and butterscotch chips and heightens the rich toasted walnuts and oats.

Double Ginger Oatmeal Cookies

Inspired by a post on Baking Bites for an equally delicious sounding oatmeal streusel cookie (
reusel-cookies/), I made these gingery, chewy cookies for a teacher of mine with morning sickness.

J.R.'s Brownies

What do you make for a chocolate freak who's allergic to dairy, nuts and soy? Any chcolate except unsweetened is out because of the lethicin, and butter, coconut oil and most shortening is off the books too! Well, I got creative, and busted out the black beans! My initial batch had mixed reviews because of the banana flavour, so I used a rather interesting blend of ingredients in this batch - flaxseed, apple butter and an egg as well. Add rich, dark-roast coffee and bitter chocolate too and you've got a winner!

Red Wine and Espresso Bean Cookies

Adapted from Cookie Madness to eliminate the egg and dairy, and include chocolate covered espresso beans! Talk about a double dose of antioxidants in a cookie!

Deliciously Chewy Double Chip Cookies

A couple interesting ingredients make these cookies unique Kamut flour for a delicious buttery note and texture, cream cheese for tenderness, a touch of nutmeg for that bakery aroma and a combination of three sugars and corn syrup for an out-of-this-world chewy / crispy bite! These are best if the dough is wrapped and chilled overnight (or up to 3 days!) in the fridge, but works for immediate baking too.

Unwisdom Chocolate Pudding

A basic, standard tofu pudding recipe I whipped up for myself when I had my wisdom teeth out at Christmastime! Use regular sugar if you prefer. Makes about 3 cups, 1 cup per serving.

Black Bean Tamale Soup

Working on liquidy foods for my post-wisdom teeth removal, I threw this together for a couple day's worth of dinners!

Triple Chip Nutella Cookies

Theres no getting around the sugar attack with these cookies between the Nutella and the three kinds of baking chips you might need an extra large glass of milk for these! Adapted from

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Lumps of Coal

Adapted from

Mizz R's Big Bad Mincemeat

This vegan mincemeat mixture was originally made for my Big Bad Christmas Cake this year, but it can also be used for several pies, it makes about 5 cups but you'll only need 3 cups for the cake (if you choose to make it) and the remainders keep very well.

Mizz R's Big Bad Christmas Cake

I made my dad one of his favourite Christmas confections - fruitcake - out of another one of his favourites - home made mincemeat! This sucker took up a whole 11" springform with barely any room to spare, and clocked in at just over 6 lbs. It's a combination of two recipes from historic Toronto Star clipouts! Mizz R, if you're wondering by the way, is me! The mincemeat recipe is also on this site.

Slightly Soused Seeded Sourdough

Whole grain cereal, sunflower seeds and dried fruit get a tad tipsy on Grand Marnier before being kneaded into a whole wheat and rye sourdough and baked to crispy perfection! Raisin bread just won't seem the same anymore.
I was inspired by a Wild Yeast recipe I saw
uit-and-nut/ for a fruit and nut studded sourdough loaf taken from the book "Bread Matters". Since I had a ton of random ingredients to use up and a starter to refresh anyway, I modified Susan's ingredients but kept her basic method to create this delicious, hearty loaf.
Makes 1 large loaf, 20 slices

RESTipe for Repair

Adapted from Oh She Glows
d-recover-vegan-chia-pudding/ this creamy, almost tapioca-style pudding is chock full of Omegas, protein and calcium to help you through your day. Makes about 3/4 cup of pudding

Nutty Cocoa Craisin Crisps

Adapted from Julie Van Rosendaal's recipe on
olate-pecan-and-olive-oil-wafers/, these are not too sweet wafers perfect for serving with wine or cheese.

Nana - Nog Cupcakes

A simple, sweet way to use up the last bits and pieces of the Christmas food lying around the house! An orange glaze is wonderful on these, but they're awesome plain for breakfast too.

