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Tempeh Recipes

Did you mean temped?

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Member Recipes for Tempeh

Good 3.5/5
(41 ratings)
Vegan BBQ Tempeh
Vegan BBQ Tempeh

Serve on whole-wheat buns with plenty of veggies, and you'll have a BBQ meal that even a meat lover will crave again and again.

CALORIES: 220.4  |  FAT: 10.2g  |  PROTEIN: 15.6g  |  CARBS: 19.7g  |  FIBER: 1.4g

Good 3.8/5
(18 ratings)
Tempeh Stir Fry

A recipe full of veggies and vitamins galore!Submitted by: ABBYJS19

CALORIES: 135.8  |  FAT: 4.7g  |  PROTEIN: 10.1g  |  CARBS: 16.6g  |  FIBER: 2.4g

Good 3.3/5
(17 ratings)
Tempeh and Black Beans

Tempeh is a cultured soybean product available in natural food stores and many specialty groceries. It is a great source of protein, and for many people, it is easier to digest than other soy products.Submitted by: SCOTTIEGIRL

CALORIES: 240.9  |  FAT: 11.9g  |  PROTEIN: 13.3g  |  CARBS: 23.2g  |  FIBER: 6.6g

Very Good 4.8/5
(16 ratings)
Tempeh "Chicken" Salad


CALORIES: 132.3  |  FAT: 8.7g  |  PROTEIN: 7.8g  |  CARBS: 8.5g  |  FIBER: 2.3g

Very Good 4.6/5
(13 ratings)
Thai-Inspired Sweet Potato, Tempeh, & Kale Stew

This satisfying & delicious thai stew is packed with nutrients. Serve it over brown rice, with a salad & piece of whole grain bread.Submitted by: CARLASKIS

CALORIES: 287.2  |  FAT: 16.8g  |  PROTEIN: 14.5g  |  CARBS: 24.5g  |  FIBER: 3.4g

Very Good 4.1/5
(8 ratings)
Tempeh Mexican Pizza - (Unchained Recipe Contest)
Tempeh Mexican Pizza - (Unchained Recipe Contest)

I'm really proud of myself for this one. I used to love getting Mexican Pizzas at Taco Bell. I haven't had one in years. So, I spent a few days concocting this recipe.

Tempeh is a fermented soybean cake, originating from Indonesia. You can find it at your health food store, if you can't find it at your regular grocery store. We aren't vegetarians, but sometimes it's nice to have a vegetarian meal. Helps save on the calories. Tempeh is a great meat substitute. If you chop it up right, it can have a similar consistency to ground meat.

Also, I'm pretty sure the tortillas Taco Bell uses for this are deep fried to make them crispy. I baked mine.Submitted by: PISCESWOMAN87

CALORIES: 424.6  |  FAT: 19.2g  |  PROTEIN: 22.3g  |  CARBS: 40.2g  |  FIBER: 11.6g

Very Good 4.8/5
(4 ratings)
Grilled Tempeh

Works great with tofu, too. High fiber & calcium.Submitted by: SPRINGPEEPER

CALORIES: 138.3  |  FAT: 6.2g  |  PROTEIN: 11.5g  |  CARBS: 11.9g  |  FIBER: 6.2g

Very Good 4.5/5
(4 ratings)
Vegan Tempeh "Chicken" Salad

Modified from other SP recipeSubmitted by: SLOWBUTSTEADY

CALORIES: 101.1  |  FAT: 4.5g  |  PROTEIN: 8g  |  CARBS: 8.3g  |  FIBER: 0.5g

Very Good 4.3/5
(4 ratings)
Tempeh Salad

A high-protein, filling salad. Delicious and nutritious!

This recipe does not need to be very precise....substitute your favorite veggies and dressing.Submitted by: SAVANNA263

CALORIES: 235.4  |  FAT: 17.7g  |  PROTEIN: 12.7g  |  CARBS: 10.2g  |  FIBER: 1.9g

Very Good 4.0/5
(4 ratings)
Tempeh Scallopini

I used to get wonderful tempeh scallopini in Denver. This isn't quite it, but it's the best substitute so far. The restaurant served it on mashed potatoes with a side of cooked greens.Submitted by: TRACI_CAKES

CALORIES: 330.9  |  FAT: 16.7g  |  PROTEIN: 14.7g  |  CARBS: 26g  |  FIBER: 1.7g
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