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Mackerel Recipes

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Member Recipes for Mackerel

Very Good 4.4/5
(5 ratings)
Amy's Jack Mackerel Patties

Surprisingly moist, easy, and cheap. Submitted by: AMYBMORRIS

CALORIES: 184.8  |  FAT: 4.2g  |  PROTEIN: 30.6g  |  CARBS: 5.8g  |  FIBER: 1.4g

Good 3.7/5
(3 ratings)
Herbalicious Mackerel Cakes

My lower calorie adaptation of a recipe from the old Lean & Luscious Cookbook. Each serving is two 1.5 ounce cakes.Submitted by: SHENREN

CALORIES: 156.7  |  FAT: 4.2g  |  PROTEIN: 24.4g  |  CARBS: 3.8g  |  FIBER: 0.2g

Incredible! 5.0/5
(1 rating)
Smoked Mackerel Pate

Submitted by: MISSEMS1

CALORIES: 278.5  |  FAT: 20.8g  |  PROTEIN: 18.5g  |  CARBS: 3.6g  |  FIBER: 0g

Very Good 4.0/5
(1 rating)
mackerel Patties

Submitted by: HSPRABERRY

CALORIES: 297.3  |  FAT: 12.3g  |  PROTEIN: 35.8g  |  CARBS: 9.1g  |  FIBER: 0.5g

Good 3.0/5
(1 rating)
Mackerel cakes

Submitted by: LHLADY517

CALORIES: 134  |  FAT: 4.4g  |  PROTEIN: 16.2g  |  CARBS: 5.6g  |  FIBER: 0.8g

Good 3.0/5
(1 rating)
Mackerel Casserole for two

Quick and easy, this is a tasty way to get your Omega 3's.Submitted by: NEW_CHAPTER

CALORIES: 338  |  FAT: 19.6g  |  PROTEIN: 23.4g  |  CARBS: 17.7g  |  FIBER: 2.4g

(no ratings)
Smoked mackerel and kale stirfry

This is so quick and easy, but surprisingly filling. It looks like a lot of kale, but cooks down into two portions.Submitted by: SATCHMO99

CALORIES: 397.9  |  FAT: 26.8g  |  PROTEIN: 27.3g  |  CARBS: 16.4g  |  FIBER: 5.8g

(no ratings)
Mackerel kind-of kedgeree

A tasty easy one pot mealSubmitted by: DAWKINS

CALORIES: 517.3  |  FAT: 20.5g  |  PROTEIN: 22.9g  |  CARBS: 63.6g  |  FIBER: 9.2g

(no ratings)
Low Fat Mackerel Pate

Submitted by: JMBRYMER

CALORIES: 154  |  FAT: 10.9g  |  PROTEIN: 12.5g  |  CARBS: 1.5g  |  FIBER: 0g

(no ratings)
Jamie Oliver's Crispy-skinned mackerel with Asian-inspired dressing
Jamie Oliver's Crispy-skinned mackerel with Asian-inspired dressing

Mackerel is part of the same family as tuna. We've come to depend so heavily on tuna that it's now under a huge amount of pressure � this really is the time to turn to mackerel as an alternative. It's widely available in our waters and way down the food chain so we need to be buying and selling more of it, and learning how to cook and enjoy it. I like to treat mackerel more like a steak, and give it flavour and attitude to make it sing. It is so delicious, incredibly versatile and extremely good for you.
� Jamie Oliver
Photography � David LoftusSubmitted by: CHULYER

CALORIES: 419.3  |  FAT: 29.5g  |  PROTEIN: 30.3g  |  CARBS: 10.4g  |  FIBER: 2.4g

(no ratings)
Hugh's Mackerel, New Potatoes & Shallots
Hugh's Mackerel, New Potatoes & Shallots

I absolutely love cooking mackerel like this its such a neat one-tray dish and the blend of mingled flavours is wonderful. It also works well with other fish.Submitted by: CHULYER

CALORIES: 722.2  |  FAT: 41.9g  |  PROTEIN: 47.1g  |  CARBS: 40.4g  |  FIBER: 4.2g

(no ratings)
Ggongchi Jorim [Spicy braised pike mackerel with radish]

Submitted by: KATHENKA

CALORIES: 463.8  |  FAT: 30.1g  |  PROTEIN: 21.4g  |  CARBS: 19.3g  |  FIBER: 3.1g

(no ratings)
Fish Balls Soup (Spanish Mackerel 500 g) (1 svg = 5 pax)

Submitted by: FATHINSN

CALORIES: 1143.3  |  FAT: 46.4g  |  PROTEIN: 105g  |  CARBS: 72.7g  |  FIBER: 11.5g

(no ratings)
Asian Mackerel & Cabbage Salad

Tasty, filling and quick to prepare!Submitted by: SHALOMM-H

CALORIES: 382.1  |  FAT: 21.8g  |  PROTEIN: 30.8g  |  CARBS: 18.5g  |  FIBER: 6.5g

(no ratings)
Smoked mackerel patties

If you can find peppered or herbed smoked mackerel it will be even better. I have used mackerel fillets but canned is ok too.Submitted by: WOTSHEWROTE

CALORIES: 203.3  |  FAT: 13.3g  |  PROTEIN: 11.5g  |  CARBS: 10g  |  FIBER: 1.8g

(no ratings)
Mackerel Nicoise

Delishious low fat sauceSubmitted by: BEESWEET!