Double - Egg Snog Bread

This rich, slightly sweet yeast bread is full of spicy heat from crushed anise and nutmeg. The flavours blend perfectly with the creamy eggnog and apple butter dough that has a few added egg yolks for extra body!

Vegan Clotted Creme

Adapted and scaled up from a recipe on the PPK forums by Gwenlet. Makes about 14 tbsp, or 7 oz.

Basic Grain Cookery - Spelt

Spelt is a great source of fiber, thiamin, niacin, iron and potassium and is easy to digest. 1/3 cup raw spelt berries will equal 1 cup cooked.

Basic Grain Cookery - Pearled Barley

Barley contains fiber, protein, carbohydrates and B vitamins. It's low in fat and has no cholesterol, and is actually more effective than oats at reducing LDL cholesterol in the blood. Makes about 1 cup cooked.

Lemony Grain Pilaf with Saffron

A good source of B-Vitamins, manganese and calcuim from the millet and protein, magnesium and iron from the quinoa, this flavourful vegan pilaf is a gorgeous light way to end your day. Leftovers are also delicious as a cold salad the next day. Serves 2 as a main, 4 as a small side.

Basic Grain Cookery Quinoa

Quinoa is a complete protein grain (50% more than wheat), high in lysine, more iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, E and B, and more calcium and fat than other grains. It must be rinsed well before cooking. Makes about 1 cup cooked.

Basic Grain Cookery Millet

Millet is high in B vitamins and is easily digested because it's alkalinity is friendly to the digestive tract unlike most other grains which are acidic. Makes about 1 cup cooked.

Basic Grain Cookery Kamut Berries

Kamut has a rich, buttery flavor and chewy texture. Kamut has 30% higher protein than wheat, is richer in magnesium, zinc, and vitamin E. Makes about 1 cup cooked

Incredible! (1 rating)
Basic Grain Cookery - Amaranth

Amaranth is full of high quality protein and is high in fiber. It can be used in applications similar to polenta as once cooled it will hold together. Makes about 1 cup cooked.

Basic Grain Cookery Buckwheat Groats

Toasted buckwheat groats, also known as kasha, have a delightfully intense flavor and are delicious in pilafs or as a side dish for chicken or lamb. Makes about 1 cup cooked.

Strata - Touille

All the delicious elements of a classic ratatouille - roasted eggplant, peppers, tomatoes and zucchini - get wrapped up in eggs, cheese and bread! Delicious for brunch, lunch or even a light dinner, this can be made the night before (and should be, for max flavour!).

Pumpkin Spice Fudge Cookies

Adapted from Baking Bites:
The cookies don't spread too much, so be sure to press them down a bit after portioning onto the sheets.

Apple Cinnamon Tea Bagels

Stuffed full of my home made apple butter, whole wheat flour, a heady dose of cinnamon and even apple-flavoured herbal tea, these chewy bagels are boiled in a honey and apple tea bath and baked in a super-hot oven to crusty perfection. Try them spread with peanut butter for a breakfast on the go! Makes eight 4-oz bagels.

Cousin Rachel's Pecan Pie

My second cousin Rachel is deathly allergic to eggs and walnuts, as well as winter squash (like pumpkin) and cranberries! You can imagine what our holidays are like - but she's been making herself one of these pecan pies the past couple years and never feels left out!

Eggnog - Laced Nega Maluca Cake

The original recipe for Nega Maluca is a Brazilian classic, and is a super-simple chocolate cake. The name can be translated as Crazy Black Woman - and it will dye your mouth black if you aren't careful!

I jazzed up the traditional recipe (made with buckwheat flour and cornstarch) by adding chia gel and eggnog for a bit of extra binding and flavour. It takes a while to bake through, but it is worth every agonizing minute!

Luscious Lemon Buns

Adapted from KAF, who writes "These are quintessential hot yeast buns -- but with an unexpected and refreshing jolt of citrus. The citrus essence elevates them beyond ordinary dinner rolls to something special". I agree!

