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See all videosHow to Tell If an Egg is Fresh (1:06)

Uh-oh! You can't remember the last time you bought eggs, and omelets are on the menu for tonight. How do you know if your eggs are still good? Find out!

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  • I knew this one, but for those of us who are cooking impaired, your videos collectively are a great help. - 1/8/15

  • Good to know! - 12/7/14

  • I knew it was bad if it floated, but didn't know why. Thanks for the explanation. - 8/20/14

  • You learn something new every day. I have never heard of this before and am greatful for this information Thank You.
    - 7/2/14

  • The air sack is in the larger, round part of the egg. So putting it in a glass big side down would not give the egg room to turn, but if an egg would float when the big end is in the glass first, rest assured there's lots of air in there. A person who had chickens for egg sales when young & workin - 3/4/14

  • Thanks for sharing, I never heard this before. - 2/24/14

  • I have found that it is not always the case that if it floats it is bad. sometimes if it only floats a little it is still good. I always break my egg on a plate before cooking it. If it is bad you will know it in about half a second. - 1/29/14

  • That makes sense...I learn something new every day. - 1/24/14

  • Great tip! - 12/29/13

  • That makes so much sense! =) thanks! - 12/17/13

  • This tip is going to save me money and a trip to the grocery store since before I stuck to the "When in doubt, throw it out," rule. - 11/4/13

  • Thank you for the video. I was not aware of this information! I will be testing them now. - 9/17/13

  • I've always wondered this and now I know. Thanks - 7/23/13

  • Great tip! Very easy. - 7/19/13

  • Great tip! I will be using this next time I question how long the eggs have been in the fridge. - 7/10/13

  • All these comments remind me that we need to keep passing down information to the younger generation! :-) I am 66 years old and my grandmother taught me this when I was a child! Have been doing it all my life! :-) - 6/29/13

  • Hunh. THAT is simple -- and very interesting! Thanks for the tip! - 5/26/13

  • Nifty! Thanks. - 5/25/13

  • Thanks for the tip. - 5/12/13

  • Good to know. Thanks for the tip. - 3/28/13

  • I never knew that. Thanks for the tip. - 3/26/13

  • Great Tip! Many thanks! - 3/16/13

  • I never could remember this tip.....thanks for the reminder! - 3/15/13

  • Thanks for sharing. - 3/15/13

  • Great tip! THANKS!!! - 3/15/13

  • Neat tip! Another tip is to buy eggs from local farmers - your eggs will always be fresh! - 2/4/13

  • Learned something. Thanks--any day I learn something new is a day really worth savoring! - 1/20/13

  • I think you should also show the egg floating to have a visual of both eggs. Thanks!
    - 1/18/13

  • I was always wondering how to tell!! - 1/18/13

  • Thanks I thought this video was educational. I find the info very helpful thanks chef meg - 1/18/13

  • Good to know. - 1/3/13

  • Thanks for the quick and informative video about determining the freshness of eggs! - 1/1/13

  • Thanks. I knew this but it seems that many did not.
    You might want to tell that you don't want really fresh eggs for hard cooking. They peel much easier and better if they are several days old. - 12/29/12

  • Hmmm, thought you might spin the egg! :) - 12/5/12

  • Wow. I love when I learn something new. Thanks for the great tip. - 12/4/12

  • As a child we kept them in an egg tray, now I just keep them in the carton. Great tip Chef! - 11/19/12

  • I always thought that the eggs belonged in the egg tray on the upper part of the fridge door. The water tip is good and I will now keep that in mind and keep the eggs in the carton in the back middle level of the fridge. - 10/28/12

  • Thanks. Good tip. - 10/19/12

  • Our egg man tells Sid my hubby when the fresh eggs come in.

    Also that is a good way of knowing. Thanks. I know our eggs are fresh. They are so delicious. - 10/4/12

  • Thank you. I will move the eggs to the coldest part of the fridge. Good info. - 10/2/12

  • If it hasn't been stored properly or is older the yolk will also be flatter than a fresher egg and the egg white could start to have a yellow coloring - 9/20/12

  • I never new this either! - 9/19/12

  • Good to know as we get free range eggs locally and they recycle egg cartons so the date on the end means nothing. - 9/16/12

  • Thanks for the tip. - 9/12/12

  • Great tip - 9/11/12

  • Wow, that will be really useful! Thanks. I Just used it! - 9/10/12

  • That's handy - thanks! - 9/9/12

  • Awesome trick! - 9/3/12

  • Interesting. - 8/28/12

  • I never knew about the float test. Awesome! - 8/28/12

  • I didn't know this about eggs! Thanks for the heads up. - 8/27/12

  • Did not know this - easy and very cool tip - thank you!!! - 8/27/12

  • so easy to know! - 8/21/12

  • Very cool! Ever hard boil eggs and forget which ones you've cooked? Give 'em a spin! If they wobble, they're still raw. If they spin freely, they've been hard boiled. This is the only thing I retained from being in the kitchen with my mom. (: - 8/19/12

  • good to know - 8/19/12

  • Cool! Never knew that before. What a useful, easy to do tip. - 8/19/12

  • Great info, and easy to do! However, before the video, a political ad played. DO NOT appreciate that! - 8/18/12

  • great - 8/18/12

  • Thanks!! I didn't remeber why I didn't want it to float> - 8/18/12

  • Thanks for the info! I have a 1/2 dozen eggs in the fridge I'll be checking! - 8/18/12

  • I remembered the "how" but had forgotten the "why." Thanks for the "re-fresher"! - 8/18/12

  • Thanks thats great to know! - 7/5/12

  • Chef Meg, Thanks a mil, I didn't know how to check for freshness. - 7/5/12

  • Thank you, great reference about the eggs. - 7/5/12

  • The video is a total black screen for me. No place to ckick to play it. No arrow. ??????? - 7/5/12

  • Oh, I just ask the chickens. They give me nice fresh eggs every day. I give the extras to friends. - 7/5/12

  • Thanks - good info - 7/5/12

  • Thank you : ) I just went in the frig and gues what : O they float : O at my age why didn't I know this? GREAT info : ) - 7/5/12

  • Good info! Thanks! - 7/5/12

  • very good to know - 7/5/12

  • THANKS FOR THE TIP - 6/7/12

  • Thanks for that tip, I didn't know that. - 6/6/12

  • thanks for the tip - 6/6/12

  • I always wondered about how to tell if they were fresh. Thanks for the great tip. - 5/10/12

  • Cool!!! Thank you for this information!
    - 5/10/12

  • Thank you, I didn't know this. - 4/9/12

  • I always heard, if it is horizontal in bottom of water=fresh
    if it is vertical in water= use as soon as possible
    if it is floating = toss - 4/8/12

  • I knew it but wanted to know I had it right...remember this, if it floats, it flunked the test!
    Have a great day! - 4/8/12

  • Testing my eggs :) - 3/10/12

  • Hey, I did not know that. Thanks! - 3/10/12

  • Thanks for the video, it refreshen my memory on how to test the eggs freshness. - 3/3/12

  • Excellent tip. - 2/28/12

  • Thanks Chef Meg. I didn't know this one. - 2/28/12

  • Turns out I knew this one! Maybe I absorbed something from cooking class in high school after all! :) - 2/28/12

  • Oh, Geez. Hubby was right. I thought you were going to tell me something different. - 2/28/12

  • I think I need to buy fresh eggs. I can remember which month I purchased the last dozen. Couldn't have been that long ago. - 2/28/12

  • Chef Meg, thank you for the video. Although I already knew how to check for freshness, I didn't know why it reacted the way it did. Spark on!! :-D - 2/28/12

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