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Vote with Your Fork

Create Change, One Bite at a Time


1/5/2018 6:06:49 AM

Thanks for sharing
11/28/2017 8:52:17 AM

Interesting perspective
11/9/2017 8:22:26 PM

PWILLOW1's SparkPage
7/24/2017 6:10:23 AM

Thanks for sharing
5/29/2017 7:57:53 AM

Thanks for sharing
5/19/2017 9:17:57 AM

Once again, facts that I knew but have chosen to forget or ignore. A swift kick and a poignant reminder!
3/21/2017 9:46:27 AM

RSKMOM's SparkPage
Love this mind set!
3/14/2017 11:26:54 AM

YMWONG22's SparkPage
I'm making small changes gradually over time. I believe every positive change counts no matter how small it is.
2/9/2017 4:57:49 PM

CATLADY1955's SparkPage
It's an interesting concept. Many of those things I do. However shopping locally here in Tucson is hard. There is very little that grows well in the desert. It is too hot and to sunny for just about everything that my doctor will allow me to eat. The natives lived on corn, mesquite beans and cactus juice for a reason.
10/1/2016 2:29:45 PM

Supergood article! Thank you so much! I will spread the word.
7/7/2016 4:27:10 AM

Really appreciate that you included kindness to animals in your article. Thank you! Even those folks who still eat meat and dairy can do so less often and make choices to support more kind, sustainable ways of doing so.
6/14/2016 4:59:40 PM

LUGNUT_9754's SparkPage
This not only applies to the fast food and junk food industries but the meat, dairy and egg industries as well. Billions of animals suffer so that humans can have pleasure eating their flesh, breast milk and menstruation. Every time you buy an animal product you are paying for someone to rape, murder, and abuse another being. If you feel defensive reading this it's because you know it's true and you feel bad about it. Don't feel hatred towards me, instead make the change to stop the abuse. I'm sure this comment will end up reported and deleted but hopefully before that happens it can change the way one person thinks about how their food choices destroy the lives of other living, breathing, loving beings that feel pain just like we do.
5/26/2016 7:32:10 PM

RUNTAMMYRUN140's SparkPage
Thanks for this article. I've been on spark people for many years and haven't seen many pieces like this that link food to politics in the way this one does. More of this!
12/29/2015 9:02:58 PM

I know for a fact that organic freggies are high as well as fresh produce. The Gov has taxed us enough. I DO NOT think that what we choose to eat is there business. Period. W live in the Free world and we have choices. It is true we need to educate our families etc. I have some challenges with my health. I eat now healthier. But I am no way perfect. Some people know some foods are harmful and eat them any way. It is a mindset thing, a desired to get healthy etc. Some people are just set in there ways and end up suffering from their choices they make with food. Then are other factors like emotional eating etc. etc. consequences. I think a Mayor or Governor in one of the states tried to put a tax in sodas and he failed and was not mayor any more. Lesson stay out of folks plates
9/28/2015 11:37:15 PM

CHERRIET's SparkPage
Cheetos regular price is $3.00-$3.19. I bought a bag of ORGANIC apples at Aldi for $3.99, and the non-organic apples were at least $1 less.

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