Fry's Cocoa Brownies - Original

For Rec Dev project

High - Protein Vegan Brownies

My first tester batch for my Recipe Development class - the assignment is to take a recipe and create a new one that meets a certain goal. I chose to make a kid-friendly, vegan brownie that was very high in protein, therefore suitable for those who were patients recovering from surgery, trauma or chemotherapy. Not diet brownies for sure!

Warm Savoy and Salmon Slaw with Yogurt - Dill Dressing

It's a little odd-looking, for sure, but you can't beat the simplicity! Tender Savoy cabbage gets sear-sauteed with a can of salmon befoe being dressed with a Greek inspired yogurt sauce. A great entree meal for one, or a delicious side for two.

Three - Seed Super Salad

This is a powerhouse of a lunch salad for vegetarians and omnivores alike - filled with tons of protein from chickpeas, quinoa and amaranth, tossed with fresh red pepper and cucumber all in a sesame seed and honey-lemon dressing! Makes a large amount - 13oz - so plan accordingly!

French Vanilla Custard Mousse

Insanely rich custard gets lightened with whipped egg whites for a delicious mousse that's perfect for topping fruit or filling cakes. This does contain raw egg whites.

Veggie "Pot Roast"

A HH tester recipe

Spicy Triple Chocolate Eclairs

Adapted from the January 2010 edition of Canadian Living. For the choux paste it's nearly impossible to get accurate volumetric measures so I defaulted to weight for the butter, flour and cocoa. Normally you would use unsalted butter in pastry, but with the bitter chocolate and spice in the cream it really heightens the richness.

Ban - Illa Cornmeal Cake

I came across this recipe for a sweet cornmeal laced vanilla cake on FoodBuzz:
et-vanilla-cornbread, then I took out the eggs (adding banana, hence "Ban-Illa"), cut the fat down (and swapped in canola oil for the butter), and made it into a loaf rather than a round (they freeze better!).

Blue Monday Banana Muffins

Being in a bit of a "funk" the past few days, I whipped up these cakey, sweet banana muffins to lift my spirits. In paying homage to the band "Blue Monday" by New Order, I tinted the batter blue to match the mood.

Miser Bars

I don't like to waste anything, especially now with the tight purse strings! We had a bunch of stale chocolate chip cookies, a handful of broken pretzels, and a knob of butter that nobody was going to use hanging around so I made up these chewy, sweet brown sugar bars stuffed with them - and more!

Lite and Creamy Salmon Pasta

With a light salad on the side, this rich cheesy pasta makes for a fast and decadent meal any night of the week - even if you're on a diet! 5 POINTS for Weight Watchers.

Stoveworthy Mac n Cheese

I am not making ANY nutritional claims about this one we had to do a taste / texture comparison with a convenience product (AKA TV-dinner) and this rich, slightly off-puttingly cheesy recipe fit the bill for it. The Velveeta (or processed cheese if you want to call it that) gives it the melting, thick velvety quality most people are used to, so it shouldnt really be left out if youre not into roux-making.

Crunchy Kashi Cookies

With a fruity hit of currants and a chewy protein boost from soy protein crumbles, these cookies (filled with Kashi's Toasted Berry Crisp cereal) are good enough for anytime of day!

Very Good (1 rating)
Lemon Three - Cheese Cake

Just rich and sweet enough without being heavy and cloying, this creamy lemon cheesecake combines the unique qualities of ricotta and mascarpone with the traditional block cream cheese to make a tangy dessert that's out of this world!

Crispy Crust Potato Loaf

Adapted from Dan Lepard via Angie's Recipes (
html), this bread has an airy, soft inner crumb and an awesome crunchy crust! Sliced on the bias, the holey slices are the perfect side to your favourite dipping oil or as a base for a light bruschetta.

