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Recipes I've Shared:

my Peanut Chicken (246g/Serving)

My take on Peanuts Chicken

my Chicken & Dumplings (312g/Serving)

My highly experimental chicken & dumplings. My goal is to have my oldest son, Joshua, try and like it.

Sammy The Slicer's Bare Bones Guacamole Dip - 64g/Serving

One lazy Sunday morning, I started hacking into some avocados I had bought. My middle son, Samuel wanted to help, so I showed him how to prepare the avocados. He learned to dice tomatoes too.

Haley's Damn Good Crab & Spinach Dip - .25 Cup(2.4oz)/Serving

A great holiday side dish. Great on Ritz crackers, or by itself.

HDG Spaghetti Sauce From Can

Spaghetti sauce starting from can

Haley's Damn Good But Ugly Biscuits - 2oz/Serving

Haley got this recipe from her Mom. Her Mom got it off of her High School reunion web site. Wow! One of my favorites!


Haley's Damn Good White Wine Gravy Chicken

Chicken cooked in a white wine, mushroom gravy with onios and yellow and red pappers.

Sausage Muff McEggin

My version of McDonald's Sausage Egg McMuffin

Muff McEggin

My own egg McMuffin

Haley's Damn Good Cornbread

Good with anything or nothing at all!

Haley's Damn Good Chili - 10oz/Serving

Great on a cold, blustery day!
Makes approximately 11 10oz servings

Haley's Damn Good Chicken Pot Pie

Boil Chicken And Remove Meat From Bone
Chop Carrots and Onions And Sautee In Chicken Broth
Combine de-boned meat and sauteed onions/carrots along with peas in casserole dish
Top with puff pastry

Cook at 375 for 45 minutres to an hour

Haley's Damn Good Beef Stew

Haley's Damn Good Beef Stew

Bryan's Leftover Spaghetti Mix

Bryan's Leftover Spaghetti Mix

Pork Tenderloin Breakfast Burrito

Great for leftover pork loin.