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How to Start Eating Healthier

15 Simple Ways to Eat Better Today


11/27/2017 11:48:53 AM

TERRI1458's SparkPage
Great place to start and make sure you are eating healthy!
11/26/2017 9:37:22 PM

MIYAMO's SparkPage
Good article but needs updated.
11/26/2017 8:44:22 PM

Good article! I would omit the wheat altogether though. Wheat is a powerful addiction that will ruin many attempts at weight loss and fitness.
11/26/2017 8:41:26 PM

MILPAM3's SparkPage
I have no problem with skim milk, but DH balks at it, so I drink whole milk and try to cut back the fat elsewhere.
11/26/2017 2:45:13 PM

This article is nearly 10 years old, and a lot of dietitians and physicians are changing their tune about the "evils" of fat as opposed to that of processed sugars and carbs.
11/26/2017 11:04:29 AM

HOLLYM48's SparkPage
Great article!
11/26/2017 10:20:39 AM

Great article!
11/26/2017 8:30:37 AM

DEBIGENE's SparkPage
GREAT article, everyone should read this thru out their journey not just in the beginning.
11/26/2017 5:53:31 AM

MBPP50's SparkPage
Great article- I really needed this right now. Thanks.
11/26/2017 4:03:29 AM

MEROBERTS21's SparkPage
Great article and timely reminder!
11/25/2017 3:48:23 PM

FISHGUT3's SparkPage
11/25/2017 12:55:31 PM

PLANANAN's SparkPage
Some good ideas. Perhaps we should start with portion size. I read once that someone bought retro cupboards, but not new ones recycled ones for their kitchen and they could close them when they put in their modern dinner plates because they have increased with our obesity.
11/25/2017 11:10:10 AM

NANASUEH's SparkPage
good points
11/25/2017 11:00:58 AM

Good beginning
11/25/2017 9:04:12 AM

JSTETSER's SparkPage
Make salads 2 at a time! one for today and one for tomorrow!

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