Pure Protein Power Bars

I made my own version of Power Bars, using a super-delicious trail mix I found at Bulk Barn called "Goodness of Goji". In addition to a generous helping of the berries, the mix has almonds, raisins, dried pineapple and sunflower seeds in it. Then I made my own power blend to add to it, with soy protein isolate, wheat gluten, wheat germ, chia seed, flax, sesame seeds, amaranth, tofu, agave, peanut butter and toasted soy "nuts". The result? Dense, chewy, indulgent-tasting bars that are more than the sum of their parts!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Goodness Gracious Granola Bars

These chewy, super-nutritious and gluten free granola bars are adapted from Vintage Mixer, who adopted it from Alton Brown:

Tender Cheese Bread with Ancho Swirl

It's so simple, and yet so complex at the same time - a sweet-spicy puree of ancho chile peppers traces a vibrant orange spiral through the garlicky, herby dough enriched with cream cheese and mashed potato.

Creamy Tuscan Style Spread

This is amazing for topping crostini or serving alongside crudites, but it's also delicious as a sandwich spread with slices of cucumber, red onion and sweet pepper! Makes about 2 1/2 cups, 2 tbsp/serving.

Boys and Girls Club Baked Bolognese

A simple, fairly cheap and filling dinner I made up today for the 60 Evening Program participants at the Club: I put together the sauce in the morning and let it simmer for two hours while I made their dessert (ricotta-cherry turnovers!), then layered it with freshly cooked pasta and pressed, "dry" cottage cheese, popping it all into the oven for an hour and a half so it would be perfectly done by dinnertime!

Chewy Chip - a - Holic Cookies

Are you a more-chocolate, less "dough" type of cookie conniseur? If you are, you'll like these rich, buttery discs that are crammed to the limit with three kinds of chocolate chips! The couveture chocolate stays gooey, meltingly-soft in the baked cookies, making them taste just like fresh out-of-the-oven!

Nummy Nutty Cocoa Cake

Unlike any other chocolate cake you've seen, but one of the easiest to whip together - SO much aroma and flavour! Chunky peanut butter, honey and banana... with CHOCOLATE?? Yes please!

Colourful Easter Nest Cookies

Miniature candy-shelled chocolate eggs nestle in rich cocoa batter nests studded with colourful candies and chocolate chips.

Jamaican Brown Stew Potatoes and Chicken

This is another "stretched" recipe we did for the Boys and Girls Club one dinner service. We only had about 8 lbs of chicken to stretch between 60 kids, and not enough rice to give them all either. What we did have were potatoes, so this flavourful, oven-stewed meal was created!

Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup (Incl. Roasted Chicken, Rich Chicken Stock and Soup Recipes)

This is a labour of love if you make everything in this recipe (believe me, I did it!) but the result is SO worth it. I broke my experience into 3 days of work - one day I roasted the chicken, the next I roasted the bones and made the stock, and today I finished it all! It's a hearty, healthy and oh-so-rich meal you don't have to be sick to love! Makes 6 big bowls!

Cranberry Tofu Tango

My vegetarian take on the Kraft Catalina chicken recipe. Since I'm only ever cooking for one, it's what I've worked out for myself. Works like a charm!

Sweet Fruit Dipper

A touch of sweetness from strawberry preserves pairs with tangy light cream cheese and nonfat plain yogurt for a delicious dip for breadsticks, fruit or even cookies! Makes about 2 cups, 16 two-tbsp servings.

Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Bread

The secret behind this rosy pink tea loaf's moisture and tender crumb? My home-made fruit dip made with cream cheese and yogurt!

Sweet Cinnamon Twistie Sticks

I made these with my cooking program kids at the Boys and Girls club. They're reminiscent of the cinnamon breadsticks you find at Domino's, but more fun to make and better for you! Serve them warm with my "Sweet Fruit Dipper":

Super - Banana Muffins with Graham Cracker Streusel

Adapted from a great recipe at Maple n' Cornbread:
html to use up a giant box of blackening bananas we had at the Club. No shortage of banana flavour here!

Spicy Clams and Tofu Noodles

A trip to Italy on a diet...

Mushroom - Lentil Diablo Soup

Something hearty and spicy for the tail end of winter!

Mum's Good Ol' Red Velvet Cake

One of my mom's old "Black Box" recipes, tender and tangy from buttermilk and rich from butter and eggs, it's nothing short of homey!

