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Recipes I've Shared:

MEM's Pizza Soup

Add whatever veggies and/or meats you like to put on your pizza for a delicious bowl of comfort on a cold night!

Bon appetit!

Mom's Cheese Sauce

This cheesy white sauce is great for a sauce on vegetables, or even for macaroni & cheese! Made with nutritional yeast and only a little bit of cheese to add flavour.

Frozen Cream Cheese & Yogurt Pie

This recipe is from "Recipes for a Small Planet," and is a favourite of my family. It is a healthy imitation frozen cheesecake, and is delicious!

Top with fruit of your choice to serve: fresh in-season fruits, your favourite frozen fruit, or make a fruit topping (or use a can of pie filling).

NOTE: The fruit topping is NOT included in this recipe/nutrition information in order to make it as versatile as possible for SparkPeople's Nutrition Tracker.

Creamy Cilantro-Lime Salad Dressing

Great for a Southwest or Mexican style salad, over avocados, or even as a dip for veggies!

Morning Glory Muffins

Chock-full of nutrients, these muffins are a breakfast unto themselves!

Homemade Thin Pizza Crust (Dough Only - Toppings Not Included!)

Taken from theKitchn:

"Breakfast Omelette" Egg Salad

I am not a morning person, but I love breakfast. These don't mix well. So, I created this twist on traditional egg salad and omelettes.

Bon appetit!

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Vegetarian Black Bean Burgers

This is my husband's recipe for vegetarian black bean burgers. He is a staunch meat-eater, and he loves these burgers because not only do they taste good and are healthy, but they also have a good texture (they don't crumble like some veggie burger recipes).

Tomato Sauce with Beans & Veggies

I make different versions of this based on what beans and vegetables are in my kitchen on a given night. Add or subtract ingredients. Use frozen, fresh, or canned. Mix and match!

Margot's Hot Chocolate

A delicious treat for any chocoholic.

Basic Waffles

I took the recipe for Basic Waffles from the Cuisinart Waffle Maker Instruction Manual, and lowered the fat and sugar content.

Baba Gannouj

Baba Gannouj is a Lebanese spread/dip made from eggplant. Use it as a spread for sandwiches: Pita pocket with baba gannouj and alfalfa sprouts or spinach. Serve it as a dip with pita, pita chips, or carrot sticks. Or just eat it out of the serving bowl with a spoon!


Bonnie's Parsley Soup

This is my mom's parsley soup, which has become a traditional family meal on cold winter nights eating in front of the fireplace. This soup is rich in flavor and heavy enough to be eaten as a main course. I recommend serving with a small salad on the side and a big loaf of a crusty bread (sourdough or French baguette, for examples) for dipping in the soup.

Cooking notes:

*Instead of using chicken bouillon, you can use a vegetarian bouillon (I have used vegetable, mushroom, and herb bouillons). This substitute turns this recipe into a delicious vegetarian meal.

*I use instant nonfat dry milk in this soup. You may substitute this for 1 1/2 cups regular nonfat milk. If you want a creamier soup, you may use milk with fat or even some cream.

I use salted butter in this recipe, and rarely add extra salt. Salt to taste, but remember that extra salt is not counted in the nutrition info for this recipe.

Bon appetit!

Three-Cheese Sauce

A basic cheese sauce. Delicious over broccoli, cauliflower, cooked spinach, baked potatoes, etc. Also makes a delicious dip for veggies, tortillas, or pita chips. Can be used as a spreadable cheese on sandwiches (hot or after cooling).

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Grilled Cheese

Marker for grilled cheese just the way I like it. :)

Baked Apples

A healthier take on Apple Crisp.

This is a very basic recipe, with ideas for things to add, etc. at the end of the Instructions (note -- the Nutrition Counter only includes the items listed in the "Ingredients" section! Be sure to add the nutrition info for any extras you choose to add.)

"Sloppy Joe" with Veggies over Rice

A delicious, balanced "one-pot wonder" meal. Includes meat, veggies, and brown rice (could substitute another grain or whole wheat pasta, or even use whole grain bread to make sloppy joe sandwiches).

I used frozen spinach and frozen oriental blend veggies. However, I used them because that was what was in my freezer. Use broccoli, regular mixed veggies, carrots, or any other veggies you'd prefer.

Artichoke Sandwiches with Pesto Dijon Dressing

This is a delicious, low calorie, vegetarian sandwich.

The original version was made with French bread that you slice in half lengthwise (like a hoagie), but I put it on whole wheat bread to lower the calories. While I make this with fresh mozzarella, it is also very good with provolone cheese.

If you want to add meat to it, a slice of cooked salami or Genoa salami would go well with it (not included in the Nutrition Information here).

Bon appetit!