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12 Tips to Drink 8 Cups a Day

Water Tactics that Help You Get in Your 8


5/22/2017 2:34:07 PM

NANASUEH's SparkPage
Good tips
5/16/2017 8:08:00 AM

JIACOLO's SparkPage
I am determined to get my water in today without a problem!
5/16/2017 3:25:51 AM

JVANAM's SparkPage
The only thing you really own in life is your attitude.
5/14/2017 9:01:32 AM

JIACOLO's SparkPage
It's strange that I struggle to get in my water each day, but other things are not an issue.
5/12/2017 11:46:57 AM

CTYONIT's SparkPage
Some great ideas here--thank you!
5/12/2017 8:58:41 AM

JMOBER's SparkPage
Why is it so HARD to do the water thing? Maybe some of these tips will help. Thank you.
5/10/2017 6:40:25 PM

REEDSKI's SparkPage
Excellent challenge.
5/10/2017 4:34:57 AM

MSLOUIE3's SparkPage
Get enough liquid daily but not all pjsinbwzter.
4/24/2017 9:18:45 AM

SANDYMAC05's SparkPage
Already follow most of these tips. Glad to know I'm on track
4/22/2017 1:09:07 PM

JAJABEE1717's SparkPage
Sometimes I wish I had a bad soda habit that I could give up and see the pounds magically fall off but, alas, I've always been a fan of water instead. With a slice of lemon, please.
4/20/2017 9:36:59 AM

BJAEGER307's SparkPage
The more I try to live a healthier life the easier it is to drink water. I am on the mission of giving up all diet sodas, including a flavored carbonated water. I like the fizz, but I know I should not have it. So water you are it. I'm going to try and use fresh fruit to add to my water.
4/20/2017 2:48:41 AM

CPETERSEN72's SparkPage
I love water and have no problem drinking 88-120 oz's a day.
4/13/2017 6:09:22 AM

USMAWIFE's SparkPage
great ideas

I love club soda mixed with lemon slices
4/11/2017 4:30:51 PM

GGRANLDY's SparkPage
drink about 110 ounces of water a day. Sometimes more. I always can tell when I don't.
4/10/2017 7:48:09 PM

I don't think the day will ever come that I can get 8 glasses of water in me. I figure it's a good day if I get a couple of bottles in. Now if we can count coffee and tea, I am drinking a river so no worries.

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