Little Lemon Yogurt Puffs

I made some miniature "French" yogurt cakes today with the last bit of the yogurt tub, a touch of sugar and the last lemon in our fridge. A bit of sunshine for the dreary day!

Red Velvet Redux

Momma never made red velvet cake like this! This is fantastic with the banana filling, or a peanut butter one!

Sweet Banana - Cheese Filling

This is one of my favourite cake fillings for spice cakes and especially Red Velvet cake. I was inspired after making the filling for these cookies:
illed-peanut-butter-cookies.html. Will generously fill a three-layer 9" cake.

Healthier Upside Down Apple Cake

Modified from
-down-apple-cake.html. Full of flavour, fruit and fibre! The texture is so tender and moist, and the taste is enriched, from using cream cheese as the main "creaming" fat and buttermilk for the liquid.

Banana Spice Minicakes

Turned from a banana gingerbread loaf by Nicole ( into mini-cupcakes for easier transport and lunchbox packing! I changed the name to a "spice" rather than "ginger" cake because with all the flavours in the batter it's impossible to pick out just one!

Studded Peanut Butter Banana Muffins

Modified from a chocolate chip banana bread recipe at to make some delicious muffins - they're decadent enough on their own, but if you like, a chocolate cream cheese frosting would be delicious too!

Trail Mix Banana Muffins

Heavily adapted from, I took Elise's already fantastic recipe (which I highly reccommend!) and made the batter entirely whole wheat and slightly lighter on the fat so that I could get away with adding a full cup and delicious trail mix! These muffins are a real treat that will keep your mornings sweet.

Rich Double - Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

I adapted these from Kevin at Closet Cooking:
chocolate-zucchini-bread.html to make indulgent muffins that both fed the kids and used up the zucchini!

Pink Princess Rhubarb Bars

A berry and rhubarb filled blondie-like bar cookie with an extra hint of decadence from white chocolate chips.

"Feed the Neighbourhood" Beans and Rice Stew

Feeding a gaggle of hungry kids and staff members on a budget can't be easier than this - just remember to soak the dried beans the night before, do a little bit of chopping and let the whole thing simmer until you're ready for it!

Flaxen Sweet Bread

This sweet, nutty bread is a perfect accompaniment to a spicy soup or stew, not to mention making delicious dessert or breakfast-style crostini!

Cheesy Mmmushroom Pita

Two "beefy" portabello mushrooms sandwich a roasted red onion, cream cheese and garlic filling before nestling into a whole wheat pita pocket! Can be served on a bun, sliced up for a salad, or done whichever way you choose!

Germanic - Style Apple Bundt

This is the type of cake recipe that is really more "apple" than "cake"! You can use any kind of apples you have on hand for this - I've used Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Braeburn, and even a mix of anything in the fridge (bruised or not)! The trick is to make sure everything is coated with batter and packed down into the tube pan - don't worry, this isn't a delicate confection! A not-too-sweet cream cheese glaze is perfect over this.

Eggless Apple - Coconut Muffins

A delicious recipe for not-too-sweet, fruity muffins that are rich enough to have for dessert but wholesome enough to fit in at the breakfast table!

Hobgoblin Chocolate Fudge Cake and Filling

Chocolate cake will never be the same again! This sour cream cake is dark, rich and super sinful, incorporating both a good dose of Hobgoblin beer and espresso. The cream cheese filling and frosting has a reduced beer caramel shot in it as well, just for kicks!

Easy Tender Biscuits

These dead-simple, whole wheat biscuits were the last things I got to make for my kids at co-op. They're great to have for breakfast or in the afternoon with honey or jam, or jazzed up with cheese and herbs they're great with soup!

Crunch - Topped Spice Cake

I used some of my homemade buttermilk to make this portable, lightly sweetened flax and spice cake nice and tender while a blend of cream cheese and freshly churned butter kept it moist. For contrast I flung a bit of granola on top!

