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12 Tips to Drink 8 Cups a Day

Water Tactics that Help You Get in Your 8


1/27/2017 1:47:18 PM

I keep a glass by every sink in my house and everytime I go by I have a drink!
1/12/2017 11:33:07 PM

Before Sparks I ONLY drank Pepsi and usually 6 to 8 glasses a day. It DID take time, but finally it's rare I ever touch any soda, NO caffeine (Strange I am now highly allergic to caffeine, ended up in the ER on a verge of a stroke which is when they did tests and came up with that !). At first I switched over to diet pepsi, than down to rootbeer (no caff) to diet rootbeer and orange,,, than to diet sierra mist from there it was an easy change to flavored water. Than TA DA to water ! I do not like it cold, it upsets my stomach.

I do aim for 8 glasses a day (about ever 2 weeks I go over) and at least 6 glasses a day. I LOVE the idea of making our glasses pretty with motivating sayings being put on them. I have been watching various ways to decorate vases and I need to check this out, but using mod podge on the OUTSIDE of the glass first, than use sparkles and or anything thing else, than to seal it more mod podge. Yes I HOPE it'll work ! Would LOVE to put words along with the sprinkles on the bottles. I DO AGREE Highly that botted water IS ONLY contributing to making the environment WORSE
1/5/2017 1:04:54 AM

MJOYCE5900's SparkPage
It is disappointing to see SparkPeople pushing the 8 glasses of water myth.

In the same breath though, I am happy to see all the common-sense comments about the unnecessary guzzling of water. Choking down copious amounts of water is not only unnecessary, but can be unhealthy. Even Weight Watchers has backed off their 8 glasses of water a day mantra. Too much water dilutes the electrolytes in the blood, which are important for muscle contraction and especially muscle activity of the heart.

Drink when you're thirsty or you've just had a strenuous or sweaty workout. Use common sense.
1/2/2017 1:19:43 PM

NELLIEH1's SparkPage
Super, helpful bottle with straw...tea and coffee brewing waits with warm lemon water!
12/29/2016 2:15:24 PM

Few people need to use bottled water. Please, don't ruin the environment, plastic is going to choke mother earth!
12/29/2016 10:13:45 AM

TUSCANMOM17's SparkPage
Hot/warm water with lemon is great and it goes down easy! I drink it in the morning and it really does help with digestion.
12/29/2016 8:58:10 AM

SHIRL88's SparkPage
Harder than I thought
12/28/2016 2:41:54 PM

I must protest about the emphasis on bottled water - it is bad for the environment where it is taken/removed, it causes unnecessary shipping cost and gasoline use. If your own water is less than tasty, get a purifier.
12/12/2016 9:44:02 PM

I forgot, I only drink when I'm thirsty, a good rule to always follow. Drinking gallons of plain water a day is just one of the latest fad diet theories that I predict right now will be proven to be false and even harmful in the future. Don't fall for all the latest fad ideas and you'll be much better off. That's my theory.
12/12/2016 9:41:17 PM

I'm a firm non-believer in this drink gallons of water a day theory. I don't buy it and I also refuse to believe that coffee, soda, tea, even diet drinks don't count as water. It's all made up of water and so it is water and counts as water whether it's flavored or plain, it's liquid and as long as it isn't sugar sweetened it's just as good for you as a plain glass of water. Personally I don't like water or milk, esp. plain water and milk. I drink 3 mugs of coffee and diet soda at night and diet juices (cranberry) or diet teas during the day. It's all water.
12/12/2016 10:07:31 AM

This still seems to be my biggest challenge. 8 cups of water a day seems impossible. I read the article and no matter what I do water seems to make me gag after about 4 glasses. Herb tea - not my thing. I would never have thought this would be my stumbling block.
12/6/2016 1:58:24 PM

MJOYCE5900's SparkPage
Forcing oneself to choke down copious amounts of water can do just as much harm as not drinking enough. Too much water dilutes electrolytes in the blood, which are crucial for keeping the heart beating properly and muscle tissue contracting properly. Even Weight Watchers has stepped back from their mantra of 8 glasses of water a day.

Remember, most things we eat contain water, including fruits, soups, vegetables, you name it. The scientific literature on the effects of drinking too much water is growing.

Bottom line: if you are thirsty, drink. If you have been working up a sweat, drink. Just drink using common sense.
12/6/2016 7:52:09 AM

LUVSDSEA's SparkPage
I did not realize that herbal tea was considered water. Glad to know I'm even better about drinking water than I thought I was. I don't especially care for ice cold water right out of the fridge so I keep a glass on the counter nearby and, every time I pass by, which is often during the course of a day, I drink some, or all, of it then fill it back up. It's room temperature so it doesn't cramp up my stomach. I also keep a bottle of water in my car and drink while I drive. After awhile, it becomes a habit -- a good habit. Another habit I've formed is to drink a glass of water when I first get up. I do drink coffee because I love coffee but no coffee before water!
11/6/2016 7:51:50 AM

LNGRILL1's SparkPage
This is a very good article. I took a few "inspiring" notes from it. One thing I've done when I go out to eat is ask for water with lemon, and I'll add a sweetner to it and I have lemonade!! I've done this for a while because at some restaurants the beverage is almost as much as the meal.
11/6/2016 7:39:02 AM

CANDIE607's SparkPage
I am having a hard time getting in my water consumption but these tips will really help!

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