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Risotto is a rich, creamy but time-consuming dish. Usually made with arborio rice, which is a short-grained white variety, this version uses brown to boost the fiber and nutrition.
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  • I have medium grained brown rice, red chard, mushrooms, broccoli, green beans, and beans laying around in my pantry. I need to buy chicken stock, but I'll definitely be trying this, this weekend! - 3/7/15

  • Lucky me, I have a butternut squash sitting there waiting to be cooked. Feeling grateful for chef Megan & - 2/24/14

  • Definitely going to try this! Yummy! - 1/31/14

  • my Aunty Maria got Dodge Caliber Wagon only from working parttime off a macbook. check this c璴璷璾璬񪣀.璫ℴℳ - 12/22/13

  • I love risotto... hope I don't burn it! - 9/26/13

  • Don't like this. - 6/15/13

  • Great idea! Can't wait to try it. - 2/12/13

  • I've only made risotto once. It wasn't difficult or soupy. I will try making brown rice using the risotto "method" and cook including some grated and some small chunks of sweet potato with it. Then pat it all into a jellyroll pan and bake it for just a bit. Maybe some cinnamon on top? - 2/6/13

  • I made risotto with my host mother in Italy and have been dying to make a version of it here. Glad I found this!! - 1/11/13

  • doesn't appeal to me. - 1/11/13

  • Yummy! Can't wait to try it! - 10/25/12

  • this really sounds good.I love brown rice - 10/16/12

  • I've made brown rice risotto before, but never thought of putting in squash. Great idea, thanks. - 10/9/12

  • Yummy...going to make. - 9/7/12

  • can磘 wait to try this looks great - 2/25/12

  • I make risotto all the time but I've never tried it with short grained brown rice. I will definitely try that next time. I usually cook up a chopped onion first, then add either 1/2 cup red or white wine, reduce it down by half, then add the rice. It shouldn't be gummy or soupy. - 1/25/12

  • I love risotto I will make this dish. - 10/21/11

  • I luv this recipe, i will try this - 6/18/11

  • looks really good I'm going try it - 3/6/11

  • I have never had risotto but this look great. - 1/20/11

  • I don't like risotto - too soupy - 9/29/10

  • we love squash risotto, but i don't usually include mushrooms. sounds like a tasty addition. - 9/28/10

  • going to try it out this weekend - 9/28/10

  • I don't care for risotto - too sticky/gummy - 9/28/10

  • looks good. something i may try this winter. - 9/27/10

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