Rhubarb Compote Loaf with Fresh Strawberries

After realizing I didn't have all the ingredients to make the bar cookies I made the rhubarb compote for, I adapted my go-to banana bread recipe to fit, adding roasted chickpeas and fresh chopped strawberries!

Rhubarb - Raisin "Rum"ble Cake

Rum-soaked raisins and home-grown rhubarb team up with a spicy, eggless coconut and buttermilk batter for a unique twist on breakfast fare.

Super Apple Raisin Muffins

Need to use up a glut of apples at once? Don't want something too sweet, but still portable and kid-friendly? Try these on for size!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Wholesome Creamy Apple Muffins

These dense, fruit and grain packed morsels are perfect to throw in a lunchbox for a sweet snack.

Moroccan Inspired Vegetable Soup

A hearty, exotically-spiced soup with saffron, curry, ginger and even sweet orange notes. Vegan, but with nutty chickpeas and a ton of vegetables and grains you'll never miss the meat. This also freezes well.

Easy - Freeze Peach Filling

Chinese five spice and super flavourful raw sugar make this make-ahead pie filling a winner! The tapioca flour here is key to the consistency in the finished pie, since it isn't affected the same way as cornstarch and flour by freezing. Makes enough for one 10" deep dish pie, or one regular 9" pie and a peach crisp! 24 1/3-cup servings

Super Natural Apple Loaf

Whole grains and a hit of maca powder make this fruity, moist quickbread both full of nutrition and full of taste! The protein in the tofu, cheese and kasha will keep you going long into the morning.

GF Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Though this tender, cake-like bread is gluten free, you will never notice! Since it makes two loaves, slice one after they cool completely and store it wrapped in foil in the freezer. The other one, if you keep it in an airtight container, will last about 5 days. Adapted from Cake and Commerce

K's Crazy Seed Bread

I invented this after a shopping trip with a friend of mine, where she commented that she was interested in trying a loaf of organic chia seed bread but didn't want to shell out huge bucks for it. Since I had not only the chia seeds at home but also a gazillion other kinds, I threw them all into a 100% whole grain dough and baked 2 dense, rich loaves for her.

West Indies Curry Chicken

A three-hour long simmer brings all the great elements of my West Indian inspired curry chicken that I made for my dad. Soybeans, carrots, two kinds of onions, bell pepper, celery, and even a habanero add the supporting roles, while coconut milk and chicken stock round out the body. The stew is finished with a mixture of cubed sweet and red-skinned potatoes and a bit of rice to thicken things.

Patatas Bravas con Huevos

This recipe is one that is suitable for any meal - and the potato-pepper mixture is even good as leftovers topped with a freshly-fried egg. Another way to make this dish, which is also on the rotation around here, uses chunks of cod instead of the eggs simmered in the sauce. Paired with a crisp green salad it's a hearty and spicy one-pan dinner.

Nutritional Cinna-Swirl Raisin Bread

Adapted from KAF:
namon-swirl-bread-recipe, this sweet yeasted loaf is everything you expect cinnamon-raisin bread to be with the added bonus of nutrition from a bottle of Ensure nutritional supplement.

Hi-Pro, Hi-Flavour Cottage Pie

This unique spin on the British casserole bumps up the protein and fibre with Textured Vegetable Protein in the filling and a mix of mild white beans and vibrant pumpkin puree with the potato crust! Of course, if you prefer to use all meat, the amount of TVP in the recipe equals roughly 1 lbs of ground protein (and omit 1 cups of beef broth and the soy sauce). For a totally vegetarian version, add cup extra TVP along with 2/3 cup extra hot (vegetarian) beef broth. You will also need to check the label of your Worcestershire sauce for the traditional anchovies (you can substitute mushroom soy sauce or tamari). This isnt a shepherds pie as its not made with mutton or lamb, but its tasty nonetheless!

Vanilla-Almond Poppyseed Buns

A huge hit of vanilla flavour lifts these soda-bread like sweet rolls to a whole new level! Pillowy-soft inside, peppered with tiny crunches of the poppyseeds, they fit perfectly as a side for a salad or as an accompaniment to breakfast fare. Use pure, high-quality vanilla in this - it matters!!

