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The Truth About Green Tea

A Health Powerhouse or Mostly Hype?


8/2/2017 2:31:47 PM

GEORGE815's SparkPage
Love tea in the afternoon.
7/11/2017 2:05:58 PM

BABY_GIRL69's SparkPage
Drinking unsweetened tea WOW it was a shock to drink but I added to packets of regular sugar and one of sweet & low boy what a difference... Sip slowly now I think I like green tea much better.
7/3/2017 11:04:37 PM

GEORGE815's SparkPage
Love tea!
4/6/2017 1:20:57 AM

Any tea is good, green is not more magical than any other..... Supplements are a waste of money. Don't fall for so many health myths, old wives tales, it's 2017 people......
4/5/2017 11:47:26 AM

I love this article about green tea!
3/29/2017 3:35:19 PM

USMAWIFE's SparkPage
I love tea.. so many varities to enjoy
7/19/2016 6:40:48 PM

KOSHIE1's SparkPage
The correct name for an "herbal tea" is "Tisane".

Unfortunately, I didn't make note at the time of the source: I've read that research shows that adding dairy to tea binds the flavonoids, effectively negating our ability to digest/absorb them.
3/26/2016 9:54:59 PM

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1/23/2016 12:27:06 PM

DUFOURM's SparkPage
Started drinking green tea for the benefits, now I drink it for the taste and to keep up with my daily water intake.
12/19/2015 3:31:15 PM

MARCI44's SparkPage
I make a concentration of green tea that I keep in the frig so whenever I need a drink I add water and voila I have my ice tea.
10/3/2015 6:44:27 AM

Yes, I agree with your point that the green tea is the best and healthier drink for all people. I do not seem to do well by drinking normal tea’s as they give me lot of headaches. Now, I do well with Green tea.
8/15/2015 10:12:15 AM

Coffee is starting to really bother me, raises my b/p and the acid. I think that I'm going to try green tea. Does it have much acid ?
5/27/2015 3:34:43 AM

Green tea is very effective remedy for various common diseases like cholesterol, stress depression and many more. It also helps to enhance your beauty. You can prepare various beauty products from green tea at home to make your skin and hair shiny and flawless.
I am using spearmint green tea from Amazon , mint keeps me fresh whole the day and it taste better from the traditional green tea.
5/20/2015 8:08:51 AM

I like Organic green tea which has more antioxidants and help in weight loss.
1/8/2015 11:07:13 AM

What about Macha tea?

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