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Baffled by Bread? How to Choose the Best Loaf

Plus Our Top Picks for Whole Wheat Breads


4/19/2011 12:06:37 PM

I have found that some ( and I haven't tried them all) healthy bread have NO flavor what so ever, I have bought bread from "healthy" bakers and the bread is so very flavorful but they do not have the info on the package. I feel so torn
3/12/2011 3:53:11 PM

this information on bread was very helpful .now i no which bread to buy
1/9/2011 2:34:13 AM

What about wholemeal? Is wholemeal the same as whole grain?

12/27/2010 2:15:41 PM

Brownberry looks a lot like Oroweat here on the West Coast! I was so excited to see the bread that I normally choose for my family make it on the list!! Yay!! HEhee. Since my husband practically lives on sandwiches, our bread choice makes a big difference. Thanks for this guide!

12/11/2010 7:10:22 PM

Great information to know - Roman Meal and Nature's Own are the most common brands I find at my local dollar store!
8/19/2010 2:35:21 PM

I have really enjoyed learning so much about whole grains! However, when I buy my bread at the store, I spend a lot of time looking for the low calorie versions, then checking the ingredient labels to see if indeed they are whole grain. Unfortunately, most of the time I cannot find a 45 or 35 calorie per slice option that is also 100% whole wheat. In the meantime, I do also get in my grains thanks to brown rice, quinoa, and fiber throughout the rest of the day at other meals.
7/18/2010 5:38:48 PM

JHASEAN's SparkPage
WOW! This article prompt me to check my bread box even though we have been eating only "wholewheat". Lo and behold I need to change my bread OMG!
5/18/2010 12:29:49 AM

Dave's is awesome bread!

I've returned, however, to Ezekiel 4:9 cinnamon raisin. The smaller slices save me 30 calories each.
5/16/2010 6:53:51 PM

JUST_TRI_IT's SparkPage
If you are lucky enough to have a store that carries Dave's Breads, they are just delicious. My favorite is Dave's Powerseed Bread.
4/24/2010 7:16:23 AM

WOW...This article prompted me to check my freezer and begin thinking about a bread machine! As others have stated,due to the cost and a limited income, our bread usualy goes from freezer to toaster. out of 5 partly used loaves, although healthier than white, there was only one that listed whole wheat first.
1/17/2010 11:03:27 AM

I wish Sparkpeople would include all those recommended breads in the food lists so we can easily journal them!
9/20/2009 3:16:50 PM

SASANDRA's SparkPage
My two favorites made the list. You can find this one in the freezer section *Food for Life: Ezekiel 4:9 Organic Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Flourless Bread Low Sodium and *Rudi's Organic. Most important is keeping your sodium low.
9/19/2009 6:41:44 PM

BARNABABY1's SparkPage
I shop at Wegman's... I hope they have one of these!

*AMBER512 -- What brand of bread do you have that only have 40 cals/slice? Sounds like a better option than any that this gave us!!
9/7/2009 3:20:30 PM

*AMBER512's SparkPage
I like my 100% whole wheat, 40 calorie per slice bread.

I think it's funny it says to eat bread that has 100 calories or less per slice, and then in their list of breads to eat is a kind that is 120 calories per slice. That's insane!
8/20/2009 2:29:00 AM

Another great bread is Milton's Whole Grain Plus. It has 24g of whole grain per slice, 90 calories, .5g fat, 16g carbs, 5g fiber, 4g protein and 125g sodium. The slices are BIG too. It is very yummy, my kids love it!!

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