Apple Butter Bran Muffins

I found a recipe in my "type up and post" pile (it's huge!) without a name, accreditation or any hint as to what it was supposed to make - with the exception of a baking temperature and time. I knew that if I had kept the recipe around, chances were I had a photo of it somewhere, and when I couldn't find it in my photostream I scoured my computer and found my answer - lurking in a forgotten folder! So my Apple Butter Bran Muffins have been rescued - good thing too because they were awesome!

Honey - Rhubarb Muffins

Using only honey as a sweetener, nutritious yogurt and whole grains, these muffins are a great sweet and tangy kick start to your morning.

Rockin' Rhubarb Chutney

This chutney is a perfect mixture of sweet, tart and savoury flavours, perfect for topping a pork roast or serving alongside roast chicken. Makes just under 9 cups - 36 1/4-cup servings.

Vegan Creamy Chocolate Frosting

Just like any creamy frosting, you should store this (and any cakes iced with it) in the fridge. It's rich and delicious, not to mention low in fat and a good source of antioxidants! Will frost top and sides of a 9" round or square cake.

Cheapskate Rhubarb Crumble Pie

Tastes like strawberry-rhubarb pies you've made before, but without the strawberries! Using the first (of many) rhubarb harvest of the season but lacking any other fruit to temper the sourness, I added a sweet strawberry flavour with a sweetened juice powder mix instead of sugar for the filling. A simple, buttery oatmeal crumble topping crowned the pie for a delicious finish.

Double Sunflower Seed Cookies

Made with sunflower seed butter, toasted sunflower seeds, flax, oats and craisins! Inspired by this recipe on Gourmet(ed):

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Warm Zaalouk (Eggplant-Tomato Salad) With Chickpeas

Zaalouk is a Moroccan eggplant and tomato salad that incorporates a large amount of garlic and fresh herbs. It's best made in the height of Summer when the tomatoes are in their prime, and can be served warm or cold - I prefer it warm and mixed with chickpeas.

Vegan Leek & Garlic Artichoke Soup

Adapted from a recipe in the Vegetarian Times, this is a great soup to celebrate the fresh flavours of spring artichokes and leeks.

Save-The-Day Quick Cake

Needing to find a quick, reliable substitute for a failed pound cake I had planned to bring to a school reunion, I whipped up this spicy, sweet and unusual buttermilk cake topped with chocolate chips. Even though there's only a teaspoon of cocoa in the batter, it tastes ten times richer because of the mesquite flour!

Low-Fat Lemony Cacio e Pepe

Since I can't digest oils or fats, traditional dishes like this cheese and pepper pasta from Rome are usually off-limits. With a few substitutions though, I've made a pretty good model of it! This is loaded with pepper and garlic with a bright burst of lemon - your tastebuds will be in heaven! I also love to toss in steamed broccoli with the pasta for added flavour and colour.

Apples and Ba Nay Nays Muffins

Another great use-up recipe - I had a bucketful of applesauce, an errant banana, and a couple apples past their prime, so what better use for them all than muffins? I tossed in some ground almonds, bran and oatmeal for good measure too.

"Sunday's Carrots" Loaf

Leftover roasted carrots get pureed with pineapple jam, folded with diced apples and oats to trasform into a moist, spicy loaf unlike any other!

Random Pantry Pasta

Ever go through your fridge and wonder how you'll ever use up the stuff in there? Me too - hence this delicious melange of flavourful ingredients! I like my broccoli very al dente, but you can cook it as much as you want.

Rye-Oh-My Apple Muffins

Triple-rye muffins with apples, applesauce, raisins and pepitas. Full of healthy flavour from wheat germ and bran, and totally vegan too! The three ryes in these dense, moist morsels are rye flour, rye flakes and of course rye whiskey!

