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Choose Olive Oil as a Healthy Alternative

Cook as the Mediterraneans Do


6/16/2012 3:42:35 AM

Thank you for the education on the different types of olive oil.
1/2/2012 11:37:51 AM

I buy olive oil but didn't understand the differences. I didn't know that "light" olive oil could contain other types of vegetable oils! Now I'll look more closely at the label. Thanks!!
11/24/2011 9:13:12 PM

We mainly use Olive Oil because it is better for you than any other oil. I love Olive Oil.
4/1/2011 10:38:12 AM

KANDKFAM2's SparkPage
We have been substituting butter for olive oil for years now. The oil makes what we cook more flavorful, and lighter on the stomach.
3/15/2011 1:08:26 PM

I buy my extra virgin olive oil at COSTCO. SOOOOO much cheaper then anywhere else. The only thing I don't use olive oil for is seasoning a stone wear or cast iron pan. I even FRY chicken in it. The smoke point is lower, so I cook at a lower temp. An I can use Olive oil in baking, I just use a lighter the extra light. Not as healthy as the extra virgin, but still not as bad as veggie oil. It's taken years of cooking to figure these tricks out, but they are so worth it!!!
8/23/2010 7:27:00 PM

JEANPOE's SparkPage
Very good information and I also printed out the chart. Keep up the good work guys!!! Jean
8/23/2010 5:34:30 PM

DRAE2409's SparkPage
I agree with Regazza_Di_Lupo. Olive oil is horrible for anything in a pan because the smoke point is so low. I use peanut or canola (peanut works especially well for stir-fry since it adds a perfect Asian flavor). The only thing I really use olive oil in is to drizzle for dipping or when I'm barely warming up veggies in a pan.

I use canola oil for almost everything (even in bread/muffin recipes that call for butter). Its flavor is far more neutral. I couldn't imagine using olive oil in a lot of things...the flavor would ruin the rest of the recipe.

And extra-virgin is EXPENSIVE! The stuff I buy is about $13!
8/23/2010 2:40:15 PM

This is good info. I just printed off the chart to place on my fridge. I like the idea that a few of you suggested about coconut oil. This has me thinking that I need to do a little research and some experimenting as well.
8/23/2010 9:36:56 AM

Guys, you need to remember that you cannot saute with olive oil. extra virgin, especially, has a very low smoke point, and if your oil is smoking you do not need to use it. It's one of those no-nos for taste AND free radicals. Peanut oil or grapeseed oil are great for high heat saute' though, and grapeseed oil is supposed to be pretty decent for you as well.
5/18/2010 5:52:59 PM

I love using olive oil! However, it doesnt transfer well in every recipe.
4/28/2010 3:04:33 PM

I enjoy olive oil & canola oil. My non stick sprays are also olive & canola oil sprays.
4/28/2010 3:02:31 PM

BERGIE8771's SparkPage
Unfortunately, the only problem is the taste. Butter's flavour, for me, can't be beat. I guess I will gradually sub my butter for olive oil.
4/22/2010 12:29:48 PM

I've been using olive oil since I was in high school and have eaten olives all my life (love them in fact) - I'm now almost 45. A few years ago, I had my gallbladder removed in what was almost considered emergency surgery. The medical community may have found some evidence that it can help prevent gallstones, but I'm not convinced. I think genetics play a much bigger part in the production of gallstones than anyone may realize - both my parents and one sibling all had gallstones requiring removal of the gallbladder and popping a stone out of the gallbladder nearly killed my mother. We all love olives.

I also think gallbladder problems go undiagnosed a LOT. My mother had problems with her stomach for years and it was attributed to diverticulitis until she ended up in the hospital with a gallstone lodged in a bad spot in her intestinal tract. A friend was having back pain and spent a week in the hospital having millions of tests run only to be sent home with no diagnosis. I asked her if they had done a gallbladder function test and after checking with the doctor, I hear back from her after gallbladder surgery confirming that it had not been one of the tests done in the hospital.

OK - off my soapbox - I love olive oil and will continue to use it - the health benefits just make it that much better.
1/22/2010 12:02:14 AM

in our house we only use olive oil why???
that is easy we have olive trees and each year we make our own olive oil
it is not easy trust me
to pick olives off trees in the middle of winter
but we have fresh home made olive oil and we use it in everything even cakes
1/21/2010 11:37:36 AM

I used to use olive oil for about everything til my daughter and son-in-law gave me the big LECTURE. Now I use High Heat Safflower oil which passes their approval. thanks for the idea on coconut oil.

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