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How to Keep Fruits and Veggies Fresh

Proper Storage Prevents Spoilage, Saving You Hundreds


11/22/2010 10:03:03 AM

I see the recommendation to store pineapple on the counter which I do until it is cut up. What is the storage recommendation for cut up pineapple?
11/22/2010 9:31:22 AM

I see the recommendation to store pineapple on the counter which I do until it is cut up. What is the storage recommendation for cut up pineapple?
9/16/2010 6:55:11 AM

MALONE545's SparkPage
Ah, I see the fridge storage recommendations below. Thanks!
9/16/2010 6:43:38 AM

MALONE545's SparkPage
Is it not a good idea to store fruits in Tupperware in the fridge? How about freezing fruits?
9/15/2010 4:07:42 PM

YOLIE4FUN's SparkPage
Great information because I unfortunately have waste alot of money and Fruits and Veggie.
9/15/2010 2:00:03 PM

This a rather useful tool and I appreciate it immensely. I do have alot of problems keeping things I buy fresh and this has enlightened me on how come.
9/15/2010 1:38:11 PM

BASTET2's SparkPage
Tomatoes will continue to ripen on the counter. The taste is better from the counter, but they don't last half as long. If my tomatoes are ripe, they go into the fridge.

The bananas' peelings will turn brown, but the bananas are fine in the fridge. You can also freeze bananas and make banana "ice cream" out of them by putting them in a blender. When your veggies and fruits start on the down slide, put them in the freezer--however some have to be "processed" first and some don't do the freezer well at all--such as lettuce and cukes. They'll turn to mush because they are primarily water. Frozen grapes make great snacks!

I hardly throw anything away. I even keep a divided container in my freezer and put spoonfuls of leftovers in different pockets until I have a "plate"...then with a quick meat or bread added, it's dinner.
8/20/2010 1:15:26 PM

REJ7777's SparkPage
I'm trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, so I really appreciate these tips! Thx.
8/20/2010 2:04:18 AM

Got this tip from Dr. Sears (Zone Diet) and I have to admit, there seems to be some truth.

Buy your fruits and veggies frozen, if you tend to find yourself throwing away tons of rotten fruit.

It's frozen at the time it is picked, with peak nutrition remaining in it's frozen state. Cooked, it's perfect.

Uncooked, some are close to perfect (i.e. blueberries, mango, peaches in a bowl of cereal, strawberries in smoothies). I am SICK of buying strawberries and finding them turning moldy within a day or two of bringing them home.

I'd love to eat fresh off the farm, but it just doesn't work for me.
7/28/2010 12:08:44 PM

NANASAMM's SparkPage
Seems like I buy stuff just to throw it out a couple of days later. My biggest problem is with bananas and tomatoes which I have been storing on the counter in a wire basket TOGETHER. Thanks for a great article!
7/21/2010 8:21:25 AM

great article, another one i use alot is separate the bananas, don't leave them in the bunch and they last a couple more days on the counter.
7/12/2010 8:53:34 AM

Fruits and Vegetables may keep longer in storage than their nutritional value will last! Most food begin to loose nutrients as soon as they are picked. By the time they get to you they have already lost a good share of their nutrients.
My advice?
Don't worry about long storage with perishable foods, buy only what you and your family will eat in 2 or 3 days time. Buy locally to get the freshest possible and local growers often have the best quality.
Or grow your own. Back yard gardens can be a fun project for a family, great exercise and save you money too! If you don't have space, grow a few foods in containers! Tomatoes are easy to grow, lettuce can be grown in a window box, and cucumbers can be trained to grow on a fence or up a tree. Have fun with it and score some great nutrition in the bargain!

6/20/2010 1:46:42 PM

I bought a friend some Always Fresh containers for Christmas, and she just told me they really do a great job making fruits and veggies stay fresh longer. I'll have to buy some for myself.
4/16/2010 3:39:12 PM

If you follow these tips you will eliminate the need to spend money on 'Green bags'. The bags do not really work miracles, in fact their impact is very very very small. What people normally attribute to their working is the fact that it is forcing them to keep fruits and veggies separate, instead of throwing them all in together as they may have done before. If you follow these guidelines you will have just as good results for free! Here is an interesting discussion on the topic...
3/3/2010 12:03:07 PM

TOUDLES's SparkPage
Some great tips, both in the article and the comments. Thanks.

I took a tip from my parents, and grandparent. I buy large bags of onions and potatoes and hang the (mesh not plastic) bags on nails in a cool spot in my basement, I just bring up to the counter what I plan to use in the next few days.

I am also a fan of green bags, if you've had problems with them make sure that what you put in them is dry.

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