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SparkPeople Cookbook Sneak Peek: A quick weekday meal that slims down and bulks up an old favorite.
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  • Is there a link to a printed version of this recipe? I don't want to write what the video did and I can't understand Chef Meg's high pitched voice (I'm deaf in the high frequencies.). Thanks. - 3/2/15

  • can you freeze this and how does it taste warmed up?
    - 2/17/15

  • *"Original" recipe made the rounds in mid-1950s-? *Only used plain noodles, tuna, cream of mushroom soup.*NO onion, fresh mushrms, or cheese.*I do NOT like cr. mushrm soup.*Use undiluted "golden mushrm" soup instead.*I began to add drained peas.*Economical on tight budget!*STANDARD DINNER FOR US! ;) - 2/11/15

  • How if only I could eat just a little bit...🍴 - 1/18/15

  • I don't even like fish but i used what i had, regular noodles,goat cheese and mushroom soup for ease of making and it was great! could not tell it was tuna and I didn't even use solid white, just regular light. I don't know where the fish taste goes but it wasn't in my casserole!...I loved it - 9/8/14

  • I don't like warm tuna but think I might try this with chicken instead. Looks pretty yummy except for the tuna! - 7/16/14

  • Will give this a try. - 5/31/14

  • Delicious! I receive complements whenever I serve this dish! Loved the video ... streamlines how to do this dish quickly and efficiently. - 12/27/13

  • Sounds like something I would try! Looks really good too. - 12/19/13

  • I can't wait to try it, it looks great! - 11/8/13

  • I'll let you know how my Dad likes it. He's the ultimate casserole gourmet.
    - 9/26/13

  • Too dry, needs a little more of the sauce. - 9/16/13

  • I would like chicken because I don't care that much for tuna. I will eat tuna but I will try chicken first. - 5/21/13

  • I just entered the recipe and it comes out to 202 calories for each serving.
    Really good with come spices added.
    I called it Chef Meg's Tuna Noodle Casserole. - 1/22/13

  • I never liked tuna noodle casserole, but I bet this would be good with chicken instead. - 1/22/13

  • One of my favorites!
    - 1/1/13

  • You can find the calories in the printed copy of this recipe if you click on the 'See the Recipe' button under the video. :) - 11/27/12

  • Calories??? - 9/22/12

  • Wish lowfat cheeses were readily available where I am. Only cheddar is available lowfat here. - 6/20/12

  • I don't have whole wheat ! Is it really bad if I use regular pasta instead ? I'mtryin this anyway :) - 3/21/12

  • Think I'll try this next week. - 2/27/12

  • I loved the Tuna Noodel Casserole. The thyme and shredded swiss cheese with the creamy sauce, just delicious. I was proud of myself preparing this recipe, just like the video. KUDOS to Chef Meg! - 1/12/12

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