CALORIES: 531.9  |  FAT: 32g  |  PROTEIN: 38.9g  |  CARBS: 15.9g  |  FIBER: 3.9g

(no ratings)
mackerel in tomato sauce on pitta

quick and tasty to put together Submitted by: MISSCHANTILLY

CALORIES: 407.5  |  FAT: 15.9g  |  PROTEIN: 30.1g  |  CARBS: 45.2g  |  FIBER: 1.3g

(no ratings)
Mackerel fish soup

mmmmmmmmSubmitted by: MIRAART

CALORIES: 148.5  |  FAT: 6.9g  |  PROTEIN: 11.6g  |  CARBS: 20g  |  FIBER: 3.5g

(no ratings)
Grandma's Mackerel

Breakfast Dish I Grew Up EatingSubmitted by: TRALUVSFITNESS

CALORIES: 290.5  |  FAT: 14.2g  |  PROTEIN: 13.5g  |  CARBS: 25g  |  FIBER: 1g

(no ratings)
Mackerel Patties

Wonderful and SimpleSubmitted by: JENNTINYSAM

CALORIES: 252.2  |  FAT: 12g  |  PROTEIN: 29g  |  CARBS: 5.8g  |  FIBER: 0.2g

(no ratings)
basil and lemon chickpeas with mackerel
Submitted by: JWOURMS

CALORIES: 477  |  FAT: 21.1g  |  PROTEIN: 30.5g  |  CARBS: 43.3g  |  FIBER: 8.5g

(no ratings)
Stew Mackerel

Caribbean Dish that can be used as Breakfast dish or Dinner dish. Can be served with chopped spinach, boil egg, 2 slice of toast.

CALORIES: 178.2  |  FAT: 11.5g  |  PROTEIN: 11.5g  |  CARBS: 7.6g  |  FIBER: 1.6g

(no ratings)
Mackerel and Avocado sandwich spread

Enough for 8 slices of bread.
Uses one tin of John West MackerelSubmitted by: DAWKINS

CALORIES: 66.4  |  FAT: 5.3g  |  PROTEIN: 3.1g  |  CARBS: 2.1g  |  FIBER: 1.5g

(no ratings)
Caribbean Style Mackerel

Caribbean Dish that can be used as Breakfast dish or Dinner dish. Can be served with chopped spinach, boil egg, 2 slice of toast. Submitted by: DADLISWEETNESS

CALORIES: 178.2  |  FAT: 11.5g  |  PROTEIN: 11.5g  |  CARBS: 7.6g  |  FIBER: 1.6g

(no ratings)
Smoked Mackerel Pate

Waitrose 8 servingsSubmitted by: JWOURMS

CALORIES: 124.1  |  FAT: 8.9g  |  PROTEIN: 8.3g  |  CARBS: 2.5g  |  FIBER: 0g

(no ratings)
Mackerel Patties

CALORIES: 237.8  |  FAT: 13.6g  |  PROTEIN: 23.4g  |  CARBS: 4.5g  |  FIBER: 0.5g

(no ratings)
Salt Mackerel, Jamaican Style

Jamaica's favourite Saturday morning breakfast dishSubmitted by: DEBS1389

CALORIES: 824.4  |  FAT: 52.2g  |  PROTEIN: 44.2g  |  CARBS: 45g  |  FIBER: 3g

(no ratings)
Whitefish & mackerel paste for sandwiches

Best and healthy option for sandwichesSubmitted by: PA06TI21

CALORIES: 139.7  |  FAT: 8.6g  |  PROTEIN: 14.6g  |  CARBS: 0.8g  |  FIBER: 0.2g

(no ratings)
Mackerel and Leek Bake

Submitted by: JESSJMD

CALORIES: 552.1  |  FAT: 7.2g  |  PROTEIN: 23.7g  |  CARBS: 98.8g  |  FIBER: 2.7g

(no ratings)
Mackerel stir fry

easy, tasty and healthy stir fry.
Submitted by: ICKLEFIFI

CALORIES: 453.2  |  FAT: 17.3g  |  PROTEIN: 29g  |  CARBS: 47.9g  |  FIBER: 3.4g
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