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15 Diet-Friendly Ice Cream Choices

Get the Scoop on Picking a Healthier Ice Cream


10/6/2017 8:30:41 PM

9/26/2017 6:14:06 PM

It's been hard to find good low-sugar ice cream options at my local grocery, as many of the big brands like Halo Top are only sold in the US. I like the guidelines you give, I have written them down and will be on the hunt!
9/24/2017 1:49:41 PM

GEORGE815's SparkPage
Good to know
7/28/2017 9:16:08 PM

_CYNDY55_'s SparkPage
Interesting Article, Thank!
6/27/2017 4:13:23 PM

REDROBIN47's SparkPage
These all look good to me
6/7/2017 2:05:46 AM

I am addicted to Halo Top and Enlightened frozen dessert. They run between 60-90 calories for 1/2 cup and have around 7 grams of protein, 3-5 grams of fiber and usually under 7 g of sugar.
5/2/2017 9:26:24 PM

Going to need to check out the freezer area at the grocery store soon for healthy options. I don't buy a lot of cold treats in the winter, but I know without air conditioning I will like to have something cold on hand to
cool me off.
4/8/2017 7:08:04 AM

EMGERBER's SparkPage
Thanks for this interesting article!
3/27/2017 2:39:38 PM

4LMHJCR's SparkPage
I loved the Healthy Choice Fudge Bars and use to get them where we use to live. Unfortunately, the stores around here don't carry it and in fact, they carry very few of the healthy options listed. I would enjoy a little ice cream every once in a while, but now I just skip it entirely since I can't find healthy choices where we now live and I have even made requests at customer service, but that didn't help. Oh Well, I am probably better off without it anyway.
6/7/2016 12:38:46 PM

CTUPTON's SparkPage

Halo Top was recommended to me. I am trying to get my supermarket to offer it.

3/13/2016 4:35:45 PM

I care more about limiting added sugars and I don't worry about healthy fats. A lot of the ice cream substitutes given here are really high in added sugar.

I make a really nice coconut milk ice cream with two cans of full fat coconut milk, 1/3 cup cocoa powder and 1/4 cup honey. Mix and pour into an ice cream maker.

Or I make an "ice cream" with frozen strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Maybe half a ripe banana but no added sugar.
1/18/2016 8:49:22 PM

CHRIS3874's SparkPage
When I have desert generally only have a piece of fruit for desert and its really helping me (GROAN),.
11/11/2015 1:26:30 PM

I always keep overripe bananas and freeze them to make ice cream at home quick! I love So Delicious, but to save money and time I keep the frozen bananas and then add strawberries or chocolate almond milk (just a splash) and maybe some vegan chocolate protein powder. No it's not as fatty as ice cream, but it's definitely delicious and MUCH better for your body!
9/28/2015 8:15:31 AM

Article states, "If you want total control over what goes into your ice cream, consider buying your own ice cream maker."

The only way I have "total control" over ice cream is by not having it in my house. ;)
9/3/2015 7:37:33 AM

Frozen bananas taste like frozen bananas, not satisfying at all. We keep Skinny Cow bars at home at all times! It's our daily 7:00 PM treat, keeps us sticking to our diet plan. Healthy food is really not that tasty, why do you think people feel the need to indulge ourselves often, truth be told, having some daily ice cream helps a lot.

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