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12 Tips to Drink 8 Cups a Day

Water Tactics that Help You Get in Your 8


2/7/2016 10:09:27 AM

I am learning to like has to be really cold though. I have been buying bottled water. I would like to find a system that is really good. I am not really sure what that it is though
1/30/2016 11:21:00 AM

JOTHVA's SparkPage
I've been working hard to get 6-8 C Water daily. My lips are still chapped, which I've heard is a sign of dehydration. How can this be?
1/7/2016 10:01:18 AM

I love to add a few frozen berries to my glass of water.
1/6/2016 9:47:54 AM

I am not a water drinker except in the summer when it is hot outside and I can have a big glass of ice water. I do, however, drink a lot of herbal tea that is caffeine free. My favorite is Bengal Spice!! Does this really count as water or is the suggestion to drink 8 cups of plain water??
1/5/2016 1:23:55 PM

I've discovered that the best way for me to drink more water is to make my own infused water in a pitcher. I make it the night before & always have a pitcher in the refrigerator.
1/5/2016 9:40:29 AM

Someone gave me a great Camelback water bottle that holds 24 oz. Every 8 oz level is marked, so I always know how much I've drunk/still need to drink. The straw attachment is great also! It has really helped me get in my water each day.
1/5/2016 9:14:35 AM

KPLOUNGE's SparkPage
This will be my trying task because I cannot stand the taste of water ( I tried the fruit in the water, yuck) or water itself. I always carry water with me and have tried to sip some every 30 minutes or so. I also try to drink my recommended water minimum for body weight divided by half, then converted to ounces so 64 oz daily. I have never made it to the fifth bottle. The only things I routinely drink are milk, water and prune juice. These are some good tips and I will practice them throughout challenge. Pray for me!!
1/4/2016 7:00:07 AM

PIKA1319's SparkPage
Please stop pushing bottled water - it is environmentally unfriendly and monetarily wasteful.
1/3/2016 10:15:23 PM

LEARN211's SparkPage
This is the only aspect of weight loss that I can say I have no problem with. I can't go without water for very long.
1/2/2016 7:16:56 AM

TEACHME50's SparkPage
I keep 3-4 water bottles in the fridge at all times. When I finish one I take out the next and refill the empty one that way I always have cold water. I also keep a bottle at work.
12/7/2015 1:31:05 PM

GOLFCHICK2-0's SparkPage
I stopped drinking soda/pop/cola ((especially diet!) almost 10 years ago. It turns out that my body is very reactive to fake sugars. But plain water does get boring, even with added fruit. So I do drink club soda and sparkling water. If you are going to go for flavored sparkling water, watch the ingredients!! Some sneak in the chemical sweeteners. Even with store brands, some have it, some don't.
Right now I'm looking for a glass gallon jug that I can add marking to (drink so much every 2 hours or so). A little extra motivation.
12/6/2015 6:59:11 PM

DMUNZA's SparkPage
I really enjoyed this article. I do not drink enough water, & this gave me some ideas to help me drink more & enjoy. I am blessed that my 10 year old grandson loves water, & reminds me I need to when he is with me. He has even brought me a glass when I have been to his home saying I looked thirsty.
11/28/2015 3:58:49 PM

FOXBAY99's SparkPage
I have a large pitcher which I have marked with a black marker at the 64 oz. level. I fill the pitcher to the 64 oz. each morning. I pour my water from there. When I go out I fill my water bottle water from that pitcher. At the end of the day I know I have had 64 oz. water and may even have more.
11/22/2015 2:50:08 PM

LUV2DNS's SparkPage
Drinking water while driving can be tricky. It doesn't work for me.
11/22/2015 9:39:56 AM

PACEKA1's SparkPage
I find if I get 1/2 of my water quota in before lunch, I'm good for the day. I drink water with every meal and I enjoy a sparkling water or herbal tea in the evenings.

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