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How to Keep Fruits and Veggies Fresh

Proper Storage Prevents Spoilage, Saving You Hundreds


12/21/2017 10:03:31 AM

JANET552's SparkPage
12/21/2017 8:30:10 AM

AJB121299's SparkPage
12/11/2017 8:42:48 PM

USMAWIFE's SparkPage
thank you
12/2/2017 12:27:49 PM

TAMTRUMS922's SparkPage
Celery wrapped in tin foil stays crisp longer.
12/1/2017 5:46:26 PM

Great article!
11/24/2017 12:38:14 AM

Thanks for sharing
11/22/2017 8:23:52 PM

AMBER461's SparkPage
Thanks for the information, this is very helpful.
11/17/2017 1:33:31 AM

I make soup from any veggie which is left over before it goes bad. That way I have used my produce AND have an easy go-to freezer meal for any night I'm rushed.
11/11/2017 3:04:21 PM

USMAWIFE's SparkPage
11/4/2017 1:26:30 PM

TWEETYKC00's SparkPage
So important to keep things safe in storage.
10/30/2017 10:04:04 AM

KITT52's SparkPage
thanks for the info
it helps
10/27/2017 11:22:17 AM

GEORGE815's SparkPage
Good review. Might help shed answers to storage from family know it alls.
10/26/2017 10:01:09 PM

good tips
10/24/2017 6:40:53 PM

Have read this before but it is always good to review/refresh knowledge. Thanks.
10/14/2017 12:54:21 PM

ANHELIC's SparkPage
Thank you for the tips. I just purchased the Green Boxes so will try them as well. I hate throwing out food and especially the vegetables because of their expense.

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