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Recipes I've Shared:

Spicy Garlic Lime Chicken

Yummy juicy chicken with a kick and yummy sauce over spaghetti squash

Shrimp Scampi MrldCtyGrl

Serve over steamed broccoli (cal sep)

Pizza Crust MrldCtyGrl

Gluten-free low-carb pizza! I have not included the additional toppings in the recipe for the nutritional info calculator because there's so many variations. Just add them seperately.

Rouladen MrldCtyGrl from Allrecipes

"Meat rolls filled with bacon, onions and pickles. Delicious, easy recipe learned while visiting Germany. " - Ron Oldham

Chicken Veggie StirFry MrldCtyGrl

We're on a new high-protein low-carb diet, with minimums for protein and free veggie carbs... so while this would normally serve 6 with added rice, we're eating 1.5 servings of this alone for our family of 4.

Also, mainly I am sharing my recipes to just let my family members do their own tracking. If it works for you, great, if not, feel free to leave constructive criticism on how to improve it, but please be gentle.

FM/CP Meatloaf MrldCtyGrl

Meatloaf! Makes great meatballs too, but those I bake in the oven and freeze cooked. It's deliberately "neutral" to go with a variety of topping sauces, we love BBQ and Italian, but you have to add those to your tracker separately.

Very Good (8 ratings)
MrldCtyGrl Peanut Butter Curried Chicken Dinner

A couple of people have had problems reproducing this, so here's my disclaimer... we love it, I invented it, it's been served to pro chefs and folks from India, and they've all liked it. However, the reviews are not all positive, and maybe there's something off about the preparation. I don't know. But please, if you MUST review, be gentle. I've got them shared so my family can add their portions to their menus. Everyone else's opinion is totally optional.

Chicken, Chickpeas, Mushrooms, Onions, Broccoli, Spinach and Cashews all in a fabulous creamy mellow curry sauce served over basmati rice (nutr. info includes the ENTIRE dish, vegs and rice included)

Roasted Potatoes, Carrots & Celery MrldCtyGrl

Great "base" for a combo of sides to serve with integrated protein and sauces. (Like Coq au Vin) Serves 4.

Quick Coq au Vin MrldCtyGrl

Stovetop Coq au Vin, low sodium, low cholesterol, low fat, full flavor! Pairs beautifully with oven-roasted potatoes and carrots. 4 6oz portions (1 chicken breast each).

Provencal Chicken MrldCtyGrl

Whole cut up chicken, skin on and bone in. Super easy one-dish meal ready in about an hour.

MrldCtyGrl's Latte

Venti, 1% milk, Half-caf (usually, though the nutrition info doesn't change whether it's full caf or decaf), no whip, foam included, no sprinkles, 4 pumps from Torani Sugar Free Brown Sugar Cinnamon syrup.

Very Good (1 rating)
Crock Pot Beef Dinner MrldCtyGrl

Make gravy out of the remaining liquid after the rest is done by adding 1 Tbsp cornstarch and 1 cup of water to the liquid after it's been transferred to a saucepan.

SB PB Crepes MrldCtyGrl

Super quick breakfast! Great for satisfying the PB Toast craving on a low/no carb regimen. Sugar free, suitable for Phase 1, watch your cholesterol!

Freezer Buttermilk Herb Chicken MrldCtyGrl

Great make-ahead freezer meal. Doubles easily. Nutritional info a little off because you're supposed to discard the marinade. SUBSTITUTE dried Thyme, not ground!!!