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How to Keep Fruits and Veggies Fresh

Proper Storage Prevents Spoilage, Saving You Hundreds


9/5/2015 6:27:37 AM

Regarding basil: I agree that storing on the counter is correct, however, it should be stored in a glass of water, stems down. The water should be changed every three days. The basil may root. This method may get you well into the cool weather season.
9/4/2015 12:50:14 AM

I swear by those "Green Bags" that you put your produce in. They really work for keeping the produce fresh in the refrigerator for weeks. The only exception is for strawberries and mushrooms. With those, I place a paper towel in the bag with them to absorb any moisture. (Do not wash produce before putting them into the bags.) Still, the strawberries and mushrooms will last longer than in the original store packages.
9/2/2015 6:42:26 AM

While I thought this informative I would have appreciated even more if it gave an idea of how long the produce could be expected to last. Thank you for the chart, that is very handy.
5/15/2015 10:48:37 PM

MAIA_CALM's SparkPage
Thanks! I love the tip about not mixing vegetables with fruit! That's something I wouldn't have thought of at all.
1/27/2015 4:55:04 AM

I have heard of refrigerator storage tips but not of counter top storage tips. It is really informative to know all about these tips. i would like to thank you for sharing this useful article with all available here. I am a regular buyer of fresh fruits and vegetables from www.producecollective
.com . Now, i will keep in mind all above shared tips to store fruits bought from Producecollective
11/28/2014 3:35:50 PM

NANAKDL's SparkPage
I enjoyed and found this informative.Useful♥
11/25/2014 11:57:26 AM

I try to keep fruit on the counter, but then in the middle of the summer I have a massive fruit fly problem. Is there any solution to this? I keep my screen door closed at all times and I take my compost out regularly, but every summer I have such a problem that the old standby of those nasty fly strips are what I have to resort to.
9/28/2014 5:48:58 AM

Keeping fruit & veggies fresh in the fridge for longer, much longer is a matter of taking a modern approach to the problem. Fruit & veggies go off In the fridge because a gas called ethylene builds up in there. It is a completely natural gas that comes from the fruits and veggies themselves. It can be controlled by using a gas absorber specifically made to do this. This one is called 'Stay Fresh Pods' and you can get more information about the gas and it's removal at
9/6/2014 6:20:30 PM

Most importantly, don't wash all your produce when you come home from the store. If you must wash it, do it immediately before use. Wet produce goes bad quicker, and increases the risk of bacterial and mold growth, these things like moisture, which could make you sick. But the reality of it is, washing your produce will not lower your chance of food poisoning, nor will it wash away any significant amount of pesticides.
8/16/2014 5:31:40 PM

A trick my friend taught me when we signed up or our CSA is that lettuce keeps better if you wrap it in a paper towel before putting it in a plastic bag in the fridge.
2/14/2014 8:49:07 PM

For FROGGE1323— If you right-click on the chart, there should be an option to save it to your desktop. Then you can add the saved file to an app like Adobe Reader or Good Reader using iTunes.
1/21/2014 1:21:06 PM

Any tips on how to download this chart to my iPad? I tried the Message Board but couldn't find the place to leave this question. Esther
12/31/2013 9:43:24 PM

FINALLY a guide that makes sense! I can easily follow this vs. the ones that spend an hour explaining how my drawers work. I'm a scientist and the articles left me confused! haha! This is straightforward and makes perfect sense :) Then again I felt silly when I realized that tomatoes and cucumbers are put in the store at room temp, so why am I sticking them in the fridge? *doh!*
12/14/2013 9:03:12 AM

MAKEETA98's SparkPage
Any tips on how to download this chart to my phone?
12/14/2013 8:57:38 AM

MAKEETA98's SparkPage
Any tips on how to download this chart to my phone?

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