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Recipes I've Shared:

No sugar added no bake cookies

Great for pre or post workout snack.....note they are sweet due to the dates so make sure to drink water or milk with these.

Green Breakfast

Doesn't look pretty but tastes great!

Donuts Fonuts

Low carb donuts

I used the babycakes mini donut maker with the batter and it makes 4 bakers dozens (bakers dozen='s 13)

Fat Head Pizza Breadsticks

Note this is a variation on the original recipe. The original recipe tasted great, but I am in the mood for some bread-sticks so I hope this will turn out just as great.

The original recipe can be found at:

Cheese Crisps

You can use any type of hard cheese for this recipe, but so far this is the only one I have tried.

Have fun experiment and love your low carb WOL. :-)

faux pizza crust

Original recipe is from fat head website but I ran out of all the ingredients they called for so I changed it a little.

Homemade Granola

Low sugar and all natural sugar from fruits and honey.

personal pizza

13 pts on wwpts+

Fish taco sauce

2 points on WW points plus per serving

Low fat ranch dressing

1 point per tablespoon on WW points plus

Cumin-Lime Confetti Salad

1/2 is 4 points on WW points plus.

I make mine in a big batch then separate it into 3 containers 2 go in the freezer and one goes in the fridge. Makes 8 cups total

Skyline Chilli stovetop

I put less water than the package states to get a thicker chilli

Taco Meat

7 points on WW PP and 7 net carbs

Peanut butter coolwhip cups

4.9 net carbs per 1 muffin cup

Original recipe:

Egg cups

Great for breakfast! 1.8 net carbs & 9 pts on WWpts+

Zoodles, spinach, & tomatoes

5.5 net carbs/serving & 10 pt on WWpts+

I use this in conjunction with shrimp scampi. I cook the mixture in left over shrimp scampi sauce then lay the shrimp on top.

Taco Pasta Bake

14.4 net carbs & 5 points on WW points plus

Ghirardelli LC chocolate chip cookies

4 WW points plus per cookie & 6.5 net carbs

Coffee-Braised Pot Roast With Caramelized Onions

Original recipe from Web-MD, I added some more veggies to make it healthier while keep it LC. ^_^

7 pts on WW points plus & 6 net carbs / serving

MIM chocolate protein

6 pts on WW points plus & 8.8 net carbs

My take on HG's Chicken Salad

10 points on WW points plus / serving & 3.8 net carbs / serving

Tuna salad sandwich

Per serving: 8 WW points plus; 15.1 net carbs

Chicken Salad

Per serving: 5 WW points plus; 3.2 net carbs

Tuscan Feta Salad

Per Serving: 3 WW points plus; 4.1 net carbs

Mock Potato-Broccoli Soup

Per Serving: 4 points on WWpoints plus/ 6.5 net carbs

Steak Topping veggie and shrimp mix

Delicious topped on some ribeye and melted garlic butter (not in nutrition)

Tasty Shrimp No Rice Sushi Roll

One thing I have missed so much since going LC has been sushi, I already had my own sushi kit so I decided to make up my own rolls without rice. I use a cream cheese mixture in place of where you would normally have sticky rice. I must say this turned out even more amazing than I had hoped for. :-)

Spice cupcakes with Cinnamon and spice cream cheese frosting

6 net carbs total per cupcake with the frosting

Cinnamon and spice cream cheese frosting

This is enough for 12 cupcakes or one standard size cake.

My inspiration for this recipe comes from:>
She has a cinnamon cream cheese frosting recipe on there, I wants a little more flavoring in mine so I changed it up a bit.

Healthy low carb instant chocolate cake

Original recipe:

Below is my version of this

Almond flour fried chicken

The amounts of flour and egg used are an estimate, my husband doesn't measure stuff out when cooking.

Go to coconut and veggie smoothie; 5 net carbs

When mixed, you can't taste the veggie.....great if you have picky kids or if you yourself are a picky eater.

Very Good (1 rating)
Asian stir-fry chicken and veggies

4 net carbs/serving

Low carb Pizza, 5.6 net carbs/serving

Missing pizza in your low carb diet here is a great go to!

Coconut-Avocado Ice Cream_4.7 net carbs

Originally from all recipes, but I changed some of the items to fit my taste.

Starbucks like: Lowish carb pumpkin spice lattee

I put an estimate of the spices I used, I mainly did those to taste but I did measure everything else.

Riced Cauliflower

To me cauliflower seems like tofu in the sense of it in a way absorbing the flavors you work with so you can use this for just about anything.

Chocolate protein low carb shake

This is approximately 3.9 net carbs / serving (1 serving/recipe)

I did not calculate every single individual ingredient for the net carbs and since SP does not subtract the sugar alcohols that are in some products this may be off a few net carbs.

I only subtracted the carbs - fiber for the net carb value.

Skyline Chili (Crockpot)

Makes me think of home, how I love my Cincinnati Chili

Spinach and cheese quiche

Delicious comfort style food