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Recipes I've Shared:

Snap pea and carrot lunch

Still taking whatever is in the fridge and making it work.

Curried chicken meatballs

Add to my zucchini based soups or simply to eat. Another work in progress recipe.

Zucchini and carrot soup

Throw it in a pot, no fuss.

Low Carb Ground Turkey Bolognese with spaghetti squash

another crock pot venture using fresh veggies and herbs.

Chicken asparagus loaf

What was in the fridge

Eggplant zucchini tomato roast

Don't know what else to call it but I liked it.

My best chili yet

Changed the servings/ size after posting. Made more than I thought.

Turkey ham and cabbage

Crock pot recipe. Portioned for a healthy lunch.

Cauliflower covered ravioli

Making the most of food in the freezer

Kind-of-a chicken gumbo

Still using whatever was in my freezer. This took care of cooked chicken and bones for stock and frozen veggies.

Yellow fin tuna with confetti vegetables

Freezer died and had to be creative quickly! Used what I had

Chinese style chicken meatballs and vegetables

Lunch again. I make it in advance, reheat all week. This is Chinese in style. Pretty easy to make.

Mid-eastern style spaghetti squash

Combined some recipes I wanted to have a hearty warm lunch

Brussels sprout hash

I love sprouts, tomatoes and intense flavors in a warm lunch. I needed to keep it light and healthy. There are probably a host of things you could do with this if you are a fan like I am.

Colorful pepper and bean salad

Mixed colored peppers, chickpeas and a zing added with vinegar soaked coctailo nions for summer salad

crock pot curry vegetables and tofu

Seasonal vegetables and tofu for protein. If you can make your own korma curry, please do. I added a jar of pre-made paste. I take lunch to work daily and eat this room temp or hot.

Chicken stuffed peppers

A change up to chicken filling. Basil gives it some kick. Not salty or too spicy. The cheese is optional, it sealed the tops to keep moisture in and looked nice.

Chickpea spring salad

Good for quick lunch.

Thai inspired gazpacho

Serve cold, this is a sweeter but spicey dish than the red. gazpacho Definately adjust to taste. Scotch bonnet peppers are really hot! Use any type peppers for the zing, ginger gives it heat. Almonds double the calories and fats. They are optional. The recipe is a work in progress. Feel free to adjust to taste. Just watch out if you add coconut! The fats and calories will go way up.

Easy red gazpacho

Cold gazpacho gives you many of your vitamins and vegetable servings with a zing! Adjust all of the ingredients to taste; I prefer mine very hot so go slow on the peppers I listed. I've used fresh tomatoes but scalding, peeling and removing seeds was not my thing. You can use any type canned tomatoes. Experiment with the vegetables! More cucumbers, less tomato, less peppers or more. It's really up to you to decide what's the balance. I've added carrots as well.
Serve with a dolop of fat-free Greek yogurt.

Beef Barley stew or soup crock pot

Depending on how much water you add, this can be soup or stew. We like it as a stew. Increase the amount of servings with more water.

Easy mango chicken with vegetables

Steamed individual serving in a foil container. Add to rice and lunch is served. I take this to work, the juices from the steamed food help keep the rice moist in storage.

Roasted summer vegetables

roast in oven, leave in refrigerator all week and eat cold or heat up

Hot pepper peanut shrimp

My take on spicey peanut shrimp. It's a bit high on sodium but you can decrease the soy sauce.

One pot chicken stuffed cabbage

The taste of stuffed cabbage in a quick and healthier form

Potato soup

This recipe is made with regular fat ingredients but cooks up very nicely using 75% lowfat sharp cheddar cheese and a tablespoon of olive oil instead of butter. There is a separate recipe for this.

Janets light potato soup

Same as my original recipe but MUCH less fat. Cabot cheese really holds it's flavor in the 75% less fat version

Crock pot chicken chili

Throw it in on low and and go to work!

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