Pretty In Pink Fruit and Cheese Pots

Adapted from foodografia to use both kinds of cheese and berries in my fridge, reduce the sugar a tad and get rid of the egg. The result is a delicious, not-too-sweet, smooth custard like dessert that won't hurt your waistline if you choose it for breakfast!

Ginger Groove Fruit and Granola Muffins

Chopped apples and cherries, apple cider drink mix and a rich, nutty granola cram into these double-ginger muffins with hardly any room to spare! Low on the added sugar too, these are a great mid-morning treat.

Uber Allium Soup

No shortage of garlic or onion in this bowl of goodness! Low in calories and fat, but you'd never know it based on it's luxurious texture.

Comfort Cravings Casserole

Two of the most comforting foods in the world to me have to be shepherd's (or cottage) pie and rich, baked macaroni and cheese. I had to find a way of making the ultimate comfort food, and this vegetarian conglomeration is definitely it! A vegetarian, but traditionally flavoured shepherd's pie base gets capped off with a snowy white Cheddar macaroni before being baked to crusty perfection! Not "diet" food, but darn good nonetheless!

The base can be prepared ahead of time and kept in the fridge until you're ready to assemble it.


Nothin' better than home made butter - you know exactly what's been done (or not) to it, how much salt you've added (if any) and how fresh it is! Not to mention it's dead simple - whether by hand or using a stand mixer.

15 cups of cream will yield you about 6 1/4 lbs of butter and 8 cups of buttermilk!

Cheater's Channa Masala

I really wasn't in the mood to make a huge production of cooking a curry just for me, since my family doesn't really like it, so I whipped this mix up instead. It's fairly spicy, so play with the heat levels to your preference. I serve it over brown rice or with a flatbread.

Light n' Low - Fuss Rotini

Who says pasta suppers have to be heavy, super-saucy affairs? This is a wholesome dinner dish packed with arugula and lemon that will never weigh you down!

Spicy Spinach and Cheese Ravioli

Adapted from Donna Hay's recipe in April 2010's Style at Home magazine. Yields 8 ravioli per serving.

Roasted Veggie and Ricotta Rotini

Chunks of silky, roasted eggplant and zucchini melt with sweet caramelized onion and garlic in a low-fat, chunky tomato-cheese sauce that gets caught in all the nooks of whole-grain spiral pasta.

Mochi Two - Biters

Modified slightly from a recipe on "Too Much Food":

Timothy's Glazed Coffee Squares

My mom used to live on the Danforth, an area of Toronto with a high concentration of Greeks. Timothy was the name of a local cafe owner, famous for his strong Greek coffee and these infamous snack squares.

Cannoli Bread

I wanted to try recreating the rich and varied flavours of cannoli in a free-form loaf... and since my mom prefers almonds over pistachios (not to mention they're WAY cheaper!) I used almond milk, ground almonds and almond extract in the dough along with a healthy dose of ricotta cheese, chocolate shot and Amaretto soaked cherries! Let the celebration begin!

One - Egg Mocha Fudge Cake

At home I have to limit the mnumber of eggs I use in my "random" baking - this is a great moist cake with wallops of chocolate and coffee flavour, only using one egg for 2 layers! The frosting is a sure winner too, and the combination is sublime!

Honey Mustard Potato Salad

A warm potato salad with a delicious yogurt, honey and mustard dressing, lemon zest and chives. Perfect for those late summer nights with just a little nip in the air!

Tropical Morning Muffins

These are rich and sweet muffins with coconut milk, black sesame seeds, toasted sesame oil, fresh ginger, pineapple jelly and just-overripe strawberries! This makes 6 jumbo muffins or 12 regular sized

Georgian Morning Muffins

A hefty dose of peach puree, a handful of oats and just a hint of sugar make these fluffy (yet substantial) muffins topped with pecans a treat any day of the week.

Blueberry Ricotta Cake

Adapted from a recipe on Christina Marsigliese's blog Form V Artisan, this is a dense, moist cake that is packed with blueberry flavour from both stewed and fresh fruit. Perfect for the summer months!