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We turned a quick-cooking side dish into a light meal by bulking it up with vegetables.
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  • I made this recipe for dinner, and it was great! - 1/26/15

  • great recipe I will actually try this one - 1/16/15

  • This looks delicious, definitely going to try this. - 12/29/14

  • I will definitely try this recipe --- no thyroid inhibitor ingredients. Good for hypothyroid sufferers. - 9/26/14

  • looks great may have to try this
    - 7/14/14

  • Great video, I'm going to try this recipe tomorrow - 6/24/14

  • Sound & looks delicious, can't wait to try it and also share it with my daughter-in-law... - 6/10/14

  • This was great...simple and straight forward. Had it at room temp the next day and livened it up with a refresher of lemon juice, and added grape tomatoes hearts of palm. Yum! - 3/14/14

  • This looks like a winner. I will definately make this--I will add some corn as well. - 2/14/14

  • This will be my lunch for tomorrow. - 1/28/14

  • I tried it - It is great - 1/3/14

  • can't wait to try this recipe, it looks good - 12/6/13

  • Perfect!! - 9/20/13

  • I will give it a try. - 6/10/13

  • I can't wait!! - 3/19/13

  • It would be nice to see more recipes like this one, ones that don't all revolve around meat as the focal part of the meal.
    Olive oil is healthiest for you if it is not heated though. I'd recommend sauteeing the garlic and onions in a little vegetable broth, adding the oil at the end. - 1/26/13

  • I'd never waste so much pepper!
    Stem, seeds and pith are the only parts you should send to the compost pile. - 6/3/12

  • I will try this recipe, hope it taste good. - 1/18/12

  • Looks delicious add to my menu. Yum! - 1/7/12

  • Great recipe can't wait to try this ! - 12/5/11

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