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Printable Cookbook: Our Best Spring Recipes

21 Seasonal Recipes Featuring Spring's Freshest Ingredients


5/15/2018 4:58:36 PM

CARLALUPPI44's SparkPage
Sound delicious. Thank you
3/28/2018 10:43:40 AM

PWILLOW1's SparkPage
Local is the way to go when buying fruits and veggies.
5/28/2017 10:04:12 AM

FISHGUT3's SparkPage
5/23/2017 2:27:18 PM

Thank you!
5/12/2014 6:00:40 PM

Thanks for this... I notice as someone did with the spinach, though, that with the artichokes you have two recipes for frozen and only one for (possibly) fresh... and do not specify whether that (the first in the book) is supposed to be artichoke hearts... you can't just "cut up" an artichoke... so I hope folks are not confused by that...

I guess you can't "do much" with a fresh whole artichoke but steam it and dip the edible parts in butter, but you should definitely be specific about meaning hearts, if you do, in the future, because not everyone is familiar with the somewhat-difficult process of getting the tasty bits away from the "choke" bits.

Also, aren't carrots more of a regular harvest time vegetable? Only tiny ones are available farm-fresh. Bagged "baby carrots" are not young carrots, they are regular carrots whittled into a special shape, which is wasteful and energy-intensive.

Would love to see peas and fiddleheads in the next version!

4/22/2010 8:13:54 AM

ARABIGAL's SparkPage
These sound yummy!
3/31/2010 4:00:36 PM

This is perfect for the Easter season and through out the summer months ahead! Thank you.
8/3/2009 8:20:35 AM

that is great!! Do we already have a summer cookbook? ;-)
6/8/2009 6:57:06 PM

RAMAVICH's SparkPage
Can't wait to try the asparagus frittata! Hubby brought home 2 batches of asparagus yesterday.
5/27/2009 6:35:32 AM

CHOCOLAT44's SparkPage
Wonderful did not have strawberries for the muffins used blueberries fantastic.
5/26/2009 4:06:18 PM

To use fresh spinach, use the same amount by weight and steam or saute to wilt the spinach. Then, place in a colandar and drain, squeezing out the excess moisture. As for supporting family farms, it's all about educating the consumer. When the consumer demands fresh, local foods-stores will carry it. Just look at the explosion of organic foods and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA's) in the past few years. Ask your grocery produce manager to carry local produce and keep asking!!!! Don't buy the imported ones. Use your dollars to vote and encourage others to do the same.
5/26/2009 10:41:01 AM

MICHLUE's SparkPage
These recipes sound delicious, cant wait to try them !
5/26/2009 10:21:04 AM

MEREDITH927's SparkPage
Great recipes. But if the point is using fresh vegetables that are in season, why frozen spinach? I hate frozen spinach---I always use fresh--and I use it a lot. But I'm not quite sure how to use the fresh spinach in those recipes that call for frozen.
5/16/2008 2:17:29 PM

JIBBIE49's SparkPage
We will all one day regret not keeping food from here in America here in America. Foreign countries use all types of chemicals that we don't allow, etc. It is a sad situation.
1/22/2008 8:43:00 PM

BAMOM19's SparkPage
I think it's time that the US government stop cowtowing to special interest groups and foreign nations and do what's necessary to protect our food. Stop importing from unregulated foreign markets and support the farmers(who by the way are disappearing from our culture) in this country. My family grows apples/peaches and hasn't made a profit doing so for the pas 15 years. We are currently in the process of selling our 400 acres to a developer...oh and my grocery stores carry apples from out of the country!

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