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50 Easy Ways to Cut 100 Calories

Lose Weight By Making Small Changes


7/27/2017 6:22:52 AM

Very informative article it was certainly food for thought. I plan to print out it and post it in my kitchen for future reference. If it's out of my sight it'll be out of my mind, seeing it posted in my kitchen will be a great reminder to help me chose less calorie foods. Thank you for this article, I love it!
7/27/2017 12:50:16 AM


it's not as easy as suggested, and what do you do when you're already doing these?
7/26/2017 9:20:20 PM

Wow, lots of ways. I will start with a couple then add more
7/26/2017 7:34:39 PM

Nice article if you know absolutely nothing or have no common sense on how to eat less. These are all obvious common sense "tips", to those in need of it, gosh bless their little pea pickin' hearts or brains.
7/26/2017 4:21:22 PM

Some tips I agree with, but I will never, ever use sugar free anything again. Not worth it. Also full fat versions or nothing. I have never regretted making the decision to stay away from non fat and low fat items and I'm down 60 pounds effortlessly. I just eat less of the full fat version and I don't miss the extra filler.
7/26/2017 2:03:05 PM

CECELW's SparkPage
I never would've guessed to swap tortilla chips instead of potato chips. It is probably the grains thing
7/26/2017 1:28:39 PM

Great information!
7/26/2017 1:17:45 PM

A great book to help you see your eating habits and cut some more calories easily is "Mindless Eating" by Brian Wansink.
7/26/2017 9:09:17 AM

ROCKS8ROX's SparkPage
Great article. Good to know info!
7/26/2017 8:56:31 AM

OKAASAMA's SparkPage
Yeah, these are all good tips, but for me it's really depressing. I either already do those things or don't eat the swapped out foods in the first place. I don't think replacing the regular beef hot dog with a fat free one for the one hot dog I might eat every couple of weeks is going to help me all that much.

I'm not being aggressive, just feeling hopeless.
7/26/2017 8:29:10 AM

These are good tips, especially for some one new to dieting. Some of the tips are sort of old and not necessarily true as to calorie count but if you go to a dietitian, you can figure out your menus with foods that you enjoy. Some substitutes are awful!! There are more foods out there now that make better substitutes than when this article was published......
7/26/2017 7:16:22 AM

Great article.
7/22/2017 8:57:54 AM

REDROBIN47's SparkPage
Good suggestions. Thank you.
7/20/2017 6:34:35 PM

I have noticed that there are many aggressive posters under this article. Folks that believe they are better than others because they know something. I also noticed that most of those noisy posters are not active in SparkPeople currently. Maybe they didn't know as much as they thought?

Much of the suggestions were not applicable to me. I won't drop sugar and fat because those two add flavor and I NEED flavor in my food. Don't drink soda anymore, no reason, just somehow switched over to fruit juice. (the juice and the soda at 10oz. carried the same calories so I didn't save anything.) :p

Since I am not very much over my desired weight, I am thinking that it might be easier for me to burn 100 extra calories than to cut 100 from my meals.
7/16/2017 6:54:45 AM

Great article, I believe I need to re-adjust my calorie intake, who would of thought, I need to eat more.

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