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The Truth About Green Tea

A Health Powerhouse or Mostly Hype?


5/2/2018 1:01:18 AM

I drink all kinds of tea, black, oolong, green. It's all good.
4/23/2018 9:03:38 AM

CECELW's SparkPage
I'm a Matcha tea junkie. Good for weight loss & mental clarity
4/23/2018 1:49:12 AM

RD03875's SparkPage
Good to know
4/22/2018 3:54:26 PM

I didn't realize that Green tea had so many benefits.
4/22/2018 9:20:57 AM

CARD512002's SparkPage
Thank you for this article
4/21/2018 10:41:13 PM

4/21/2018 9:54:46 PM

I am a die hard tea drinker. Only organics with an occasional herbal for a change of flavor and medicinals ones as needed. I enjoy them whether researched to prove anything or not. Any possible health benefits will just put me ahead.
4/21/2018 7:04:24 PM

MSROZZIE's SparkPage
I drink decaf green tea, thanks for this need-to-know article.
4/21/2018 5:14:00 PM

SUSANSKI's SparkPage
lol, I'm glad I was directed to this page. I've always hated tea, but heard of the great health benefits, so thought I'd force myself to give another try.
Now I'm thinking....naw.
4/21/2018 2:42:04 PM

BECCABOO127's SparkPage
Great article! I brew my own green tea and then ice it down! I reuse the tea bags for another drink later. It is so much tastier than store bought.
4/21/2018 11:02:07 AM

DIROB57's SparkPage
After my morning cup of coffee, I usually have at least one cup of hot decaf green tea as I'm sensitive to caffeinne consumed later in the day. Doesn't sound like like my daily cup of green tea is hurting me and it may well be helping me! :)
4/21/2018 9:15:29 AM

AQUAGIRL08's SparkPage
I found this article to be very interesting! Thank you for sharing it with us.
4/21/2018 8:13:05 AM

JANET552's SparkPage
Interesting article.
4/21/2018 4:20:24 AM

Good article!!!
4/15/2018 12:55:54 PM

I don't like tea, it gives me severe headache! Thanks

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