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Light Baking Done Right

14 Clever Ideas for Healthier Baked Goods


5/11/2016 8:23:56 AM

Eat whatever you bake this way fast, the stuff gets hard, and after you do it for awhile, tends to taste the same, sort of dull, same as any diet food! Better than nothing, though........
2/10/2016 9:54:17 PM

JDDAIRY's SparkPage
Fat is not the culprit, sugar is. People eat way to many simple carbohydrates.
1/29/2016 9:35:45 PM

Omg this article is awesome!! I had no idea you gould use vinegar and baking soda instead of eggs!!
3/28/2015 10:41:24 PM

DULCINAC's SparkPage
I use unsweetened applesauce all the time. I think I will try the pumpkin for a change!!!

9/2/2014 11:27:11 AM

BELDAME's SparkPage
Eat baked goods rarely, but when you do make them properly,with butter and eggs and sugar. Sheesh.
9/2/2014 10:36:59 AM

Wow.. Great ideas! Thanks... I didn't get to make volcano's in school! :( But hey, now I can! LOL
1/21/2014 4:49:31 PM

VELAINE66's SparkPage
Wonderful article. Are there recipes on SP using these subs?
12/23/2013 5:40:17 AM

LEANMEAN2's SparkPage
I knew about applesauce but not the pumpkin nor prunes. Thanks.
12/15/2013 8:06:08 PM

This is great info, but it should be noted that baked goods that are made with fresh bananas cannot last long. They go bad, or get mouldy.
12/15/2013 11:26:07 AM

PAM_COOPER's SparkPage
Thanks for this article. I have tried some of these methods, but this article shares a few more tips and options.

I've used banana, applesauce and yogurt . . . most with good results.

11/21/2013 5:36:56 PM

very helpful, have to try the applesauce one.
11/20/2013 6:19:15 PM

you can also use shredded zucchni to replace eggs butter and oil.remember how moist zucchni- bread is.
10/26/2013 12:32:11 PM

Interesting article. Just wish there was a way to print the complete article to save for further review.
6/24/2013 10:50:38 PM

Sorry to be a contrarian, but I'd rather have a smaller helping of the real thing. Further, I wonder what the research says about low fat sweets....while you save calories, all of these recipes substitute carbs for fats which leads to a higher glycemic index which in my case inspires me to overeat more than something that has a some fat and makes me feel satisfied.

I do recommend pumpkin cookies which are basically a lower fat variation of chocolate cookies, but generally what works for me is eating whole foods sensibly prepared and leaving a couple extra calories for a splurge.
6/24/2013 10:10:47 PM

i would disagree that you cant substitute all of the eggs or oil - my favorite easy treats to make for family & friends just involve boxed cake mix, and subbing in something in place of all the oil and eggs called for. chocolate cake mix + 2 cups pumpkin puree is incredible, and tastes SO rich. its dense, but i dont necessarily see how thats a bad thing. or vanilla cake mix with a cup of diet orange soda - bam, orange cupcakes. i add in a little orange extract, too - theyre sticky, but delicious.

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