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Find the Joy in Soy

Versatile Food Always a Healthy Choice


10/8/2017 5:15:15 AM

-POOKIE-'s SparkPage
Pressed tofu can be versatile
12/28/2016 7:52:16 AM

This is a great article on the benefits of soy! I LOVE having soy milk as it cuts the calories down lower than regular milk ,but gives me MORE calcium!
11/7/2016 1:18:30 PM

Edamame is easy to add to salads or use just spiced or salted as a high protein snack. Spark has a great recipe for soy oat waffles that are high fiber & protein. I do a tofu banana cocoa powder smoothie for breakfast when I'm in a hurry. Look for organic or non-gmo soy whenever possible.
12/22/2009 11:21:06 PM

I have started eating soy a few times a week and my hot flashes are going away. Yahoo!
9/27/2009 8:40:59 PM

GRANDMO1's SparkPage
I have switched to soy milk and enjoy it very much..

It tastes lighter than cow's milk and is easier on my digestive system.
9/1/2009 1:09:45 PM

*AMBER512's SparkPage
I stay away from soy as much as possible. Maybe if I traveled to asia I'd have a little. But I'm certainly not going to eat any soy here. Especially the highly-processed soy milk and tofu here. No thank you!
4/21/2009 1:32:13 PM

REDGRAMA's SparkPage
I do,and use soy. I have done so for sooooo long I can't remember when I started.
At least 40 years ago. Soy is a VERY HEALTHY FOOD,BUT,ONLY IF YOU DO IT
THE ASIAN WAY. Asian nations get their soy mostly in fermented form as in Tofu, noodles ects.
Thats how I use soy. I always buy 2 kinds of tofu, soft & firm. I use it in frittatas,scrambled eggs, cheese cakes, smoothies, ect. So many good recipes are
available for those of you that would like to try some. Remember, tofu has no real taste of it's own, but will take on the flavors of whatever you cook. A family favorite is broccoli
sauted with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, grated fresh ginger, light soy sauce and some
firm tofu cut in small cubes. Give it a try. Good luck.
3/26/2009 8:27:46 AM

ADMETOS's SparkPage
I did the "eat right for your type" (blood type) diet before finding spark people. It was recommended by a cousin with MS who was in remission after changing her diet. As a type O, I was advised to minimize my soy intake, particularly soy milk. It seems that type O has a tendency to develop thyroid problems as we age. I used to drink soy milk all of the time, but rarely drink it now. I take bladderwrack every day for thyroid support, something I learned about from the type O book. Incidentally, that diet worked pretty well for me, but it was tough to stick to with my husband eating "forbidden stuff" and tempting me all the time. The great thing about spark people is being able to eat whatever I choose in moderation, of course.
3/16/2009 8:30:42 AM

I agree; soy is bad for those of us with thyroid problems and am beginning to think it's bad for everyone else too. I started eating soy due to pressure from constantly hearing how good is supposedly is for us. I only had soy milk and tofu a few times a week but after a short period of time, I started having problems and we had to increase my Armour Thyroid in order for me to feel better.

My doctor finally asked about my soy consumption and she said to stop eating any of it. (She personally thinks all the soy hype is nonsense and does not recommend it to any of her patients). Within a couple weeks, I felt better and was able to reduce my medication. Have had no problems at all since I stopped consuming any and all soy products.
12/13/2008 10:15:50 PM

I don't do soy if I can help it. Read long ago, it is VERY bad for the Thyroid.
9/27/2008 1:07:30 PM

I've tried various soy ice cream and "milk" products because I am lactose intorate. The products taste very good But I still suffer from bloting and gas.
9/1/2008 6:25:16 PM

I think this is like anything else: MODERATION!!!

Also science is always changing. Studies are done and and then another scientist comes along and his/her data suggests something completely opposite. Science can not prove anything to be TRUTH. Science can however prove any hypothesis false. One has to be careful of studies done as there can be gaping holes in a study and bias plays a role as well.

Anyhow I have been drinking soy milk for four years and have not had to have my thyroid medication changed during this time. Perhaps it's because I am not drinking it by the gallon a day. I don't know, but I do know that anything taken to the extreme is unhealthy whether it's soy, dairy, meat,, eggs or anything.

The best one can do is discuss the issue with his or her physician as everyone is different.
5/27/2008 11:39:07 AM

RAINDROPS8's SparkPage
Coolingjeans, thanks for your comment, I would like to know what do you mean by "fermented" i drink soy i get at the supermarket "Silk Soy" how do I know if it has been fermented ? I would appreciate if you can educate me on this topic. thanks...Patricia
4/17/2008 4:38:45 PM

I just wish that when people write about Soy, they would also mention how bad it can be for most people unless it is eaten fermented. It is the worse food on the planet for the thyroid gland and has been shown to cause hypothyroidism.
As the consumption of soy went up so did the cases of hypothyroidism and a lot of people are suffering from fatique not even realizing they should have the a thyroid test....
Thanks to this site any of us aware of this can inform others.....
To any of you happily eating it with no adverse effects,.....good for you!!!!
1/20/2008 10:26:29 PM

THIN_MINT's SparkPage
jujubeetoo: because of the estrogen in soy, if you've got elevated estrogen levels already, soy is a bad idea for you. the fact that you see an endochronologist says that your hormone levels probably are a little off. if you're worried about estrogen, you may want to consider staying away from non-organic milk, too. the growth hormones used in dairy products work in the human body like estrogen.

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